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  1. TAB is on her way home, currently at Coventry, then Prestwick tommory /Wednesday Hopefully I'll get the build done before she reaches Texas (is only exhausts, you'd think I could do that!!)
  2. I like the idea of the mask , great! Was that in the PE set?? LM was good this year, great race, what campsite were you on?
  3. Looking great, has gone together well. Look forward to the finished build
  4. It's started. With a back still screwd, i can't do the garden (damn shame) so time to start the Gundam. It's BanDai, and a SnapFix. I have to admit, i thought snapfix was below me, i have learnt 2 things. 1. I was being a little snobbish, afterall a kit is a kit, and there are some parts that could do with a touch of glue 2. Damn this build is fun! I can sit at the dining table and with snips, file and a knife crack on with the TV on for once This leg has taken me an hour. Other one will be quicker as i know know how it fits. Next page/leg to do
  5. Cheers Darren, Feeling the pressure now 😀 Can anyone read Japanese? Time to crack on. Am so glad Mecha is always 'clean'
  6. Finally, I've stopped travelling for a bit, and can hit the bench. I'm a little behind in starting, but I can make that time up, I hope (Still need to finish the Dak and GT!!) Found this in Orlando while on holiday, it followed me home, honest Looking forward to starting this
  7. Thanks, was a fun few days 3 returnees at Duxford today, onwards soon I think
  8. Back from hols, and a quick piccy of TaB. Couple of tweeks needed
  9. A couple of Daks crom this month
  10. That is why we Never! Do that 😂 All looking rather spiffing sir, the belts should look to be nicely worn when finished. I like the idea of what you did with the seat, a bit of texture will catch any available light just right - better than decals IMO Look forward to the next update
  11. Here she is in all her glory. If only the true TAB looked half as good as my model 😁
  12. Thaks ol bean, a week that will never be beaten, or forgotten Sadly no Cosford for me (or the Typhoon team) this year, I need to recover before heading to Le Mans
  13. The footage was fantastic, I was going to go, then had a call about some photos - I eneded up at the door of Drag-Em-Oot shooting one of the US Daks over the White Cliffs :D I then spent 3 days at Duxford, managing to get underneath TAB herself, Bloody Magic! I'll post a few photos of the finished kit as soon as my back recovers from the jostling and twisting it got in the Dak!
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