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  1. BlackMike Models

    Telford. Who's going?

    The announcement was overshadowed by the chicken wrap throwing competition held in the Food Hall on Saturday. Duncan B
  2. BlackMike Models

    Telford. Who's going?

    Steve, how thoughtless of me to go on and on about it...........hang on, I don't remember meeting you at Telford! You mean to say there is someone else 'in print' on here . So it was someone else, well in that case Steve have I mentioned my Wildcat? Duncan B (available for book signings along with Darren)
  3. BlackMike Models

    Stepless Adjustment Circular Cutter

    I finally managed to get my hands on one directly from Breveco at Telford. It really is a nice piece of kit but I still have a tiny little magnet left over (there is a slightly larger magnet inside the spring that holds the cutting blade in place so I have no idea what the little one is for. The spare washer is for fitting under the round handle used to rotate the cutter, or at least that's what I've used it for. I would have liked the instructions to have included a numbered parts breakdown (so that we would all then know what the little magnet and washer are actually for) and I also think the screw that fits from underneath to the thumbwheel used to lock the adjuster should have been captured as it tends to rotate when tightening the adjuster in place (unless I've used the wrong screw in which case see my previous comment about numbered parts breakdown!). A clear indication of what material and thickness each blade is intended for wouldn't hurt either. Once I'd put it all together it only took a couple of attempts before I was having a hole (sic) lot of fun with it. It's a great piece of kit and will soon earn it's cost back in savings on paint masks for roundels I'm sure. Duncan B
  4. BlackMike Models

    1:48 Tempest Mk.V Series 1

    I twice had one in my hands and twice put it back down! What was I thinking? (Actually that statement could also apply to the the International Centre Chicken wraps too ) Duncan B
  5. BlackMike Models

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    It wasn't God that nearly got you this time but a low flying chicken wrap!! (Steve found it very amusing as he's never seen me waste food while on a road trip before) Duncan B
  6. BlackMike Models

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    I was very well behaved at Telford (apart from launching a chicken wrap at Darren! 😳). My major purchase was one of those circle cutting doodahs from Breveco. I bought a couple of Ultracast resin seats for my Dauntless's and some sanding sticks from Sovereign Hobbies. Some black and white pinstripe decal sheets and more sanding items on the Sunday and that was my lot. Duncan B
  7. BlackMike Models

    Telford. Who's going?

    I second that. I will bravely fight off the Manflu to attend, well I'll travel down today so long as my sidekick does most of the driving and I can reassess myself in the morning from the Hotel. If I'm still struggling then I'll just stay in bed (Hotel's already paid for anyway). Duncan B
  8. BlackMike Models

    Telford. Who's going?

    I've come down with Manflu but am hoping I'll be fit to go. Will decide on Friday morning. Duncan B
  9. BlackMike Models

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    It is apparently 2ft shorter and surface afea is subsequently less on the earlier versions but I haven't seen any drawings. DB
  10. BlackMike Models

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    I'll keep an eye out of it if I decided to keep it. I didn't realise the -3 had a different tailplane from the earlier versions so I can't make a yellow wings one out of the Academy kit Duncan B
  11. BlackMike Models

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    I haven’t mentioned the Academy (Ex Accurate Miniatures) Vindicator that, somehow, appears to have been ordered along with my latest stock! DB
  12. BlackMike Models

    Colourset improvements

    Nice graphics and a new Italian set too. I have had quite a few requests for a British Army Colourset to cover armour subjects, might be something to think about? Duncan B
  13. BlackMike Models

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    Some more ‘light reading’! Duncan B
  14. So that’s it, home from Elgin Modelfair 2018. The last Show of the season for BlackMike models. A huge thank you to every customer we have served over the course of the year, to each and every Show Organiser and to all the volunteers without whom the shows would not have been so successful. As with last year I will be making a donation to Charity so a special thank you to every customer who said, “don’t mind about the 5p” etc when getting their change. You were all making a contribution. I’ll update you on which charity and how much soon. All that’s left for me to say is one last huge thank you to my long suffering sidekick, Steve Herridge, who gives up his time freely and for little reward other than the dubious pleasure of my company. I would really struggle without you Steve, cheers mate. See you all in 2019. Duncan B
  15. BlackMike Models

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    I’m having withdrawal symptoms as I’m away at the Elgin Modelfair this weekend. There is a fabulous 1/48 Monogram TBD Devastator in one of the club displays that really makes me want to get on with the Buff so I can get started on the GWH TBD. I’ll try and get photos of it tomorrow. Happy modelling Duncan B