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  1. I lived in certain parts of Scotland once. I miss it, and the invisible cows. Andy
  2. Good grief I'd be looking to see what Eduard had in (and having checked, they do half a dozen sets for the FM EJs depending on how far you want to take things). That or some Tamiya tape belts and live without the other bits. Looks like the formation lights are on the decal sheet (24, top middle and 126 bottom left) which is good enough for me. Master do a set of pitot probes for £3.10 which is more my ball park. Andy
  3. Nice review, thanks for the time and some great pics. The FM version has some details I've never seen on a Phantom before which is nice, and the subject specific cockpit is grand. The missing seat belts and mirrors is slightly annoying, but I haven't seen them in any other Phantom kits at any price point either so it wouldn't be a deal breaker. Not a perfect kit then, and not cheap but enough better than other Phantoms I've had my hands on that I'd still plump for it first. Andy
  4. You've already got the answer for this one, but a tip for the future - if you have to paint anything yellow or orange, undercoat in pink. Sounds daft, actually works. I do it on the orange/red tail lights on my German armour builds and it's amazing the difference it makes. Andy
  5. Miggers has the right of it. That vraiment on the end is for emphasis, so it's really great, not just a bit great Andy
  6. C'est formidable, vraiment!! Andy
  7. One day I'm going to build something like that round a modern engine. It will be very understated and finished with stove enamel and cream not white paint with gold coach lining. I will take it to places where bikers gather and when misty eyed gents claim to have had one in their youth, I will with great delight and malice aforethought tell them they're talking bolleaux as mine is the first and last extant. It's a lot of time, money and effort for very minor victory points, but I love the style of that bike with a passion, and even if I coud afford an original, I'd never be able to keep i
  8. I'm at that dangerous age and also very overweight so it's something I'm very aware of and working to improve. I've laready left clinical research once as I was burnt out, but it's what I know and it pays well so I got sucked back in. Andy
  9. I do. There's an Elefant's graveyard of them sitting unfinished giving me the stink eye every time I'm at the bench. One is an M3 Lee that I'd love to do as this one (other Beutepanzers are available). Original US reg on the back, Russian ID on the turret and big German crosses everywhere. Andy
  10. <small voice> I appear to have accidentally bought 34 of them. So far </sv> Andy
  11. You should have a go, they build really well and have enough detail to be worth the effort but are just simplified enough to be an easy project (apart from the tracks where they have them which are VERY simplified). Cheap as chips too so if you don't like the result you can bin it and move on. Andy
  12. I hope so. Four more days at work then nine days off. That's what making life horrible at the minute; I have a work project to close out before I go that is underfunded, understaffed and should have weeks where I have days. When I go away, it's meant to be in my camper but that is STILL having the engine rebuilt after breaking down on 6th September. Should have picked it up today to do some work on the interior, instead it will be 'sometime next week' and I need to run the repaired engine in and do the interior work before I go. No pressure Andy
  13. Zvezda 1/100 M3A1 'Scout' belonging to the 7th Mechanised Corps during their drive from Brno to Prague, April 1945. Built straight from the box in a tearing rush. Usual mix of Vallejo, Tamiya, Akan and Citadel paints and stuff. Decals are from a generic Soviet sheet by The Plastic Soldier Company. Alongside a 1/48 Tamiya carrier for scale. In the cupboard with some of his pals. Andy
  14. After another horrible week, I needed a little boost this morning, so I dove(? dived??) in to the Zvezda scout car I posted yesterday. Box - nice action painting. Zvezda concentrate on the Eastern Front for their wargames stuff, but they include a lot of British and US vehicles that were supplied as lend-lease. They also do two versions of this M3, with and without the honking great MG up front. Sprues, two of containing parts. Phew. This would be a short build elsewise The instructions they're laid on run to a whopping three construction stages. A lot of these kits make do w
  15. Latest Eduard newsletter. Pages 10 - 13 are the Zero, including markings and sprue diagrams. Eduard Andy
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