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  1. So, searching ol fleabay I came across a listing for an Eastern Express S6B, and feeling in the need have a back up, spent on it. Nothing major, especially compared to the Airfix on there. It arrived, looks smashing and still sealed (sorry, was sealed) Not expecting much really, so opened and took a look and to my surprise, the same as the Novo one I already have. But better decals The build just got interesting
  2. Hi Doc, I have a GR1 in the stash, will have a look tonight
  3. Very nice, and super glossy
  4. Good start Col. I have a soft spot for the F4, first frontline jet I got to sit in (I was 6)
  5. Thanks for all the comments, @steelpillowthe decals definitely look ropey, will see what I can get away with. Think I'm still away from the bracing struts, but am planning ahead. In the meantime I've bitten the bullet and started planning how this will be displayed. Time to dive into water effects..... Anys, the build! The floats are joined up, and for the time being I put the struts in place, it being easier to mount the rears into the fuselage first, and oddly, the fronts into the floats. Fuselage done, and I did my usual, left the pilot out till
  6. I didn't. @Sprocket Cracking build, i doff my cap to your top work
  7. have seen this advertised with an image "Pegs" BE505/XL-P the former Hangar 11 HurriBomber, and I wonder who will be the first to convert it to a 2 seater
  8. Before I go charging in and spending then remembering I have some in the bits pile(sorry, what?! i build models, of course I rebuy without looking) I'm looking at some 0.5mm brass rod for the bracing cables/struts/ does this seem correct??
  9. After a bit of a poo day, I settled down to complete the floats and supports. Jeez they're fiddly. Think I got 1 of the struts in place before I realised that mind and fiddly kit aren't in the cards tonight, as my patience made for the exits. Better luck tomorrow. Sorry, no build photo, so heres a colouring in picture for the lazy
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