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  1. Apart from a clear matte coat and some soot stains once the whole lot is put together I think I’m going to stop here. I am much happier with this finish on the nozzles than my first attempt. I was going to continue with the hot parts of the engine covers next but due to the various layers of chipping fluid I will be using I think I’ll mask off the base metallic already applied and carry on with the rest of the build/paint works and do the engine covers last. Duncan B
  2. Interesting to see this, I am currently building the Dora Wings P-43 Lancer (which everyone knows is the P-47’s Daddy, I didn’t!). I became interested in the Seversky family after buying a Hobbycraft P-35. Dora Wings provided the next generation and I think I could be tempted with the early P-47 to complete the set. If this kit is anything like the P-43 it’s not a shake and bake but will reward careful preparation and construction. I hope it does well for Dora Wings. Duncan B
  3. It looks brilliant, your suffering was not in vain. Duncan B
  4. Nice one. Do you throw your built up Spitfires straight in the bin after taking the pictures or give them to children to mangle? (Asking for a friend 😂). Duncan B
  5. A Swedish Hunter in some ways but it’s quite a big aircraft if I remember correctly. Once again Heller at its best. Duncan B
  6. I have a Hellcat crush so this gets a big thumbs up from me. The Hellcat is a big beast so it must be a big lump in 1/32z Duncan B
  7. I do like a decisive man, no messing about with boxes full of part built kits for that man. I'm too mean to throw anything out so can't move for part built, never to be completed bits of plastic so should really take a leaf out of your book and be a bit more ruthless/practical/realistic with them (life is too short and getting shorter by the day). Duncan B
  8. Very nice, there are so many interesting camo schemes to be found in the dark continent. Duncan B p.s. Am I even allowed to say 'dark continent' any more? My understanding is that the phrase came from a period in time when the map of the interior of Africa was mostly unknown, hence dark. It's crazy that I have to even worry about this but if anyone is offended feel free to be very angry with me and to ignore me from now on, I shall not be offended!
  9. It's a what if so anything goes but I think I'd paint the whole upper wing panels yellow and leave the fuselage where they join in the gray. That way you could add the coloured flight chevrons from the wing root. Nice looking little kit. Duncan B
  10. Heller kits were way ahead of the game the first time around for detail and accuracy. This one proves they can still be made into decent models, very nicely done that man. Duncan B
  11. I’m glad I took a break until I had figured out how to do the metallic bits of this one. Duncan B
  12. Only managed a couple of hours at the bench today. Here’s where I have got to The last photo is a bit washed out as they are not as bright as that in real life. Will be adding another darker layer on top next time anyway. I think I have found how I’m going to do the staining on the main engine covers using layers of paint and chipping fluid to build up the density as I am doing with these parts. Duncan B
  13. It really does look great and I am also tempted even though I know I'll end up with one that has no wings. Duncan B
  14. Worthy of its prize, very nicely done and in quick time too (after 4 months I'm still usually choosing the paints!). Duncan B
  15. The metallic smoke worked a treat. I think I’ve worked out what the silver bands are too. I think it’s where rollers on the inside of the outer petals move over the inner petals as the exhaust cone closes up. Looking at the photos there is also a lot of chipping along those inner petals presumably from the outer ones scuffing as they close. I shall have a go at simulating that too as it is very prominent on Blue 71. (from internet) Duncan B
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