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  1. Thanks guys. This is a blast from the past! I must get back into the swing of photographing builds... As this one was so big it was an outside shoot on a sunny day. I can't believe how well some of the shots turned out - especially as it was me taking them! cheers Grant
  2. Thanks peeps. Yes a young Greebo indeed. Though many WADers think she is probably Goodie Whemper... Who ever, it was a bit of fun. N-S Prod do a chap in his workshop which is ripe for turning into a model room. One day maybe. Grant
  3. A purple and yellow frog on the cauldron. I think the purple was a bit dark to show much of the detail. And yes, Audrey was definitely the inspiration for the painting of the plant on the desk. "Feed me now!"
  4. Chapeau pointu - 45mm Resin kit by N-S Prod With a fire pit, this kit clearly needed lighting, so the first step was to recast the fire pit and cauldron in clear resin. The base is made from an off-cut of Oak I had lying around and for the lighting I used white flickering LEDs from Bright Components. There were no decals in the kit, but there was an open book and various bottles had labels moulded on. The book pages are homemade decals, the right hand one is page 36 from Nanny Ogg’s cookbook (a witch in the Discworld books),
  5. Well this is embarassing. I have lost any notes I made on the build, but I am pretty certain it is a resin piece, and that I picked it up at Telford. That would make it a PJ products cargo pod (721219). cheers Grant
  6. WOW! Lots of extra work there. The intakes and exhaust look really good. I might have to invest myself. Love it.
  7. A nicely mucky model. The mis-match camo is a nice authentic touch.
  8. Grant

    Just amazing.

    An amazing collection of excellent photos.
  9. Cool link! Way too many options there. 😊
  10. Thanks peeps. It now has a homemade box, so can travel safely. Hopefully one day it will get an outing! cheers Grant
  11. Grant


    That's bonkers!! What a waste of time and plastic.
  12. Many thanks for the kind words. It was a fun little build. Now I just need somewhere to put it!! cheers Grant
  13. Grant

    NH90 NFH.

    Seriously epic efforts here. All the added bits would be enough, but struggling with the basic kit aswell. Looks like the hard work will pay off though.
  14. So busy doing, I keep forgetting to post. Build has gone very well. Last few things were relatively simple. Got the body painted and detailed. Nice though it was to have all that lovely rust detail molded in, the chrome parts were VERY shinny and new. So hit them with some matt varnish and then splattered rust coloured paint around. Ended up looking quite good. The way the grille lifted up, for the comedy hand to come out and crank start the car, provided an ideal slot for the electrical connection interface for the power supply and all the aerials.
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