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  1. A group of my mates on a wargaming forum assembling our part built kits or kits from our stash for the next thirty days, at least to undercoat stage. we are using the hashtag for the current lockdown I have completed 14 kits so far and plan to complete thirty of different materials, resin and plastic mostly. Storm and Conquest Blog cheers Matt
  2. As part of my #30daykitchallenge I have started a ww2 folly kit, a Gotha 242 glider. I recently picked this up at a French swap meet for €8 just before lockdown, I have always wanted one of these for my Operation Mercury Crete and Sicily collection and I could not pass it up. I will build this as the 242 B1 version on the sleds, as a mini diorama piece and I will mark it as per one of aircraft of the video below. I started clipping off the sprue yesterday and managed to get the cabin and tail built, today painting the interior and then finish the assembly, then onto the spray booth. video here on a 242 landing in Sicily Video 242 cheers Matt
  3. nice job on that piece cheers Matt
  4. lovely piece cheers Matt
  5. lovely work on that piece, the camo is excellent
  6. lovely piece, good work on the weathering too, not overdone cheers Matt
  7. That is superb! loving the camo too cheers Matt
  8. Bluewillow

    Matchbox Siskin

    nice work on that rigging, it is a great little kit, yet to build mine in the stash cheers matt
  9. Frog Dassault Mirage IIIEA cheers Matt
  10. Completed, really happy with the build, went together ok, did need some putty, but sadly my squadron putty had dried out and I tried to resurrect it, sort of successfully. I added a wire through the centreline to attach to my flight stands for wargaming jet aircraft. If I was building a display piece I may of spent more time on it, but this model is a poor example of the dassault Mirage III, requiring major changes (wheel hub location, rear tail alignment, panel scribe detail and tail deflectors etc. The paint went on well and happy with my camo work, added the extra fins to the missiles to make them look more like the magic 550 missile. I did fek up with the clear varnish and forgot to mask the canopy for the matt finish.....oh well still serviceable. Decals were the biggest problem but saved by and a big thanks to my mate Robin for saving me, as Hannants are not delivering to France at the moment. Built as a Mirage from Grupo 8 de caza I-1003 with the yellow tail marking for the falklands war cheers Matt
  11. damn sexy! cheers Matt
  12. Thanks guys will look at the options available locally cheers Matt
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