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  1. I was informed by the late and great Edgar, fountain of all Spitfire knowledge that on some models of Spitfire could have be converted to clipped wing 'in the field' there was a kit of the clipped wing end plates. the only difference from a factory produced clipped wing version was the omission of wingtip nav lights.
  2. Looking good, I built the Tamiya 1:48 years ago.
  3. No she's still on the shelf of doom but she still keep muttering to me. Interestingly after reading Michael Palin's Erebus, which I enjoyed I got the audiobook as the great man had narrated it and there was added info on the latest to preserve and research/dive both the Erebus and Terror. It has sort of peaked my interest. However this is a long term project and I'm having to learn new modelling skills as I progress having never built a wodden ship before. I should have started with something smaller and less complex.
  4. Why on earth would you say that? I do like sea and float planes but never built one, well not for many a year.
  5. And there was me thinking that the red paint was antifouling. Nice work.
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