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  1. I am sure that you are all aware of the story behind the errors of the Airfix Mk1 tank, I shall not elaborate. I have made several and spent time working on the necessary corrections - some easier to resolve than others in addition, I have found that some of the after-market parts still contain at least some of the errors. Time for a clean sheet attempt to resolve the issues. Using the most accurate drawings available (thank you Helen Lawson) I have been working on the main roof and the driver’s/commander’s cab. The roof is pretty much done and the basic dimensions of the cab completed. I
  2. The transfer for the saltire is home brew a white cross from white decal paper and the edges printed on clear. The roof was coated with Klear otherwise the transfer wouldn’t manoeuvre!. Since that photo I have used ammonia to remove the excess Klear.
  3. I realised that I do have an update: ’MOLLY’ has received the aerial recognition saltire and the correct vehicle number H4611614. I need to add some ‘stuff’ in the chain locker and fit the grill. The windscreen(s) have been created - have you noticed that finding clear plastic (lids etc) is becoming increasingly difficult!? The central pillar has been created as part of the lower fixed portion of the windscreen.
  4. I need to show some progress shots! I have a film clip of a Scammell and it is ‘MOLLY’. In the first few seconds of the clip, on the off side can be seen the AoS board with what appears to be a ‘Desert Rat’ in the upper segment, I’ve not been able to find any further information though. Although a bit difficult, I am ‘frame grabbing’ to get details, especially for the trailer. It also looks to me as though ‘MOLLY’s’ headboard is slightly off center. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vis3f_vlgIc I am guessing that the chaps in the jeep are carrying the grenades used to simulate
  5. Gorby, thanks for that. I used that technique on ‘MOLLY’.
  6. I am angling toward the removal of the windscreen framework. I think painting the framework onto the acetate ‘glass’ or using strips of painted decal paper looks better.
  7. In fairness, I shall pop some of the construction on here but not all the descriptions: I’ve not done a great deal to the interior because once the cab is buttoned up there isn’t much visible. An etched steering wheel with thinned PVA layers applied to the rim for depth, the seat backs improved slightly and some seat squabs added. Paint is Hu102 ‘Army Green’ for the interior. A test fit of the roof - 0.75mm too long at the rear. Drawing adjusted and re-printed: no idea why I sometimes get the holes in the prints. But nothing a tiny spot of PPP cannot fix.
  8. I am going to be doing a build of the Airfix Scammell with my enhancement parts. With the additional steps to ‘host before I post’ photos on here, I will only be recording the build on UAMF - here is the link: https://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=24591
  9. I’ve discovered a photo of an AI-17 equipped cockpit which must be an early version as the TORIS unit doesn’t feature and the upper ‘aircraft instruments’ display is quite different. In fact, I believe this is a FAW1 - interesting to see the magnifying lens over the display.
  10. I REALLY MUST remember to add a fire extinguisher to the right of the GEE unit of the AI-22 version! Just need to try and fine a picture and dimensions of the old BCF-type extinuishers.
  11. This is a mock-up of the AI-17 forward consul: At top is the display of aircraft data - ASI, Alt and Rad Alt Below left is the AI-17 display - the blank in the upper extension is correct on later versions of the Javelin (it was the VHF Wide band homer ARI.18006 ‘TORIST’) To the right is the GEE navigation display unit. Not shown below centre would be the RADAR hand controller. This is an image of the AI-22 display. It too would have had the TORIST display positioned centrally above the 2 displays, but using a horizontal prism unit.
  12. There has been a fair bit of progress in creating both the AI-17 equipped nav’s office and the AI-22 office. These have now been finalised. This is the AI-17 version: and this is the AI-22 I’ve started painting them, to bring out some details. The radar display for the AI-17 is only 1mm in diameter with an orange display, the GEE boxes have green displays and the AI-22 has whitish displays.
  13. You should note the tail end of the fuselage - the shape changed 4 times over the 20 years I flew them, as attempts were made to reduce the ‘fish-tailing’.
  14. When the IL-28s left Cuba, they were uncrated so that their return could be monitored. The sea journey rendered them unusable and the aircraft were scrapped on unloading.
  15. The Cuban missile crisis didn’t just involve the positioning of ICBMs on Cuban soil, but also the arrival of IL-28 ‘Beagle’ aircraft. The IL-28s had their Soviet national marking painted out by no FAF markings applied. The model was finished a few years ago, but I had misplaced the photos of the finished item. The lighting has made the variation in NMF finishes much more obvious than in reality.
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