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  1. I need doubles for the tensioners that go directly into loops on the wings etc. I will start a new thread in the In Progress section for further updates. Duncan B
  2. I got the copper wire and some dinky little 0.25, 0.3 & 0.4mm PCB drill bits off eBay for less than £15 a while back after reading how to do it on a website. Twisted by hand the copper wire around a piece of 0.5mm brass rod from Albion Alloys, dead easy. Going hunting and foraging in the garage for a small block of wood this morning (who knows what I'll find in there?). Duncan B
  3. I’ve had a go at making some eyelets. Copper wire twisted around 0.5mm brass wire. They will need their tails trimming. That’s enough to make 5 tensioner! This will take some time! Duncan B
  4. Me too I even got a book out today that shows me how to do it. Apparently I need a block of wood with a cross cut into the top of it for cutting the tubes to the same length. That's me stumped (pun intended) I never did wood work at school so can't do it!! Duncan B
  5. Here’s my rendition of Eduard’s 1/48 F6F-5 Hellcat Weekend Edition. It’s a fun kit with only a couple of things to trick the unwary. I didn’t use the provided decals as I wanted something a little more striking to try to break up the solid block of dark blue. Montex provided the mask set for this aircraft from VF-27 onboard the USS Independence in July 1945. That dark blue isn’t the easiest to work with or to photograph so I’ll be glad to move onto something a bit brighter next. Duncan B
  6. Seafires mostly lol A very nice looking ugly Firefly. Was the rear bubble canopy so the passenger could get a really good view of its ugliness? Duncan B
  7. Looks great to me. I think you have got the shades of metal just right, very convincing. Duncan B
  8. That is fantastic, a really nice looking Starfighter indeed. I don’t remember Matchbox doing a Starfighter but I guess it has had a lot of help to get to this standard. Duncan B
  9. Right I’m calling it finished. There are still small tweaks I could do but I’m getting bored of it now. Thanks for watching. Duncan B
  10. Those are the Finemolds wheels. I have lots of spare bits and pieces for various 109s if you are ever looking for something. That’s a decal but I have sprayed them before. If I am going to spray them I usually make a mask by tracing the decal and transferring the tracing onto masking tape. It seems I’m going through a phase of messing up canopies! Duncan B
  11. I already have the stuff to make my own turnbuckles and will be giving it a try real soon. Duncan B
  12. I’ll be checking for safety wire and minimum thread. Getting a little ahead of myself there, still got the ‘cat to finish. It’s getting close though. As the bits get smaller (and less) the time taken to do anything gets longer! The tiny little lights took ages and the tiniest of them all, the tail light took off across the floor. Tomorrow should see it done, just the canopy and aerial to fit then any other final touches. Duncan B
  13. Ah, mmmm.....yes, well of course there's that paint set. Well done Paul I was wondering how long it would take someone. Mutter, mutter....I've got that in stock....mutter......stupid me............mutter mutter. I'll use those paints then. Duncan B(lind)
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