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  1. Hi all, is anyone aware if the marking for CAFs C-47/DC-3 are available anywhere? thanks
  2. Finally back from holibobs (playing with the real thing) and have some bench time coming up I'll be back on this this week
  3. Loving the work so far, Don't see many Buchons built - in any scale - and I like the plan of a BoB film vet (Darren, liking you want a Spanish build too, think we both said the same thing when we last met)
  4. It's always nice to see a mummy plane and baby plane together in their natural habitat. Mummy making sure her offspring stays dry
  5. Love the Mighty Fin (when did Tonka arrive??) Was on Marham yesterday, the 3 Specials, as well as a demo crew up, taxi with launch and recovery. Great day. I'll put some pixs up
  6. That looks Phabulous! I have a soft spot for the ol F4, it being the first RAF type I ever sat in, this Navy version just seals the brilliance of the current Airfix kit (The stencils must have driven you mad! )
  7. Great work Bad, looks to be a lovely pony!
  8. Finally got around to giving a having a couple of gloss coats today. Applied some to the car too! Decals tomorrow, then onto the base
  9. Liking the build, the painting the green is grand and the effort shows. Nice one (paint always looks better imo)
  10. That looks sweet. I may have to get one
  11. Cheers mate, will bring it along next meetup
  12. Cheers Steve, not totally sure, haven't looked at them yet. As a mid build conclusion, the Revell is a good kit, but i expect Tamiya or Hasegawa have one in the pipeline
  13. Slowly getting back to it, work keeping me otherwise occupied, but was able to get to the bench last weekend. I tidied up the body and is now ready for a gloss coat. The 'Office' has nearly had all the decals fitted. I decided not to use the full wheel controls or control panel, deciding to add some colour via brush, as it keeps some of the detail. Have a 1/24 driver, but seems to be a little short The dash/wheel. The black is my attempt at a carbon Fibre look. A mix of a semi gloss and NATO/Rubber blacks (I was using pots up and experimenting) The fully decalled cockpit. TBH I do not like the seatbelts, they look too flat. Have decided my next attempt at the Ford GT will have better belts, and a few extras That's it for now
  14. Surely the good thing about carbon fibre decals is that you can get away with "hard" edges
  15. Watching with interest, Quick question, would you prefer to paint the green, or use the decals?
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