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  1. Aye, but light 'in use' or heavier 'rebel - we can't get new parts' ?
  2. Been a while, but an update. I'd lost the instructions and this was sat waiting. Then i realised that; a, it's snapfix and b, i can download them An evening of mind numbing tv and an attack on the spues, i got this almost done. https://flic.kr/p/2owvzRU Just a little paint to add, then gonna try some weathering
  3. Weeeell, I started. I forgot to start images before I'd assembled some though All to be primed yet, and the roof to go on, currently left off so I can paint the footplate
  4. The build went to club this week, and I now realise i need to *really* Matt the surface down as it's too glossy. Bugger, as I've removed the canopy masks
  5. Well, some searching in daylight, and a nervous Prince Barin hands into open ends of boxes type search, I found the wayward rudder. It's the grey one, incase you're wondering. A quick dry fit, then carefully checking i have the correct one, I start drilling a hole for the rod to go in.
  6. I was in doubt when you said a pair of Fokkers, then mentiond RWG. A handsome little build (the Fokker, Not RWG) look foward to the next instalment
  7. Holy Hiatus! Darn good build, and the camo looks fab, such a shame to redo all the markings though. Could you not have found another set of masks instead of repaining?
  8. Update. I finally got back to the bench last nigjt, and the frame with the PE on had a coat of XF1 Flat Black and the tails added, and because they're at weird angles, dupported by rolls of tape Of course a build of mine wouldn't be a build unless sonething goes wrong. Does losing one of the tails for airframe 2 count? 🤦‍♂️😒 I'll carry on with the 2, I still need to work out the placement of the clear support rods.
  9. What's this? Wheels going on! Does this mean I may have completed this at last? well, nearly. Matt finish to go.
  10. Darn it if that doesn't look good. Makes me want to kick on with my 2 RAF HAR3 1/48s (but not too much)
  11. Two of my forever favourite shots. B17G Sally B over the South Downs
  12. The XP-82 first flew again in 2020 (i think)
  13. Finally able to get some gloss on today. At least one other coat needed
  14. Well, what an embugerance. Sat down to do the pe cockpits tonight, and, well, balls. The sizes just don't match. I mean, the PE is great and some can be used, but it shows the importance of getting items that are for your kit.
  15. Definately the route i have been thinking. It's knowing how big that base will end up. Had a Hannants delivery, can't have an in flight display, without a pilot. And the PE will add a little extra. Now to actually get on with it. Onwards!
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