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  1. Ooh, have one of these somewhere. But no 2nd build for me
  2. Wowser, thats fab Richard, love what you've done with that.
  3. Wow, grand work Peter, look forward to the updates.
  4. This arrived today, had a look through and is kinda basic, but should be a good build.
  5. I've got that, now wanting the confidence to try oils! 😂
  6. If you're liking the BBD scheme, why not look for Contrary Mary? Same Group, same basic scheme but different name/codes.
  7. I like BBD and the 78th FG chequered nose, but the blue nosed Petie 3rd of 487th FS wins for me. Crack on, looking forward to the build.
  8. Fiddly little things, as i had lost one brass pitot, and appear to have binned the kit ones, I decided a small upgrade was needed. As this is to be built as sitting at a dispersal it would have its tags in place. And the pitots have covers. Viola! RBF covers in 1mm plasticard. And blended in. I'll get the red crayons out later. Doesn't she look good in Barley Grey!
  9. Coming tomorrow. I realised I hadn't put the AoA pitots on, so had to dig them and attach, and the little sods are minute brass bits.....
  10. Given Tonka2 a respray with Hataka Barley Grey, looks good. Am happy that both frames now look as I want them. Next, attach the pylons, canopy mirrors and glossing. Should have that done over the weekend.
  11. Fab, liking it
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