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  1. Wow, looks like this'll be a fab build. Gonna pull up a pew and grab the popcorn
  2. Usual sprue shot. Being BanDai, all nicely coloured so you don't have to paint. Bobas helmet is a good indicator of the overall size. It doesn't look like this now, all primed and chromed (Oh, and Imgur seems to now be working)
  3. Cheers Miggs, yep PT879 is in that style. Was hoping not to go down the masking route, but time yet. http://warbirdsnews.com/tag/supermarine-spitfire-mk-ix-pt879
  4. Well, that's bloody annoying. Imgur has stopped working, cant upload. Won't stop the build though
  5. Inspired by a friends CosPlay mash up of Captain Marvel and Boba Fett. Have decided to have a play about and do my own version.
  6. For my Russia spit, am looking for a set of decals in this style of lettering. Anyone knows who does them? Thanks
  7. PL983 coming along nicely. She currently has a lovely set of Mission markings on the nose. Sadly when i was in the ARCo hangar i wasn't allowed to take photos, but they're the individual UK countries flags (St Georges, St Andrew etc)
  8. Been good work.so far, hope the mojo is back up and running full tilt soon
  9. Italeri SM.79 Apparently, this one was based 132nd Gruppo AS from Pantelleria and is mid camo change...(needs better pics) Will be included in a small dio later
  10. Calling Done, over in the gallery
  11. Fab! I'll get that for the girlfriend. Then, get a girlfriend to give it to... 😅
  12. Was there, what an amazing drive that was. And I think my dad and I had finally dried out by Brentwood!!
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