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  1. In freshly applied guise it's hard to distinguish from FS30219 Tan as used on Vietnam era USAF "SEA" schemes.
  2. I think it will start to appear lighter once juxtaposed against RLM 74 and 75 also. Currently you're viewing it juxtaposed against a very pale primer. Just a thought.
  3. It goes together fine. I've got one here with an electric motor in it. If being picky I'd gripe that it's geared such that the two propellers turn at different RPMs, but it does fit together and it does work. It might benefit from some plastic-friendly lubricant to make sure it lasts longer term.
  4. Our empty tins come from Germany and we're now being charged fees for declarations forms completion which didn't happen before, so the unit-cost per empty tin has increased 8.7%. We've already absorbed 6 price increases over the past few years as the Pound Sterling tanked affecting everything about us. Very little in the way of raw material is made in the UK and we're no different. Whilst our paint is made into paint here, the various chemicals aren't. We've been trying to reduce our sales figures recently and are making some progress there, but I'm going to make our first price increase on Colourcoats since I started the company 6 years ago. Those who still want it will pay the bit extra and know I might be motivated to keep it going and those who don't can jump in the sea for all I care. I've always been very open about it but it seems plenty just can bend their heads around the fact that it's very much a sideline and I don't want or need to be spending lots of hours per week doing this. To that end, we disposed of all third party products we carried just before Christmas. Most of them should be picked up by others who actually need and want the sales though, so people should still be able to get them now that so many international companies are ceasing B2C sales to the UK.
  5. You know that the Spitfire which reached Mach 0.92 and lost its propeller due to the overspeed had 11g pegged on the accelerometer when it landed? I'm not really sure where the flimsy reputation stems from. There were without any doubt far more wings pulled off Bf109s than ever happened to Spitfires.
  6. Hi folks, It's been a busy week at work but I fitted a barrier coat of Alclad Aquagloss, a pale grey-green filter, decals, an olive filter and enamel matt coat in between the usual responsibilities and commitments. http://village.photos/images/user/483a5850-3d62-4900-8176-6062170ac842/resized_3bd48f1a-ee56-47a5-a379-5c1e1ec3163e.jpg
  7. I got to work on the topsides. I started with the darker khaki green, then masked with white tack. The sand was then airbrushed over the lot. It's drying now and I've resisted unmasking it already and am on the way to the shops for some stuff (Gill's driving, obviously).
  8. It's got some paint on it. It needs more paint on it.
  9. This is why I always build models with all panels closed. How on earth does one mask this in under 10 minutes?
  10. Trouble at 'mill. I don't know where I went wrong but the glazings aren't even close to fitting over the pilot's instrument panel and combing. I can only see one place the can fit, but the later diagram further into the instructions shows it sitting about 2mm lower than it actually did. I've removed it, but don't quite know what I'm going to do next. I trimmed a bit, shaved a bit and took liberties by positioning a little further aft than I think it's supposed to go and now the lid is on. There are 3 pieces of clear plastic attached there and it was perhaps one of the more fiddly things to do.
  11. Hi, I'm lazy in the photography respect to - it's just my phone which is a Google Pixel 3A
  12. Quite probably yes, but it would probably need the parts water-slid off first, then dried before you could stick it to double sided tape and trim around. 2 of the smaller bits did let go of the backing paper dry so I wouldn't like to include the backing paper (which is quite thick and stuff) in a laminate as such. Honestly just using the dots of PVA and/or CA is dead easy and neither glue minds if the decal is wet - it just slightly dilutes PVA or encourages quicker setting of CA.
  13. Yeah let's go with that In truth, I need a quick success. I've had a couple of proper cock-ups recently and there are lots of complicated things on the go and/or stuff which is just a grind. The idea with this is just to build something, finish it and pat myself on the back. I need that every now and again!
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