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  1. Some really nice stuff here, Warren. As usual! The round tips of the anemometer, Tho. Shouldn't they be twisted 90degs? so they catch the wind?
  2. Look, If yer not gonna throw some glue at this thing, My address is...... available to you for a meagre sum. Serious;y. Whats the issue with this kit?!?!? Not big enough?? Camo to simple?? Brexit??
  3. Nice result, Mate! Will you be doing a build log for Rodney on here? Hope so!
  4. 1st class finish! & a refreshing change from 1701....
  5. I'm gonna look REALLY stoopid asking this.... But, Why is one bomb bay white & the other black?!?! Is there really only 1 in the kit??
  6. The usual standards have been exceeded on this build, Warren! REALLY impressed by this one. As for that 'sneak peek', it looks rather anemic, & worryingly under-gunned.....
  7. Taunting me yet AGAIN with these Grail builds, Eh?!?! I'm still tempted to take you up on that previous offer. the UK needs more ships!! Even if if's a Yamashiro... But i digress..... More amazing work from youself. I prefer Artwox or Pontos. The last few Hunter decks didn't want to come off the backing plastic, & 1 even tore! I learned from that.
  8. I want this SO badly, But SWMBO would kill me to death..... But that 'little' Hood is a stunner, Jamie!
  9. The Revell kit?!? in 1/350?? Where from? That's become a rare kit suddenly. Oh, usual platitudes from me on this build...
  10. That looks...... tiny. REALLY nice, but <really$> tiny. Just how big IS it?
  11. A wot-now?!?!?!? Do luv a bit of KP-Nuttery!
  12. DO NOT TEMPT ME!!!!! (But i'd consider it! name yer terms.... )
  13. How do you paint the brass after it's been fitted, Warren?!?! I usually pre-paint it before it goes on. Nice to see these unusual (& bloody expensive here in the UK!) ships being built. I went to the Hornchurch show last month & a trader was selling Fujimi 1/350 ships for north of £250!
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