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  1. "Spares box" = another kit. Always good to have a few of a kit laying about ๐Ÿ˜
  2. paint time. Woo! Though the Tamiya Dark Green looks the wrong shade, so was oversprayed with NATO Green, and looks far better. I will ghost over the Dark Green, just to bring it right. Masked for the first Sea Grey layer See how that looks in the morning. And now, the bad. Looking for the canopy, I found it, on the floor. Piffed orf is an understatement. Thankfully, I have another 1/48 spit in the stash for spares. But annoyed. Oh well, onwards.
  3. Speed tape fixes everything ๐Ÿ˜
  4. As said, the engine fouls the cover. Time to remove the head covers and start again. Hoping to get a base coat on this today
  5. Knew a fair bit needed removing, so some surgery with a scalpel, and then so much sanding, I thought I was at the beach ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. Bench time today, and a lot of time fettling the fuselage to fit. About 2 hours fettling! With some minor gaps now filled, and a dose of primer, ready to add some colour.
  7. Bit of sanding to the fuselage and lowered into place, bingo-no join (he says hopefully)
  8. Having tried to assemble the fuselage and lower wing (as i normally would) and failing to get it to line up, I gave up and went the other way - assemble wings and insert the body after. So far, so good. More tonight.
  9. Kev, cracking shots, Think this has been misidentified though, should be mobile sunshade
  10. Anyone seen a movie star lately? Had a chance in a lifetime last weekend. Buzzing!
  11. Little bench time today Fuselage buttoned up. Don't really want to put the engine in, but is needed otherwise a faff to mount the stacks or prophub. Merling coming along. Quick blast of flat black and she'll be mounted later. Wings next, and have mounted one of the cannons, but will not be seen as the gun hatch will be closed.
  12. I love my job. Sometimes. Having accepted reality of the Ford not being done, I now have the mental capacity to finish this. Received some more extras and with a weeks holiday coming up in july, time to crack up.
  13. Well, sad to say, I don't believe I'll finish this in timeโ˜น. What with work and being ill, then work and now away again. Think this will be finished at leisure.
  14. An hour or so at the bench today. These 3D decals are "interesting" soak like a regular decal, but apply with glue. They look good, but need to CA. That's me done for the day. Nice to be back for a couple of hours.
  15. Fab, thanks Miggers, a good read, most noticeable the firewall and leading edges - what I was expecting about lining up. The kit is fab in that it allows for the covers to be off in the build. I haven't quite decided if I'll have a panel off, but plans change. I do have some 3D cockpit decals, well, you gotta try something different - right?
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