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  1. I used contrast paints, Akhelian Green for the turquoise and Volupus Pink for the red, then gloss varnished them. The glass lenses in the lantern on his belt used Aethermatic Blue as it's more sky blue and I wanted to ring the changes from all the lenses. Andy
  2. This intermission may be longer than expected. Got a start, and there are twelve different paints/inks/varnishes over the primer in this view with another three or four on a bit at the back. Fun though, and that's what it's all about. Andy
  3. Hi Gary, welcome aboard. Sounds like you've already got the main 'secret' of both modelling and this site; having fun. Andy
  4. That's a shame, it's looking pretty advanced and I like what you've done with it so far Andy
  5. I have the Italeri issue of this kit in the stash, along with quite a few other Russians accumulated from all over the place. Too many interesting schemes to do any of them green with stars though Andy
  6. Going to squeeze this one in as the first figure in my Steampunk Dwarf carry on. GW title him an Aetheric Navigator, a kind of techno-mage for the Kharadron Overlords, one of the two Dwarf factions in the new & improved Warhammer Fantasy universe (the others are very much based on the traditional GW Dwarfs who are basically stumpy Vikings with Wagnerian Ring Cycle add ons). This is how GW paint theirs. Front: Back: I'm going as far off piste as I can manage to try and create the impression that there's a bloke in a suit there and not just some random robo-b
  7. My rendering was supposed to look like it had been field applied in a hurry using tools at hand rather than a workshop respray. Had a bit ot trouble getting the right balance of paint on my stippling brush so it was a qualified success. Overall though I'm nearly as happy with it as you guys - I tend to shy away from soft edged camo as it's not easy to brush paint but as with most things, the more I try it the better it gets. Andy
  8. Lets call this one done shall we? Field modified Steyr 1500A belonging to the motorised artillery regiment of the 3rd Panzer Division, late spring 1943 before they got their special Kursk divisional sign. Front driver's side has taken a knock at some point - the width marker has gone walkabout and the slit cover for the headlight has been replaced with a canvas cover. Parcel shelf is full of gear as the boot is now full of spares and ammo for the gun. Camo was applied with a rake. In the dark I'll let the decals settle, do a couple of tidy ups and both models can go for
  9. It is, so much more detail and finesse compared to the WC55 - although to be fair that is a much simpler vehicle in 1:1 too, so that makes sense. I'm coming round to the idea that once their early products had been tried in action, US industry got the cost/quality/utility balance much better than they're given credit for. Andy
  10. Paint on. Doors can be fitted open or closed so each one is at a different angle - the crew having just made a mad dash for the gulaschekanone Got to build and fit the gun, add some camo and markings then a ton of detail painting (tidy up the wheels, mirrors, lights, tools... ) and it'll be done. It's almost like proper modelling, nothing to it really. Andy
  11. Chassis built up. There's a lot more detail here than on the WC55 and it's a lot finer. Really nice and went together well. Impressive so far. Chassis completed and body started. For reasons, this comes in two sections that have to be bodged together later. All very nearly clicks together with no filler required, and there lots of opportunity to enhance things with detail painting and washes. Going to be pin washes rather than the overall filter I used on the WC55 as that dark yellow will go very dark and brown if I'm not careful. Second coat on the body and the floor has
  12. Nice article. First time I'd heard of the replacement Embraer C-390 which looks very interesting. Andy
  13. Here you go, it's a bit rough but this is my last attempt at it. The white stripes on the wing overlapped the yellow decals otherwise I would never have noticed. Canopy striping is a a bit dodgy too, but that's never been my strong suit as a brush painter. Andy
  14. Do it, it still builds nicely despite its age. The only problems I remember are the outboard yellow wing stripes on the current decal sheet are a couple of mm too long and the undercarriage doors are a bit fiddly - hardly deal breakers on a 58 year old kit. Andy
  15. My first thought is the Airfix 1/72 Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah. The shape is about right and I'm sure the extra moulding on the middle three oblong windows is to represent the cameras. Andy
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