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  1. Today, and yesterday, I have been playing with 9 rather nice aeroplanes
  2. Thank you. See you at club on the 28th?
  3. Ooh, you can help me greatly. Any chance you could scan the decal sheet? I have a 1/32 E to be built for matey and he wants LN codes, but I'm struggling to find any AM decals for an E. A scan would help with font etc so I can make own codes. 👍
  4. Remembered that I have a Bell 47 in the stash for a MASH build. Be rude not to crack on with it (and not a Chinook I've been asked to build)
  5. Cool Hope to have the Tonkas done by then, and I have a Chinook next, so. IN
  6. When for? and how long to build??
  7. Muttley

    Sherman Firefly

    Nice work Darren, no Negative Waves with this build
  8. There are fimes when doing 2 lots of sub assemblies makes sense, then you can crack on with 1, then doing the other will be quicker
  9. Todays few hours were working on the 2nd set of exhausts (sorry, no pics) Then onto the mighty tail itself. I do find a day doing sub assemblies can be as productive as a day on the main build itself. Masking out the heat exchanger shroud Black undercoat Then, some titanium. I thought it should be closer to a dull aluminium, but looking at the book, it coukd easily be titanium, and as that's what I've got.. And of course, a dry fit. The Might Fin taking another step forward. Slow for me, but I hate having to redo work. Hoping I get some bench time in the week, all depends on work.
  10. I'm back! That break over christmas has helped the ol mojo on this pair of F3s Some airflow vanes added thanks to a build thread on another forum, doesn't do much, but once you know, then you can't not add them (well, I can't) Quick fill because of some glove gappage, that's user error not kit issue Needed a shim due to a small fit issue with the thrust reverser housing and a gap. After a half day back at the bench, I'm exhausted... 😉 Makes me laugh that all the work that goes into the detail, and then gets covered up. This is how they look tonight, doesn't look a lot done, but keeping 2 on the go and at the same place is triksy. It's very easy to just plough on with just the one.
  11. Just been looking at the releases for 2020. Top Gun, F-14A/T MiG (F-5E)/A-4, nice to see these getting a timely re-release. I remember building the MiG and the Tomcat back when they first came out. I'm not deluding myself to think these'll be updated in anyway, but for the F-5, be nice to have the original Red Star decals (I can't believe no AM companies haven't done the marking for the main film planes) That's 5 MiGs, 2 Tomcats and 2 A-4s, thanks Airfix! Also, I saw a Tiger and Sherman duo - anyone up for an Oddball Vs the Tiger Build?
  12. Good fun, nice to actually finish unrushed this time. Will do more
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