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  1. My last one was liberated from my modelling desk by same child, so it was simply a case of saying "pay back time" Since last night I've lightly and roughly airbrushed Day Fighter Scheme colours on, focussed on the wing leading edges and wing roots where boots will go. I'm not sure if this will yield any benefit yet but it doesn't hurt. It has highlighted issues I need to fix before proceeding though. Better now than later. There's some sloppiness on my part where the windscreen is fitted which needs tidied up. Also, the seam along the top of the fuselage and cow
  2. I got the glazings masked up today, sprayed the canopy grey-green, then sprayed the leading edges, canopy and tops of the wings - most of them anyway - aluminium. That's now dried, and I have just returned a can of hairspray to my eldest's daughter having airbrushed some of that on to the aluminium.
  3. I haven't tried any of their 1/72 kits. I don't think they've gone as far as raised rivets in that scale - it's probably beyond the limits of injection moulding - but they still look very nice from other peoples' photographs. I did see someone bin an Arma Hobby P-51B saying it "wasn't good enough for [him]" because he only builds wheels-up and the kit wasn't designed for that - but most people seem to like them but normally agree that care is needed to get the best out of them.
  4. Apologies everyone for the loss of momentum on this. The model is now ready to paint, as soon as I mask the thing up, that is. I decided I didn't want to cut masks for it and spent some time on Eduard's site looking to see if they had canopy masks out already, and whilst I bought a few overtrees sets and a set of CBU-87s for an F-16 I am not far from finishing, unfortunately Eduard doesn't have masks. Then I had this nagging doubt about one of the first pictures I posted on this thread. Checking back, yes, there are masks in the kit. This is what mental burnout can look like folks.
  5. Day job continues to make demands, and I got some paint made over the weekend with more almost finished, but the Hurricane still edges forwards. The model is almost ready for paint - just the windscreen still to fit and the external fuel tanks to clean up. The radiator is in 3 pieces and assembled perfectly. It is not glued in place here - I'll do that after painting. The carburettor intake is in two pieces which assembled quite nicely. I did dab sprue-goo into the corners of the intake on the inside which self-levelled and gave a p
  6. After a bit of cutting and filling, we had a mess as is usually the case: Once dried and sanded back though we got to a better place, I feel, and I scribed that line back in where the metal to fabric transition happens. The tailplane and elevator assembly was added now. You do need to add the elevator now or the torsion tube linking them will need to be cut as it runs through a hole in the fuselage which is closed in once the tailplane is fitted. The fit is mostly extremely good, leaving only this bit at the front to deal with.
  7. Okay dokey, I have some more Arma Hurricane to share with you This was about the best I could manage with removing the cockpit side vents. There are a pair of diagonal braces to install into the wheel wells once the cockpit side trusses are installed. Their inboard ends fit onto trusses as just as the peep through holes into the wheel wells. These are a bit fiddly, but they fit fine. With the cockpit sidewalls dressed, it was possible to glue up the fuselage halves and take a big step forward. So, I glued the two
  8. Hi, partly it was the rough transition, and partly the shodding painting of the belts onto the seats. I've blended the transition a little better now and cleaned up some of my painting with a cocktail stick dipped in thinners. It's a little better. Here's another mistake some of you may laugh at or store in the back of your minds for later. I do not mind which I assembled the control column. Next, I offered up the control column to the cockpit assembly and it was nowhere near fitting, instead clashing with the V brace. If not sorted, there may be a li
  9. The cockpit vertical trusses have been base painted and fitted along with the triangular brace. The former dry fitted very nicely into place. The latter was a bit fiddly and I ended up gluing one upper end at a time then gluing the bottom where the "V" comes together down last. It fits absolutely fine - it just takes patience and a steady hand to get it in. I also started fixing the seat belts I broke. I thought they looked ok but upon seeing the magnified photograph I think everything about this needs a rethink and a bit more care from me as my work is quite rough her
  10. I finished the panel last night but felt little inclination to restart the computer to transfer photos, upload to hosting site and write about them etc so instead you get the results before work today :) The panel received little dots of clear gloss applied with a spotter brush on the instruments to enhance the glossiness of the glass. Next, it received some Tamiya weathering powders (the stuff in the macho-man's make-up sets). I think I used the soot, then the blue one, some "snow" (white) and lastly some of the brown, and a final brushing of soot. This is (probably) all I'll do w
  11. An update. It is sadly a tiny one though. I am certain that the aftermarket will soon come forth with lots of accessories for this kit, and to be honest I have stuff in the stash already which I am sure I could use on this model if I felt inclined to but I do not feel inclined to. That's not to say I don't think the model worth it, but rather that Grzegorz has been kind enough to send this kit to me and because of that I'm going to build it as Arma Hobby intended, which brings me to today's feature. The Instrument Panel. Arguably the focus of any model aircraft cockpit,
  12. Sometimes you'd think you could find 5 or 10 minutes during a normal day to get two simple colours airbrushed on, but the day job must take priority so it's only just been done now. So far, the parts breakdown of the interior does make painting fairly easy with simple bits of masking tape reused from one object to the next sufficient to get the colour on. Keeping the airbrush pressure nice and low prevents overspray ruining everything around it or creeping under fairly unsophisticated masking.
  13. Hi folks, Last (planned) comment from me about the fit of the landing lights which I meant to include previously but forgot the image... When fitted properly, the two little tabs indicated by the prones on my tweezers fit into those little gaps in the alignment aides on the bottom half of the wing. The inboard riblet is larger than the outboard in depth and length following the taper of the wing, so even if you completely mix up the part numbers, it should look like this in my photograph if you've assembled it correctly. Right then, I was out ye
  14. Hi, thanks for looking in. I need to go out today to spend a bit of time with my dad, but I wanted to update the thread slightly before I head off. It turns out that rather than congratulating myself for remembering to dry-fit I should have spent a little longer reading what the correction sheet actually says! I had a private exchange with Grzegorz last night who looked into this and confirmed that the photograph I myself had posted actually shows the very same correction in it. D'Oh!
  15. Hi folks, I have received a box in the post from Grzegorz at Arma Hobby containing an early production of their new Hurricane IIc, and I'm building it. The parts on the frames are exquisite, and known subject matter experts have their fingerprints on the kit so it should prove to be accurate. It's not until one tries to build it that we see how it really is though. If the parts all fit properly, then it's just my own skills that might let it down, but let's begin and we'll see how it goes... Attractive night fighter box art The box inc
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