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  1. Probably off to pick up the next batch of Israeli F-35s Speaking of which, Prestwick has been a good place for KC35s and F-35s overflying this week
  2. Finally a start on the internals, tub and rollcage. For the tub, I had a go with the carbon decals as a test, and am happy with the results. Thought about doing more, but asthe doors are closed etc, then I don't see a point. Roll on Saturday when I can get back to it.
  3. Niice, may use that in my car build add a bit of texture to the seats.
  4. Looks good to me, and once the Subaru gold logos etc are on it, it'll be ace.
  5. After a week of it sitting idle, I hit it the test car with some laquer gloss, and am happy with the result. No apparent reaction, and the dolt with the airbrush manages to spray it well. Hard to see, but the gloss has bought some depth. Next up, all the interiors sprayed XF1 Flat Black, ready for a gloss and some carbon weave. Also took the time to cover the white interior, wheel arches and engine bay with the XF1, Studio27 upgrade set, and it looks fab! A light prime and then Stainless Steel to give it back the shiney look. (So, why did I bother??) Thats toda
  6. My appreciation of your efforts has just skyrocketed!
  7. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ICM48801?result-token=0prOM ICM, 1/48 Spitfire IX This little one should arrive soon, just need some stars for it, but the way I'm going, I may start working on some home made masks (Bloody hell, I'm becoming a modeller!!)
  8. Just looking up and it's fibre glass that needs cooking, so the oven is safe.
  9. It's the Red Dwarf fan in me that giggles at the name Smeg.... Yes, SWMBO gets to call on kitchen appliance uses, sometimes I'm glad I stayed single, ovens are mine and mine alone to wreck 🤣
  10. Nice idea, but this isnt the actual weave sheet, but a Tamiya mask sheet with the cut masks laid out to show. But having weaves not totally matching is ok, carbon fibre is made stronger with weaves not matching direction. Oddly, i really want to try making a fibre shelf after this, just need a hot enough oven.
  11. Cheers Darren, this version is becoming good fun, even if hard work. Just made what I hope will be correct templates, but the good thing about carbon fibre is that it can be done in small segments. Then, if it doesn't tie up, you can patch, and it will still look right.
  12. Tamiya masking sheet, so must be tme to make some templates for the carbon fibre decals. This will cover the sides and the front splitter, and anywhere you can see internals. Typically, not easy work.
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