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  1. I like a bargain, I actually enjoy ticking off the parts on the instruction sheet to see if the seller's been honest. is it just the engine block he/she assembled?
  2. This guy laid down the challenge, I had to accept. Mind you, I'll be forewarned, he wasn't. It's so unlike Takom. One wonders if a member of staff at Takom had to fall on his Sword, or got passed the Mess Webley WHY is No One building the TAKOM - M29 WEASEL? Watch the Full Build review and you be the judge... - YouTube
  3. I've gone and done it, I purchased one of these despite that Aussie bloke's video warning me it's a difficult to impossible build Yikes, I've done it now, I'll have to build it up better than he did his, without a tarp hiding a join. you're a bad lad, slaps own wrist, I have a sub stash waiting their turn in the build que and I go and upset them all.
  4. cracking subject, and has been said before, high time for e new tool, the clear parts are a struggle, but it can be done, with tamiya masking tape and a bit of bloody mindedness, you can do it! Airwave do a PE detail set, what £5! I may have a go at one myself one day. Airfix 1/72 Westland Whirlwind HAS.22 + Airwaves Photoetch Set | eBay
  5. just the ships boats to paint. the Kit helicopter is so bad I'm not using it, same for the heli pad decal that is mostly carrier film, so I will find replacements for those. a display stand and base. Plus some handrails.
  6. guns black, anchors and bollards white, bridge windows picked out as black squares using masking tape. the radar and seaslug made from PE. Seaslug launcher on the stern, made from spare pe and mounted on the kit support arms.
  7. There is a point between the airfix painting guide and my photograph of Devonshire, of course paint schemes on ships change from time to time, just look at Bismarck. The guide shows grey upper decks. the upper decks in the picture look green to me...of course it may be that Airfix had the original colour scheme and it changed between that and this picture being taken.
  8. Thanks Gorby, still a lot to do A. Paint and fit grey main gun barrels and paint turret fronts black. B .Make up the radar using pe spare parts C. Make up the sea slug using spare pe D. fit davits and ships boats E detail paint forward equipment in black & white bollards, Anchors ect F. Dot in black all portholes and windows G. add jack staff and rigging H. Decals and flags I. Base and mounts J. paint rudder
  9. In 1/600 I find that subtle colours work best, Ship models in this tiny scale are hard to handpaint as you don't get that subtlety you can reach with an airbrush. But it does mean you get overspray on areas you don't want, so the hairy stick comes in useful to make corrections. I'll be using very thinned paint to go over the overspray.... whan it's dry.
  10. digging out a ton of dumped soil, placing it in a dip in the lawn, then covering the brown infill with turfs from the overgrown pathway. Phew, I'm ready for a bit of Saturday morning Modelling on the Devonshire. some more kit parts fitted, the bases for the PE radar. The main decks will be green, but a subtle airbrushed green. The foc'sl decks with be tan with black edges.
  11. I built the Special Hobby kit as a birthday gift for my Father in law who's Dad worked on it's development, The special hobby kit was a "challenge to build" from start to finish, and then, a few months later, Airfix bring out a brand new tooling.
  12. the bridge wings, getting closer... the main mast is ok but the parts for it are too thick. I'll be rebuilding that radar using spare pe the same with the seaslug launcher D, it's a cage not a solid piece.
  13. with spacers underneath to provide the gap, maybe next time, wish I'd done my research before going all 1/600, I'll just have to be clever with paint effects.
  14. Looking at her sister ship Antrim, the turrets need to be raised a little more, the raised deck is beyond me in 1/600. but I can fit the ladders and access hatches from spare PE. Antrim's B turret has been deleted in favour of missiles. so far so good. I'm still only on step two, getting my monies worth here. Parts 10-11 need reworking. they look far to heavy, I can do better in plasticard, using the kit bridge wings as a template.
  15. My Daughter and I Got all the carpet and dusty underlay to the recycling centre this morning, Thanks to Alice the Pickup, that's the big job of the day out of the way, time for some ship building.
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