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  1. Here’s my attempt at the HobbyBoss 1/48 Me262 Night Fighter. It was supposed to be a quick build straight out of the box but that plan soon fell by the wayside. I had previously modelling this particular aircraft in 1/72 scale so wanted to do something a little different this time so depicted it after its surrender to the RAF. I added Master radar aerials, Eduard seatbelt, Aires resin wheels, Xtradecal markings and painted the Red 12 using a custom made mask by Paul Brown (big thanks for supplying that). I’m not totally happy with the RLM76 fuselage colour as the Mr Paint version was too blue and too dark. I did end up using a lighter mix but the gloss varnish brought the black undercoat through the topcoat and darkened it! It was a really fun kit to build, HobbyBoss do a whole range of Me262s so I’m bound to make another one sometime soon. Thanks again to Paul for making the paint mask for me. Duncan B
  2. Almost finished with the Me262 now. I just need to add a couple of aerials, paint the Nav lights, add some chipping and a little dirt. My thanks to Paul for making the masks for the numbers, I would have been stuck without them. I’ll get the last touches down tomorrow and will get some photos in the Gallery soon. Duncan B
  3. Very nice, something a bit different again and looks great on that base. Duncan B
  4. I like that, the weathering and chipping look perfect to me. Duncan B
  5. I must have included my build rate with the Merkava! Takes me 3 years to get the box open! Duncan B
  6. Decals for the Gladiator from Ali McLean at Aerocraft. Duncan B
  7. Ah that reminds me of when my mate rode over his own sunglasses with a Suzuki GS850! Duncan B p.s. The thread is back that way ^
  8. I had a set of Ray Bans for a whole 12 days once. Bought them at Heathrow on the way out to a job in Brazil and had them nicked from my bag (along with a digital camera and a Celtic football top) on the way back. I can’t remember all the details now but I think I’d had my carry on bag taken off me at boarding by the flight attendants. Duncan B
  9. The saving grace is that the staining was unique to each panel and they did get changed occasionally so there are lots of variations in colour which helps. Duncan B
  10. Another overhead light for my modelling room. I have 2 desks, one for building (or more accurately for half built kits to lie around on) and one for my spray booth. I already had a new LED light for the building desk, bought last year, but had an old neon lamp for the spray booth desk which just wasn't up to the job. So now I have 2 Lightcraft Professional LED Task lamps which are absolutely superb, fully variable dimmer, nice and bright but cheap to run. They are not cheap (i.e. they are bloody expensive) but hopefully will last long enough to see my stash finished (that's asking a lot, only the Pyramids have shown that kind of lifespan so far in human history!). Duncan B
  11. I like that, very colourful. Duncan B
  12. I’m more than happy with that result Thanks again to Paul. Duncan B
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