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  1. MikeC


    Sorry to out-pedant you Jessie, but the D was the first Kittyhawk, the Mk I; the E-1 was the Mk IA, an E with some specifically Brit equipment. I did some digging into Curtiss Hawk (P-36 as well as P-40) variants a while ago, the most important thing I learned was that they're even more complex than Bf 109Gs!
  2. MikeC

    No aircraft

    Cornwall. It's the location used for Guernsey in The Eagle has Landed, where Michael Caine and his men are acting as an unwilling suicide flotilla, and Donald Sutherland gets chucked through the pub window.
  3. Not a lot of it. I arrived about 10:50 or so, and the guy at the gate said they were full, but then his colleague managed to find a space to squeeze me in after all. Great work from said gentlemen, thanks guys. Quite a small show, but some great models on display, and the usual chinwags to be had. Well done to the organisers.
  4. MikeC

    Italeri TF-104G

    Thanks folks. For full details, watch out for a future Scale Aviation Modeller International.
  5. MikeC

    Italeri TF-104G

    Coming sometime in the future to a magazine (hence only one photo - sorry, no more or I'll be in trouble with the Editor), here's my rendition of the Italeri two-seat Starfighter. The subject was an aircraft of 31 (Tiger) Sqn, Belgian AF, 1983. The tip tanks were used for the 1983 NATO Tiger meet, just before Belgium finally retired the F-104. Decals by DACO, intake covers & chocks by Video Aviation, pitot by Master, and RBF tags by HGW. Thanks for looking.
  6. MikeC

    Bf 109 G-10 1:32

    Many thanks for all the kind comments folks. I promised "beauty shots", sorry they're a bit late. Thanks for looking.
  7. MikeC

    Sabre F4, 71 Sqn

    Despite saying I wouldn't buy any more 1:48 - I'm inclining more and more to 1:32 these days - I did succumb to an Academy F-86 when a fellow club member was having a small sale at a recent meeting. And I can't resist a Sabre, so started it almost immediately. I used a Quickboost seat and Eagle Strike decals, otherwise it's OOB, and it was quite a quick build just to get something finished. The upper surface camo was airbrushed freehand. So here it is: Sabre F4, 71 (Eagle) Sqn RAF, RAF Wildenrath, 1955. Thanks for looking.
  8. Funny how some threads suddenly revive, isn't it? There are some interesting insights here, and some kits I remember from my youth: I first built the Airfix Avro 504 and SRN.1 when they came in a bag and cost 2/3d (that's just over 11p).
  9. And suddenly it looks like a biplane! I didn't quite get the control cables rigged, but the last couple of days have been spent checking the fit of the struts both ends before cementing them. I'm now going to let it cure for a long while, so this thread may go quiet again for a bit. WNW advise you to use the box to let it dry - it seems to work.
  10. I've been somewhat sidetracked by other things - mainly builds for a magazine and/or stuff with only one mainplane - so I'm afraid I've not been as diligent about posting updates as I could have been. Apologies. But as that well-known sage and philosopher Anon once said: "Do not be afraid of moving slowly. Be afraid only of standing still." And while progress on the RE.8 is slow, there has been some, particularly of late. This is where we are now: for the last week I've been dealing with lots of details like adding the forward Vickers and its interrupter gear; windscreen; building the Scarff ring; painting the leather surrounds on the pilot's step and control cable exits; and other odds and ends. Today's plan: main interplane struts and rig the rudder, elevator and tailskid control cables. Thanks for looking.
  11. Just scored a Hasegawa 1:32 P-47D on eBay, for a rather bargain price. Just have to decide between 8th or 9th AF, and which machine in particular.
  12. That's rather superb. Well done.
  13. MikeC


    Good choice. I can't decide between that one and Priller's machine for mine; perhaps the fact you're doing that one may just sway me towards Pips' aircraft.
  14. MikeC


    Nice start. Which scheme are you doing?
  15. I had the urge to do a tank once; I went and laid down in a darkened room until it went away. 😎 Seriously, I have had that urge, and I've even given into it, but I always find that after an initial burst of enthusiasm I lose interest, and go back to aircraft in 1:48 and 1:32. I specify the scales, as I can't sustain the interest to complete a 1:72 or 1:144 aircraft any more unless there's an overriding reason - of the two 1:72 scale models I've done recently, one was for a magazine (yet to appear) and the other was because the kit was given to me by a well-intentioned relative. They call it a "comfort zone" for a reason. 🙂
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