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  1. Great stuff, its looking mighty fine!
  2. Great stuff there, she is coming along nicely! Bob
  3. Blue Noser

    Hisso SE

    Another smasher there Darbs, very nice indeed! Bob
  4. Oh I think she would have definitely have gotten airborne, catapulted off the ship...…..the only issue being the 3.4 second flight time!
  5. An interesting build, I cant picture a JU86 at all, was going to google it but then thought no just go with it and see what it turns into. I am quite intrigued now! Hopefully no one will spoil my enjoyment by posting a picture of the real thing , now really looking forward to progress on this, great stuff so far. Bob
  6. I have now actually got some colour going, well I have something different from grey! I got a couple coats of white on the upper part of the fuselage. Im using a general purpose spray from 'Krylon'. Unfortunately here in Canada we don't get good old Halfords stuff and the sprays we do get have horrible nozzles that just seems to lightly atomise. The area was a bit too big to try and cover with white from an air brush. I perservered and in the end got a decent coat. I did get a couple of runs but the coating was thick enough that I should be able to just rub it down Not very clear but you can just make it out. Next up is a eight year old can of Halfords grey for the wings (I managed to smuggle it out of the UK when I moved!). Im thinking it would have been easier to do the wings first and then mask them off rather than the way I have elected, but hey ho I shall just have to go easier. I'm letting the white dry now for a few days so that its nice and hard for when I apply the grey. Until next time! Bob
  7. Very sweet indeed, really captured the essence of the beast! Bob
  8. Thanks for the continued support, I think I am nearly through the prep work! Here is just a little update as its still much the same old, same old. I gave one of the wings a good prime and polished it more until I was happy with it. I then glued it in securely, for these large items I resorted back to humbrol poly to get a good join. I thought this would be better than my go to Tamiya stuff. The wing join was faired in and primed again. A little more filler and we should be nearly there. Then it was time to concentrate on the other wing, I got that all sorted and glued it in securely, here it is all nicely balanced and jigged up Then the tail planes... The other wing and tail planes were faired in and rubbed down then it was back to the paint shop So here we are all primed up and looking good! Ill let her dry for a couple of days and then look at the final coats. I am going to use auto paints for this as it needs something industrial and the detail isn't fine enough that itll disappear. In the background you can see my paint mule, with a bit of primer on. Ill use this to gauge whether the auto paints will react with the primer or each other without ruining the model Finally I have had a go at tidying one of the props, these will need a bit of work as well as the moldings are a bit naff, but should come out all right. Well that's all for now, hopefully next time we will have a bit of colour! Cheers now Bob
  9. Greetings all! Ive decided to dig out my collection of various 1:72 kits that I have completed over the last few months. While non are really worthy of their own RFI im quite happy with most to show them off, so here they are! First up is an Esci (later Italeri) Sea Harrier, built straight OOB with the exception of a Quickboost seat. She represents 801 NAS on their way to the Falklands. Paints are from Model Master and kit decals were used. I did attempt to make some blanks for the intakes, not great but will do! I also cut out the intake auxiliary doors and droop the upper ones to look more realistic. A nice kit to build and one of the better versions of a Sea Harrier. Next is another Sea Harrier, this time a T4. The base for this kit is a Heritage resin kit. This is quite nicely molded if a little faint but it became apparent that the main parts like the wing and centre fuselage was very (very!) similar to the Esci/Italeri kit. So much so that I could use them instead of the resin, so below is an 899 NAS anniversary T4. The very front and rear are the original resin and everything else is an Italeri kit. Again I did the auxiliary doors, the Heritage kit does come with some nice metal seats but other than that the cockpit is quite bare and poorly molded. There was a lot of whittling down to get the front and centre to line up nicely which meant losing the intake area so this was also blank off (poorly!). The worse part of the kit is the canopy. Here it is loosely fitted waiting for some enthusiasm to do something better. Its a vac canopy but vac canopies and me don't really mix well! The decals are from the Heritage kit and are slightly out of register (check out the roundals), I not sure if this aircraft ever wore the black scheme with the anniversary tail but I'm calling artistic license on this one! Here we have an Antonov Colt by Trumpeter. I painted it in Model Master Acrylics with kit decals. I saw this kit at a model show for only $9 which a thought was a bargain but in the end to just really annoyed me! It started off well enough, but the canopy to fuselage fitment is poor, the tail planes just would not want to stick to the fuselage, the wing struts were crap and boxy and finally the undercarriage was ropey as hell. Apart from that it was a nice build! Any way I percervered and finally finished it. Definitely not worth rigging it, in fact not even worth putting yellow tips on the props lol! Next we have a Hasegawa Thunderbolt. This was a quick build or would have been a quick build if I didn't lose the prop! I found it six weeks later next to the scrubbing sink and not the floor I spent my hands and knees on looking for it. I also found a nice stand for it so decided to go for a wheels up flyer. The penultimate kit is the new Airfix Defiant. This was a panic buy as I was going to leave my LHS empty handed on Saturday (which we all know is against the law) and nothing was doing it for me so I just plumped for this. I managed to smash it out with in a week which is very quick for me (my quick build Seaking took 3 months!). It just seemed to fall together nicely, very nicely indeed. Straight OOB, again Model Master acrylics Finally we have a Hasegawa Jaguar Trainer. This is a very nice if slightly old kit. Really enjoyed this one but screwed up with the ballast. Its very loose and if im not careful little lead balls get stuck in the canopy! Thanks for looking in! Cheers now Bob
  10. Thanks for the kind words, she does look a bit basic but I like them in the just released state rather than with all sorts of protubulances......makes for simple modelling 😁 Yes in fact I did, I checked my log book and there it was 25th April 2000, this was when I was on board either RFA Fort George or Illustrious, not sure which but it was when we swapped over a bit on a big trip. This was when I was a flying maintainer on 820. A 1 1/4 hour engine Computer trim. This was the only time I flew in her. Love your version by the way! I knew there was a Seaking in the museum but never realised that it was in fact the very one I was modelling until after I had nearly finished her, would have been a great reference if I had known! Bob
  11. Good evening all, This is my latest completion, it started out as a Canada Day quick build back in July but like all builds it dragged on a bit! Although 4 months for a build is quite quick for me lol! So this is the Revell version with a few slight modifications. All the sticky out bits were removed as the fuselage was relatively clean. I did have to make two additions, one on the tail and one under the cockpit. These were made from plastic square section rod shaped appropriately. The seats were reshaped as the kit ones are incorrect and the sponson internals were boxed in. The only extra I added were Airfix intakes as they were deeper and looked better than the Revell offering. I used Model Master Acrylics for the paint finish, the colours aren't 100% accurate but good enough and the decals are from a Cutting Edge set for Seakings. Unfortunately this lacks severely in stencilling which is quite prominent, I used what I could from other sets but didn't go overboard. I also had a major disaster for the "Royal Canadian Navy" decals. While I was doing a little touch up I pulled half of the letting off with tape but alas not much I can do about that. So here she is Seaking 4001 of the Royal Canadian Navy. Cheers now Bob
  12. Shes not bad, and the co pilot is a bit of a dish as well 😄 Well the grinding, filling and smoothing is continuing abound. Ive given the fuselage one last prime and I have reached a point where I am kind of happy with what I have. Its a smooth fuselage and a constant colour as I will soon have to start adding a white coat. Now that I am happy with that I looked at the wings and in particular the nacelles and these weren't great after the first prime. I will need to rework that! Also I didn't like trailing edge of the wing tips as they looked too short. I took a drastic cut off the wing tip and stuck a large chunk of plastic on the end and left it to harden for a good few days. This then allowed me to reshape it to look better. Above is the in progress wingtip and next to it is the tail fin which also needs attention, after a bit of rework you can see the better shape on the fin Finally for this update I looked at the exhausts on the nacelles, the original version was a hideous moulding that had no real shape or depth, and they were long gone having been sanded off ages ago. I still had the basic shape visible in the bare plastic which gave me a rough idea of the size required. I decided to use some ally tubing that I had kicking round, I think it was about 6mm. The rough shape gave me an idea of what I needed. So I worked out that my exhaust should be about 11mm in diameter so that would give me a good idea of the angle I needed to cut the tube. I smoothed the cut and thinned the wall thickness, to close off the exhaust I blocked off the end with plastic card. Ill trim the excess and then they are good, next was to cut out the nacelle and shape it to accept the exhaust. This I did quite badly! but that's why we have superglue and filler right! Finally the exhaust tube was inserted at an angle and depth that would look right, going by the mk 1 eyeball rather than measuring it! And then secured with ALOT of cyano and finished off with filler, far better than the kit and well worth the effort. I also have an airscoop just in front of the exhaust so will have to go through my spares box for that. Nearly through the tedium of filling and filling, hopefully start having paint on soon! Until then, Laters! Bob
  13. Great stuff, I've asked Santa for one of these and a Phantom, just hope he thinks I've been good this year. Looking forward to seeing these come to fruition! Bob
  14. Good day! Its been a bit of time since my last update but to be honest not a lot has been going on, or rather not a lot of interest has been going on. Basically just filling, sanding, filling, sanding and so on. So just to prove that it hasn't hit the buffers I'll show some of the progress, first was that air scoop, I wanted to get that done and dusted. Last update was where I had blanked off the gaping hole with plasticard and a shed load of glue. I let that harden and then sanded smooth the blank followed by a touch of filler to give the right contour. Im quite happy with this one! unfortunately I didn't take a pic of this monumental moment..... but as for the scoop... I glued one half of the bomb onto some thin plasticard and then cut it to a good length. After that I added another layer of card for the back end so that it would stand off from the fuselage. I also had a go at shaping the rear end which has unfortunately gone too far creating a nice little hole. This has been bunged up with plastic rod and glue and is ready for reshaping. Compared to the original its a great improvement. Below is it installed and faired in with a bit more filler. I also thinned the front edge so that it doesn't look so clunky Not a great picture but hopefully gives you an idea. Next was the cockpit canopy, this kind of fitted where it touched! I preempted the masking on the canopy in the hope that I could fair it in without damaging it but alas having caked it in filler it was quite messed up I spent a bit of pussyfooting around but in the end I just went for it big time.... ….and then polished it all out. It looks ok after all that, I can see through it but I think itll need a bit of varnish on it. All in all a lot of whittling so this is an idea of the overall picture, one main wing nearly done, the other just waiting on its nacelle and then I think I can move on.... and move on I did, re masked the canopy and gave the fuselage a damn good prime, to do this I used the hole for the stand to put it on a stick but unfortunaltely the fuselage joins are wafer thin so there isn't a lot to hold onto so there was cracking abound, but I perservered with the priming just to see how the rest of the fuselage looks, here we are after round 1 Not the end of the world, a lot of the raised detail has been sufficiently removed to give a smooth appearance and most of the filling didn't through up any further problems. I have since given the joins a hefty adhesive application (more than shown above which was to just tack it back together), but overall I am really happy with it, hopefully round 2 will nail it! I will leave it for a good few days to harden, I would really love to finish the priming by end of Oct but we shall see! Cheers now Bob
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