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  1. ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    Excellent job on the colour variations, that looks really good. It is very tempting, but quite large and "loads a money"! Grant
  2. MPM 1/72 Hansa W.29

    Thanks for the nice comments folks. Duncan - Unfortunately I cannot take any credit for the water effect, that is all down to the Coastal Kits base. Though the Lago Maggorie back drops are my own work
  3. RAF 100 at Old Warden

    Oh dear, sorry to hear you suffered, sun screen was a must for that day. Always an impressive day out!
  4. So here is Roden’s 1/144th VC10 K3. Everybody looked forward to them, and it looks like a VC10, but there are number of problems with my example. Nothing too difficult, just annoying. The moldings are generally nice and crisp, but there is quite a bit of flash and some of the commendably thin trailing edges are as a result of being ‘short shot’. A few windows also have broken surrounds due to short shots. The panel lines also seem a lot deeper on the wings, engines and fin than they are on the fuselage. The masks for all 105 windows are very welcome and all the locating points for aero surfaces and the engines are nice and positive, though filler is required. As it is going to be in-flight, refuelling a couple of Tornados, I have put a vertical carbon fibre tube in the fuselage, just aft of the wing, ready for mounting on a carbon fibre rod. So on with the build. Windows in and masked. Fin and engines attached. Engine mounts a good tight fit, but quite a bit of filler required for the fin. Cockpit glazing filled, and the wing joints. Starting to really look the part now.
  5. Awesome. So many good elements.
  6. Great White Maneater - Pegasus Hobbies

    That is brilliant!! Love the underwater rendition of the rest of the shark.
  7. MosonShow 2018

    The range and quality is excellent. Thanks for sharing Andrew. Looks like a cracking show.
  8. MPM 1/72 Hansa W.29

    All struttery replaced with brass, scratchbuilt a new radiator (well 4 actually – the carpet monster had the 2nd and 1st and 3rd weren’t good enough). Did a bit of chipping and weathering on the floats, but haven’t been bold enough with the fuselage. Kit decals went on fine, though the wing decals were large and the underside had to be masked to be sure of cutting the decal off cleanly and not getting them stuck to the undersides. Guns are from half a Pegasus kit I inherited and the figures are from a set of WW1 figures I have. Coastal kits base which, I think, works quite well. And yes, I know, I need to build a trolley for it!! I hope you like it Grant Any and all comments welcome.
  9. GB Chat

    Finally! A group build that fits in with my build plans If I may? I liked to join in with one of these:- With a couple of these, plugged in:-
  10. Mistaken for the real thing?

    Ha! That's an interesting one. Mind you, the gun models are very realistic.
  11. Starbug

    Like that a lot. The base and the lights give it that extra lift.
  12. JAS-39 Gripen HUAF

    Nice shots. Thanks for sharing.
  13. 1/72 Planet Models SR/A.1

    Thanks folks. It will be on the Splash table, so you can see how flattering the photos are! Unfortuantely I shan't be able to get there myself this year.
  14. I picked up this kit of a very pretty and unique aircraft this summer – and have built it already!! It is an all resin kit from Planet Models. There were a few bubbles here and there and the fuselage was quite warped, but otherwise the molding was very crisp, with nicely defined recessed panel lines. After carving away some large casting blocks it has all gone together quite well. I used Zap 2-part epoxy to hold it all together, with a brass rod spar for the tailplanes and plasticard butt straps for the wing attachment. Undercoated overall with Halfords Grey and rubbed down to varying levels of smoothness to give a variation in the BMF finish. Some panels were also painted gloss black to add to the effect. Looking at some of the videos, the finish actually looks very even and is probably painted Speed Silver – but I had some Vallejio Air Duraluminium to try… The kit decals just fell apart on wetting, so out came the aftermarket decals for all markings and registrations. The Vallejio went on very well, though you really do have to use very light coats. Klear to seal the paint and then the decals and a coat of artist acrylic matt varnish to pull it all together and dull down the shine a bit. Rare Earth magnets hold it onto the pole and Deluxe Materials – Making Waves used for the water effect. Any and all comments welcome. cheers Grant