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  1. I'm trying something a bit bigger, just to see if I can. Found this figure on Etsy (and what a minefield that can be). and have a couple more in the queue if this one turns out OK. Detail is quite nice, not much cleaning up to do and it's not obviously 3D printed. Obviously, since this is a human figure that is big enough to have recognisable features, I'm putting off painting skin as long as possible because quite frankly it terrifies me. If anyone has some spare big person pants they'd be appreciated Even though she's a 75mm figure, these pics are bigger than life siz
  2. Hannants are very slow in my experience, but sometimes they're the only game in town so I swallow it down. I always look at Jadlam as an option. They offer 'free' shipping (sometimes charging more than retail so you don't save much/anything, but other times a complete bargain). Their service is usually spot on and quick and their range is expanding so more options pretty much every visit. Don't forget our own Black Mike and MJW. Not as wide a range as the big boys but I've used both and they offer great service and fast despatch so always worth checking if they have what you're after.
  3. I've only got two of the range so far and one of them had decal issues which is an unfortunate ratio but a statistically insignificant sample size. Get what you mean about scale, but I already have 76 kits/models in 1/48 from 15 manufacturers so I'd like to keep some consistency. That said, I've been eyeing up their Vietnam range as there would be no overlap there Andy
  4. I like Rubicon stuff (apart from their decals, which can be seriously out of register). It's nicely detailed, well engineered, builds easily and looks good when it's finished which is all I ever ask for in a kit. That scale though - they don't have a wide enough range to build their stuff exclusively, and they're wrong for filling in gaps in my other collections so they sit in the curios corner of the cabinet not getting half the love they deserve. Andy
  5. I'm hoping Airfix have opened a floodgate with the Ferret, I'd happily buy all the cold war softskins and light armour they want to make. I'd buy it all again plus the heavy armour if it appeared in 1/48 irrespective of the company name on the box. I'm pretty much sorted for aircraft - I have several decades worth of builds in the stash. If Airifx (them again) decided to downscale their 1/48 50s aircraft to 1/72 though, I'd be forced to form an orderly queueueueueueue all on my own. So in a nutshell - stuff 1950 - 1980 one scale smaller than it is on the shelf today. Not too much to
  6. They have. They are on the inside of the lid - only free space left 😀 Andy
  7. Back in the dim and distant I tried something similar with the foil from a Kit Kat. Gave up in the end as I didn't have a glue that would hold it down without eating the plastic. Would love to see it done by someone who knows. Andy
  8. Don't forget all the people who are outraged both by the cost of the latest 1/48 whatever-it-is AND by the fact that the very same 1/48 whatever-it-is ISN'T a Vulcan. Andy
  9. I live on my own and work from home. It's a red letter day if it involves pants. Often I'll look at my current build, hum and har for a bit then start something new. I don't really plan anything (and it shows ) Andy
  10. If you're not interested in the Black Buck bits, would it not make sense to just go for the standard kit which is being heavily discounted these days? (£45 seems to be the going rate which makes it £20 cheaper than even the discount price for the Black Buck). Andy
  11. I don't need another scale, I really don't... The two Rubicon kits I have were really nice builds though, and some of those subjects are VERY enticing. I'm pleased it's not pay day until next week. Andy
  12. It would seems so: Hannants 1/43 kits Incidentally, it is that list that made me think 1/43 was an odd scale for kits rather than diecasts. A search for 1/43 kits on Scalemates gives over 27,000 hits Andy
  13. My own experience from the days when I still used enamels was that matt brushed on more evenly and dried much much quicker meaning I could finish something in hours using a single coat of each colour. Gloss was an utter pig to use and I hated it with a passion. Satin was somewhere in the middle - a bit of a chore but at least it wasn't gloss. I have woodwork round the house now that could do with fresh paint but it's not happening because I don't do gloss Varnish was pretty much unheard of and decals just had to take their chances. I've only started using it since I switched to
  14. TBH my reaction is slight amusement, but only because that is exactly the kind of daft thing I've been known to do myself. There but for the grace of God... and all that. Andy
  15. Very good question. Nick MIlman, the guru on Japanese colours and finishes, helped with the A6M2 Zero and gets a name check in the instructions so there is precedent. Andy
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