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  1. Nice one, not seen one in those colours.
  2. Nicely done camo sir, I like.
  3. 1960's London, there was a finishing school for the young wealthy daughters and they had a mock up of a Jaguar E Type so the ladies could perfect getting in an out of one in mini skirts and savaging their modesty!
  4. I believe it is the old 1:50 Fujimi kit but it's buildable. I know this as I built one a few years ago. As for it being a knock off I think that is harsh, lots of companies share and rent out their moulds (yes I know there has been some skulduggery in the past). I'm sure Steve's modelling skills will win out with this one.
  5. Looks good Steve, just seen it in the Gallery
  6. Sorry, just catching up, I love it.
  7. Mish

    Heller 2023

    As a Francophile and Heller fan I am a very happy bunny
  8. Thanks, I'm on the mend, slowly. Sadly I no longer drink alcohol. Due to my medication and the fact I like the stuff too much (the alcohol) But Talisker was and is my favourite malt.
  9. Quality and speed, nice work Mac
  10. Will do, just getting over a heavy cold and now have a gum infection to make me more miserable. so will try and get some pics.
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