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  1. Thanks for the heads up, that was the plan so I think I should get him done sooner!
  2. Greetings one and all, Its not very often I venture into this domain to post, I frequently view this area but then have to go and wash straight after 😆, but I do find myself here far too frequently now for a self obsessed lighter than air person. Just last week we had our annual club trophy build kick off and the topic was Canadian 2nd World War. I had nothing suitable in the stash apart from this Universal Carrier, although the kit only has British markings, they did feature quite prominently in Canadian service so that was the perfect opportunity to try something new and reduce the sta
  3. Lovely job, Mac. Turned out really nice!
  4. Yep, concur with everyone else, looks well sweet!
  5. Yep, thats right, just had a look on Scalemates and this kit been released as a Humbrol and Revell but not Airfix.
  6. Nice choice of subject, I did always fancy this but never plumped for it. Is it the same kit as the Airfix? I know they had a bit of a cooperation going on.
  7. Looking mightily grand now, love the different paint scheme!
  8. Cracking stuff! For the marbling, do you black first or is it a white coat first? Fancy giving that a try soon! Bob
  9. I'm lucky enough to have been to both Banffs, I can confirm that the fish and chips in the Scottish one are far nicer, the Albertan one has bigger mountains, apart from that not much else to report!
  10. Thats the type of result I like! I think I will go for the dark yellow option and just make it up from there. It should be fine in a small scale ..... not that I'm a perfectionist with AFV but ballpark is preferred!
  11. Thanks for that, the revell concoction gave the indication of something earthy not grey. I have a couple of greys I could use so may well just go for grey as a back up. Not sure if the revell mix is a dark yellow or something?
  12. Good day all! I'm just jumping into Revells 1:76 FAMO and was wondering on their colour call outs. I would like to be somewhere in the ball park and their 'mix' doesnt sound right. They are asking for 50% Matt 88 Ochre and 50% Greyish green, which sounds a bit khaki, Olive Drab something! So can any relate this to a proper all in one colour that I can buy. Ideally, I would be looking at an acrylic such as Vallejo Air, Model Master Acryl, Mig Ammo or AK. TIA! Help me ASM you are my only hope! Bob
  13. Lovely job young man! Good to see you are back on it, hope all is as well as it can be! Bob
  14. Is this an early prototype of the airbag? Using the sacrificial passenger to cushion one's impact!
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