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  1. Aberdeen Modellers' Society Scale Model Show - 23rd September 2017

    We'll have everything with us besides our normally-stocked Infini Model Easycutting Mats. We had a load of them until 2 days ago. Every time Flory Models use theirs' on camera the webstore software starts dinging notifications at us all night and they all go. And they've gone.
  2. Dutch aircraft colours

    Available this month: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/blogs/news/dutch-aircraft-colours-acd AC D 01 LVA Camouflage Groen (Green-Grey) AC D 02 LVA Camouflage Bruin (Dark Brown) AC D 03 LVA Camouflage Beige (Light Sand) AC D 04 LVA Khaki AC D 05 LVA Blauw AC D 06 LVA Camouflage KNIL Jongblad AC D 07 LVA Camouflage KNIL Oudblad AC D 09 KLu Lim. Whisky Four Aquablauw AC D 10 KLu Lim. Whisky Four Jungle Green Colourcoats ACD will be available to order from September 2017. Please note we are unable to post enamel paint outwith the UK for retail customers. Our international stockists will be able to order these paint now.
  3. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    I'll be there in a trading capacity. Michelle's not joking about cost. It's eyewatering before the hotels, van hire and fuel are considered. In addition, this year they require risk assessments filled in and returned prior to the show (for traders and SIGs/club displays), and copies of public liability insurance coverage (the latter from traders at least) to be forwarded. We have this in place already as a manufacturer but from the sounds of it a number of other small businesses don't.
  4. Very Fire Model at Sovereign Hobbies

    Very Fire Model from China is a new and up-coming company developing detail-up sets for 1/350 ships, but are actively developing latest generation injection moulded plastic kits. Their first release is the delightful and surprisingly large 1/700 kit of the battleship USS Montana. This kit is beautifully moulded and comes complete with a comprehensive sheet of photo etched brass, integrated instructions and a full colour painting guide. Sovereign Hobbies Ltd is their UK stockist! Our first stock arrived in store today and is available now: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/very-fire-vf700901-1-700-u-s-navy-battleship-uss-montana-bb-67 https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350004-very-fire-model-1-350-hms-ark-royal-detail-up https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350001-very-fire-model-1-350-dkm-graf-spee https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350002-very-fire-model-1-350-uss-north-carolina https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350003-very-fire-model-1-350-dkm-bismarck-for-tamiya-78013 https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350005-very-fire-model-1-350-dkm-tirpitz-for-tamiya-78015
  5. Sponsored by Sovereign Hobbies Ltd and Black Mike Models Aberdeen Modellers Society, a branch of IPMS UK, will host a Scale Model show and competition, with a Make-and-Take event for the kids. We currently have 11 visiting clubs and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) from around the country and 10 traders booked to attend the show. Competition details The show will take place at the Double Tree by Hilton Aberdeen Tree Tops Hotel, Springfield Road, Aberdeen, on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Venue details The show will open to the public at 10:00-17:00. Last admission 16:30. Set up for traders and visiting clubs/groups is on the day from 08:00-09:45. Ticket prices: adult £4, concession £2, and children under 16 go free! Show timeline Special Attraction The newest addition to our show is a special attraction from Morayvia, the aviation and science technology museum at Kinloss - they will be bringing their Canberra nose section & cockpit to display outside the hotel. There will be a show dinner on Friday night with guest speaker Mr. Trevor Snowden who will cover AIRFIX, the Golden Years. Show dinner details Floor Plan Show Poster More information is available from the Show Liaison Officer, Giora Kahanov. We are still looking for more sponsors and trophies / prizes for our show so any information, donations etc., will be most welcome! Finally, we will be supporting charities during the event, CHAS (Childrens Hospice Across Scotland) and the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre. Please visit their stands, or their websites (links above), to find out more and support them. You can keep up-to-date with our show plans by checking back here, or join us on the Aberdeen Modellers Society facebook page. Trader enquires, please contact Show Liaison, Giora Kahanov. Clubs / SIGs enquiries please contact Club & SIG Liaison, Sandy Brown.
  6. Polish Hind Paint?

    No, not aimed at you, just commenting. I'm not sure how you found a personal attack in there to take offense at? Passing on what you have is good. It would be a better thing still if the researches had used a better tool - then everyone could have more confidence in the reference. If one decides to invest time and money going on a research trip and go to the effort of writing a book about it, you'd also think it would seem prudent to arm oneself with something a bit more comprehensive than FS595 - that's all I said.
  7. Polish Hind Paint?

    Sigh. It really makes me sad when people invest so much time, money and effort travelling to see a real subject to get a paint match, then use Federal Standard 595's miniscule colour collection to quote results. The Munsell Book of Color and Swedish Natural Colour System 1950 are vastly superior colour standards and really aren't that hard or necessarily expensive to get hold of. The gaps between colours in FS595 can be huge. 595C only has 650 colours in it, and even then many are copies of each other with different glossiness. Older "matches" are highly dubious as revision A only had 437 and Rev B (1994) had 611 (again, with high numbers of duplicates or possibly triplicate entries making up these numbers). NCS1950 has 1950 distinct shades. Even then, my experience is that real paints seem to have a knack of falling between two with a noticeable difference between them when side by side - but it gets you much closer than FS595 ever can in all but the luckiest of coincidences. You'd need to be clinically colour blind to believe FS595 was suitable for matching anything other than post-1956 American colours. In fact if anyone feels like either wetting themselves laughing or screwing their face up in disgust, come and see me at Telford this year and you can have a go at "matching" FS595C to some of my 450ish colours. You can see for yourself how limited it is and why it's not fit for that purpose for which it was never intended. You might be a bit shocked at how far off some widely touted FS595 "equivalents" really are to many paints that were not themselves FS595 colours. FS595 has its place and is useful within the limits in which it is supposed to be used - but the sooner modellers and model researchers stop trying to use it to share colour information for paints other than modern American shades, the better for everyone.
  8. A-6E TRAM Intruder

    I have the old Revell one in the stash but it's a bit crude. I too like the look of this. I watched Flight of the Intruder just yesterday as it happens.
  9. 1/700 HMS Queen Elizabeth

    I'm quite taken by it. I kinda wish it was HMS Malaya Tetra had chosen because I want something to paint in my new B5 blue and Malaya wore just such a scheme, but not Queen Elizabeth alas!
  10. 1/700 HMS Queen Elizabeth

    A new detail set for Trumpeter's 1/700 HMS Queen Elizabeth is about to be released this weekend and will be winging its way to Sovereign Hobbies as soon as they're ready http://www.tetramodel.co.kr/index.php/se-70018-1700-hms-queen-elizabeth-1941-detail-up-set-w-wooden-deck-gun-barrel/ [SE-70018] 1/700 HMS Queen Elizabeth 1941 Detail-up Set w/ Wooden Deck & Gun Barrel for Trumpeter Photo-etched part (2 EA) , Metal parts (8EA) , Resin parts , manual 2page(A4 size)
  11. Warning: Joydecals.com

    If it worked like that you'd be paying for the packaging multiple times if you bought multiple decal sheets in a single transaction to be packaged in a single envelope. I'd be delighted to add the cost of a double skinned box, zip lock plastic bag, vermiculite absorbant material, LQ label, address label etc to the cost of each tin of paint we sell then charge out the postal service part at cost price and am competent to calculate that. My customers who buy in quantities of 6 or more presently would have a heart attack at the role out of such a pricing structure however and I'd lose them all pretty quickly!
  12. Warning: Joydecals.com

    You should fully expect to pay for all packaging materials and other costs associated with getting the purchased product packaged and handed over to the postal company. However, $10.05 for an envelope and at worst a drive-by to a post office type place on another errand seems excessive.
  13. Eduard weekend kits

    You really do or you might end up resenting the business aspect that you'll attribute the loss of your hobby to.
  14. Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    I've been half-heartedly/casually on the look out for one of these for about 6 months. They've been out of production for about 10 years I think? (doesn't matter / don't care - the point is there aren't many new ones floating around online). I'm not very interested in Focke Wulfs or anything German in general really (even their sports cars are so boring it should be a criminal offense) but I needed it for my Black Friday project. I acquired one of the last sets of decals that I could find online (from Ultracast's website in Canada infact) for Rudi Linz's "Blue 4" in which he was shot down during the combat that day. I'd already been round Mr Models' tent at Duxford on Saturday and found nothing of interest amongst all the B.O. brigade cluttering the place up but went back on Sunday morning with my girls when it was a lot emptier and there it was staring at me in the corner with a very tatty, battered box (but the contents are absolutely fine). I also picked up a Matchbox boxing (as opposed to the Revell re-pop) of the Douglas A-1E / A-1G Skyraider (the 3 seater) in 1/48 and a Promodeller Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, again in 1/48.
  15. N.A. Mustang III HB836

    Sometimes I do do that with the pipettes! Watching matts and satins dry can be good. Glosses not so much - there's less to see!