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  1. BlackMike Models

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    None whatsoever, now we are ALL watching! Duncan B
  2. BlackMike Models

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    I had to give him a sub (pun intended) to buy his over priced 30% off bargain bucket Ark Royal and I'm negotiating the release of his Tamiya Swordfish floatplane from him too! I'm clearly a very considerate master. DB
  3. BlackMike Models

    Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    I don't think I mentioned my recent kit purchase did I? Well here it is. I know nothing about it other than it's ugly so while at the Bolton show I went looking and found this... Perfect so now it has jumped to the head of the queue pushing my Tamiya Swordfish down the list a little (as I need a decent reference book on that now too). Duncan B
  4. BlackMike Models

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    If truth be told if I had a crystal ball to predict my sales I would only have needed to take Mrs B's Mini to the show rather than my shiny van. It was not the best of sales days so the Hobbit didn't get his nice bowl of 'tatters' but had to make do with the knock off Jaffa cakes instead. A case of too many Traders selling similar things and lots of under table dealing if I'm not mistaken. Not the Show Organisers fault as they put on a splendid show but sadly not a financial success for me this year. Duncan B
  5. BlackMike Models

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Your purchase and subsequent impoverishment is greatly appreciated. I have just made the final down payment on my Bentley with the last of your money (I wish) I think the Steve, pirate and hat being referred to are these ones! Duncan B p.s. no-one really knows why the Hobbit is wearing that hat or pointing towards his personal stock of Airfix Spitfires (or why he even has a personal stock of Airfix Spitfires) but he seemed happy at the time and this was before he bought another HMS Ark Royal from our near neighbour for the day (at "30 % off all kits").
  6. The Revell one hasn't been seen again since Gaspatch arrived. Duncan B
  7. BlackMike Models

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Oh no you can't! Muhahahaha, breaking strain of a soggy kitkat, kerching, gotcha! The most enjoyable sale of the day at Bolton that one. Like playing a wily salmon with a bucket of cyanide! Duncan B
  8. Top marks for having the determination and skill to finish it, and very nice it looks too. I started one of these (the Revell boxing) a couple of years back and had purchased the Neomega resin engine and cowling set for it at the time of purchase which was a few years earlier still (this becomes important, I shall be asking questions at the end!). What an evil thing it was to work with but I slowly plodded along, hacking the kit nose off to make way for the resin replacement only to find that the top half of the Neomega/Vector cowling was missing from the set. Neomega wouldn't even acknowledge my emails and phone calls so that was the end of that. (anyone who wants an incomplete engine and cowl set give me a call, I might even throw in the kit too). I have since bought the Gaspatch one and it sits patiently waiting for me to hone my skills to the point where I won't make a pig's ear of a very beautiful looking kit. Duncan B
  9. BlackMike Models

    Hobbyboss 1/48 BAe Hawk Mk.200/208/209 (81737)

    That's a beauty, I do like the HBB Hawks. Duncan B
  10. BlackMike Models

    IPMS Bolton 20th January 2019

    First Show of the season all done and dusted. I'd like to thank the Organisers for putting on such a terrific show and have to say it is one of the easiest shows for us as traders to attend as the venue is perfect for it (I hope they manage to secure the same venue for next year). It was great to catch up with some old friends and to meet new ones too, thanks to all to stopped by to chat and to buy. I got home at 1130pm, the drive north was a doddle until 5 miles from home where major road works had just kicked off and there was a 15 minute delay (very frustrating when bed is so close and calling). Duncan B
  11. BlackMike Models

    IPMS Bolton 20th January 2019

    I'm finished packing stock for the night, will finish off in the morning before throwing it all in the van for the drive south. I always find it difficult to pick what to take to a show. Duncan B
  12. BlackMike Models

    IPMS Bolton 20th January 2019

    I'm not sure my van would make it down to you Steve! Duncan B
  13. BlackMike Models

    IPMS Bolton 20th January 2019

    I'll be picking stock and packing it on Friday (should really start earlier but it's the part of the job i hate along with unpacking at the end) so last calls for any pre-orders will be Thursday. See some of you there maybe? Duncan B
  14. BlackMike Models

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    If your going with EZLine I'd go with the fine for 1/48. That's what I use for 1/48 and 1/72 (although it's a bit big for that really). Duncan B
  15. BlackMike Models

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    I use EZLine but that's because I'm a cheapskate and still have 125 miles of the stuff on a reel. It is flat but WnW themselves recommend it for British flying lines as they were aerodynamic. I have had problems with EZLine unravelling (it happened on my Bf109 that I built for the Weekender GB recently) a couple of times when I've tried to cut it. It is expensive (which is why I'm loathed to stop using mine). Both the Uschi stuff and the Inifini stuff look very fine, the thinnest ones are incredibly fine but I haven't used either of them yet. Uschi V D R knows what he's doing when it comes to al things Wingnutty so that might swing it for some. Duncan B