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  1. Holy s##t,they are having a giraffe,and the utter bull that is their marketing spiel,are they politicians? Talking of how much,looked at a 1/200th scale Titanic and a detail up set that even includes resin figures of Lenny the goat and Kate Winslet,well that would be my pension gone for a month!
  2. Hi all,a question about magazine subscriptions that I have been wondering about for a while.What happens if you have taken out a subscription,and then the magazine company goes bust,do you get your money back? I know that taking out subscriptions can have certain financial advantages,cheaper mags and free postage etc,but as I have asked,would you be reimbursed for the magazine going under?I have been contemplating taking out a couple of magazine subscriptions due to not able to go out to the shops at present,but am concerned over possible loss of monies if the company is put into receivership etc. Dave.
  3. Hi guys, thanks again for all the suggestions,but SWMBO came to the rescue.She put some acetone nail polish remover in a dish,soaked the file for about half an hour,scrubbed it with an old toothbrush,and it came out like new,brill. Dave.
  4. Thanks chaps,will have a go tomorrow. Dave.
  5. Hi,have got a problem with my diamond file.One side is clogged up with something that appears to be milliput putty,but I can't seem to shift/clean the file properly.Have tried a wire brush,but alas it doesn't clean it throughly.Any suggestions as to how to remove this stuff. TIA.......Dave.
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