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  1. Looking good. As to the numerals, I don't think there was anything official, but I have seen numbers that look like they were done in a hurry and all the digits are different sizes (maybe crews made stencils for one digit each and shared them round the unit?) and some units where the leading or trailing digit is significantly different (see my Tiger below - all the tanks in the batallion had a huge leading digit then two smaller ones, in three places round the turret. They all look hand drawn too, rather than the usual regular font). Makes for a more interesting model whatever the reason behin
  2. Not just you. I only spotted them browsing Hannants new arrivals page within the last half hour. The what if one has nice schemes. Andy
  3. Just for additional info, Academy have also released the Zvezda kit. I have the Ghost of Kiev boxing of the ICM kit and it looks very good in the box and gets good reviews. The standard edition is around a tenner cheaper than the Zvezda one too if that makes a difference. Andy
  4. Just like Topsy this idea growed and growed. It started when I built this 1/48 Horch Typ 1a a couple of years back. I wanted something to hitch to it and after a bit of reasearch (HA!! bet you never expected that from me), I decided on a Flak 30 or 38 light AA gun, with the idea that it would be during a rest stop in the first week or so of the invasion of Russia. 1/48 figures are hard to paint, so my excuse was going to be they were all just out of sight in the queue for the goulash kanone. Idea formed, this kit was purchased. It's been nearly 18 months now and I'm still
  5. Swapped mine for a Hasegawa G4M while they were out of production. No regrets Andy
  6. This one? Promises to be a step up from the old Italeri one. Having checked prices, they're not pocket money kits though eh? Andy
  7. Sorry, I was talking about the Blitzkrieg 1/48 I'd stumbled across ones, not the Rubicon ones. For the record, I really like the Rubicon kits and I've seen them turned into some very nice display models. Andy
  8. You could always wait until mine turns up so you know what you're getting into. Andy - official sucker
  9. They look to be wargaming kits rather than 'proper' models, but have a look round here. M3A1 and M5/M9 available. I have that same itch so it's pretty much inevitable what's going to happen next https://www.blitzkriegminiatures.com/tanks/British-c67071017 Andy
  10. That looks very nice and only £1 more than the Heller one which dates back to 1976. Andy
  11. Probably the best current ones are the Modelsvit releases, but they have a reputation for being fiddly. They're expensive too so I've never bought one to try. The Heller one is an old mould but a decent shape but expensive for what it is if bought new (I've had a couple over the years and had no issues with them). My money today would go to AML though - they've reboxed the newish RV Aircraft IIIC and IIICR kits but with a 33% discount over the originals. You only get Israeli options in the box, but decals are the easy bit - I have a pile if you need them. Andy
  12. Tolvcat

    Sd.Kfz. 260

    It is tiny. Here it is with a Tiger 1 and Pz. III for comparison. All 1/48. Taking that pic made me fix the scratched paint on the Pz. III hull top. It's only been a couple of years The effect on the spade (and the jack but you can't really see it) is Citadel's new contrast paint. Give it a white undercoat, slap the contrast on and it's thin enough that it does it's own shading and highlighting. You could get the same effect with washes &c but it's quick and easy with their paint. I used it a lot on the last walker I did in the space/sci fi gallery. Andy
  13. Tolvcat

    Sd.Kfz. 260

    ICM 1/48 kit of the Luftwaffe communications car converted from the standard Sd.Kfz. 222 light armoured car. This one served with the Gross Deutchland division in Ukraine, Spring 1942. The tactical sign of the circle and cross suggests it was attached to the motorcycle recce battalion. Andy
  14. I haven't. I've read about various Mr X products but haven't dipped a toe in that water yet. Can they be brush painted, or is it time to bite the bullet and go airbrush? Andy
  15. To add to my first adventures in folded PE, I got some brass rod to make a new aerial and fitted it via the time honoured method of making it a couple of mm over length, drilling out the old base and glueing it in the hole. Nothing to this multi-media lark really Tools were added, that driving light added to the front mudgaurd and some detail painting done. Tamiya would have given some guidance where to paint in the tail lights as they are quite complex and very distinctive, but ICM don't bother so I had to doan approximation freehand. Could have been a lot worse. I fixed the cross at th
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