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  1. Not a type I have seen built up before, very nicely done. Duncan B
  2. You've already overtaken the stage I got to with my 2 Lidl's specials. I've stalled at the painting stage. Duncan B
  3. That scheme is an iconic F-4 scheme to me, nice to see the trio together too. Duncan B
  4. Note to self: give up, sell stash, take up doing crosswords (at least I'd get them finished 'cause I'd get answers the day later)! Nice work for the year...erm the month. Duncan B
  5. Might do, but to be honest my mojo has completely disappeared and my interest in 1/72 vanished quite a while before that. I have only spent about 10 minutes in the modelling room in the last 6 months and have not touched any plastic in that time at all. it's got to the point that there are little voices in my head telling me to sell off the stash completely! Even my built up kits are being threatened with a clear out. Duncan B
  6. It looks like they are going to keep things nice and simple which is great (the temptation to follow ICM and throw lots of PE parts for the cockpit must have been there). The lower rear wing joint looks to follow an actual panel line and not the random diagonal joint they have on the 1/48 scale kits. Separate leading edge flaps too which is one up on the Finemolds kit. I guess the big question will be whether it comes in under the Finemolds and Tamiya kits. Duncan B
  7. Both nicely done. Would I be correct in saying the darker one would have been from their time at Leuchars? Duncan B
  8. Nice one. That's one of the many schemes I still have to add to my 109 collection. Duncan B
  9. Very nicely done on the camo. The P-38 Thunderbolt's Italian 2nd cousin, it's clear to see the original Seversky P-35 heritage in the outline of the wing and tail. Duncan B
  10. That made me chuckle, nicely done. Whether a Mirage would have the legs to go Bear hunting is another question though. (I was once asked by a sceptic how an Independent Scotland would afford to keep an eye on the Russians. Easy answer, lease Lossiemouth to them then simply sit at the end of the runway with binoculars and a notebook!) Duncan B
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