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  1. Today, with a headache I set about the wings. I started some preassembly paint masking. And also the flaps, before realising it won't be seen! (wombat) first cockup of the day... Next up, cut off the flap mechanism and put the closed flaps together. However, do check the parts you cut off for the flap extension as the kit has 2 versions. Folded away and extended, dont spend an age trying fo get the extended part to fit as closed, and wonder why you're failing. It doesn't fit! And finally, that's 1 wing complete... 2nd wing went together much better. But I am tempted to break out the wings in the 3rd and set them as flaps dropped just to see how it looks.
  2. Mike Jolly on FB is saying it's the importer that's hiking the costs, and has posted a list of expected increases. Annoyingly I can't copy it on the phone
  3. What do you use as cleaning medium?
  4. Oh, 15% is extracting the urine. Well, apart from Tamiya/Importers pulling a fast one on us, it just means that instead of buying anything new from them, unless it comes with that "I Must Have" requirement, I'll just take something from the stash. My pocket is the winner.
  5. Thank you good Sir, this is hard but fun work
  6. Currently I have 2 Tornado F3 ADVs in 1/48 My silly/fun build of a Meng Kids B24 A BTTF2 DeLorian (stalled)
  7. And then, the wings! What is nice about the Revell kit is that it contains a mechanism to keep the hardpoints pointing forwards no matter the wing sweep. Though, lets be honest, the Tornado rarely swept wings on the ground, so will be fully open. But a I lost a little clear part 5 times (theres only 4 of them!) And do be careful when sniping, as I managed to remove one of the flap guides. Thankfulyy, it can be replaced when putting together Think the wings took me all day today, but was worth it, and now it looks like an aeroplane when dryfitting (no, no shot) There we go, 2 airframes, 4 wings, one set of tired eyes, and an achy back (I need a new chair) Rock on next week
  8. Back at the bench this weekend, Yay! The benefits of a weekes work, peach, quiet and undisturbed binging on TV and plastic I got a bit done before I realised I hadn't taken pixs. Once I got the main wheel bays washed with a bit of black to add some highlights, then mated them to the shell and added the intake tunnels, which I had spent hours fetling and sanding the seams, and then adding the turbines, and I asked myself why I was concerned about colour, you can't see anything! Cockpit surrounds added But i was left with a nasty seam line which has been filled with a thinned Vallejo putty, just need to rescribe some detail
  9. Fab. Have one of them, it's my fun build after the Tonkas are done
  10. I got fed up with cleaning the airbrush fully between colours, or to have to wash out to put the first back in. (not cleaning fully means more work) but can now switch quickly. So, quick search on amazon and a (cheapy) quick release system arrived so, now, I can run 2 tones of grey. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  11. Hataka are great, best at a lower pressure (as i found out the hard way) getting a nice coverage from them Cheers, for the intakes I think this is why they're dark, to hide the bloody seams! 😂
  12. So, yesterday I managed a few hours at the bench. Firstly, seats were corrected to grey Next, I painted the inside of the cockpit in Hakatas dark gull grey, just to add some contrast. This is the 2nd time I've used Hakata, and this time I'm quite happy with it. I'm tempted to do the fuselage with their RAF set. And, admittedly the tone etc may not be noticed when closed up, but, you all know whats that like… After a well deserved coffee and donut break, time to crack on with the intake tunnels. And thanks to Darren for the confirmation that white isn't right, I also removed the tiny locator pins as they were preventing it from closing properly The seam will need work. I did think about the 1 piece resin replacement, but the added weight put me off, and I' concerned it would become a tail sitter, even with wings forward. So, nope. Last work for the day, I started on the main gear bays. First a coat of white, which will be toned down before assembly And that, was my saturday. Time now to clean cameras and shoot some Victorians
  13. Thanks mon ami. Jist to confirm, that the tunnels are all grey. Might be hard to see the turbine work. Hey Ho. crack on etc Sadly no work today as "Real Life" demand some attention and off to do a Jack the Ripper photo shoot later. But, will put up yesterdays efforts soon.
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