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  1. Brilliant! Thank you! I knew someone would know. Anyone need them?
  2. I acquired this sprue of transparencies in a recent job lot of spares. I have no idea what they are from. Anyone got any idea? 1/72 scale I think. Obviously free to a good home!
  3. That looks lovely. The Airfix Vampire is definitely on my list of “relaxing” builds: it goes together so nicely.
  4. You’ve got a rogue kit there, the canopy hasn’t fitted on any that I’ve had! 🤣
  5. The Airfix Sea King does need a somewhat ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach to joining the fuselage halves. I do have quite a few of them mind… One of these is in the loft awaiting refurbishment. I may dispense with all the cotton on the diver’s raft! Good stuff Sprocket, always love to see some skill used in an oldie!
  6. Another vote for W&N Galleria. Spray well shaken, neat with a few drops of flow improver.
  7. Has to be a 3D printer. But…. I’ll wait. Wait for the technology to advance and the price to drop, but most of all until we move and I have the time and space to dedicate to it. The space will allow the Cricut to come out permanently too, which will encourage more use. Like you Gorby, I actually really enjoy old-fashioned scratch-building, so I’m quite happy to carry on for now.
  8. Back then, almost any of the Tamiya 1/12 Grand Prix cars. Nearly have all the ones I wanted now. Now it’s the Tamiya 1/12 Matra!
  9. One of my favourite varnishes ever 😥Sadly missed.
  10. DC3 thank you! I had stopped at the first block of USAF/USN Xtracolors… what a fool!
  11. I have been very lucky and been able to finally get hold of a C-20G Gulfstream. Now my issue is what exactly is the shade of medium (French?) blue on the lower fuselage? I need to match some of the decals so can’t just go ‘ahhh, Tamiya X14 ‘ll do”.
  12. Absolutely. Not trying to scab the Varsity at all, just want to see one being built! 🙂 And vicariously enjoy the build.
  13. Richard, you must! (sits wishing he could afford an Aeroclub Varsity now!)
  14. For brushing, at least for detail, I do large areas with an airbrush (Tamiya acrylic, Vallejo, and for enamels Colourcoats or Xtracolour) I find that Citadel, Humbrol and Vallejo work for me. The original Humbrol acrylics I absolutely love (must be the only one!) I can think of one bad thing to say about Xtracrylics…. Stupid, stupid bottles. The only paint I’ve ever spilt over myself - and I was being super-careful too. Revell Aqua could work too if you get the technique right and thin them. A lot.
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