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  1. Top choice, and definitely one of the nicest kits I’ve ever made.
  2. Look what you made me do…. Have just spent £30, £30! On decals to restore all of the Corgi/Dinky/Matchbox 1/30something racing cars that friends had but I didn’t ‘back in the day’. Just as well the cars themselves are cheap!
  3. No, no, no. It’s the facts that are wrong! Don't you love an expert and their unshakable beliefs? That place is full of them and I don’t miss ‘em. I remember when I posted my Halifax diorama, two pages it ran to, not a peep from the self-appointed resident Halifax guru in there. Very nice Zero indeed and gold medal for the steadiness of your hand.
  4. Bah, absolute rubbish, everyone KNOWS those should be round headed fasteners. Not to mention the ‘scale colour’ issues…. But then again, that’s flawlessly good!
  5. Blimmin’ autocorrect. That would have got me banned elsewhere…
  6. Such a good ‘how to’. I may be able to lay my hands on one just like this… watching and learning.
  7. If you have the facility, cast resin copies. I did that with several figures for my big Halifax diorama. They are very easy to paint and modify. Some figures aren’t in a piss that will cast easily in one part though.
  8. Just that really. I’ve just acquired a second hand Airfix packing error. All parts sealed, no clear part present. Predictably, Airfix have none going spare. Happy to pay for the canopy, postage etc.
  9. Longest without building was more or less ten years but there were a few ‘attempts in unsuitable surroundings’ in there. I did continue to accumulate though… Once the urchins were old enough I started again. Thankfully the price of kits will now help the build:accumulate rate get a bit more favourable, ready for a hopefully long and productive retirement in a few years.
  10. Especially when he’s got a shirt and tie and practicing to fly a helicopter!
  11. Do it Mac, it’s great fun and they are robust so very forgiving The FAB1 is coming on nicely but currently awaiting the arrival of parts and the correct size Allen key to fit the bolts I so carefully tapped holes for….
  12. I take it that was Correa’s fatal accident in 1935?
  13. Red undercoat also good for yellow. Also works okay for the horror that is dayglo orange.
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