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  1. Le Mans Toyota, or Porsche. Can't decide.
  2. Know what you mean, but red shows up as black in monochrome, just look at the RAF fin flash
  3. C'mon! Get on with it. Thought you built quicker than me.
  4. Wheres the popcorn, I'm in for this
  5. Muttley

    Wokka wokka

    Body given a basic coat First Vallejo green, then some of the dark for some preshade, then overall with thinned Nato green. Had a trial of adding some yellow, which I did with Vallejo green, thanks for the suggestion @Jessie_C, as the next picture shows, and it looks close to what I want. Now to try that with the Nato.
  6. Looking nice, I'd go with Airfix, has the right Spars, styrene colour and canyons for panel lines
  7. Muttley

    Wokka wokka

    Thanks, now to figure the BS code etc. This will end up a 78Sqn from Mount Pleasant, around mid 90s
  8. Muttley

    Wokka wokka

    Cool, thanks! Wheres the other mule? (Is that a film? 2 mules for Mutters) Thats tomorrows task sorted. Now it's time for a pint of Old Rosie
  9. So, @Grunhertzcan do a racing Spitfire ?😂
  10. I probably will join, I defer until a date is set. Which is short for pencil me in.
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