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  1. Also you didn’t clarify whether it was built, had & sold on already, waiting in the stash, total planned builds or combination of those options 🫣 🤣
  2. See you there will pop over and say hi mate 👍🏽
  3. Done. Will take some proper pics on Friday perhaps as have several things to photograph too. Here’s a quick pic for now.
  4. Not really. Started again this year. Finished off that crew flag waving tomcat which was 80% done anyways. Built a pair of 1/72 mig-21’s then this fujimi tomcrap. All other RFI’s are re photo’d builds from the past.
  5. Well tomcat is about done just needs final assembly so should be ready for some pics come end of the week. Streaks and salt added. Done some sweep stains on the wings too. The hellcat ain’t getting done any time soon as looks like will be packing in the hobby again. Not by choice this time it’s circumstances. Possibly up to 2.5 years. Hopefully won’t be that long though.
  6. I was discussing this with a mate today. He reckons because there are alot more figures available in 1/35 to convert to jap sailors perhaps.
  7. Same. Although a 1/72 109 is tiny. so….
  8. Update - Dirt all sealed with a second and final coat of matt varnish. This is to stop the next stage of streaks etc of blending/bleeding into the dirt marks when working with the thinners. Canopy masking now removed too as no more requirement for spraying anymore. @Col. had some fogging due to lacquer paints. Can clean up as only tacked in place for painting. Plus need to add the crew too… In other news made a start on the hellcat. This will be wearing hataka orange line lacquers.
  9. Getting Duuurty with Abt 502 oils 🤗
  10. It’s ok for what it is and for a while was the best of the ‘cheap’ tomcats. As in compared to revell, italeri and old tool acad. only needed a bit spending on it to make it passable. As in the best of a bad bunch. however now that the new tool acad is out it makes the hboss irrelevant as for the price of a hboss plus a few bits you can get an new tool acad which is even better OOB.
  11. I do like a challenge! My paint drawer is literally full of greys - dull dreary & boring like me 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Thanks. This was built in 2018 or 2019 IIRC.
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