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  1. Hmmm. I seem to remember it had spent some time in a two tone scheme as a paint test bed. I will see what I can dig up at work.
  2. Grant

    1/48th Macchi M5 by Blue Max

    Not posted anything about this build, so I’ll start with a quick look at the kit and then move straight to the finished model. I picked this up at Telford a few years ago, together with the windsock data file. The book proved very useful during the build. The box was full! With different materials in different bags. White metal engine and struts, resin cockpit and plastic for everything else. I used the American squadron markings from a set of Pheon decals, kindly donated by David Hooper. There was a fair bit of flash on the plastic parts, but the plastic was quite soft so the clean up was straight forward. The radiator was poorly molded, so some copper wire was used to re-build the front. From the outset it was clear that this was going to be a fiddly model and I would probably end up painting and decaling it BEFORE sticking it together. The lower wings have such a flimsy attachment, even though I have pinned them, that I used ‘structural’ rigging for them and have put the model on a water base so that the wings are supported. Now that it is all together it actually feels quite sturdy. The hull is finished in Halford’s Appliance White, the rear decking is acrylic, from a Scale75 wood and leather set, and the rest is enamels. I am particularly pleased with the wood effect on the rear decking. The plastic parts have been stuck together with a mixture of liquid glue mixed with sprue shavings, as there were some large gaps that needed filling! Wings and struts have been joined with two-part epoxy and the rigging is super glued. That is enough preamble, here are the shots of the finished model, with a rather shaky one of me holding it just to give the model some scale. Any and all comments welcome. Cheers Grant
  3. Grant

    Colourset improvements

    Excellent graphics and nice sets. I can feel my wallet starting to open...
  4. Grant

    Telford. Who's going?

    I'll be there with Splash and L&C. Provided I get back from Italy in time...
  5. Grant

    Red Arrow red...?

    Thanks for the info peeps. I was caught by surprise by how orangey H238 was. It has since dried a little redder. Several photos have been found that really do show a lighter brighter red than I had in mind. The Halfords options that have been identified are also quite interesting. We have identified two colour options and are now leaving it up to the guy who organized the build to dictate which one we all use. Thanks again. cheers Grant
  6. Grant

    Red Arrow red...?

    Hoping the interweb can sort out a problem for me... Our club is building 9 Hawks for a friends son and, to try and get them all looking roughly the same shade of red, we were/are going to paint them with a white undercoat and use the kit recommended H238. So I went out and bought a brand new tin of enamal 238 - BUT it looks orange compared with the (small) tub of acrylic 238 supplied with the kit! What to do? Is it just me and my eyes! What is the accepted red to use for Red Arrows Hawks? Any and all help greatly appreciated. cheers Grant NB. The kit is the 1/72 starter kit with the Union Jack fin.
  7. Grant

    And the winners are

    Here, here!! An excellent range of models produced. Well done everyone.
  8. Grant

    Finished builds

    Just realized I haven't posted the finished piccies in here. Just time to get them in!
  9. Thanks, it turned out well and looks suitably dynamic. So much so that someone at the Avon show saw it and then went on a bought a VC10 and Tornados to have a go themselves. I am looking forward to hearing how that went!!
  10. Grant

    Pegasus Hobbies Spinosaurus 1/24 Diorama

    That has toned down the colours really nicely. Maybe a light grey wash for sun bleached, top areas, or maybe dusted areas like feet and tail? Good idea to sleep on it though!
  11. Grant

    Cosford airfield and runway

    Right click - save. Ta Muchly.
  12. Yep, that'll do nicely. Glad to see the cowling went on - even if you are now missing a few engine bits!
  13. Grant

    1/72nd Airfix Supermarine Swift FR5

    Thanks Miggers. I had come across that thread. The images on it are of the factory buildings, and I have emailed the site, via their contacts page, but have heard nothing back yet. Given the model is for an ex apprentice, the 'blue print' base is growing on me, and I think I might stick with it. Cheers Grant
  14. Grant

    1/72nd Airfix Supermarine Swift FR5

    The trouble with that is that it the place is not an active airfield anymore. What I really need is a mid '50s shot.
  15. Grant

    Pegasus Hobbies T-Rex and Triceratops Dinosaurs

    Awesome. That looks sooooo good.