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  1. Ah what could have been. It must be tiny in 1/72 scale? I know Miles did a lot of wind tunnel testing and air drops of scaled down models but I can't help but think that directional stability around the vertical axis would have been an issue with that tiny fin. Duncan B
  2. That made me smile. the Tiger Models kits are real fun. Duncan B
  3. Ah now this is very good news indeed. I have previously carried quite a lot of Eduard but recently started to drop them as the price I was having to buy them in at elsewhere was making them too expensive. Duncan B
  4. A jolly good day out was had by all so thanks to the organisers for all their efforts. Duncan B
  5. It'll be for foreign only consumption if they do as the Chinese Gov't has a tight grip on what subjects can't be done for their home market at the moment and Ukrainian subjects are on the list. Possibly a Ltd Ed similar to the Su-27UB they are releasing in a one off production run? Duncan B
  6. According to the Yefim Gordon book on the Mig 29 the centreline tank wouldn't be used in a combat zone as it impeded the full opening of the lower airbrake (which seems like an odd design flaw to make if true). Thee are plenty of photos of them flying with the centreline tank fitted. So I'm not sure if that is true or not as Pilots are mostly (sub) human and when left to their own devises will operate stuff and break them if not locked off or restricted in some way. Duncan B
  7. If it was coded with Indian codes then you'd think that it was fully marked up. Duncan B
  8. Oh lovely, I can guess why and am at the front of the queue for some Wildcats. Duncan B
  9. Nice review, I'm looking forward to these arriving in stock here on Friday as I will feel that I am doing my bit with a percentage of every kit bought going towards relief funds in Ukraine. Duncan B
  10. That's a belter, very nice. Your photos don't give an impression of size but I guess that even in 1/72 scale it's a bit of a lump? Duncan B
  11. It looks great. The Mirage is such a fine looking machine in any colour scheme but who can argue against the desert scheme? Duncan B
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