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  1. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    We got home around half 8 last night. Knackered! Glad to have met up with Jens and Kevin (again :)) and met Michelle and Darren. I struggled over the weekend to put faces to names to usernames from about 4 different forums and some Facebook modelling groups over the weekend. My memory seems to work around context. If we chatted and I haven't mentioned you, it's probably just that I didn't quite make the connection to your Brexitmodeller user name!
  2. HIJMS Mogami - some time in 1943

    Thanks folks. Progress will slow a bit (again). I have 4 empty whisky bottles from the weekend (admittedly they didn't start off full!) and now we've to get ready for Telford which will require many evenings. Sigh ...
  3. HIJMS Mogami - some time in 1943

    Thanks folks I decided to tackle that particular platform next. The WEM set comes with bespoke railing sections for each location on the ship with suitably positioned stanchions. My personal preference is to use as large sections of railing as possible, pre-bend then tack them on with medium CA one straight at a time. Some people prefer to chop them in to tiny bits and/or use slow setting glues like PVA. I personally find it harder to get satisfactory joins consistently between bits of railing than it is to work with a longer length so chopping railings up doesn't work for me. I also lack the patience for PVA and prefer the rapid tacking of CA glues. Again, running a little glue in to 1/2" lengths at a time and working along a railing seems easier to me. But there you go - there are many ways to do it and you will hate most of them and like one.
  4. HIJMS Mogami - some time in 1943

    I hadn't touched this (or any ship really) since the last post by me up there ^. Photobucket since committed commercial suicide and this thread is one of many of mine that would require retrieval of old photos, rehosting and rebuilding of threads and frankly I just haven't got the time to do that. I had decided not to go to work yesterday late last week so spent the weekend doing the usual sort of stuff that consumes all the time I'm not at my day job and yesterday felt sufficiently recovered from the soul-sucking monotony of being a self-sufficient adult to do some ship modelling. I had taken this out of the box many times since May, shuddered at the thought and put it away again. Yesterday, I enjoyed it. I think I have lost my touch a bit due to lack of practise, but I have surprisingly little to show for several hours stolen here and there over the course of yesterday:
  5. N.A. Mustang III HB836

    Thanks folks. If you want a laugh, read on - it's the next stage of my little Black Friday project: Here is a stupid mistake which I embarked upon in July months ago, so that everyone can laugh. Part 2 of my Black Friday mini-project is Rudi Linz's Fw190 in which he was shot down and killed in the same combat. Unlike the Mustang, this particular 190 is rather better known and was indeed fished out of the fjord and resides in the Texas Air Museum as a restoration display. I should start off by saying I'm not interested in German stuff as a general rule. It's not a prejudice thing nor even an old Englishman-with-a-bottle-of-Spitfire thing. I'm not English for a start! I just don't 'get' German stuff. I don't know why. It simply leaves me indifferent; cars, ships, aeroplanes, music, art etc. I mention this because unlike some types I did not have a comprehensive stash of Fw190s to draw from on a whim. I had to buy the kit for this purpose and will myself to assemble it. First though, I had to acquire a decal sheet. This took quite some time including a consultation with Duncan at Black Mike Models who wishes he actually was German and has more unbuilt kits of Luftwaffe subjects than the Luftwaffe had fullsize aircraft. I eventually found an out of production decal sheet with one unit remaining in stock at Ultracast's website in the end which was promptly purchased. Despite it being fairly clear which version (which all look the same to me) I needed to do this, I still got it wrong and sought out this: I didn't care for a number of the Profipack PE parts to be honest and felt they were inferior to the kit parts - mainly the cockpit side consoles which were 2D printed with no relief detail. I did use the pedals and throttle etc though. I would later have it pointed out that the kit instructions are wrong and that the radio hatch lid is shown backwards. This was corrected in due course... The cockpit was sprayed with Colourcoats ACLW16 - Schwarzgrau (RLM 66) as a base coat, then the dregs first lightened a touch and darkened for a couple of light filters. This was all dried in an hour or so and ready for some restrained drybrushing and chalk pastel weathering. I had to admit, so far I was liking the kit. The next photo shows the radio hatch turned the right way round. Hereafter, I decided I really didn't like the kit, and the principle reason for this is those damned wing route cannon bay covers. I personally dislike model aircraft with panels opened up unless in the context of a well considered diorama where something half-way sensible is portrayed to be happening. Thus, simply gluing the excessively thick covers in the open position is a massive cop out. Unfortunately, the kit really wasn't designed with having them closed in mind at all and from here the build gets ugly. First up was the undercarriage bay. There were lots of small pieces with fairly close tolerance fits but the mould halves show evidence of being slightly misaligned and there was a lot of flash. Cleaning up all these fiddly little bits took a while. Once together and after the cannon bay stuff I'll write about next, the wing wouldn't close up over the wheel well parts, so more trimming, fiddling and fettling was required. We got there though. Forewarned that the cannon bay panels were a pig on these kits I set about trying to close them up before closing up the wings. I began by omitting or sawing away everything that looked like it was going to get in my way Anyone who has built this kit before will now know that the wing skin itself is supposed to be cut away aft to let the overly-thick bulge recess in. This could be a recipe for disaster, so I began by chamfering the underside of the bulge itself in this area so that I didn't have to trim back the wing skins so far and thus avoid the risk of a gap ending up there. This exercise isn't too difficult, but is boring and time consuming for something that really isn't very rewarding when done in the way that, say, a vacuum formed challenge is - this is merely a modern highly detailed injection moulded part that isn't very well thought through - and somehow that is more annoying. Eventually the were glued in, and the next challenge is that the "wing" is now narrower than the fuselage due to those hatches being there and the hinge areas being too thick (and themselves a different shape to the holes in the fuselage). To get around this, I sanded a lot of the inside faces of the hatches away in the vertical plane, and sawed away the cannon bay interior parts from the fuselage halves to make an installation corridor. The fit is fairly nasty still. It was improved with a bit more trimming, and using scrap plastic to brace the hatches against the bottom of the wing so they didn't collapse at the rear as the misshapen front end reached the top of its travel first. Around about now, I decided I didn't much like all that stuff in the nose either. Nice idea (not that any model of mine will ever have the panels open), but whilst these parts did actually fit together quite well in the end, it look hours of trial and error to work out how everything should be aligned and what order to try to assemble it. There always seemed to be several big parts interacting on it and trying to force one to be in the right place popped something else out of kilter. The cannons themselves were a little injection moulded looking so I got a wee pack of Master barrels for it: At around about this point I read the decals more carefully - trying to work out whether it needed the outboard cannons or not - when I had that sinking feeling that what I actually needed was an A-8, not an A-5. Oh dear. Now I have a model of an aeroplane that I really couldn't care less about and which I frankly have not enjoyed since calling the cockpit done. And now, I get to fight all the same issues again with the right one. I don't know whether to laugh of cry. I will not buy PE for this one - it hasn't really been worth it. I will get another set of barrels though.
  6. N.A. Mustang III HB836

    Managed to get 5 minutes free to assemble the Ultracast propeller
  7. N.A. Mustang III HB836

    I've had a one-step-forward-two-back sort of day. I decided not to bother with stencils. The photographs of 65Sqn aircraft that I've found show none anyway. I did however realise I hadn't painted the yellow ID leading edges before decals. I applied enamel matt clearcoat to try to protect the decals and carefully masked off taking care not to press the tape down. The yellow was obviously my own which was squirted on quickly and then I went to remove the tape immediately. I still managed to lift an upper wing roundel. Idiot boy ... I decided this aircraft was a bit beat up. If anyone produces a photograph to prove me wrong then so be it - but it would have been more useful when asked for at the beginning of the thread! I just touched in the missing bit with a brush... Once re-matted I think I'll just about get away with it. I've opted to fit the radiator shutter in the closed position. This time (as opposed to my many previous Mustangs on the shelves) I remembered to add a pushrod! The undercarriage legs and doors are now on too I needed to cut the Vector pushrods from the inner door hydraulic rams and add longer ones to reach the horns on the doors The main wheels are painted. I'm just giving the paint a bit of time to harden up properly before rough handling / sawing from the casting blocks. The Ultracast propeller blades are currently stuck in a blob of Blutac with yellow tips too.
  8. Eduard weekend kits

    I seem to have acquired another Eduard Weekend Edition kit. The Focke Wulf Fw190 A-8 I should have got in the first place, rather than the A-5 I *thought* I needed and have half built already. Doh.
  9. We have Very Fire Model's latest detail-up set available on pre-order now: USS Alaska CB-1 in 1/350 scale for £185 https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/1-350/products/vf350006-very-fire-model-1-350-uss-alaska-cb-1
  10. Aberdeen Modellers' Society Scale Model Show - 23rd September 2017

    I noticed ...
  11. Aberdeen Modellers' Society Scale Model Show - 23rd September 2017

    We'll have everything with us besides our normally-stocked Infini Model Easycutting Mats. We had a load of them until 2 days ago. Every time Flory Models use theirs' on camera the webstore software starts dinging notifications at us all night and they all go. And they've gone.
  12. Dutch aircraft colours

    Available this month: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/blogs/news/dutch-aircraft-colours-acd AC D 01 LVA Camouflage Groen (Green-Grey) AC D 02 LVA Camouflage Bruin (Dark Brown) AC D 03 LVA Camouflage Beige (Light Sand) AC D 04 LVA Khaki AC D 05 LVA Blauw AC D 06 LVA Camouflage KNIL Jongblad AC D 07 LVA Camouflage KNIL Oudblad AC D 09 KLu Lim. Whisky Four Aquablauw AC D 10 KLu Lim. Whisky Four Jungle Green Colourcoats ACD will be available to order from September 2017. Please note we are unable to post enamel paint outwith the UK for retail customers. Our international stockists will be able to order these paint now.
  13. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    I'll be there in a trading capacity. Michelle's not joking about cost. It's eyewatering before the hotels, van hire and fuel are considered. In addition, this year they require risk assessments filled in and returned prior to the show (for traders and SIGs/club displays), and copies of public liability insurance coverage (the latter from traders at least) to be forwarded. We have this in place already as a manufacturer but from the sounds of it a number of other small businesses don't.
  14. Very Fire Model at Sovereign Hobbies

    Very Fire Model from China is a new and up-coming company developing detail-up sets for 1/350 ships, but are actively developing latest generation injection moulded plastic kits. Their first release is the delightful and surprisingly large 1/700 kit of the battleship USS Montana. This kit is beautifully moulded and comes complete with a comprehensive sheet of photo etched brass, integrated instructions and a full colour painting guide. Sovereign Hobbies Ltd is their UK stockist! Our first stock arrived in store today and is available now: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/very-fire-vf700901-1-700-u-s-navy-battleship-uss-montana-bb-67 https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350004-very-fire-model-1-350-hms-ark-royal-detail-up https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350001-very-fire-model-1-350-dkm-graf-spee https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350002-very-fire-model-1-350-uss-north-carolina https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350003-very-fire-model-1-350-dkm-bismarck-for-tamiya-78013 https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/very-fire-model/products/vf350005-very-fire-model-1-350-dkm-tirpitz-for-tamiya-78015
  15. Sponsored by Sovereign Hobbies Ltd and Black Mike Models Aberdeen Modellers Society, a branch of IPMS UK, will host a Scale Model show and competition, with a Make-and-Take event for the kids. We currently have 11 visiting clubs and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) from around the country and 10 traders booked to attend the show. Competition details The show will take place at the Double Tree by Hilton Aberdeen Tree Tops Hotel, Springfield Road, Aberdeen, on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Venue details The show will open to the public at 10:00-17:00. Last admission 16:30. Set up for traders and visiting clubs/groups is on the day from 08:00-09:45. Ticket prices: adult £4, concession £2, and children under 16 go free! Show timeline Special Attraction The newest addition to our show is a special attraction from Morayvia, the aviation and science technology museum at Kinloss - they will be bringing their Canberra nose section & cockpit to display outside the hotel. There will be a show dinner on Friday night with guest speaker Mr. Trevor Snowden who will cover AIRFIX, the Golden Years. Show dinner details Floor Plan Show Poster More information is available from the Show Liaison Officer, Giora Kahanov. We are still looking for more sponsors and trophies / prizes for our show so any information, donations etc., will be most welcome! Finally, we will be supporting charities during the event, CHAS (Childrens Hospice Across Scotland) and the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre. Please visit their stands, or their websites (links above), to find out more and support them. You can keep up-to-date with our show plans by checking back here, or join us on the Aberdeen Modellers Society facebook page. Trader enquires, please contact Show Liaison, Giora Kahanov. Clubs / SIGs enquiries please contact Club & SIG Liaison, Sandy Brown.