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  1. Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    It's really a Vintage and Classic Car Rally at a Country Park near Mintlaw, north of Aberdeen. I am going along with some stock as an 'added attraction' to help out Steve, my mate who comes to a lot of the real shows with me, as he is one of the volunteers at the park (when he's not putting off customers behind my tables at models shows that is). The Aberdeen Modellers Society are also putting on a display too so I won't be alone. I might take the Tiffie along to fettle with in between all the sales Duncan B
  2. Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Plastic has been cut so I'm officially off and running. I won't actually get much more done this weekend as I have now to get ready for a wee show tomorrow. Duncan B
  3. Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Right then, it's Betty's Birthday (keep a bit of cake for me) today, I have a clear desk and have a wish list of kits to choose from to build so lets get going. Here's the kit I've chosen to be my first entry: What?...What do you mean "it's not on the wish list and it doesn't have RAF markings"? I'm fickle, that's my excuse. I want something that will go together reasonably quickly and will also fit in with my RAF Leuchars theme. I have lots of decal options for 6 Sqn and 1 Sqn and at the moment I am erring towards ZK342 in the 6 Sqn 100 years anniversary scheme. She was painted at Leuchars just before they relocated to Lossiemouth so fits in with my own theme. I like the idea of doing a pristine aircraft straight out of the paintshop for a change. In my quest to carry out a quick build I will handicap myself by using an aftermarket resin cockpit from Pavla, that makes sense, not. So there we have it, what can possibly go wrong? Duncan B
  4. Rye Field Model RM5016 Panther Ausf.G Early/Late

    The Rye Field Model Panthers have temporarily sold out but will be back in stock next week along with the RFM Bergepanzer Tiger I and the Tiger I Early version. Duncan B
  5. HobbyBoss 1/48 F6F-3 Hellcat (rescued from the waste bin)

    Thanks for the comments everyone, once I got to work on it again it didn't feel like hard work. The kit is easy to build and once I got used to working with enamel paints they worked beautifully, just don't use cellulose thinners for your fading coats as it's way too hot to go back over the original layer without reactivating it and melting through. I used Mr Color Thinners and the Self Levelling version and they both worked very well with the Colourcoats paint and that is the way forward for me with this brand of paint. Duncan B
  6. This kit was at the weathering stage this time last year when I had a rush of blood to the head and decided to use an aerosol gloss coat to seal the paint work ready for weathering. That proved to be almost fatal with regards to this kit, it was started as a Mojo restorer anyway and the paint was so damaged that I couldn't face repairing it so into the bin it went. Mrs B took pity on it so I took it out of the bin and put it back in it's box for another day. This was how it looked 12 months ago before the attack of the gloss coat. ...and after the attack of the aerosol The kit is now looking much healthier, painted with Colourcoats US Navy colours which performed really well when thinned with Mr Color Thinners. I used Montex masks for the markings, which is one reason why I didn't want to completely strip the paint back. Home made seatbelt, aerials, Nav lights and gun barrels added to the kit. I went for a rather beat up look so I could try out a few new ideas and I am quite pleased with the way that turned out. The HobbyBoss kit apparently has it's shape issues but for the grumman experts however it looks fine to me and, more importantly, it went together without a problem. I hope you like it. Duncan B
  7. Me262 A-1a, Komamando Nowotny-Poilot, Major Walter Nowotny

    Looks fab to me. It's a big beast too by the looks of it. Duncan B
  8. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Thanks, everyone, for the the kind comments throughout the build. They really helped me to keep going when it was tough going. Duncan B
  9. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    It’s taken you guys 3 pages of this drivel to figure it out! That’s it I quit More photos to follow in the Gallery soon but until then thanks to everyone for the encouragement along the way. This was supposed to be a Mojo restorer when it was first started but ended up in the bin. I’m really pleased with the way it has turned around even though it is a 3 footer at best. Duncan B
  10. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    I think I have it (no I am not sitting in a bath!) Aerial rigged but I still need to build up the isolators and trim the last end of the Ez-Line (which could be interesting). In the end I used a tiny bit of stretched sprues for the fuselage isolator. I have got to trim the Ez-Line there without knocking it off (I predict lots of sweary words later)! I’m back to waiting for the Formila 560 to dry again however it has proved to be very good for this kind of thing as it is very grippy from the off unlike thin CA glue so I will be using it for all my aerials in future. Duncan B
  11. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    No, but I did watch Strategic Air Command (with James Stewart) the other day. He pranged a B-36 and had to stay in the cockpit for 2 days in that film! DB
  12. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    What’s going on here? I’d usually use superglue which is fine and quick for attaching the Ez-Line but want to make sure it’s removable in case I can’t get the aerial right. Using the Formula 560 again which takes longer to go off but can be pealed off without damaging the paint if required. Nothing I can do now other than wait. I have a bold and cunning plan for making the isolator on the side of the fuselage. I will trim the pointy end off a cocktail stick and see if that’ll work. Duncan B (off to walk the dog while the glue dries)
  13. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Was it compulsory in the US Navy that if you pranged it you had to stay in the cockpit looking stupid for a certain time? It looks like he has been told to sit in the naughty seat while everyone points and laughs at him! Duncan B
  14. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Thanks Jamie, it’s the entry point on the fuselage that is worrying me. If HobbyBoss have got the fuselage too fat or the mast too short I am going to have the aerial touching the side. Only one way to find out I suppose, I’ll see if I can rig a temporary line to look for clearance. DB
  15. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    I can feel it, today is the day! I am running out of reasons to not finish this one. I have done as much weathering to the drop tank and bomb as they are going to get. I could have added some more to the bomb but it’s time to fit them and be done Sadly, the folded wings will cover up much of my favourite bits of this build so I have taken plenty of photos before the wings go on for good. ....and finally a view that is my most favourite. I have no idea why but this is where my eye keeps getting drawn to most! It could be because this was the worst affected area when I had the original issues way back last year? So the only thing holding me back now is the aerial. I will use some wire for the top and bottom rod aerials but do I add the fuselage entry point for the main aerial or leave be? Time for a can of Irn Bru and a think. Duncan B