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  1. Aah, it is a Goodyear F4-U, thought it was also a Birdcage.
  2. Want to get to LH for some fuel to noise conversion therapy. Have you used DCS? supposed to be the nuts for flight simming, (as long as it's mostly US aircraft you want)
  3. Was at Duxford Monday (sorry, thought I'd posted this) had a look at their Birdcage, this was the best I could get re access due to everything being parked so close.
  4. I think you should ignore that canopies were black inside and be daring, go for a complete Tartan interior! Be a true Fighter Jock.. Radiatior vent is, to my knowledge automatic, although the pilot can operate manually if needs be. No external plumbing for the droptanks, all in the housing. Keeps the airflow as smoothe as possible.
  5. You can't beat seeing and being deafened by them. I was up at Marham last week with the F35s of 617. Such fun. I'll post some photos
  6. This was passed to me quite a while ago, I keep being distracted by other builds. So I've taken to opportunity to get started with it. Good weather meant a chance to prime the majority outside (Halford rattle can) It's big! Anyway, you get the point. I'm grateful that this is to be a clean build, no hatches open etc. Thinkna couple of days at Lakenheath for some detail shots... well that's my excuse.
  7. Yay, back at the bench. Had great news yesterday, my furlough is coming to an end, well, I'll be sent on training days. Man,i needed that, such a boost to the noggin. Onwards with the Tonkas. Of course T1 (aka trouble) decided to snap the lug the wheel attaches to. So, after many attempts to get it right, finally 0.5mm brass rod, stupidglue and happy mutt! First, drilled out the leg Then cut the rod and glues into the resin wheel More than enough glue on the end, and married them. Then sat T1 out in the garden tocure Next job, fix the tail. Onto T2, and just added more decals. No pixs, sorry. Just happy to be moving along. I also took the time to prime the F15 and Chinook that I've been asked to build. For pros and cons, i like to prime big stuff on sprue. Theyll be having their threads soon.
  8. Not a lot of work done, just the bloody markings! They don't half show up on a darker scheme. Halfway there. I think I can soon face the other one again. Tail top chequer markings have been removed, and I have the patience to reapply for the next stage. Nil Carborundum.
  9. Wow, fab job on the roundels, patience and more patience needed, but they look much better than decals. Niw you've said, moving in slightly will cure the ocd too, "you'll always know" otherwise. Keep up this fab build
  10. And now the Italians. Probably be 2 builds. Look forward to cracking on
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