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  1. It's looking very dodgy indeed. I'm not surprised about the Minibase issue. Duncan B
  2. The WiF shooting down a Mig 15 is a bit on the improbable side but an interesting kit none the less. Duncan B
  3. Very nice, the Hasegawa kit is still a good 'un. Duncan B
  4. I agree, it's the Accountants that are calling the shots and they won't care so long as the Company stays afloat and shareholders are making money (which is the sole reason for any Company to exist). Trevor was a man of his time at Airfix when the production team probably had much more say in things. It's Hornby's ball and they can kick it around any way they desire, it's just a shame that there isn't anyone like Trevor in there now who has enough clout to tighten up the loose ends that are holding decent kits back from being brilliant kits (which might allow productions runs to be bigger and
  5. It's a fine kit to build but take your time with the undercarriage. Duncan B
  6. Will it come in cheaper than the Zoukei Mura one due to arrive in the UK in October though? I guess the Meng kit will have a host of weapons included to hang from it though. Duncan B
  7. Yet their 1/48 EE Lightning kit (that Trevor had a big hand in the design of) has the most beautiful surface details Airfix have ever produced IMO. I know they spent a fortune on getting the moulds engineered in Korea (before the days of LIDAR) so they can do it if they want to. I suspect the bean counters have more sway now but if Airfix want to charge near Tamiya prices then they need to be more focusing on the parts of the market that don't slap paint on with a hairy stick (Tony is excused lol). If that is their design brief then they seem to be conflicted and caught between the schoolboy m
  8. Modern Airfix panel lines are something that put me right off. I am getting the meteor in and will probably have one for myself but looking at your photo of the real thing and the built up kit I cannot see where they got the trenches from if they Lidar'd the real thing. I keep putting the Airfix Phantom back in the stash because, while I can work around the kits other issues, the trenches just turn me cold. I have wondered if it's because they want to use the same CAD for producing Diecast versions. Duncan B p.s. looking at the Airfix build again is there something a little too
  9. Very smart and different too. Worth the effort for sure. Duncan B
  10. Very nice finish you've got there. I take it this is the Hobby Boss kit? Duncan B
  11. I'm waiting on DPD to get their act together! Second time recently they have failed to turn up and then try to say I wasn't in, what a shower! Duncan B
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