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  1. Not me but please do report back with the details. I am interested to know if the Traders appear to be doing anything differently from before lockdown (hand sanitiser on their tables, wearing masks, screens or anything else out of the ordinary) and also what sort of numbers of visitors there are, if it feels busy etc. I'm trying to get a feel for whether it's worth me getting back onto the show circuit or not. Duncan B
  2. I had to read that twice to see what Mr Allen's sense of smell had to do with things!! I guess it's time for my meds again lol. Duncan B (who had the flying sub kit as a kid )
  3. I had an email from a "nice" Russian gentleman telling me he'd hacked the Large Scale Planes Forum this morning. He's been very busy as he's emailed most of the members. The site was down for a couple of hours but is back up and running now. If you are a member there you probably should go and change your password and remove any sensitive info in your profile (Horse, Stable door, bolt, unfortunately). Duncan B
  4. We get everywhere is why. Now stop the waffle and get your hotel booked. Duncan B
  5. It has just been announced that the Scottish National Scale Model Show, the Scottish Nationals (Not Nicola's ones, the other glue sniffing lot), will be returning in 2022 at the usual venue of the Dewars Centre in Perth. The Show takes place on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May. It's a jolly good show held in the fair city of Perth which is a jolly nice place to visit so why not get a hotel booked and get up here? After a great deal of humming and hawing I have decided it'll be time to get BlackMike Models back on the road by then so we'll be there. When I say "we" I probably mean me
  6. ZM issued an announcement about a printing error in the instructions for SWS48-12 back in June (which will affect the the first batch of officially imported kits now available in the UK). Apparently part of the instructions about the upper camouflage pattern on the top of the wings is missing. The full announcement and a download for the corrected colour guide can be found at https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws48_12_f4ejkai.html I hope that helps anyone who has bought this kit in the UK? Duncan B
  7. Very nice, is that a high altitude scheme? Duncan B
  8. A BAC Strikemaster? I am guessing these guys will prioritise aircraft with a connection to NZ rather than stick to a single genre as WnW did. My reasons for saying that are that I believe the NZ government is quite good at handing out funds for projects that promote NZ, pure speculation on my part but they are also being funded by NZ's largest Model Shop owner (maybe we need to find out what his favourite subject is? and hope it's not Spitfires!!). Duncan B
  9. I would expect that kind of pun from one of the resident jokers but you? Duncan B
  10. Resistance is futile! I might have to get one for myself and make it as an F-110A Duncan B
  11. I never realised the F-110A was a B model, I always just assumed they were early C models. Lovely work on the lower Aux air doors. Duncan B
  12. I have wondered about how tasteless the iceberg one is but I suspect many younger folk might not care. Duncan B
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