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  1. I said the second turret, it's actually turret C on the stern, Tom's model works PE worked out ok so far, mind you the instructions need a bit of head scratching, like working out a puzzle. But the penny drops eventually. the deck catapult on the stern leading right over the fantail.
  2. the second turret will have the scout plane rails on top of it, as per pre war practice, before aircraft carriers took over the air at sea role. the rails will be the first PE part to be bent and shaped before being assembled on turret B. the ship had three aircraft, probably a time before the aircraft carrier took over the role.
  3. Thanks all for dropping by, here's some rust streaks on the bow.
  4. several salt stages later and I'm finally getting to where I want to be below thw waterline, weathering wise, the final covering of salt. then the final paint spray layers of green algy and light rust. with the salt brushed off the final reveal of the below the waterline weathering. I wanted that look to suggest her voyages flying the flag and birthing in warm water ports, plenty of marine growth, but above the waterline, I'll add only light weathering. Light rust to her bilges, starboard bow
  5. the upper works still on the frames get a coat of grey primer. the deck painted tan.
  6. there were a few creatures of the kind I can't stand, making easy money giving the public, including children rides on a barely serviceable FV432, The lead torsion bar is clearly broken leaving roadwheel number 1 off the ground when the vehicle is in motion, if that axle shifts outboard it could jamb up against the following wheels causing a catastrophic sudden halt, everyone on board would be thrown forward, including small children. I had a few words and got a load of unconvincing waffle in reply, I'll be taking this up with H&S, retired yes, but I still have a few contacts.
  7. Spent this Sunday morning at Laughton Showground East Sussex. no auto jumble as advertised, but there were some nice classic cars on show. all shapes and sizes.. a lot of Moggies being exhibited today, the owners are all keen to chat, and encouraged me to show Alice, my Moggie Pickup, as they know of only one other in the county. one item that really got my interest as I'd love to own one.... 1942, amazing...I wonder if that should read Crawler. some parts missing, that large hole awaiting a period accurate clock oh I want one!
  8. masking up the boot top, black over grey primer, cut down tape over black, red brown over mask. moment of truth, the unmasking, so far looks good with it's dirty black boot topping, that will get a lot dirtier...
  9. Actually Jessie's picture is quite fascinating, as a study in the deterioration of the monument wreck, it looks like a band of rust at the tidal level at the upper band, then below it what looks like the remains of the original paint. I don't go with some of the proclamations on You tube about items on the deck, a shoe, a pot and a fork being from 7th December, these items are more likely to be items left over from the salvage operation that went on throughout the war years before she was left as a monument.
  10. Milliput filler for the inevitable gap between the deck edge and bulwark sides. I keep a old cleaned out salsa jar on the work top to wash out/rinse my brushes of thinner and general use, here a cotton swab dipped in water, that has a drop of washing up liquid in it, to swab off the milliput thinner that has stained the deck.
  11. so first moves, cutting back the molded on handrail. joining the two hull halves, always an intense part of the assembly. flatting back to merge the join. joining the decks, out of sequence with the assembly instructions, but right for me, unless you want rotating turrets on a static model, which I don't as it's going into a glass case. fifties joins. easily fixed...milliput...
  12. the first step is to clean up the hull sides, I'm going full hull, dry dock. having her bottom scraped and de-barnacled. These molded on handrails will be off and replaced with pe one's. the stern molding, very telling...
  13. Starting on the Arizona, it's an old, old kit and will be brought up to date (ish) with PE add on's and some heavily weathered below the waterline. tom's model works will add a lot to the build... with hours of material on youtube to draw on, plenty has been written on both the ship itself, the tragedy and failings of Pearl Harbour, and the state of the wreck that currently rests in Battleship row where she was sunk in a day of infamy 7th December 1941. a look inside the box. old as... the first questions are about when to model the Ariz, in her hey
  14. Decals fitted and the model put back together with a milliput plug in the drill hole under the front. the next bit is simply touching in the rear lights
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