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  1. Cracking work, An F6 has just gone on the list. The Cold War Jets team at Bruntingthorpe repainted half of one of their Lightnings in the Firebird scheme, which is very similar (except a chequered tail)
  2. 617 First to Latest

    Seems life is back to normal, me struggling to find bench time. F35 is on hold until I can get the right markings, and with 617 back in the summer, I should be able to get some shots at Marham Lancaster now, but Don't worry, I *will* bore you with another Type464Special build
  3. Nice call. I was thinking similar, but not done figures so didn't want to feel rushed learning Watching with interest
  4. Sepecat Jaguar A - Heller 1/48

    coool, looks grand, me likey! An often overlooked strike aircraft
  5. Ak Etreme metals

    What do you use to polish?
  6. 617 First to Latest

    Yup, you jest said that 😁 (give me a Harrier any day)
  7. GB Chat

    Super! look forward to the build
  8. 617 First to Latest

    Got some lighter grey gently layered on this weekend As much as I am liking this easy build, I'm also going to get the new Hawsegawa F-35B and see how good that is to compare (2 F-35s better than one, Right??) Time to crack on and get this finished
  9. Parallel universes

    Fantastic!! What a great result
  10. 617 First to Latest

    Bit of movement in the last couple of days (not being at work has its perks) Did up the areas that are white,weapons bay (and a little colouring in) : And the forward engine: A very basic cockpit, but with the canopy closed, itt'll not be seen (he hopes) I have since picked out the fan blades in Vallejos 'metalic jet engine' It's not perfect, but shows it off and given it a coat of Vallejo Dark Sea Grey Next part is to assemble the fuselage and get it sat on its pegs
  11. 617 First to Latest

    Having started this, I now realise why everything is so sharp. It's a SnapFix kit!! Onwards first part of the paint is done, white wheel well and weapons bay and fan. Grey primed base coat. Darker layer (and more pixs) tomorrow when I start assembly proper
  12. Parallel universes

    I am liking this very much, two of my favourite topics, Star Wars and the Battle of Britain. Good work so far Corel, I look forward to the rest of the build
  13. GB Chat

    Go for it, I totally get inspiration issues. I tried to avoid the 'usual subjects' but to no avail. I've not heard of a Wolseley Viper, so am off to look it up and I look forward to your build
  14. Thunderbirds are go!

    Nice choice Jessie, and a fun scale to work with Mike, nope, Victor over the Vulcan for me too
  15. 617 First to Latest

    Finally underway (Mates model of PA474 on pause (again)) Nice clean moulds from Fujimi, and instrustions you don't need to speak Japanese to understand Each sprue is colour co-ordinated, White for the internals, 'metalic' grey for the engine and blue for the fuselage, quite good if you didn't want to paint and apply the decals direct. S'pose I'd better actually get building now