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  1. NASA T-38 Talon

    Cool, i'll have a look at that, yep, not the scale, but it should build up well. Off to have a look
  2. NASA T-38 Talon

    Finally found it, but seems unavailable. Although I did see a set for an F104, and then convert it
  3. NASA T-38 Talon

    On my travels in the US in the summer I made the trip to NASA, and found their T-38 Talon Gate Guards. Now, with a T-38 in the stash I want to build this, but I can't find the deals anywhere in 1/72. Can anyone help? Thanks
  4. BBMFs DC-3 ZA947 1/72

    Finally got around to doing the props, a quick size up, and I'm happy Next I made a mold of the prop and cut off the blades leaving the hub, then attached the PE using the mold as a guide And finally, attached to ZA The only annoying thing is I've lost the Boomerang shaped antenna, so now I need to fabricate one. Nearly there!
  5. GWH 1/48 Douglas TBD-1 Devastator

    Liking the idea of this build (and I love watching the Midway film too (with Tora Tora Tora for the double bill))
  6. Adults only Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-3 (it's Naked!!)

    That is a work of art! I really am liking the wood/metal mix. I have experimented with AK Interactive metals. worth having a look at, and extending the comfort zone
  7. On the beach.......

    Cracking build! definitely have caught the feel of an atoll airstrip
  8. Lancaster BII

    Nice start. Always good to have a history behind a build, makes it a bit more personal
  9. BBMFs DC-3 ZA947 1/72

    Thanks Mish, am looking forward to finally finishing this build, this is almost the last bit
  10. BBMFs DC-3 ZA947 1/72

    Quick update, I have obtained some blurred props to show start up etc, and now looking forward to 2 weekends time where I will finally get back to the bench and finish her. Quick Q, anyone used the etched propblurrs? whats the best way to use them? (into the bin isn't an option (yet))
  11. Meng Lanc

    Fabulous! Going to have to look out for these now
  12. Airfix Dakota Mk.IV

    Looks good progress so far And next, an AC-47 Spooky??
  13. Revell Dambuster

    Pink with wither Yellow or skyblue spots, c'mon man!! Liking your progress, not built the Revell kit, is it comparable to the old Airfix?
  14. Revell Dambuster

    Yes, but not the outer bank of exhausts, a Lanc will have 3 exhaust stains per wing
  15. Heller 1/72 Nord 2501 Noratlas

    Very niiiice! Looks a good kit