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  1. She did it to herself while attempting to fix a broken shelf in the fridge door. My only role in this was to supply the superglue (and laugh after the event). Cruel but fair
  2. Online Shopping Used by 90% of the World's population to buy consumer items, the other 10% are Modellers. Devised to slowly lose a fortune (regardless of which side of the transaction the participant is). Duncan B
  3. or in my Wife's case fingers to fridge! Duncan B
  4. We have the brand new Kinetic 1/48 F-104G and F-104J Starfighter kits in stock now. (First in the UK I believe) For further information please visit https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/new-arrivals Duncan B
  5. I bet there was too. Actually 2 torpedoes (one without fins! One with) and the correct fuselage recessed part.
  6. No.5 - don't drop it on the floor when picking it up by the unglued canopy!! Thanks for the info Jamie. I wasn't planning on using any AM stuff on it other than decals as the cockpit looks well detailed enough for my liking anyway. Although the instructions don't show the fit of the torpedo in this version (they do in the Midway box!) all the bits are there so I intend fitting the torpedo. DB
  7. Your logic is sound but I have more of these in stock than the floatplane version and being a less than confident modeller I want to build this one before attempting the more complicated floatplane. The Airfix Walrus and Tamiya Swordfish (both float and normal) were also on the shortlist. DB
  8. The next victim for the plastic mangler has been selected. Ladies and Gentleman I present the Great Wall Hobby TBD-1 Devastator. This one is boxed as a VT-6 Wake Island raider and the box art shows a TBD-1 carrying bombs (which it did). However I am going to build it in a pre war yellow wings scheme and carrying a torpedo. This box does include both those options. It was a close run thing between this and an Eduard 1/48 Hellcat but in the end this one has been in the queue longer. No plastic has been mangled yet but it won’t be long! Hoping to make a start on Saturday. Duncan B
  9. That’s interesting, the handling was apparently very good. It was let down by lack of self sealing tanks and armour. The very similar (copy) Re2000 was also praised for its handling. Duncan B
  10. This one was ‘completed’ a couple of months ago but hadn’t been photographed as I had thoughts of adding the aerials and Nav lights. That hasn’t happened (yet) so here it is in its glory. There is an ‘In Progress’ thread for those who either can’t sleep or want the details. If I ever get round to adding the lights and aerials I’ll update this thread. Duncan B
  11. This is my Merit International 1/48 scale J2F-5 Duck that some of you may have seen in the "In Progress" section on here. The kit went together very well and required no significant filler with the exception of around the canopy which appeared to be too narrow for the gap. This was the only issue I had during the whole build which was a real pleasure all the way through. I added rigging and the radio aerial using Infini Model's 1/48 rigging thread. I didn't go with either of the decal options provided by Merit instead I went with a pre-war scheme that I had seen in a book. Paint was AK Interactive Xtreme Metal Aluminium for the silver and Colourcoats enamels for the national markings, tail colours and top wing colour. I used Yellow-Wings decals for the main fuselage codes (unfortunately I didn't notice until after I had finished decaling that the '2' was in the wrong font but I don't think anyone will notice so long as I don't tell anyone!). I was really struggling for the tail codes and, very kindly, DC3 of this Parish sent me out a sheet of decals which was most appreciated. Enough waffle, here are the pictures. I hope you like it as much as I do. I totally forgot that I bought this base for my Ducky! Duncan B
  12. That is a pleasure to behold, wonderful in fact. I think I will be coming back to look at this one quite a few times. Duncan B
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