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  1. East Midlands Model Club is pleased to announce their forthcoming show on Sunday 2nd April 2023 at the Hinckley Leisure Centre,Argents Mead, Hinckley, LE10 1BZ. Doors open to the public at 10.00,and close of play is at 1600. PLEASE NOTE;CASH PAYMENT ON DOOR !!!The club have not got the facilities to accept debit/credit card payments at the door. Admission is £5.00 Adult,£3.00 Child(under 14) and concessions,£10.00 Family. There will be clubs and traders attending.Catering is provided at the centre,but there are alternatives within the town centre which is a short distance a
  2. Oh,and forgot to mention that there is no competition.This is due to reduced resources and room availabilty.
  3. Traders who wish to set up on Saturday night can do so from 7.30 (1930 hrs).Please contact Jon Arnold via the web link for the club. There is plenty of parking around the leisure centre,and its free to park on a Sunday.
  4. For those of you inclined for a more robust breakfast/lunch,try out the new improved 'Corner Cafe',directly opposite the old position Corner cafe, in the town.Easy access from the leisure centre.Lots of ATM's nearby too. Dave.
  5. Will it be able to carry the 'Clootie Dumpling' anti shipping weapon that could sink a Dreadnought class battleship with one pass??? Dave.
  6. Hi Andy,try Devcon 2 part epoxy glue,its a tad more expensive than other epoxy glues,but it is IMHO superior.Araldite 2 part would also be suitable.The only downside to these types of glues is that you have to mix equal quantities together! Rough up the joining surfaces a bit,then apply the mixed epoxy sparingly to the mating surfaces.You may have to support the glued parts until the glue sets,approx 5 minutes. HTH.........Dave.
  7. East Midlands Model Club are having their show at the Hinckley Leisure Centre,Argents Mead,Hinckley,Leics,LE10 1BZ, on Sunday 9th October,10.00-16.00.Free parking at and around the centre.Disabled access.Refreshments will be available.Admission will be £4.50 Adults.£2.00 Children and concessions. £10.00 family ticket.Traders and model clubs aplenty.Further info can be viewed at www.eastmidsmodelclub.co.uk.
  8. I think the 1/12th Bently Blower,which was produced,was in that region of cost.Scale Models magazine ran an article on the process of design and production of plastic kits and included the Bently with costings.The magazine came out in the mid 70's if I remember correctly. Dave.
  9. Whats the parking like around the centre.Also don't click on the link from the SNSMS site regarding the Dewars link,unless you want to know about about payday loans!56 days to go.
  10. Yes,think that was stopped a while back,as a seller you pay the full percentage of the sold price including the p+p costs.
  11. Been retired nearly 6 years now,ill health forced an early packup of work,hardly built anything lol,concentration levels not brill due to illness,but still buying stuff,must stop,lol.Getting really peed off with the utter shite thats on tv,all these drama series that finish,but leave you in doubt as to the outcome,its so they can do another series! Angry from Leicestershire.
  12. To think I used to deliver the metal for them to make their figures when they first started.Wish I'd bought shares. Dave.
  13. These photos are from the Francesco Barracca museum in Lugo,just 'down' the road from Maranello.Well worth a visit.These photos were taken in 2013.
  14. 'A bit demoralising' is a bit of an understatement I think Steve,that is truly insane work going on there.Wonder what that yellow filler is? Dave.
  15. Didn't a female pop singer try to stop Peterborough FC from using the name 'Posh',which is their nickname. I know a particular gent who deals a lot with the former soviet union.A particular company was blatently 'copying' and selling products at a much discounted figure.The illegal copying stopped after a friend of his had several burly gents visit the copiers,they were armed with AK-47's.
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