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  1. That's her. Though to be honest, the tarmac was in bad condition
  2. I've sat behind her when she started up, Lovely warmth, followed by a load of stones! I may have been a bit close (and boy, was I smiling!)
  3. Looking amazing. I'm dreading all those decals when I start mine. Crack on, its phab
  4. Muttley


    There's less air in a bag of doritos.
  5. Wowser, that blue is magic👍 Lovely build
  6. Nice progress. Happy to dig out some of my Vampire shots if needed
  7. Well, another weekend done, and a fairbit done to the undercarriage, plumbed primed and painted, almost ready for assembly. Nose wheel (outta focus, damn camera phone!) 1 of 4 main struts Then, airframe2 had its fin attached and a reprime, and the exhausts added and elevators painted. These will stay off until painting, they slide onto lugs. It's almost ready for paint proper. Airframes together, with legs placed. Another step forward.
  8. Loving the Arizona, would love one, but no room Amazon do reverse tweezer, Got some a couple of years ago, bloody fantastic to have
  9. Another for a Falcon! Failing that, a 1/24 Lancaster, or a 1:1 Typhoon Ib
  10. OOhhhh, very nice. Watching with much interest
  11. Noooooooo!! Hope the replacements fit ok.
  12. Learnt a couple of lessons, so hopefully the next lot will be easier.
  13. Verry nice, a good ol classic liner and looking very nice too
  14. Not seen a 108 being built before. Niiice. Good start so far👍
  15. Muttley

    B17G early

    Have you seen the speed Darren builds at? 🤣 Look forward to this build mate
  16. Well, today started OK. Undercarriage time. Should get both done, yeah, right 2 mains done thanks to Ciara. Started by removing the main and keeping on a tree fir ease of handling. Then, after some white paint, I stared to add some plumbing, 0.2mm wire. And thanks for a friend who works at Duxford, I got a nice close up of a GR4 leg That was it, then the next bit, the brake hydrologics. Problem was, it just didnt want to stick. Eventually I drilled a small hole, and the wire stayed in place. In 4 hours I only managed 2 legs. So, hopefully I can speed that up for the other set, and still the nose legs to do.
  17. Thanks all, I'll digest your comments
  18. Got the TS last month, the Zero paints and etch arrived today This shoukd be next after the Tonkas
  19. An odd question, I know, but bear with me. I usually prime in good ol' Halfords Plastic primer from rattlecan Grey (sometimes black - other colours are available) I have a few cars to build, and while they are moulded in white, I want to prime so that I can cover in white, red and black. What colour is best for white? I've seen pink used to undercoat for yellow. What other colours get better if you use an undercoat that isn't grey or black??
  20. Of Course!! and as that is only an hour from family, it should be on the list. @Leo, thanks for the nudge
  21. Fantastic place, going to add this to the Midway,Pima and the Intrepid
  22. Cheers Jessie, (never read when busy at work) and it doesn't take much for the soapbox to come out 😁
  23. A Typhoon was the next step for Hawkers, the Tiffie carried forward the obvious Hawker lines, and the use of the Napier Sabre created a fearsome ground attacker. (then the Tempest and Fury) /Plug I'm involved in trying to get one back in the air, we have an original Sabre , which is so rare, Unicorns go looking for them. www.Hawkertyphoon.com /EndPlug
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