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  1. Nicely done, love the Treble 1 tail!
  2. Nice model and love the weathering, looks a right proper job
  3. Very nice indeed, looks great and love the personal touch.
  4. Looks good with a splash of colour!
  5. Excellent work, looks the part!
  6. Good morning to you all, a short and sweet update for you, got a bit of work done last night and ended up with a rather pastey* looking Seahawk this morning! Hopefully tonight I will get some colour into its cheeks! *I think its spelt pastey although auto correct would want me to change it to pasty, which I know is incorrect and mmmm pasty .... I miss my proper Cornish Pasties Stay safe Y'all! Bob
  7. Good day one and all once again, hope you all had a fine week since I last updated. More minor adjustments for the Seahawk this week, first up a bit of rhinoplasty. The kit depicts a blunt hole with a circular opening, but comparing it to the original you can see it should be more oval and it’s a bit like a scoop rather than a plain hole. So to rectify this I thought about replacing the whole nose. I took some thick plastic square section and drilled and shaped out the hole, (it does look alot neater in real life!) this was then cut down and the kit nose was sanded back to its bulkhead and then the new section was securely glued into place, this was then left overnight because I was going to do some severe work on this area and didn’t want it popping off. Once secure I whittled it down to roughly the right shape with some Harry Roughers wet and dry before some fine tuning. It still needs a little more work but am going to wait until after I have done the first prime coat so that I can see what I am doing. I then turned my attention to the wing fold area, its now nice and busy, not greatly accurate but busy is good enough. It should look ok under a coat of paint, I have left a couple of small holes to accommodate some wiring from lower to upper wing once all is attached. The bullet fairing was also worked, unfortunately going too hard I broke through the plastic so had a big hole to deal with. I drilled it out to accommodate some plastic rod, glued it up and applied filler. Still not sure about the final shape, although the shadow looks better! After that it was out with the primer! I gave the kit a good dusting, wiped it down and then applied a coat of grey to see where the imperfections lie. Not too bad for the first go over! I have now filled the imperfections, rubbed down and re-primed, I will look at the damage tonight and if all is well I will go over the kit again in white primer as this will provide a better backdrop for the red, although I think I read somewhere that yellow is the best undercoat for red? Or it may have been the other way around, I cant quite remember lol! Anyway thats it from me for now. As ever look after yourselves and stay safe! Cheers now Bob
  8. That was my shop of choice when I was a wee nipper! Well when I could remember which side street I had to turn up. If I was lucky I would have up to 3 quid to spend! I have fond memories of going in there and looking at the new release Hasegawa Corsair II in 1:48. Wow, what a kit! I would spend ages going through the box, gazing in awe, then sadly put it back and buy a cheap Italeri kit or something! 😁 Bob
  9. A lovely little pair of birds! I do like the way they are displayed on the perspex stand, set them off nicely. Great build!
  10. Welcome back! Only been a short break and I have managed to get a bit more done on the wing folds. I continued with the strip around the leading edge so that this creates a recessed structure I deliberately left some areas over length so that I could chop them down once the glue had dried. This also helps the glue to bond all the length of the wing. I then applied a very thin layer of filler to help blend in the joining areas better. i will rub that down later then it will be time to fill in the blanks. Here you can also make out the detail on the upper wing, in the grand scheme of things it is pervfectly reasonable. I do need a few more lightening holes in the lower wing, then add more detail in there. I may not be really accurate but something to make it look busy. I have also joined the rear fuselage and stuck that on. The fit wasnt too bad but due to the curvatures of the parts it is quite difficult to nestle it in perfectly. Once dried there was a small lip which I had tried to avoid but to no avail. So out with the wet and dry and blend the lot in without losing too much detail. I did need a wee bit of filler but all is not too bad. I also looked at the bullet, on the kit it is far too bulbous and a bit short I think. I rubbed it down to try and thin the profile. Of course I only have an after shot so nothing to compare it to! but looks ok i think. So to add in an edit, I found the above pic off Prime Portal Hawker Sea Hawk FB.5 Walk Around Page 3 (primeportal.net) An excellent resource if I dont mind saying so! But you can see the profiles side by side here and I think it does need more work in sharpening the profile, so its out with the sand paper again! So next up will be some reprofiling, fill in the wing fold area and then to the dope shop for a prime, hopefully will get some colour on this weekend. Looks like a snow storm coming in so I wont be fighting that, just sit back, keep calm and carry on modelling! Until then keep safe! Bob
  11. Looking very sweet now, coming together nicely! It does look quite large, one wing is almost the same length as the diameter of that Roddas Clotted cream tub in the backgr ........... 🤤 mmmmm clotted cream........🤤🤤🤤
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