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  1. It’s amazing that this aircraft is FIFTY years old since it’s first flight: still looks the part. Agree about the weapons placement instructions. That’s one thing Hasegawa do well - less so on supplying the actual weapons…. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have reached a point where most useful spare ones are used up and all that is left in the spares box are dozens of AIM-7/9 representations and lots of oddly shaped Matra pods. I baulk at buying the dedicated weapons sets just for a couple of Mk 82s only to accumulate more spares… maybe that’s just me though!
  2. The tail wheel is always a bit vulnerable…. Do I spy Dauphin parts in that spares box? I love a spares box! Looking good.
  3. You may have a point! That and having had to watch another Surrey win 😭 N.B. I confess that I shall be present at TankFest next weekend lest anyone be too offended!😉
  4. I concur, the choice was: beautiful pioneering airliner, sleek racer or lump of steel…. Ducks incoming fire from the brigade of AFV modellers.🤣😉
  5. No, no, no! This is all wrong and not how forums should operate. That’s actually helpful Richard, stop it. The form is to first demand a free sample and then, and only then, post a really helpful ‘in-box’ review saying things like “the parts are on sprues”, “moulded in grey plastic” “decals are printed in colour”. Then sit back on the sofa watching Bargain Hunt and wait for more free stuff to turn up.
  6. Jessie has it spot on. They are generally, how shall we say, heavy duty? On a flat surface they are fine but you need to place them right first time as they tend to stick very well (you could go to the trouble of washing some adhesive off I suppose). The problems start when a surface curves dramatically or you need to wrap around - they are so thick, they just don’t. At least not without nails. Similar to using a lot of dayglo decals which have a lot of ink on. Tamiya decals are fine on most planes, but a lot of racing car kits have some very tricky curves.
  7. You’re not wrong there! I have just finished a previously forgotten bottle of ‘Gloss Cote” from about 1998/9. A ‘Matt Cote’ of the same vintage is just reaching the bottom too. Both still work superbly, but I shalln’t try the recent versions. Likewise the old Decalfix bottle when it’s gone. Daco and Micro Set/Sol it shall be (unless it’s Tamiya decals in which case it will be super glue and a hammer).
  8. I think in addition to the recognition factor, there is also their continued availability, in that shops you can easily get to stock them. The attraction is strong: you open a tin, it’s dried up, ordering online means a delay and more in postage than the paint costs (if you can get it sent on its own at all), much easier to pop out and buy one tin and be back in business an hour later. Certainly that factor is why I started trying Revell Aqua and also persisted longer than was sensible with Humbrol. (Which were indeed once really good)
  9. Vacform a replacement? If you send me the bits I’m happy to give it a go.
  10. If they are anything like the supposedly airbrush-ready acrylic in the new dropper bottles then they can keep them. Admittedly, I have only tried one bottle as a test, but how hard is it to make a bottle with a neck that isn’t blocked the very first time you open it? Needed diluting too and was ‘passable’ for coverage. If they can’t formulate the range of enamels so that they actually work, then I’d suggest discontinuing for good. Colorcoats and Xtracolor seem to still make useable enamels, so why not? I sprayed some old Super Enamel at the weekend… it was great. Those were t
  11. Thank you for posting Che. Happy memories of visiting this museum a few months before our eldest was born. It’s one of my favourite museums: a real gem, I would encourage anyone within range to give it a visit.
  12. I love the lazy bloke in blue!
  13. Nothing @Sprocketcan’t fix. They really are excellent!
  14. That is brilliantly observed and executed.
  15. There’s someone on the forum could restore those for you….🤣
  16. Seems unreal that it’s 48 years since the F-16 first flew!
  17. Awful as the stuff has been lately I think this calls for a major reminisce about the old days/Authentics etc. Like so many others, I’ve still got literally hundreds of them. We need a wake.
  18. Totally echo Hutch and Tolvcat. Over a primer (I use common or garden Halfords) it’s great. Yes, there’s tip drying issues, just keep a solvent soaked cotton bud to hand and use it when you stop spraying for more than ten seconds. I use it all the time for quick jobs and small parts, occasionally for major jobs. It covers well but varnish it before masking. Plus, it’s easy to clean up and can be used straight from the bottle. I quite like the metallics too.
  19. Steve, I can only offer sincere thanks. I was vaguely considering buying one of these… I will also look out for an original Airfix Battle of Britain class then!
  20. Really hard to tell as the body will most likely be bespoke, and the cab is the clue but it’s hidden. You will no doubt have seen online that the Church Army used some Chevrolet Dubl-duti vans, but whether this is one I don’t know.
  21. That bench, fully surrounded by the canvas would do! That’s given me some new ideas for ‘the bench of my dreams when I retire’
  22. Can you get aftermarket 1/12 dead flies?
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