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  1. HI fellow modeller, Here is my last release model. A Zvezda 757 on 1/144 scale. BOA decals with the "Final Frontier World Tour 2011" The kit is just amazing with so much details. I will do the cockpit next time as the details are just great. Under carriage specially the nose gear are so detailed, that you just don't have to do much to make a great build, or improve it. Happy modeling
  2. Hi fellow modellers, Here is my last video of the Skyraider. The kit was Hasegawa, and the decal from ModelDecal. The aircraft is a Skyraider from the USS Intrepid. I loved those colourful colours. All went well for a good result. I hope you enjoy the show. Happy modelling
  3. Dear fellow modeller, here is my video review and build of my last model. I nice little Tie Fighter from Darth Vader. Bandai Kit on 1/72. Very Easy build, and very enjoyable. Enjoy the show
  4. Hi Fellow modellers, I just released the video of my last SAS MD80 from Minicraft with decals from Liveries unlimited. Beautiful kit and decals to work with. Enjoy the show.
  5. Hi Fellow, Modellers, I just finished this A320 from Revell. Just out of the box. I used some aftermarket decals from Brazdecal for the "Raptor Livery of Air Canada. Due to the size of those decals I was unable to remove some of the wrinkles. Enjoy the show and modeling, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58YftnWcXys
  6. Hi fellow modellers, I recently restore an old Revell kit of an A310. The kit was quite damaged after relocation and as they aren't many one I decided to rebuild it. I hope you will enjoy the show. Happy modelling
  7. Hi fellow modellers, Here the video my last build. A 1/144 747SP from Welsh model. Fuselage and wing are in Vacu, the engines and the gear are in resin. Decals from 26 decals. Enjoy the video, and Happy modelling, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--iYZVqK5b0
  8. Thank you , Glade you enjoyed it 👍😉
  9. Hi Fellow modellers, Here is my new build. I used the Airfix kit with some improvement for the cockpit made by Pavla resin kit, and some after market decals from MatterhornCircle. The aircraft is U1215 who flew at Farnborough Airshow in 2002 with the sticker "Last but not least" The video has complete kit review with resin kit and decals. Enjoy the video
  10. Hi everyone, Here the part 2 of the model, Enjoy the video
  11. Hi fellow modellers, Here my last build. A Dragon 747-400 on 1/144 the kit is the cutaway, and I used the decals of a Revell 747 to finish. Part 1 is about the kit review, and the interior build. I hope you will enjoy the show. I release part 2 next weekend. Happy modelling, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8gh0Q4V9cw
  12. Thank you guys, What pics would you like to see more ?
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