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  1. Parallel universes

    Wow, I like that a lot! Nicely done indeed Sir!
  2. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    That is a seriously good looking model, Duncan!
  3. Huge improvement, your doing some nice work there!
  4. Rather tasty, nice to see what can be done with this kit!
  5. Sea Fury Mini Guide

    Got mine ordered, so ta muchly Paul.
  6. Sea Fury Mini Guide

    Cheers Paul.
  7. Sea Fury Mini Guide

    Do I just Google his name to find the blog or is it on our forum?
  8. Jawa Sandcrawler - 1/96 Randy Cooper Models

    Another cracking build John, it has been a pleasure following this one and it looks brilliant! Well done Mucka!
  9. Hobbyboss 1/48 F-111A

    It'll be interesting to hear your thoughts on the Alclad, the metals are quite fragile and do not like being handled, let's see if the camo colours are more resilient! Nice model Mr Grumpy Sir!
  10. F-86F-40 in 1/32 from Kinetic

    And a 'nice one' from me too. Kinetic kits can be a right pain to build and never seem to fit straight from the box! Your perseverance has paid off. Well done!
  11. 1/8 Citroen V8 traction maybe?

    I used to really enjoy the shows on TV which followed their builds. I believe that Boyd has since passed away but he, and his team, are still legend in the USA.
  12. 1/8 Citroen V8 traction maybe?

    Boyd Coddington would be proud, Ken!
  13. Revell 1/24 Ford GT 2017 (07678)

    Nicely done Paul, despite being a full on biker, I am a sucker for a handful of beautiful cars, the GT40 being one of them. I think I have built all the Fujimi kits so this will be a nice upgrade to the collection!
  14. The cat from Hell or how not to restore a Mojo!

    Very nice indeed Duncan, the chipping effects are really well done!