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  1. After ordering back in July, the Ford GT finally has arrived. Time to dig out all my photos of the real one. January just got very busy
  2. The Telford haul was, rather strangely, mostly books. But I did come away with an Academy Thunderbirds F-16, Hasegawa Jaguar XJR-9 LM and some Airfix 1/72 paratroopers. With everything else purchased over the lastfew months, my 2019 bench won't ever be empty for long
  3. Muttley

    Telford. Who's going?

    I miss all the fun
  4. Muttley

    Telford. Who's going?

    So someone is in print? I must've missed that announcement at Telford, I saw the Airfix announcement and the WNW Lancaster, but nothing about being in print Great show, sorry I missed catching up with folk
  5. Muttley

    Telford. Who's going?

    You say that now............
  6. Muttley

    Just Jane at East Kirkby

    It is, all the vehicles are part of the East Kirkby collection
  7. Muttley

    Telford. Who's going?

    Got the time booked, will be there on the Sunday. Hope to meet a few of you
  8. Muttley

    Just Jane at East Kirkby

    Sorry, not ignoring you. Thanks, it's a mix between Nikon D800 and D200, Sigma 70-200 2.8 and Nikon/Nikkor 24-70 2.8. And a lot of patience when working around 80 others, most very considerate, (some trees!)
  9. Muttley

    1:32 Avro Lancaster B Mk.I

    Under a meter and a half square glass table?
  10. Muttley

    Telford. Who's going?

    Oohh, I only work in Chelmsford, I'll have to come to a meeting Haven't made a definite call on if I'm going as it's 2 weekends in Telford on the bump. What day(s) are people going?
  11. Muttley

    Red Arrow red...?

    As Paul says, the Red Arrows "red" has a light tinge of orange in it, You won't go wrong with the above advice
  12. Have been on a bit of a spree lately. How I'm going to pay for my holiday I don't know! (ignore the Lego) First up, Revell C-54D Skymaster in 1/72. I live near North Weald that has one, and in the same scheme Next, I finally found a Frogfoot, a 1/48 Monogram, not a scale I've done before, so will be interesting to build This is what I'll be paying a lot of attention to over the coming months: And I have 2 on their way, one is a rarity that I don't think the chap knew what he had.
  13. Muttley

    Mitsubishi A6M 2b "Zero", Tamiya 1:72

    Doc, that's great! love it, and really nice to see one that's not been heavily distressed
  14. Muttley

    1:32 Avro Lancaster B Mk.I

    Am tempted, so very tempted. I would probably end up only building the cockpit. But looks soo very good
  15. Muttley

    In The Loop

    Great shots, and sounds like a fab day. I gotta do the Loop soon, but first am sitting at Marham (possibly the Heath) for 2 days in a couple of weeks, just hoping for good weather to see the Tonkas before they're gone for good