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  1. All of a sudden construction was complete. Fujimi san gives you decals for all the light lenses but then hides the lights under brush guards so overscale you've got no chance of seeing them so I didn't use them because life (like me legs) is too short and hairy. There's a plethora (and thank you to whoever taught me that word, it means a lot) of tools on the engine deck to paint, and a spare track link and tow rope to add. So I did. There are, perhaps inevitably, another couple of touch ups required, then it's decal time. Andy
  2. Something else about tracks that sends my poor brain squirrely: on a moving tracked vehicle, the links in contact with the ground don't move but the wheels and the rest of the track do 🤪 Andy
  3. I've followed a couple of threads on other forums about track colour and your photo backs up what I've read. Certainly after WW1, track steel isn't stainless or mild steel - it's manganese steel and its natural colour is brown with a gold(ish) tint where it wears and a dusty grey oxide layer where it doesn't. No rust - that's one of the design features. Same thing with armour plate. It's chocolate brown. Wish I'd known that before I spent 30 years drybrushing tanks with silver but there you go Andy
  4. I don't have an airbrush, but I have brush painted with them for years and their reputation for being a bit fragile is well deserved; for example my Pz III that I painted with a couple of topcoats and no primer scratched down to the plastic turning the turret. On that basis I would recommend a decent primer and stick something protective on as soon as you can. That's the only bad thing I've heard. They do a huge range of colours and they give good coverage straight from the bottle without needing 10 coats and some 'verbal encouragement' like some of the other brands I use. Andy
  5. Me too. Need a WOW!! eaction emoji. Andy
  6. That B-1 looks an absolue beast. Love Canberras. Was having a sort out a few years back and my then wife took a huge pile of kits to a charity shop because she was sick of them lying around - both my Canberras and a Nimrod were in amongst them. I didn't dare tell her how much the pile she'd just given away had cost originally, let alone how much it would cost then to replace the ones I wanted to keep 😢 Andy
  7. Still not helping with the van, but if you do go for a 1/72 model for a diorama the decals you need are second bottom of this page. Maybe the instructions have some guide as to what they should be applied to? Canteen Vehicle Markings Andy
  8. Managed to find out that the aircraft in the picture is a B-24H of the 453rd Bomb Group which is interesting but utterly useless. Sorry. Andy
  9. Top work fella. Whatever your feelings about the model, it's a bloody good piece of work and it officially isn't just us here blowing smoke. Andy
  10. Thank you both. Wait until it's finished though, then we'll see - I can see about a million hours worth of detail painting and touch ups just in that last picture. I'm glad the owners kept them pristine so I don't have to worry about weathering on top of that Andy
  11. I hinted earlier about having a final entry for the artillery GB, and it arrived this morning. IBG are pretty well known hereabouts I think. They're a Polish company and a lot of their kits of British subjects have a Polish connection. This is one of them, the box markings are for 11th Armoured Division, summer 1944. The other ones are for 1st Polish Armoured Division. Had to be done then. Makes a change to have a 1/72 4x4 tractor instead of the venerable Airfix kit of the 6 wheeler in 1/76. "Wait a minute you silly person" I hear you cry, "for the artillillery GB is for things tha
  12. Looking again at the box art and having asked Steve what he is using on his JGSDF build (go and check out his build thread in the AFV section if you haven't already, all kinds of interesting in there ) I think the green I'm using is OK but my brown is a bit too dark. It's done now though, so I'll just have to live with it. Wheels tidied up and tracks glued back on. Think everything is stuck now. Completed 99% of construction too, and slapped some paint around this morning. There are checkerplate style anti slip panels all over the hull top, and all sorts of lumps, bumps, tools
  13. That is very evocative art work and makes the subject appeal more than a little to this otherwise artillery averse modeller. Job done Andy
  14. Got the hull together and added a couple of towing eyes and the rear basket, which I painted just because it looked like a fun thing to do Painted the hull sides too as there is camouflage visible behind the roadwheels. I went a bit off piste adding the wheels and tracks which has left me with some ugly joints and a lot of touching up now I know which bits are visible at normal viewing angles. The tracks are four pieces each side, and it feels from the tread pattern that at least one of them is running backwards. Games Workshop provided the colours for the tracks - a bas
  15. I suspect where in that part of the cycle where the Generals rationalise what the bean counters let them have. Over here, it was announced last year that the era of tank battles in Europe was over and the defence budget could be better spent elsewhere. Be interesting to see what effect unfolding events have on that train of thought (I think I managed to keep that apolitical). Back to the kit, that looks very nice Steve. I have several similar ones on a slow ship somewhere, and I'm itching to get at them now Out of interest, which particular shades of Tamiya are you using? I've gone for A
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