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  1. That last reference pic isn’t photoshop. It’s from a computer game.
  2. No worries mate. I have taken a particular interest in the design/development and employment/tactics of machine guns by different nations in various wars over the years. Partly due to job but also just in general about them as model building focuses one’s interest in military hardware overall.
  3. No it doesn’t. The tank/Afv versions of the mg34 had an armoured sleeve to protect the barrel from shrapnel etc. Look the the one on the bow plate. It’s the same design. You’re all thinking of the light role infantry one with the perforated outer sleeve to aid cooling/protect hands. The co-ax mounted one was removed and put on the cupola where air threat was higher. I used to build Tiger tanks exclusively about ten years ago and have spent 20 years in the British Army as part of the machine gun platoon/Corps of Drums. Tony
  4. I think you have to have a google account to leave a review mate. It’s not on their actual mjw website, it’s on the google ‘about them ‘ page for them where you can leave one.
  5. I have had several lots of MRP from these guys: https://www.hmhobbies.co.uk/aircraft.html
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