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  1. And I was holding back, it's nice to see such attention to detail and overall look of the finished model. I'm a tad envious of your display shelf old chum!
  2. Jockster

    SU-17 M4

    And another vote for well done! Nice, neat and tidy build,
  3. Now that is nice, beautifully painted and detailed. There's a lot to look at and it's all good. Well done matey!
  4. I will, at some point, be relieving you of some of your Modelcollect stock!
  5. Show promoters should be more organised and work with each other so that the season would start down south and work northeasterly, with each progressive date, peaking in Scotland and then back down on the west finishing up at SMW Telford. This way you only have short distances to travel to the next show, You will, of course, need a van to sleep in and carry the accumulated stash because you won't be home actually building them for a while. And loads of deodorant because you made an executive decision not to install washing facilities in the van because you need the space for mor
  6. Stone der crows! That's a lot of parts for a 1/72 vehicle, 1/700 ships would be good practice for a build like this. All the same, it looks like a cracking model to get ones teeth into!
  7. Me too, preferably separate towns, and even then I'd still be worried!
  8. One of those interesting kits that I wouldn't have considered building either, but I'm almost sold on this. Nice review, I like that you include the video footage in your reviews too. Makes for interesting viewing/reading.
  9. I can only echo the words of those above, great saves Duncan, we know there were a few. Mrs B obviously knows a good thing when she sees it. You have turned out a very nice build indeed!
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