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  1. I'm feeling doubly generous today so here's a link to today's Sale item, the Trumpeter 1/35 T-90SA. https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/trumpeter-05563-1-35-russian-t-90sa-main-battle-tank Duncan B
  2. I think Ian is mistaken, the Revell one is the old Monogram F-4J (nothing wrong with that just a bit old). It's the recently released Italeri kit that is the Fujimi plastic. Duncan B
  3. I found the Airfix Phantom to be rather disappointing (which is why I only have 2 in the stash!). Duncan B
  4. Like the blue three wheelers that used to park around the edges of the footie pitches back in the ‘60’s? Duncan B
  5. It also got a bit 'tasty' on the EMMS Facebook page with one Club blaming another and so on. The bottom line is that there are far too many Shows on the Calendar. (Take a look at the amount of Shows just in September and you'll see what I mean, there would have been 3 Shows on the same day if the EMMS had gone ahead.) I think that we will see a reduction in the number of Shows over the next few years as pockets contract further so maybe it's time that Clubs need to look at combining their efforts and put on regional shows instead of each Club trying to run their own? Duncan B
  6. Got a new MOT for the "Catshit", cost me £220. I'm sure the last one was a lot cheaper but I did have a slow leak in one tyre so I can always blame inflation Duncan B
  7. I should have included a link in my origin post for clarity so here it is www.facebook.com/BlackMikemodels or search for BlackMike Models once in Facebook. The reason I decided to only use Facebook for this promotion was that it would be the easiest (but not necessarily the best) method for managing a daily newsfeed so my apologies to those who don't use Facebook (you really should because there are lots of model related pages and groups now so it's not all just videos of surfing cats playing guitars and professionally offended people!). Duncan B
  8. During Advent BlackMike Models will be running an "Advent Calendar" sale. Each day we will offer something for sale at a special offer price (while stocks last) culminating in something very special on Christmas Eve. These items can be purchased as normal directly from www.blackmikemodels.co.uk or from our Facebook page but will only be advertised on our Facebook page with a new item offered each day ending on Christmas Eve. Search for BlackMike Models on Facebook or go directly to www.facebook.com/BlackMikemodels Merry Christmas Duncan B
  9. Count me in (I'm sure I have stated quite clearly on at least 2 previous occasions I would never attempt another 48 hour build ever again but seem to have misplaced the document so am clear to proceed). I think I might have the ideal candidate, something given to me recently for my birthday as a joke by my waterlogged friend, and part time Man Wednesday (Should be Friday but he's always closed by lunchtime), Steve. And if I managed to complete that I might then have another go with something more Seasonal! All will be revealed in due course. Duncan B
  10. I now have the newly released Great Wall Hobby Su-35S Flanker E Air to Surface version (which includes various weapons) in stock at the ludicrous price of £64.95 + P&P. Pop over to www.blackmikemodels.co.uk for more details or follow the link below. https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/great-wall-hobby-l4823-1-48-sukhoi-su-35s-flanker-e-air-to-surface-version Duncan B
  11. It's a beauty (and a beast!). Duncan B
  12. You have been busy. A nice eclectic mix of types on display there. Duncan B
  13. I have a couple of sets of the Foxbot decal/masks and a HobbyBoss Su-27UB to use them with but have been hanging back on getting started with them. It will be interesting to see how you get on with them Paul. Duncan B
  14. That Toom and it’s brother have been cursed builds. Both have had multiple repaints and have been on the go since at least 2014! I think I might have had a bit of luck though. I’ve cut back the clear coats and think I might be able to salvage it. It’s going to be scruffy but a light dusting of the top colours and it’s good to go (in the bin). Duncan B
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