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  1. the third coating and a yellow tone of rust sprayed on, let that dry then it's brushed off in the lid of the kit box to contain the salt. when I examine a small area, the yellow has added an extra layered effect to the rust. the motorcycle figure slowly getting detail colours added
  2. the initial coats of base colours on the bike and figure. Unsure where to go colour wise from here?
  3. Thanks Steve. the second sprinkling of salt with the second rust tone added. salt brushed off, let that harden before the third salt application. I'm imagining a husband and wife working on this on their driveway maybe.
  4. the car body shell with first of many salt stages. with the salt brushed off, let that harden before another sprinkling of salt.
  5. the bike with it's first coat of thinned matt black.
  6. I'm mixing my Valerias' up with my Red Sonja's, what a squash.
  7. yes agreed, it lost it's way when you saw the whole creature, it looked like a guy in a suit. Mind you I can think of another Movie linked to the bike, well the rider, Brigette Nielson in Conan the Barbarian. edit to add, with less hair.
  8. mmmm, not gloss black, not dystopian enough, how about twenty shades of matt black with road dirt and dust in the gaps, she looks too busy fighting Bad Girl Gangs to find time to wash her machine down.
  9. That's another movie reference I can add...Alien, to Mad Max Fury Road, Species and Predator.
  10. the bike in a black pre shade, no Idea where I go from here, colours wise, need to watch a movie. I'm planning to do a detailed engine bay, here's the motor and the firewall in body colour, ready for weathering.
  11. the Mad Max motorcycle is coming along, both wheels on. the final small parts still to fit, had to scan over the lot pictures to see where they go, handlebars and foot guards. Superglue all the way. A is a spare sword, B I don't know yet C foot guards, D left handlebars and bike stands E right handlebar.
  12. Cor this is a car guys page if ever there was one. so on ward and upward, the car body in light pastel blue over primer inside and out.
  13. I'm getting my Finnish Brewster Buffalo Tommorrow, Jadlam Racing has never let me down, I'll dig into that as soon as it arrives, after my Thursday Morning 6k run of course. On order I have another classic ship Kit and book combination on the way. As you can see, the box is rip torn, so the collectors didn't bid on it, so I got it for a reasonable price as I'm building it. The parts are still sealed in the old poly bag. and it has made up shrouds...yes. The book is on it's way, and I'll give a brief on it in time.
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