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  1. AMK 1/48 MiG-31BM/BSM B/BS Undercarriage set 88003-8-ZDC

    I've been and counted the personal stash but forgot what came after 750 so gave up and counted types in the stash instead. That was much easier, 3 (3.5 if you include the half built Dornier Do215 used as target practice for my airbrush)! Duncan B
  2. AMK 1/48 MiG-31BM/BSM B/BS Undercarriage set 88003-8-ZDC

    What's all this nonsense? I don't have enough kits in my stash to be able to go lending them out, I haven't even got to the 1000 mark yet (I think, might have to check on that and get back to you!). Duncan B
  3. AMK 1/48 MiG-31BM/BSM B/BS Undercarriage set 88003-8-ZDC

    Martin from AMK is on here so you could ask him about it. I must admit that I haven't heard anything about them doing a Mig-25 (but that means nothing). (I'm still trying to find a UK based AMK Supplier that'll deal with me) DB
  4. I have some new arrivals in stock including the new 1/48 Airfix Mustang and the Eduard Ltd Ed Pe-2. You can find all the new arrivals at the usual place or follow the link below. https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/new-arrivals Duncan B
  5. AMK 1/48 MiG-31BM/BSM B/BS Undercarriage set 88003-8-ZDC

    I don't have too many of the AMK Foxhounds left, I lowered the price to clear them out to make room for other stuff. I've got one of the 88003 Mig-31BM/BSM and three of the 88008 B/BS. Once their gone that'll be it as I don't see me ordering any more in the near future if at all. Duncan B
  6. AMK 1/48 MiG-31BM/BSM B/BS Undercarriage set 88003-8-ZDC

    I still have a few of these sets in stock if anyone is looking for them. Duncan B
  7. #5 escape shelf of doom 1/48 Hasegawa F-8E

    What a great build, I don't understand how such a beautiful kit landed on your shelf of doom in the first place. I want to break out one of the Eduard re-box kits I have here and start it right now. Duncan B
  8. Revell 1/48 Tornado F3 instructions (03925)

    Not the first time Revell have made mistakes on their instructions or reversed parts. Shame that they have done it again on this particular kit though. Thanks for pointing out the errors. Duncan B
  9. What grabs you on a build

    I actually don't like building kits that much!! Sounds daft for someone in this hobby to say doesn't it? It's the painting and finishing I like along with the initial research. So for a build to reach completion it has to have already provided me with an interesting story to start with followed by an easy build (or else it'll get bogged down and left on the shelf) and the promise of an interesting colour scheme or weathered finish to get me to the end. I can't really just pick a random kit and build it, I've tried but without a 'hook' of some kind I can't work up the enthusiasm to see it through to the end. Duncan B
  10. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    Ah but this weekend will be so much different. In my head i've already decaled that Revell Phantom, redone the dodgy paint work on my Hobby Boss Hellcat (that I had to finish before Jamie did his), painted the top coats of both Fujimi Phantoms (but not finished them to be fair) and weathered and finished the 1/48 Bf109s. Not bad for a morning's work while lying in bed! Duncan B p.s. and I've been to the Post Office to post out a kit to somebody. They do say it's the thought that counts and one of the above will definitely happen today.
  11. Focke Wulf FW190A-4

    I haven't looked in the box yet so it's great to be able to read the review here. I will be adding one to my personal stash from stock. Duncan B
  12. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    The BxM (North) meeting took place in Elgin but unfortunately we forgot to take any pictures, apart from the one with me and the model of the unfortunate road sign from Orkney that is!!, you'll have to visit the BlackMike Models Facebook page to see it as I suspect I'd get a ban if I put it up on here. Glad to hear everyone had a good time at the little show down south too. Duncan B
  13. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    I hope everyone going to Telford has a great time and that they get what they are after (or realise they could get the same from me for cheaper ). Duncan B
  14. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    All I've got to do is: Decide what stock I'm taking catalogue said stock empty van (wife filled it with garden stuff a few days ago!) load van decide what stock I'm taking empty part of van reload with other boxes break shelves down and load into van remember to pack clothes etc as it's more than a 1 day show pack models for AMS table decide what stock I'm taking put original boxes back in van program satnav set off re-programme satnav for Elgin before I get to Carlisle unpack van at Elgin and realise I've not brought the right stock