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  1. More progress on HMS Terror. The false keel is nearing completion. I have revised the way I have been laying the planks to make bending around the stern and bow. I have also started sanding down the completed side in preparation for the final planking.
  2. Nicely done πŸ‘πŸ»
  3. A challenging build because of the complex decals but enjoying it.
  4. Heller 1:48 SE 313 Alouette II
  5. And finished, not overly happy with it. Definitely a six footer...
  6. Final lay got back to the bench and back on the Alouette this afternoon. No change it’s still flipping fiddly 🀬 Nearly done, needs touching up, nav lights, antennas and decals. More soon, thanks for looking
  7. No that was one of the easier elements apart from the slight bend I had to take out.
  8. Moor progress on HMS Terror got one size of the inner planking on today.
  9. More progress to day. I must admit for a simple looking kits it’s a fiddly as flying the real think πŸ˜€
  10. Got a few of the sub assemblies done yesterday. More later hopefully
  11. Not come across the Revell one, I have another Heller in 1:72 a Civil mountain rescue version and I have a couple of Heller 1:48 super pumas.
  12. It was challenging Jessie, getting the yellow as near as I could, Danny no longer sells the correct paint. The decals, although nice need to be placed in the right order and just so.
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