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  1. As promised, the Junglie Puma picking up troops from the Jungle in deepest darkest Belize 1986.
  2. well it wont suck your brains out with a straw like Pete Tranter's sister. Other sisters are available.
  3. Surely buying our Gorby is against some rules somewhere, there must be a law against it in Canada.
  4. I'm gonna dig out my Junglie picture to tempt Col to go for it.
  5. well, let me release a partial clue to the hideousness of this terrible apparition, just one of it's arms, if you can call it an arm, what they call arms in the insect human cross over world of Sci Fi Horror, sofa at the ready. I can't look it's just Orrible
  6. yes, you've opened my eyes to how pricey they are, I was going to suggest the 1/32 scale Matchbox Puma until seeing how pricey they are, the Airfix 1/72 one goes for over 30 smackaroonies. I was going to post a Puma picking up troops in the Jungle wot I took in 1986, but I don't want to help lift dosh from your wallet. Instead sit back and enjoy my Wessex over on the other page.
  7. thanks, it turned out good didn't it. the cloth for the hoop top needs sorting next.
  8. there are a few bits and pieces I've ordered from e bay, I ordered these laundry things just for the big pan. the turned wood kegs need a lot of work to make them look scale. a .38 carbine, perfect for potting a few Jack Rabbits for the stew. and an old Hammer gun
  9. General view of it so far. The top hoops are bent in hot water and simply slide into the metal brackets It's a fine looking thing, needs a grass base and a few more 1/12 scale dolls house bits and pieces.
  10. the rear tail board doubles as a cooks table, the dolls house coffee pot needs a repaint to make it burned black. the chuck box joined to the floor.
  11. the next step is building up the Chuck box for the back of the wagon. the chuck box lid and the support leg the pan box constructed, this goes under the tail the pan box and chuck Box in position on the wagon back end
  12. think, this character in terms of colour, but more to do with Bee Woman than Star Trek.....shudder
  13. so i dug it out of the pile of doom in the loft, my loft is insulated so very little dust, if that had been on top of my wardrobe it would be a mass of dust. So it's actually ready to go. Once the Chuck Wagon is finished.
  14. well I can't show the kit, but I can give a likely back story, it would go something like this.... Victoria Masters, a Bee Scientist at the pinnacle of her scientific achievement, about to present her findings to a special meeting of the Bee scientific society, when unfortunately she fell into vat of special bee juice and came out looking rather bewildered and sticky. When she finally made it to the Society meeting the members all looked horrified and banned her from future meetings, after which..... she vowed her revenge..... if there's no outcry I may reveal the monster in the plai
  15. Happy to help if it helps your motivation to give us another one of your super builds. Another Puma doing it's thing in Fallingbostel.
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