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  1. I haven’t been near this one for 2 months so it’s time to get back at it. Giving the top side a panel line wash. There’s a lot of it so one section at a time is the order of the day. Duncan B
  2. Tamiya really didn't pick the most interesting of schemes that's for sure, luckily there are plenty of others available. Duncan B
  3. The much anticipated new Zoukei Mura 1/32 scale Messerschmitt Bf109G-14/U4 "Hartmann" Limited Edition kit is now available to pre-order from BlackMike Models until noon on the 25th February at which time we will close the pre-order book. This kit has all the detail you have come to expect from Zoukei Mura and will certainly tickle the fancy of many a modeller. The UK RRP is £89.99 however we are able to offer it at £81.95 including free shipping (orders and shipping UK only) but remember to get your order in with us before noon on the 25th February to avoid missing out. For all the d
  4. In other news this arrived today to be tucked away in the Meng Fokker Dr.1 kit box for whenever I get around to building it. It has a couple of in depth builds of the Meng (almost WnW Kit) which should make up for the fairly average kit instructions. Duncan B
  5. What, you mean that 1/48 scale U boat that I ordered in for a geezer who never bought it because he had got a girlfriend instead? There it is sat at the top of the pile, I think I actually sold it at that show after driving it around the country for 6 months. For scale reference that's the Tamiya 1/350 Yamato near the floor and it wasn't a particularly small kit either. Duncan B
  6. I do try to email folk that have shown interest in future releases but there are so many different kits coming along with so many interested it’s getting difficult to keep track now. My best advice would be to keep an eye on the item page on my website as I do update the status on there and in the Future Releases collection. I usually post on the BlackMike Models Facebook page too when I know items are on their way to me. You have never been blocked you cheeky monkey (Mad Steve has offered me lots of Rands to block you but I’ve always turned him down 😂). Duncan B
  7. I can cater to any domestic appliance sized build if there’s a profit in it 😂 Duncan B
  8. Remember back when the Vulcan came out and I said, "never again"? Well it looks like I forgot as I have just placed a big order for some of the future releases, you lot were supposed to remind me lol! You can find the full details of what I have got coming in at various points through 2022 on the website. Duncan B
  9. I find that for whatever reason some people buying on eBay tend to be more aggressive and very impolite/impatient. It's almost as if they don't appreciate that there are real Businesses run by real people on the other end of their transactions. It is an evil necessity for me to sell on eBay but I do not enjoy it and really wish I was in a position to be able to drop out of it (it's blooming' expensive to sell on there too). Duncan B
  10. Very tidy work on painting up the hull. You have me thinking if it's that much fun maybe I should build the only ship kit in my stash? Duncan B
  11. Did nobody have the lights in their cabins on? Just saying lol Duncan B
  12. Mk.1 Puddle Jumper, it needs the drop tanks so it's got enough fuel to make it round the back to land onboard again lol. Duncan B
  13. That's some great work there, you've really polished up that ancient Airfix kit very nicely indeed. Duncan B
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