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  1. The sand is still wet, it's a mix of pva glue, water and sand mixed into a spreadable paste, it should dry hard and firmly hold the model to the base, some items left to do still, plants and rocks, a airbrushing of dust colour on the glass. leave it to dry for now.
  2. thanks for dropping by Wreck fans, I could have a wheel missing Jessie, the hub propped up by a brick. I'm going for the "fresh petrol in the carb, air in the tires and a fresh charged battery, and the new proud owner could drive her onto the flat bed to take her home for a full on restoration, a happy ending. In the meantime, the desert winds blow, sand sprinkles and gathers on her running boards, the rusty gate hinge nearby, squeeks, in time to the creaking of the old timers rocking chair on the porch. "yes, siree, she was the first car I bought when I got out a tha Navy in f
  3. thanks for popping in guys. The wheels and bumpers, glass and headlight chrome buckets fitted ready for weathering. the headlight buckets need re positioning and dirtying down, right down, or they'll stand out like a sore thumb.
  4. Thanks Steve. working on other parts of the car now, what to do with the front seats? clean up those burrs first
  5. Final step on the body shell, yellowie rust, lifecolour's rust light shadow 2, now it's time to take a look at some of the other parts of the kit.
  6. How on earth am I going to make a 1/25th scale Tumble weed and a Cactus.
  7. Agreed Paul, there must be a market for a mainstream Moggie kit. I would imagine more people owned one than say, an e type Jag. So may want to make a model of one. They Also sold in NZ, Aus, South Africa, a handful in the USA and Canada may have had a few. Looking at how this is developing, I'm thinking a desert scene in The USA somewhere, Navada? sand blasted and surface rust from the early morning dew.
  8. I wonder where it is now Paul? throwaway items that become historical artefacts. I get stopped at every petrol station by someone who owned a Morris Minor, they seem to have made an impression on their owners.
  9. the second stage salt in the process of being dusted off with a paintbrush but a closer look at the rear wheel arch/wing shows salt crystals still hanging on.
  10. Thanks for the comments about Alice Guys, I'll pass them on, it may mean she starts first time, she's got sensitive feelings. the second stage , the previous coat of salt brushed off when the paint was dry, fresh coat of water with a drop of washing up liquid in it, applied by paintbrush, the sprinkled table salt sticks to the moisture. then the successive coats of airbrushed rust colour, I go darker to lighter, that way the delicate light coats don't get overwhelmed, so far we are on colour two, rust base colour
  11. that's really nice Jessie, a car that, if it was real, I would like to get my hands on and put back on the road. My Ford 40 is entering the initial stages of rust, using the salt technique stage one, doesn't look much now, but watch this space, I love how this takes up, and gets real, step by step. Patience is the only virtue, here, there's no skill or artistic talent needed. Just keeping to a formula. The steel on these old 40/50s cars was of a thick gauge, they didn't rust through as easily as say, a 1972 Beetle, Alice needed a lot of work, 3 years worth, but she was wor
  12. blue with grey wings, I did wonder if it would look better grey with blue wings, but it doesn't matter as not a lot of the original paint will show through, the occasional faded patch. the engine in dark grey, soon to be a partchwork of mold and oil.
  13. the body and chassis in grey primer, but loosely assembled. an engine you wouldn't encourage a crowd to gather around. But I can make something there.
  14. I did consider this.. but I'm more inclined to do it as something more like this, the day I met Alice.
  15. assembly so far, ready for some primer before I continue with assembly
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