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  1. Thanks mate. I have had all those kits for over 10 years and decided to make a miniscule dent in my stash while waiting for stuff for the big project. I also have done the Hull Red and boot top since those photos were taken, and now have covered up everything with masking tape to protect the finish during the rest of the construction phase.
  2. Thanks Jessie. Your signature quote could describe myself..
  3. Then over the last few days I have been continuing the bow stuff and added a couple of derrick poles.. The vents on the forward side of the raised second turret.. And worked on another jib of some sort. Each of the cross braces are seperate PE parts so it is taking a while.. That's it for now.
  4. OK. I have a new computer and am gradually transferring everything across but emails still aren't working. Luckily the old one still is.. OK. Lets start with the photos not everyone can see.. A few PE frets being painted ready for installation.. Then we have some shots of the bow.. And finally, for the Rodney, two shots of the hull after camo was applied.. Then, just to prove I wasn't lying around doing nothing while I waited for my paints I finished these..
  5. Hmmmmm.. I can.. will repost when I get home.
  6. A couple of shots.. a bit late but hey I was busy modelling.. I also fixed the links in the earlier post about the painting of the camo on the hull. And I have sprayed the Hull Red, boot top and touched up the bits where some paint bled under the masking tape. Most was around blisters on the hull.
  7. Sounds right to me as well guys. Only problem is that Colourcoats are difficult to get here in Australia. I think I may be able to find an equivelent. I am feeling a bit ambivalent towards the build at the moment but I am sure I will get over that sooner than later. Cheers all
  8. Hi Grunhertz. Unfortunately I couldn't find anywhere on that site what colour they should be, Thanks anyway my friend. I am just going to go with a dark grey colour.
  9. Greetings all. Can anybody tell me with any certainty what colour the steel decks were on the Rodney, and what colour the various vents etc were. TIA Warren
  10. And this ship modeller has actually progressed this project a little.. A miracle has occured, and its not even Christmas! Amazingly after months of inaction due to a severe lack of correct colours the hull is almost finished!! Couple of touchups and she will be ready for the rest of the build, oh and the anti-fouling paint and boot top. Cheers Warren
  11. After a lengthy saga I finally have the paints I need! Will be spraying the hull this weekend weather permitting. It is too big to spray in the house.
  12. Due to ongoing problems with this kit I have put it aside for a while until I get motivated enough to attack it again.
  13. I have a 72 sq metres shed.... but I have too many 1/1 cars in there!
  14. Hello again, please excuse the wingy thing but rather than start a new blog for an almost complete build here is a picture of the Fury in my paint both Grunhertz.. Cheers Warren
  15. Well, here is the update I promised. Where do I start. Have you ever built a kit that makes you guess where assemblies go? How about building assemblies and then never mentioning them in the instructions again? Not mentioning PE parts when they should be used, except maybe for an enigmatic question mark in the instructions? Putting the things together can be a pain, but you expect that in limited run kits. Here is the cockpit of the boat being built.. This major assembly is never mentioned again in the instructions, I can easily work it out but that is not the point. What about the box type structure you have to build. Where does that go? I have no idea as it is not shown in the instructions again. And the detail on the engine is a little soft, but it is fine.. See the crappy fan? Well after gluing it in place I realised there is a very nice PE alternative, but I am not going to bother fitting it. Why? Because there is no guidance where the motor is supposed to go. You have to guess. It isn't sounding good is it yet I want a model of this little mosquito in the German's side so I will continue. There is no painting guide for anything in the engine room. In this case I am just going to glue the hatches shut and forget the engine. It could have been a really good kit with just a little more effort before it was released.
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