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  1. Guys can you please take you F 1 discussion elsewhere and leave my build thread for exactly that. Even if I have given up on the build for now.
  2. Mish

    Iron Eagle F-16A

    Oh nice, I'm a sucker for a nice F-16, great build.
  3. After a disaster called a halt to my Car GB entry I decided to push on with this one. And yes it will have the decal option shown on the box art. I'm currently working on the cockpit area, photos to follow.
  4. Disaster..... after spending two and a bit hours applying carbon fibre decals to the model I started assembling the rear suspension and ping... it goes flying when the clamp sprung off of it. I cannot find it amongst the crap spares and must have bits and pieces. So the kit has been boxed back up pending the offending pard showing up in 10 years time.
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