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  1. I don't think I would go that far lol!
  2. I would like to go for a 1:200 Rodney WITH all the ad ons, or a 1:350 HMS Kent (Glamorgan?) from Atlantic models. That's what I'm hankering for! Bob
  3. So got a nice quick reply back from Hannants In short, im the first out of over 300 to notice and they sympathise with all modelers 😭 So back to the drawing board, any one got any good photos of the RN Phantom up real close? Laters all! Bob
  4. Guess what? STILL DECALLING LOL I have finished the upper and the sides though (Apart from the canopies). I have written to hannants to see if they can shed any light on the decal placement, if not its going to be an even longer slog! Until then Laters all! Bob
  5. Did it not come with the kit? My Premier Tasman version came with them.
  6. Looking good so far! Bob
  7. Just a quick update …… err I'm still decaling 😆 All the main decals are in place, just another 100 or so stencils to go! Laters Bob
  8. Great stuff so far, always like this majestic aircraft, looking forward to more work on it! Bob
  9. Looking very nice indeed, glad you managed to recover the lost parts! Bob
  10. Another fine choice, Does it come with the IP, seats in metal and a vac canopy? I'm in the final throws of mine but it keeps getting bumped by bigger and better lol. Go careful with the Airwaves etch. I tried to use it on an earlier incarnation of the frog kit and it was basically shi not very good really. The extra metal stuff (if you have them) does add a very nice level of detail but you really do have to be patient with the fitting. Looking forward to seeing your progress 😁 Bob
  11. So I bit the bullet and started on the decalling, I had started on the underside with the intent of completing the whole area before moving to the upperside when I discovered my gripe above so I got the major decals done. I put down a lot of Micro sol especially on the serials to bed them down over the hinge. I did get a large bubble under the upper "T" and in trying to bed that down I squidged it a bit so I may have to return to that later. I then turned my attention to the upperside, after an hour of eye straining I managed to get all those stencils down. Wing complete! I am now putting aside for a good day or two before hitting the other wing. Like I said earlier I will complete the upperside and then see what we have remaining for the underside. So again that is where we are at now, still feeling like this build is steaming bit! Laters all! Bob
  12. Ok, Ok Omega it will be then, if I ever get round to it! I was hoping that this update would be a good one but alas it is full of ………. 😠 AAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! Not just once but twice! First I tried again with the gloss coat, this is just not working and is being a right old pain in the butt! I persevered with one final thinned out coat but the result was disappointing, I think I should be able to get away with it once I finish off with a matt/semi gloss final coat. I just don't seem to be able to find a decent acrylic gloss coat, how hard can it be! Second AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! is a bit bigger. I sat down this afternoon to start on the decaling, the first sheet is just the main aircraft specific decals and is beautifully detailed and the decals look great. The second set is the stencils, all 156 of them! I paid a nice whack for them so am determined to use them all even if it takes the rest of the year and kills me! I decided to start on the underside and put down the roundel and serials, great start! Then..…... Have a look at decal number 6 on the diagram, points to a yellow square in the main landing gear door, simples Now look at decal number six on the decal sheet (next to the cut out) #6 is a lifting sign, it should be #13 I think, now look at 28 in the middle of the picture below and find it in the picture above, lastly 48 below doesn't correspond with 48 above. In fact pick any number below and see if it relates to above! It doesn't! I checked the diagram for the upper and it seems to correspond well enough, so ill just see if I can complete the upper surface and see what is left over. I know model making is meant to be a challenge but at least give me half a chance! I did check to see if it was something simple like a missing digit ie #10 should be #110, but no. Off to send an email to Mr Hannant now and sign it Mr Grumpy of Nova Scotia! Laters! Bob
  13. Blue Noser

    1/72 Applecore

    Very nice shippers, good crack at rigging it as well, she looks sweet! Bob
  14. Lovelly looking model, great stuff! Bob
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