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  1. We've received some more Kinetic kits including a restock of the Falklands 40th Anniversary Harrier and Sea Harrier kits, the recently released Super Etandard Modernisé, the South African Cheetah D and a few others. Duncan B
  2. A great show that is well organised and well worth a visit. Hope you have a good show. Duncan B
  3. The true spirit of modelling, Saturday afternoon building on the kitchen table with yesterday's newspaper to protect the table (and hide all the little bits of plastic). A great reminder of how simple this hobby used to be (and really still should if we didn't keep putting self imposed criteria on each build). Duncan B
  4. They are fantastic, great to see the recce pod getting used too. Duncan B
  5. It's the old story of thinking that everything must be cheaper from China, certainly not so in this case. Looking forward to them arriving. Duncan B
  6. I ordered this book from an eBay site in Japan and it arrived in less than 2 weeks. I am rapidly becoming a big fan of Shuichi Hayashi's work as he doesn't faff around with aftermarket but generally builds OOB and then does his magic at the weathering stage. Well worth following on Facebook if you do that kind of thing and I can recommend the book which is in Japanese and English with excellent photos. A wee bit expensive but well worth it. Duncan B
  7. I'm having a Tomcat visual feast today, lovely stuff. Duncan B
  8. Definitely something a bit different there. Duncan B
  9. You look like you are getting the hang of your airbrush, great result. Duncan B
  10. Where's that Like x10 button? As Gorby says, you're ability to make what should be a boring scheme look so interesting is very impressive. Duncan B
  11. I'm running out of superlatives! We need another button for "Like x10". Duncan B
  12. Another beauty, interesting to see it unloaded. Duncan B
  13. Awesome. Hadn't seen this one before so really pleased to catch up with it now. Duncan B
  14. I wonder how many others of us that had flights in the Chippie have thought about a similar diorama? Very nicely done indeed. Duncan B
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