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  1. I have to say I detest(ed) that man. He told me to "F... Off" when I asked him for his autograph when I was about 7 years old. It was at my Mum's Graduation from her Nurse Training and he was the guest speaker. I had no idea what it meant but told my Mum and she tore him a new one big style. Ever since then I didn't fall for the smiley persona he liked to portray. Many years later when my son was about 12 we had been to Glasgow to watch our Football team and as was my want we usually did the Hospitality package rather than mix with the 'unwashed' so we could stay in the restaurant after the game and hopefully catch the players as they left the Ground. We came round the side of the stadium and saw a group of 4 kids similar ages to my boy politely asking a Player for his autograph. He came out with exactly the same so I gave him a right dressing down about letting the Club down and being disrespectful of these young fans who idolised him and probably thought of him as a hero. He was very contrite and signed their autograph books and turned to my son to sign his and he said 'no thank you' and walked off, ouch, burned by a 12 year old Duncan B
  2. OOH NO a flaky crust impersonator! Instant indisgestion, must be a west coast copycat version of the real thing. Duncan B
  3. Yes, you definitely want one and here is a link to the very best of the breed, mmmm! None of that inferior filling of animal fodder like peas and potatoes in these bad boys! http://mclarenbakers.co.uk/the-forfar-bridie/ Duncan B
  4. That is exactly the way a lot of Traders feel that Shows look upon them. People tend to either forget or not even consider that Traders all talk to each other on a regular basis. I wasn't actually the one that raised the concerns about Sunday's show initially, the "odd Trader' as it was put on the other place (by someone who organises a Show!), but having spoken to the actual Trader on Sunday and seen that he was surrounded by the stuff I did reply to that comment on the thread. From there a discussion was started, or resurrected would be more accurate, at the very highest levels of the top secret Trader's Net (like the Dark Net but much more sinister) and from there the decision was made to increase prices by 25% so there. That last bit might not be true but the first bit is. Duncan B
  5. Ah we have a lot in common Mad Steve. Oggies I do understand, they are like Forfar Bridies lying on their backs with all the meat replaced with swill!! Not bad for cheap imitation Bridies though. Duncan B
  6. It's a large hall so I'm sure a lot of folk could fit in without it looking full. My first time there so nothing to compare against however there were a lot of Clubs there with a lot of members so a sizeable number of people in the hall even before the doors open to the public. All Shows are quieter this year due to circumstances they have no control over. I bet it's a real belter of a Show in less troubled times. I am concerned that I am being interpreted elsewhere as being critical of the Show by mentioning some concerns that are not unique to it. I actually enjoyed the Show and would return again next year if invited despite the distance and costs involved for me to attend a one day show. Duncan B
  7. The Aberdeen Model Society Show had a kit swap which generated some income for them and provided a platform for the visiting club members attending to sell unwanted stash items. The whole issue is complicated and I doubt there is a one size fits all solution but there needs to be some sort of limit to the amount that can be sold from under club tables. I am not actually anti to the whole thing so long as it's 'for personal use only' style and not in a 'pseudo trader' style as seems to be on the rise. The Shows currently need Traders to attend to finance them but Traders don't actually need the shows (as they are very rarely a profit making exercise for us smaller guys anyway). Duncan B
  8. I suspect I won't be invited back as I dared to mention that other traders complained to me about the number of under table items for sale. Can of worms doesn't cover it but I'm glad there is now a discussion ongoing between various stake holders in the UK Model Show scene. Duncan B ('They' say honesty is the best policy!!)
  9. I'm scared I fall foul of the clotted cream first or jam first convention and make a fool of myself in the process. Once I've figured that out I'll be rampaging like a good 'un down there too. Duncan B
  10. They don't, I was on a rampage. Came back with a nice set of paint brushes (rampaging ain't what it used to be). Duncan B
  11. Jings it's less than 2 weeks away, how did that sneak up so fast? Last year was a great show so fingers crossed the locals are in spending mood and are not armed with milk shakes! Duncan B
  12. Thanks to the organisers for putting on the show, it was a bit quite but to be honest every show has been quieter than previous years for a lot of Traders. It is a big venue full of like minded folk so I'm sure it'll be a belter when people get their spending heads back on. It was a long drive home straight afterwards though, saw a few vans towing caravans and had an excellent idea..... Duncan B
  13. I don't like Spitfires either, too pretty to be a fighter. The Bf109 looked like a flying butchers dog with lumps and bumps everywhere while the Spit looked like some Lord's racing machine. Ditto ......Wishlist detected. Wishlist detected. Ah, my sensors have just picked up some subliminal modelling thoughts, very weak but I'm sure I can locate them. Commence tracking. Duncan B
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