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  1. Seems unreal that it’s 48 years since the F-16 first flew!
  2. Awful as the stuff has been lately I think this calls for a major reminisce about the old days/Authentics etc. Like so many others, I’ve still got literally hundreds of them. We need a wake.
  3. Totally echo Hutch and Tolvcat. Over a primer (I use common or garden Halfords) it’s great. Yes, there’s tip drying issues, just keep a solvent soaked cotton bud to hand and use it when you stop spraying for more than ten seconds. I use it all the time for quick jobs and small parts, occasionally for major jobs. It covers well but varnish it before masking. Plus, it’s easy to clean up and can be used straight from the bottle. I quite like the metallics too.
  4. Steve, I can only offer sincere thanks. I was vaguely considering buying one of these… I will also look out for an original Airfix Battle of Britain class then!
  5. Really hard to tell as the body will most likely be bespoke, and the cab is the clue but it’s hidden. You will no doubt have seen online that the Church Army used some Chevrolet Dubl-duti vans, but whether this is one I don’t know.
  6. That bench, fully surrounded by the canvas would do! That’s given me some new ideas for ‘the bench of my dreams when I retire’
  7. Can you get aftermarket 1/12 dead flies?
  8. Great job! It certainly looks the part and looking at with an ‘I remember that kit’ eye you’ve overcome the flaws. Tamiya’s 1/20 Grand prix cars got much better very quickly. It’s a shame they are so expensive to get hold of now.
  9. Very wise move, I’d forgotten that they were a ‘challenging fit’ . You can deduce from that that back in 1981-ish some of mine made a high speed trip across the bedroom floor.
  10. Thank you very much Duncan, it was a lot of fun to do 😀
  11. If you wanted to have another try, thin foil from a sweet/chocolate wrapper might work.
  12. The irony of course was that it had Alain Prost’s nose …
  13. Excellent! What did you try for the flag?
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