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  1. I got a bite!
  2. Can you even see the parts??? They must be microscopic at that scale!
  3. I'm building OOB a bit more these days. I find more and more I'm questioning why we need some aftermarket items. For an older kit, a replacement cockpit (say) can really improve upon what's in the box, whether that's making it more accurate or just better-rendered. But let's take a hypothetical example. Take a kit and an aftermarket set which includes a resin throttle quadrant, gunsight, and a few other smallish bits. To use them, you would have to detach them from a large casting block without damaging them; clean up the castings a bit, again without damaging the brittle easily-damaged resin, and all the while struggling to get a good hold so they don't fly into the maw of the ever-ravenous carpet monster; maybe adapt the kit parts they fit to so as to get a good fit and secure join; and make that join using a separate type of glue (ie cyano). The equivalent kit parts can be just clipped off the sprue, cleaned up where required (easier with plastic), and secured to the intended kit location using your regular liquid poly. If the resin parts are an improvement upon the kit parts, you may well consider it's worth it; but quite often nowadays the a/m is no improvement upon the kit parts: so why bother? And I often don't.
  4. Coming along nicely. If you're not sure, it's quite possible that no-one else is. That's the reasoning I always use in this sort of situation. The C1 proportions were 3:4:8:9.
  5. Nice Spitfire. (But then, aren't they all?)
  6. Don't know if anybody on here was contemplating a trip - I certainly wasn't - but I spotted on another forum that the US Nationals has been cancelled. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/85673-ipmsusa-just-announced-2020-nats-cancelled/
  7. I make it 9, but do they count if they're faulty?
  8. My views put better and more concisely than I could (a goodly number of you may have noticed I sometimes tend not to use one word where 10 will more than adequately suffice ), particularly that last sentence.
  9. Maybe. I understand a few had standard wingtips, but most were clipped. However, I stand to be corrected. I'll have a look in my library later and update this if I find any more info.
  10. Proper colours for an RAF jet!
  11. £7 difference in Hobbycraft (just for avoidance of doubt, that's on their website). Frankly, I'm just looking to do a reasonable-looking OOB build, and see what I can get with nothing but what's in the box. I have heard good things about the Revell Beau. Just out of interest, Hannants are listing an NF I boxing as a future release. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3854?result-token=5fd7U
  12. I might just do that. The problem is that I start off with the best of intentions, then suddenly realise the model is finished, and I've only done a box shot, the sprues, and perhaps a semi-built cockpit. Must do better ...
  13. Well I had a Hobbycraft discount voucher, so I've just ordered a Revell 1/48 Beaufighter (as one does). One of the box marking options is for 489 (NZ) Sqn at Langham in full D-Day regalia. Then I started a bit of internet research, and came across this, which features said squadron. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060021106 It's tempted me to break my usual rule of never doing the boxtop option. Enjoy!
  14. Thanks for all the kind comments, people, and for the helpful suggestions. Usually, once I say "That's done" on a model, no more gets done to it except for any necessary repairs after a show, but I may have a go. I was prepared for some silvering, as the decals I used were rather old, albeit better than those in the kit, which were practically unusable. But I'm not ungrateful to the person who sent them, because they were a subject I wanted to do, and they did work, albeit not up to Cartograph or FP standards. They took a long time to soak off the backing, and quite a few looked a bit silvery. Most of that was taken care of by pricking and a liberal second (and third) application of setting solution, the rest was sorted out by a second coat of gloss over the decals before the final matt coat.
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