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  1. Hi Doc, well Dux was a bust, their Blue Steel is tucked under the Vulcan wing, with about 3 inches to spare!
  2. A Neverending GB works for me, and this way I won't get stressed out because life got in the way
  3. Oh, i forgot, IF i ever do this kit agail, I'll mask off the wing lines, as too much carrier film in the middle.
  4. Having a day in front of the TV, and what better way to spend time, than to catch up with the BOne. After the last update, she's had a treating to a gloss finishe so I can decal. The problem with this beinf 1/144 is that the markings are overly delicate. I've already damaged a US star marking, but thankfully the under wing isntgoing to be seen. Note tonself, be careful as no more spares. I just want to dig out my photos from the Fairford deployment, as I don't think a lot (well Any) of the solid black ones are needed (and they're underside too...) Just got to add the stencils a
  5. Full steam ahead (no, wait, wrong scale) Target Acquired. Airframe 2 landed today, so full throttle and onwards we go!
  6. Nice, I admit, I prefer the grey schemes over the earlier green/brown. Have you thought of doing this as BE505? The only 2 seat Hurricane? (Pegs was only recently converted)
  7. Good point, I'm sure I dry fitted and it didn't fit, but that was a few beers ago. Will know for sure soon enough when chassis 2 arrives.
  8. Not a massive update, but decal set arrived today, and by the weekend I should have the 2nd Stars and Bars F117 to start. Does this mean I'll have a project started And finished in the year I started it? 😁
  9. Splended work Doc. Amazing thendetain you can get with he printers. Am looking at a printer at some point, and these have never a bad word said. I'm off to Dux on friday for the Hurricanes thingy. I'm sure they have a Blue Steel so will have a look at the top for you. Failing that off to YAM soon, and I always stop at Midlands who have one.
  10. As I was reading through, I dug out my SH3 and had a look thinking Inthought I'd seen it had the folds, and before I could answer, you confirmed. Good luck with the build
  11. Time to bring upto date, over the summer I tried tonage the body a fair bit, like it was on an Outer Rim planet and forgotten. Today, I dragged this out of the "I must finish it" pile, I dry fitted part of the drive units, only to see they're not matching agedness. Looks like some work to do still.
  12. I need a couple of quick wins before I head on witht he big projects of the year. Inspired by my good friend Rich Coopers photo of the retiring F-117s over Tonopah carrying the special Stars n Stripes scheme. I got my hands on an Italieri 1/72 Stars and Bars F117, (will need a 2nd) and awayyyyy we go! Despite its age, the kit is rather decent condition, and there is a rather few parts - it really could be an afternoon build. It comes with a lovely little stand, which I won't be using, Decals are good, although I'm in 2 minds as to whether the stipes will be pain
  13. Ooh, this may be a good way to get the new year mojo going. I'm going to have a think on what I can do
  14. Wow! I love coming back to this, and after I've been away a few months, what progress. Keep at it
  15. As I understand it, no structural change between a 2 and 4 (3 has conformal tanks and was an export variant)
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