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  1. Did anyone notice Mike Williams around 43 mins in?
  2. tried to do that, and never either indicated a special item/ nor discounted....🙄
  3. I'm with Mish.....Stuff 'em..
  4. Nice alternative to the kit decals..... If you remember the name of the decal company in Ukraine, let us know... I was air side at Stanstead a few years ago, and boy was it a sight, only a matter of 100 feet away!
  5. bluebottle


    OI LOIKES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. April I finally get the garage converted to a den.... Just having moved a week ago, the plans are down, just waiting for the builder to nod when he can start.. Soo....Any ideas on a decent spray booth? The kit will have an exit port in the wall with a pressure flap, probably with an additional midway fan , so extra exhaust tubing will be an addition.... I've seen few cheapos, but they are not worth a light...
  7. even if the nose ain't a simple fix, in either case, Fairy models/ Cold War models have a new nose done.. and the expense climbs...
  8. The whole set up is a mess.. The picture I got from my supplier (who got this from a former rep ) is this.... 1. Meetings . all suggestions get talked about .. i.e. customer/ retailer feedback.. 2. Common sense and feedback are throw in the bin.. eg... suddenly nonsense like STAR WARS Scalextric sets produced en mass ... low volume demand, tying up capital, months after, offered to retailers @ 70% discount Retailers don't ( quite rightly) don't want to tie up shelf space / money on stuff they know has no chance of shifting.. In short, NO COMMUNICATION....
  9. I had to laugh, as Wonderland Models recently had them going for 14 quid....
  10. Did you pay by Paypal? Check the registered address on Paypal , just in case... better safe than sorry
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