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  1. Looks grand, I recall these racing in the GT series. The yellow has come out a treat. Whose yellow? and what primer?
  2. Absolutely a nice chap, very quiet and humble, but lovely to chat with. And the 2 Vulcans were amazing.
  3. Has anyone been watching Hornby Model World on Yesterday? I was covering the Southend Vulcans Black Buck taxi run, and was told a TV crew were on site, and were doing some research for the next series. God forbid they caught me on camera though. The two builds include the Blue Steel weapon, and the builds are awesome, especially the AntiFlash scheme, the camo imo suffered from excess panel lining, but otherwise cracking I'm definitely looking forward to the new series.
  4. What have I done?! I'm not saying it's big, but this is it on my car Also, as I kinda like it And, a PR9, because doing things by half is Boring! For which I've sourced a 3D printed access ladder.
  5. Looking rather nice
  6. 2 browned fighters. Just need to attach and paint the Tomcats stick, then a very thin red brown layer, and gloss away!
  7. 1 built F14, and I started out with one of the earlier browns, then found in the Vallejo stock theire Dark Earth, and it gave a better, deeper brown. And I think, with a little red brown over top to add some tone changes, it could work and be ready for gloss tomorrow evening. Thats is rapid building, even for me.
  8. With all this talk of scenes, I may have to watch the film, again. What a bind! No work done over the weekend as I was away on Hawker Typhoon business, but with sun up nice and early I managed a little but of prework benchtime. The Tomcat now in build, again the reduced parts needed and that I'm not going into detail means getting this done for Saturday will work. Annnnddddddddd. I started on the 'wood' for the Scooter. Tamiya Hull Red with a light over of Red Brown. Need to do a few more layers of both, and try to get some colour depth. Thats it, I supp
  9. I'm thinking of the scene where Charlie invites Mav to dinner. "Gutsiest move I've ever seen..."
  10. That sir is a cracking build. A beauty!
  11. I also cut the Tomcat off the sprues, and ended up with very few needed pieces.
  12. I bought these last year, and thought they'd make a good twin build. Sadly the kits are extremely basic, and would take money and lots of time to bring to a good spec. This is the A4, yes 1 fret! The F14 has 2 Sooo, with a camera group having this months theme as "Top Gun", i had an epiphany to do these differently, and the basicness helps (not waste a kit) If you know the film there is a scene where Mav and Slider are in a classroom with formation models. These will be mounted on sticks and (hopefully) made to look wooden. The A4 took under an hour. Very simple buil
  13. Thanks Mish May try a bit more tonight. Have this, another sci fi build and 2 left field aircraft builds to do for club night. Wish me luck!
  14. A few layers of greys to build up the tones (hope they work) phone/flash has drowned the tones a bit. (Think) it was Vallejo US Grey, then, Dark Ghost Grey, with an attempt at marbling with USAF Light grey. This evening ws patches of Tamiya xf54 Dark Sea Grey. Needs lightening a bit more, so i think I'll mix in some white, then thin it and ghost layers on, slowly building up the lighter tones. Onwards Buttercup!
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