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  1. I had the urge to do a tank once; I went and laid down in a darkened room until it went away. 😎 Seriously, I have had that urge, and I've even given into it, but I always find that after an initial burst of enthusiasm I lose interest, and go back to aircraft in 1:48 and 1:32. I specify the scales, as I can't sustain the interest to complete a 1:72 or 1:144 aircraft any more unless there's an overriding reason - of the two 1:72 scale models I've done recently, one was for a magazine (yet to appear) and the other was because the kit was given to me by a well-intentioned relative. They call it a "comfort zone" for a reason. 🙂
  2. Agree on all counts - excellent model, beautifully finished, almost my favourite Sabre variant. (Since you ask, that's the Canadair Mk 4 in RAF markings.) Very well done, particularly on the tonal variations in the finish.
  3. That's interesting: what unit is that (I should recognise it, but I don't) and why the black spine? Special occasion markings, CO's a/c, or what? In any case, it's nicely done.
  4. Agreed. Funnily enough, I've done a Hawk in Raspberry Ripple too; mine was the Revell 1:32 Red Arrows boxing, so the light grey went down over bright red plastic, but it seemed to work.
  5. Now sorted, thanks.
  6. I've acquired a Sabre kit (as one does), and I'm looking for any one of the following sheets for RAF Sabres in 1:48 scale. Eagle Strike 48195 - RAF Sabres Part 1 Eagle Strike 48196 - RAF Sabres Part 2 Eagle Strike 48216 - RAF Sabres Part 3. A part sheet may be acceptable, depending on the option(s) left. Fair price and postage paid. Many thanks.
  7. I bought one from Hobbycraft, I can't remember the brand now. I used it on 1 1/2 models before it died, sadly by the time I was on the second model it was out of warranty. Not bothered since.
  8. Yes, that all makes sense. I'd hate to see under-table sales banned completely (SMW is different, they have the kit swop which serves the same purpose). I do, however, understand how traders must feel about it, particularly where "Fred's Surplus" under the table has a significant number of kits. I'll declare an interest here: I moved house in 2012, and since then have moved to doing 1:32 scale. So in the years since 2012 I have sold off a large stash of 1:48 on eBay, on forums, and at shows. But two points are very well made, and they certainly applied to a lot of my stash. The first is that a lot of the kits were OOP, so there was no question of competing directly with traders for the same item. The second is that the vast majority of the money was put straight back into the trade. Just as an aside, a small number of my sales were not mint - parts for one build option "raided", decal sheet incomplete, etc - but all were buildable in some form, there was full disclosure to potential buyers and they were priced appropriately, so I did practise what I preach in the OP above. But I think my selling days are over - the stash is now at around 30, and with that and a new year resolution to buy only new releases that interest me (the logic being that if I really wanted a kit, I'd have bought it by now) that will see me out at my current rate of production. Will this resolve last until the next show ...?
  9. Very nicely done, and the figure certainly adds something.
  10. Sehr gut! You don't often see 109s in these early schemes, which adds to the interest.
  11. MikeC

    Bf 109 G-10 1:32

    Thanks. The full story is in here: https://ospreypublishing.com/croatian-aces-of-world-war-2 and this is the decal sheet https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/VA3252
  12. MikeC

    Bf 109 G-10 1:32

    Well I said I like unusual German aircraft, and they don't come more unusual than this. On 20th April 1945 two pilots from the Croatian Air Force defected to join pro-communist forces at Mostar. Their aircraft were soon given a hasty update to their paint job, and became part of a scratch unit known as the Mostar Squadron. This is my latest completion: proper "beauty shots" when I get around to them. Built from the Hasegawa 1:32 G-10 kit, with MDC seat belts and Ventura decals. I had some slight issues with these: the large fuselage stars broke up on application. As I still had some stars left on the decal sheet, I used these as a template to cut home-made masks. The numbers worked OK. The tail markings were also supplied as complete decals, but I decided to paint these, and just cut out the small star from the decals. Thanks for looking.
  13. Incidentally, the Model Railway show featured was in the MK Arena, where we'll be having Milton Keynes ModelKraft XXL this year.
  14. Yes, I've been caught like that - the bargain I thought I had was still a bargain, but not such a good one as I'd thought.
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