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  1. Alas,not quite true Gorby.Although I did drive these in Germany,I never did any cross country work with them,but saw some really dirty/grubby examples after being used on excercises.Have just recently bought the 1/24th KFS model,most I've ever paid for a kit,don't tell SWMBO
  2. Thanks Richard,I couldn't get it to sit right when I tried.Yeah,nice little kit,just a bit of TLC and it comes out great,not too bad considering its nearly as old as me.
  3. Ooooh,used it in its original form.For the non train guys here,and the rail buffs,the code isn't a real one,I built it for a friend and thats his birthday. Thanks for the videos showing its usage in Thunderbirds,fascinating. Dave.
  4. Have actually seen(and fondled) one of the Viggen kits from Jetmads.One of our club members won an auction,he paid over £700 for it,but it is an amazing kit with really fine details.Not jealous
  5. Thats beautiful,looks like something Gru would drive.
  6. Many thanks to all who attended to make the show a real success.Heres to next year. Dave.
  7. One week to go,web page and Facebook pages updated,more traders and clubs booked in. Please note:CASH ONLY FOR ENTRANCE TO SHOW. Looking forward to it and seeing you there. Thanks for your understanding and interest............Dave.
  8. Club facebook and web pages have been updated with clubs attending.Also a request that clubs bring their own seating as a problem has occurred beyond our control as regards chairs.Apparently some people have been experiencing issues regarding the address of the Leisure centre.If you are having problems, try entering Hinckley Leisure Centre,Argents Mead,Hincley,LE10 1BZ.The next nearest postcode is The Churchmead Court-Retirement Living,Argents Mead,St Marys Rd,Hinckley,LE10 1FH,or St Marys Road Car Park,Hinckley,LE10 1AT. Just over a week to go.Please remember,CASH ONLY FOR ENTRANCE TO SH
  9. Just a small bump for the show.Also forgot to mention regarding car parking which is free on council run car parks on Sundays,there are 12 electric car charging points on the Hill St car park. Could I also reiterate that it is CASH ONLY FOR ENTRANCE TO SHOW. This only applies for show entrance as the club have not got the facilities for taking card payments.Traders will have their own methods of taking payment for the sale of their goods. Thanks for your time,and looking forward to seeing you there.
  10. Club webpage updated with latest traders and clubs that will be at the show. CASH ONLY FOR ENTRANCE TO SHOW PLEASE.
  11. An updated list of traders and clubs attending the Hinckley show has been posted on the club website and Facebook page. Can I also take this opportunity to emphasize that it is cash only for admission to the show,the club does not have the facilities for card payments. TIA.
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