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  1. I suspect many memories will be rekindled with this particular build (although I don’t think I actually built this one back in the day). Duncan B
  2. Nice work, how is the kit? I quite fancy doing one of these. Duncan B
  3. Yes, it’s turned out ok. Not too solid. I used NATO black which is really a very dark brown in the MrPaint bottle. Duncan B
  4. Gloss coat to seal the painting in and give a base for the decals. I usually dread the gloss coating because I usually make a mess of it. Went ok this time with Mr Paint Super Gloss sprayed neat with my Iwata Eclipse. Duncan B
  5. That’s the kind of step joint I hate having to deal with. Give me a simple bad butt joint every time (stop sniggering in the back row). I’d run some superglue around that and go from there. Duncan B
  6. Finally finished the bulk of the painting. The edge of the black should probably be harder with brush marks showing but it’s time to move on so.... ...spray it and be done. Clear coat next to seal in for the decals. Duncan B
  7. Finally had the motivation to get back to the desk today. Black ‘distemper’ completed. Next up a coat of clear gloss to seal it all in. Duncan B
  8. I got the Su-27 paints from Mike lol Duncan B
  9. I tried looking for MRP for the Su-35 last week (when I bought the same Brand's Su-27 paints) but nobody had them in stock. Spill the beans, where did you get them? Duncan B p.s. we should write to the various Factories producing the Flankers and tell them to settle on one set of paints for our sakes!
  10. Not a huge amount of progress as it’s all little steps that take forever at the moment. I have painted the wing walkways, 30 minutes of masking for 2 minutes of painting but it avoids the dreaded decals. I will finish off painting the black underside today then things should speed up to the decaling and final assembly stages. Duncan B
  11. I am at the stage of the build where it’s all the small fiddly jobs that seem to take forever. Painting the wing walkways for example. Worth the effort just to avoid having to wrestle the long thin decals into place. Duncan B
  12. You are making it look easy. Duncan B
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