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  1. Lidl have their 1litre tins of cellulose thinners in stock again for £2.99. I bought some the last time they had it. Cheap enough for cleaning out airbrushes etc. Duncan B
  2. That's a beautiful job on a lovely kit. You have painted nicer detail up that jet pipe than I get on the outside of my models! I have so far resisted the urge to purloin one of these out of the stockroom. The F-104Js have been in the UK for a couple of months if you had looked in the right places, in fact I have sold out of 2 batches of them already. The Korean one is available now (from my Distributor) with the Dutch following on soon. Duncan B
  3. Some of those Pocher car kits go for big money, I'm just glad I am only into aircraft. It never really crossed my mind before I got involved in selling kits but each genre does seem to have their own 'normal price band'. 1/35 armour builders will regularly shell out £50 for a mainstream, mid range kit whereas us aircraft gentlemen would be looking for something a bit more than mid range for the same amount of money. Car kit builders and 1/350 scale ship builders scoff at both of those previous examples. Railway modellers, well now just add a couple of zeros onto any of our plastic kit prices. An acquaintance of mine owns a railway model shop and some of his stock items retail at prices that top my average total monthly sales figures! Duncan B
  4. Ah now if we're talking about kits we own as opposed to what we've actually forked out our hard earned on, a couple of Wingnut Wings kits might have been acquired from stock (purely for 'R & D' purposes you understand). Last Christmas I did buy a Wingnut Wings Snipe from Hannants for my own Christmas present. Paid full price (£88 + P&P IIRC) for it too so that counts for the purposes of this thread. Duncan B
  5. Ditto the CMR Scimitar and wingfold. Again, I have no idea why I bought it other than I must have had salt water on the brain! Duncan B
  6. I also enjoy a good spreadsheet (it’s the ex Project Manager in me). I used to run a similar spreadsheet for my kits until I moved from Windows PC to Mac. I have a sneaking feeling nobody is going to undercut your top line price here. Duncan B
  7. I'll start you off. I remember paying £95 for the Eduard Royal Edition of the 1/48 Fw190A-8 back in the day and thinking that was a lot of money. It seemed like a lot of money but I'd never heard of Wingnut Wings and no-one ever believed a manufacturer (never mind 2) would produce a 1/32 scale Lancaster. £85 for the CMR Buccaneer was another eye watering purchase, especially as it didn't really fit in with any theme or particular interests I had at the time, still doesn't in fact. So lets hear them, the WnW Duelists, exotic Russian jobbies with glass fibre fuselages and 8 foot wingspans, the rare out of production wonderbeast that just had to be yours...... Duncan B
  8. So what is the most you've ever paid for a model? Sounds like a new thread. Duncan B
  9. I still haven't finished tidying my modelling room but was going to throw some decals on my Tamiya 1/72 Bf109 today. Not feeling my best now though so probably not the best time to be playing with decals Duncan B
  10. The Matchbox Meteor I built very nearly ended up under my foot quite a few times during the build. It needed a flagon of filler without being stamped on. May I suggest you give it to a modeller who you don't like? Duncan B
  11. It is a new tool, Special Hobby were showing off the moulds on their Facebook Page a few weeks ago. I am waiting for the NF.11 (hopefully with 151 Sqn decals). Duncan B
  12. As the title says I'm offloading a lot of my stash onto my website (and eBay but the prices are higher there to cover the fees). Most of the kits are from my 1/72 collection (but there are a few 1/48 too) and are in "Brand new" condition, a few are kits I acquired 2nd hand and are a bit scruffier but are all still complete. I will be adding more as I trawl them from the depths of the stash so keep going back to check. Have a look on the website in the "Pre-owned or Damaged Box" collection and see what you think. If there is anything you are interested in but think the price is too high PM me on here and make me an offer. I have price checked against eBay and the Secondhand kit sellers and have priced accordingly. I'm not accepting offers from anywhere else so by PM from here only please (so I know they are going to a good home as I may want to visit them from time to time ). Duncan B
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