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  1. Only one left in stock, 15 arrived yesterday but 14 were already sold to pre-orders. Duncan B
  2. It's an amazing kit and by following Yufeo Meo's build (YM was one of the main contributors to GWH on the design of the Flanker kits in GWH's catalogue) any little issues are pointed out and easy to rectify. It is a big kit though and I'm struggling with the size of it both with the space it takes up (I like to spread the sub assembles out during a build) and when painting as it will need to be done in sections I think. Duncan B
  3. Time to bite the bullet and start the painting properly. Possibly seems a bit backwards to paint those bits first but the masks will cover the dark grey patches. The silver is just a base coat for the proper NMF which will come later. Same again for the silver here. I need a bigger desk! I’ll let that harden off then mask off those patches. Tomorrow I’ll start the light blue. Duncan B
  4. A black oil wash later… Not the easiest thing to photograph. Once dry I’ll give them a clear coat for decaling. It doesn’t seem like a lot of return for a week’s work and they are not perfect but I’m fed up with them now! Time to paint something else. Duncan B
  5. 6 hours of masking for 20 minutes of (bad) painting! Note to self: hand paint them next time. I had problems with not having got the masking close enough to the bottom of the fins and with the red bleeding under (that made a right mess). So I ended up having to use a brush to finish off anyway. They need a PLW now to bring out the details. I’ve already done the PLW on the others, not sure about it to be honest. Duncan B
  6. I have the Vallejo metallic paints and brush painted the waffle fins with them.
  7. Why didn’t I think of that? Ironically I’m not sure I’ll even be using these on the 35! Duncan B
  8. I’ve been masking off the missiles for some more paint, 2 down 2 to go. I remember why I don’t normally fit the weapons to my builds. Duncan B
  9. Oh they're cigars!! I thought he'd bought a fancy contraption for cooking those hotdog sausages Duncan B
  10. I'm not bothering with any of the photo-etch. I don't think it brings anything to the table that the plastic doesn't have. Duncan B
  11. That’s why I want it out of the way now. Duncan B
  12. The painting continues. Still painting the missiles and pylons. The pylons are all finished now except for a wash and decals but I’ve still a way to go on the missiles. Duncan B
  13. The HSS looks spot on, especially with the restrained weathering. I really like that (I can say that because the Mk.22 wasn't a real Spitfire was it). Duncan B
  14. That is excellent, not a scheme I can ever remember seeing on a Beaufighter so all the more interesting for that. Duncan B
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