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  1. JAS-39 Gripen HUAF

    Nice shots. Thanks for sharing.
  2. 1/72 Planet Models SR/A.1

    Thanks folks. It will be on the Splash table, so you can see how flattering the photos are! Unfortuantely I shan't be able to get there myself this year.
  3. I picked up this kit of a very pretty and unique aircraft this summer – and have built it already!! It is an all resin kit from Planet Models. There were a few bubbles here and there and the fuselage was quite warped, but otherwise the molding was very crisp, with nicely defined recessed panel lines. After carving away some large casting blocks it has all gone together quite well. I used Zap 2-part epoxy to hold it all together, with a brass rod spar for the tailplanes and plasticard butt straps for the wing attachment. Undercoated overall with Halfords Grey and rubbed down to varying levels of smoothness to give a variation in the BMF finish. Some panels were also painted gloss black to add to the effect. Looking at some of the videos, the finish actually looks very even and is probably painted Speed Silver – but I had some Vallejio Air Duraluminium to try… The kit decals just fell apart on wetting, so out came the aftermarket decals for all markings and registrations. The Vallejio went on very well, though you really do have to use very light coats. Klear to seal the paint and then the decals and a coat of artist acrylic matt varnish to pull it all together and dull down the shine a bit. Rare Earth magnets hold it onto the pole and Deluxe Materials – Making Waves used for the water effect. Any and all comments welcome. cheers Grant
  4. Valley 2017 take 2

    Right click - save. Good idea, many thanks.
  5. 1/32 Wingnut Wings Fokker E.III Eindecker

    Very nice. Top side turnbuckles especially.
  6. Airfix FW190D in 1/72 scale

    Two days!! I give up... Nice one Dean, love the motteling.
  7. WnW Fokker E.III

    Oh Look, PB has finally cought up with me. I had forgotten about the signature images.
  8. WnW Fokker E.III

    Cracking start Andrew. Nice 'pit, lovely prop and I like the lolly stick for holding the engine.
  9. Thank you folks. It's last outing will be at Weston tomorrow, and then it goes into the display cases at work. cheers Grant
  10. Here is the Airfix 1/48th Lynx Mk7 kit, finished as the World Speed Record Holder G_LYNX, using the Belcher Bits conversion set and a Mk8 canopy. The model has a scratchbuilt interior, including the instrumentation fit in the cabin and the water/Methanol tank – used to boost the engine power. The Belcher Bits resin parts were a good fit (unlike a lot of the kit plastic) and the decals were thin, but strong, and went on really well. Cheers Grant
  11. Apologies for not keeping up with the WIP, it took a while to get back into it was I was back in country, although it all came together quite quickly once at the painting stage. With the furore over Photobucket, I have been prompted to sort the photos out and post the results. I was donated a MK8 kit to use the canopy from, as G-LYNX had no TOW site in the port cabin roof. Unfortunately, there were spots of paint on the canopy, which had etched the plastic. So I am now a fully fledge canopy polisher. Here is the canopy half way through: The top deck was just a jumble of poorly fitting pieces, but nothing a bit of filler couldn’t put right. For a brief period, it looked mean and moody in black, before the masking went on for the camo. The Belcher Bit decals went on a treat and really brought the model to life. They were thin, but strong, and reacted well to Micro Sol, settling down nicely over the rivets. So, finally it is done. Cheers Grant
  12. Sprue Heads - a bit of sculpture for a change

    An interesting idea Mish. How on Earth would you mark it?!! Possibly a bit too much art and not enough artifice.
  13. I have always liked art where not all the subject is shown – where your brain is left to create the finished article from what is presented. Sometime ago I saw some 2D wire sculptures of a couple, head to head, and I thought I bet I could do that in sprue… Well, with the various bits of sprue I have been collecting for this task now cluttering up the place, I have finally got around to giving it a go. I am no artist, so using the Lavazza couple as inspiration/template I created a line drawing. A hairdryer was used to heat the sprue so that it could be bent into shape. At this point, I realized this is a nice warm hobby for the winter!! Anyway, over a couple of evenings I got the heads together. I had white foam board for a clean background, so that dictated a dark colour. I had been wanting to try the Vallejo “Metal Colours” for a while, so out came the Copper (over gloss black enamel) and looks quite good. Seemed to spray a little erratically straight from the bottle, but the finish is very good. With a nice piece of Cherry for the base, here is something a little different. cheers Grant
  14. 3 Tommy's War figures 1/32

    Excellent figures Andrew. The highlighting and shading is not too much 'in your face', which allows the rest of the detail to shine through. Lovely work.
  15. Flt. Lt. James Nicolson VC

    Yes. Very nice indeed.