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  1. Update build is on pause as I need to find a way to make the engine cowling less tight - actually tore of the engine, while I was dry fitting em on :(( - any help and suggestions will go a long way. party on dudes!
  2. Really tired rn so pardon my grammar, just wanted to let yall see the engines i do need to add some more silver.
  3. Added the wings, really need to buy some filler now 😛
  4. was looking at this kit. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/aoshima-059777-ijn-battleship-fuso-1944-full-hull-model--1291457 Any of yall build it, and any advice for my first ship?
  5. What is your favourite filler and how do you apply it?
  6. Ah, i want to go to telford sometime.
  7. Forgot to tell yall Working on some Airfix planes (will upload later) and have been taking a break from the project for a while now will probably buy some of the PE for it as well.
  8. No sadly, it was my first 1/35 tank and i'd like to keep it how it is for now and links for the type g late are either expensive or crappy quality from what i have been told
  9. https://prnt.sc/yuo3d4 Do any of yall know if there is a model of it?
  10. Been working on it for a while will get better pictures soon
  11. Yeah, it is the first time using putty when I have the mood to work on it
  12. Built-up the hull myself was having a bunch of fit issues, anyone else have issues with fitting?
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