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  1. I'm not sure how this happened? Modelcollect T-72BA

    Thanks Paul The wheels have all been cleaned up, I just took the pictures in a hurry straight after sticking them together. The stages you have described are the way I'd go about doing my aircraft wheels in fact which shows some techniques are transferable. I have thought about using a black paint marker to run a bead around the wheels after painting the steel part, might save on masking? Well I've got 12 wheels to experiment with Duncan B
  2. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Bookmarked for future reference, thanks Peter. Duncan B (maybe I should have a go at one this year?)
  3. 1/48th FW190D-9

    I have a dreadful memory but I do remember having to sand a lot off the spar and that I didn't get it to sit right which gave me problems further down the line. Duncan B
  4. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Thanks Darren, there are still lots of the 'legacy' w190 kits out there (and in my stash) that I'm sure lots of folk will be happy for the advice and help. Duncan B
  5. Eduard fw190 early tooling 1/48 assembly tips

    Thanks for reposting this Darren, I know you have posted this before but it's great that it is now pinned for everyone to find. I have quite a few of the original Eduard 1/48 Fw190s in the stash and will get round to having a go at some of them at some point despite the new mould's release. Duncan B
  6. MiG 25 RB 1/48

    I really enjoyed that review, particularly the intro. The Foxbat was the stuff of legend and nightmares when I was growing up in the '70's. I really wished I'd had a go at the original release of this kit as the detail looks superb all round and this version looks just as good. Duncan B
  7. I'm not sure how this happened? Modelcollect T-72BA

    So would you recommend I paint the rest of the kit with the wheels and tracks off then add them after painting? I really like the fact that trying something slightly different in modelling can still be a learning experience after all these years, what a great hobby. Duncan B
  8. 1/48th FW190D-9

    That main spar gave me a bit of grief on my one. If I remember correctly Darren had a good method for working with it which I have now forgotten! (maybe get it pinned somewhere so I can find it again when it comes to me having a go at some of those original Eduard Fw190s in my stash. Duncan B
  9. I'm not sure how this happened? Modelcollect T-72BA

    The upper hull is complete, no problems except for the covers over the lights. Some of the other Modelcollect T-72 etc have photo-etch which would be fiddly but would look better too. I’ve started building up the road wheels which leads me to ask how do I go about painting the wheels? I know they have a solid rubber tyre so do I paint the wheels separately from the rest of the tank then add them and the tracks after or try to paint them after (I could also just ignore them!). Duncan B
  10. I'm not sure how this happened? Modelcollect T-72BA

    I have the turret about 90% complete since so time to start on the upper hull, thankfully not so many little bits. The front section of the hull is separate, I’m guessing this is to allow them to mould different versions? It only took a few minutes to clean up the pieces and stick them together. I did try to resist sticking the turret on for a test fit but couldn’t help myself, the sound of a gun firing could be heard in my modelling room. Duncan B
  11. I'm not sure how this happened? Modelcollect T-72BA

    I'm having a blast! I look forward to getting my short modelling fix before I go to work each morning so this little kit is doing its job. Duncan B
  12. 1/35 Panther Ausf.G ‘Early/Late with full interior’

    I'm glad I took the plunge and ordered some of these, what a beauty. Great review. Duncan B
  13. I'm not sure how this happened? Modelcollect T-72BA

    A little more progress, I'm still working on the turret. That was another hour or so. I'm moving on to the upper hull in the next step. Duncan B
  14. Takom new arrivals

    I have a restock of some Takom kits arriving over the next couple of days but 2 new takom kits have arrived in stock already. Firstly we have the M31 US Tank Recovery Vehicle which, to my untrained eye, appears to be based on the M3 Lee (do I get smarty points for working that out?). https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/takom-2088-1-35-m31-us-tank-recovery-vehicle And we also have the M3 Lee Late version newly arrived in stock too. https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/collections/military-vehicles/products/takom-2087-1-35-us-medium-tank-m3-lee-late As I said already there are more Takom kits arriving in stock, probably tomorrow. Duncan B
  15. I'm not sure how this happened? Modelcollect T-72BA

    I am only able to get an hour at the work bench each day at the moment but I'm enjoying doing something completely out of my normal. Duncan B