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  1. Thanks everyone. Was a nice kit to put together but it does take up a lot of space.
  2. Thanks everyone. I have only had one model in 50 years or so beat me.. and that is still waiting to see if I can be bothered with it again. There is a good reason why you don't see many built as it is at best a limited run model. I hear Valom have come a long way since they released this model. I have three more in the stash so I hope they have.
  3. Finished after a huge struggle, lots of filler and a mask set that didn't really work very well.. It's the only game in town which is why I got it in the first place. 70 grams of weight in the nose to stop it being a tail sitter. Only recommended for the experienced modeller. Cheers Warren
  4. Finished.. Old Trumpeter kit. Hardly any filler. Tamiya X-11 and XF-19 paints. Mask set which worked well. Thanks for looking. Warren
  5. I don't know if I would call it that.. This project needed real close project management and I stuffed up a few things, but it is all info for the Nelson when I get around to it. Next up will be the Bismarck. Regards Warren
  6. Thanks Everyone. The Walrus's took a while mate. Biplanes in that scale are a PIA!
  7. I need to do something about that door in the last photo though, although if it is a sliding one there is no problem.. I have quite a bit of PE left over I just didn't install. And some of it isn't even mentioned in the Pontos instructions..
  8. Greetings everyone. After a rather long lapse I have a post for your perusal. It is not that I have been doing nothing on the ship but just that there is so much to do! Thousands of parts and a paint supply problem until recently meant not much got done and it is taking a long time. The hull is basically finished and now I am on the superstructure and gun turrets. Here are some shots of the superstructure assembly so far. No big sticky-uppy aerials and masts up yet as I know they would probably get damaged if I did. It is bad enough that the funnel got damaged at some time and some of the detail has disappeared. Anyway, I have one more weekend before I head off over seas to Sri Lanka and the Maldives so please don't feel too sorry for me.. Cheers Warren
  9. Hi All. Well the Hustler is finally finished. Not the best kit I have ever built but at least I now have a B-58 in my collection. Got the silver on then sprayed Gloss clear with self=leveling thinner but it came out very crappy. Oh well, will know for next NMF bird.. Now its back to the Rodney.. Cheers.. Warren
  10. I finally finished masking up the B-58 after spraying the matt surfaces with Tamiya XF-56. I was intending on using Alclad again but it was about 7 tears since I last used it (time really does fly). I picked up the bottle of gloss black undercoat and.... it has gone off.. I shook the bottle and nothing moved inside... I opened the bottle and had a small wiff.. very little fumes.. Then I stuck a scriber in it just in case it was just a dry coat over the top and the rest was good... nope.. hard as a rock.. 😣 🤐 The top was on tight and the small bottles of metallic are still fine so the painting is put off again until I can get some more Alclad II Black. On a positive not, the repairs I did on my PC-6 after dropping it just a few inches have worked fine and the foliage green Lifecolor paint has gone on beautifully, after I worked out the right ratio for thinning. That's it for now. Warren
  11. Let's see now.. three disasters and three recoveries sort of describes my Father's Day weekend.. First I sprayed the PC-6 I am also building and it came out really crappy with the first coat. Then I dropped it from a small height and it broke off part of the undercarriage and two aerials. I reglued the undercarriage but am leaving the aerials off until I have finished painting the foliage green, which I just did and it looks great now I have the paint mixture ratio good. Then, and a bit worse, you know that nice NMF I got on the Hustler, well it has been removed. I had not used that paint for a long time and after I masked it up and painted the darker silver on the engines etc. this is what happened.. Yes, the top layers of the paint seemed to lift off. Great eh! So I removed all the NMF and have to start over. It was buffing paint but I forgot that it lifted off when you removed the masking tape. |:( |:(
  12. It is rather large for a twin engine bomber.
  13. The next installment of this build.. Everything on bar the wings and clear bits.. No visible means of support, except some masking tape.. Two large missiles, one for under each wing.. Speaking of wings they are now attached and the gaps at the root are very very small.. Masking the clear parts on this one are going to be fun!! Cheers Warren
  14. Another day another few hours of modelling joy! The Hustler got its canopy attached this morning .. .. and after letting it dry and applying some Maskol over the clear bits I found I had some Mr Hobby 218 Laquer left over from a previous project. 218 is Aluminium and looks the part on the Hustler.. WIll wait for at least 24 hours before I mask up for the darker metallic colour on the engine pods etc. Cheers Warren
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