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  1. Done! My first finished model this year... Nils
  2. Very interesting to see your work. I have the Whirlybird kit myself and will build it one day. As I have a spare Fujimi Sea King in the stash, any guess about how the cockpit glazing from that kit would fit? Nils
  3. I have no doubt that the Colourcoates paint is accurate according to the specified FS 36170. I have no sample of this colour myself (my FS fan deck is for 595 B, which does not include this colour). I only have (lots of) photos from Luke. I have not seen it in real life yet, though. Although photos can never give accurate colour matches, I just felt that the trial model looked a bit too light. Normally, it is the contrary when it comes to models. Anyway I feel better with a model that is wrong but looks right, than a model that is right but looks wrong. Nils
  4. Time to show some progress on this model. I got the requested paint in Telford, but before I could start painting I had to mask the canopy and wheel wells. Hasegawa provides two sets of transparencies, a clear set and a tinted one. I could then use the clear canopy to cover the cockpit. I discovered now that it would have been better to wait installing the canopy attachment part until after painting. I solved this by cutting off the front of the canopy, but this will require some touch-up later. To cover the wheel wells I simply used the doors intended for retracted legs. The Norwegian F-35s will have a brake chute installation on the rear fuselage when they enter service. But the four aircraft currently flying from Luke does not have this installed. There is a seam for its attchment though, which was painted and then masked. Having tested the FS 36170 paint from Colourcoates on a scrap model, my first thought was that it seemed a bit too light. It may be correct compared to FS specifications, but it did not look right on the model. It is more like the colour of the RAM coating. I thus painted the model in this colour, for later masking off the RAM areas. With the paint dry, I started masking. I had got a set of vinyl masks from Mal at Miracle Masks. Designed by myself using the Hasegawa decal sheet as template for many of the masks. Mal cut a test set for me which I used on this model. With some corrections, the masks set will hopefully become a product from Miracle Masks. Although I found it better to use Tamiya tape on complex surfaces and wing edges, the masks saved me from several hours of boring work. For the main colour I mixed Colourcoates' FS 36170 with black, about 50/50. Removing the masks, I think the colour appears quite right. Especially when comparing to photos of the right thing. Being matt, the colour will become a bit darker with satin varnish. Nils
  5. Final preparations for Telford, before flying over early Wednesday morning. Where can I find you at Telford, Jamie? Myself i will be at the MMP Books stand one hour from 13 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday (signing books). Otherwise i will be resting my feet at the European Airlines stand when I am not wandering around spending my money. Nils
  6. Great! I really need the FS36170 for my F-35. Now, what is the best way to order from overseas? Do you send by post? Alternatively I can give you a UK address, or even pick up personally at Telford. Nils
  7. Great! Much better than sending by mail over the North Sea. See you there.
  8. No problem waiting, I do have another kit or two that I can work on in the meantime... I hope the paint will be available at Scale ModelWorld though. Do you sell the paint there? Nils
  9. It seems that Colourcoats will produce enamel model paint for the F-35 colour, FS36170: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/colourcoats-air/products/acus41-camouflage-gray-fs36170?variant=25162767880 Meaning my model will have to be put aside until the paint is available.... Unless I paint the RAM colour and mask these areas. Nils
  10. Some progress with the F-35. The cockpit is painted and some Eduard photoetch is added. I have also painted the rear upper fuselage in some grey. The Norwegian F-35s will have a brakechute compartment fitted. However, the four aircraft currently flying in Arizona do not have this installed. Thus a seam line is visible, being slightly darker than the RAM colour. This line will be masked before I continue the paint job. Nils
  11. ... and yes, it will be RNoAF markings. Nils
  12. Progress last few days: First some paint, white (Tamiya flat + gloss) in the air intakes, wheel wells, ladder compartment, undercarriage legs and wheel hubs. Alclad Jet Exhaust in the afterburner and fans. I have assembled the undercarriage legs before painting, including some Eduard photo etch. The intake sinkmarks would probably not be visible, but it was quick to fill and sand them. Next, the fuselage and fins were assembled. Nils
  13. Going for the 17th year in a row (and 18th total). I will not sell decals this year, only wandering around spending my money. I will probably be at the MMP Books stand in between, though, signing my new book, and also resting my feet at European Airlines and the Harrier SIG. Nils
  14. The model kit includes air intakes that goes all the way to the compressor blades, and includes the fuselage side panels in front of the intakes. This is supposed to be painted and put into the fuselage as a sub assembly before the fuselage halves are glued together. This will however leave gaps in the joins between the intake parts and fuselage parts, that will be hard to fill and sand. Hasegawa suggests that these join lines should make the demarcation between the inner white intake colour and the grey intake lips, reducing the need for filling and sanding. The problem is, however, that this will make the demarcation lines wrongly positioned. The intake surfaces also have some ejection marks that have to be filled and sanded smooth. Uncertain about how I should fix the intake problem, I have attached the inner surfaces. Time will show whether this was wise or not. Nils
  15. Great photo! Good to see that the F-35 gets greasy on the underside. This seems to be the B variant though, it might not be the same effect on the A. Nils
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