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  1. At the weekend we had the Nova Scotian Model showcase that is the Shearwater Hobby Show, its a very small show but is the best we have and the best opportunity to shop for new and used stuff. I came away with a nice batch, The Kalinin was a door prize, The Sea Horse will be converted to a CH-126 and the MIG 19 was another impulse buy but I seem to have an affinity for Russian stuff now, dunno who set me up on that course! Also some Mig Ammo paints and primer to see how they go. The triplanes were nice and a purchase stirred by our WW1 GB even though its only a couple of weeks til completion I will do them slow time but I seem to have a theme going on! One wing, Two wings...…. It was also the first time I have entered models in a show, after doing this for 40 years I finally plucked up the courage and came away with a couple of medals! A gold for my Renown and Silver for my Seaking I was also speaking with the guys from the Atlantic Canada Museum and they have come into 3500 kits and were opening up after the show for everyone to browse and shop. I was sorely tempted but I had promised to take SWMBO out for an anniversary night out......I was sorely tempted but after 23 years of marriage I felt I owed Mrs C something! So hoping they open up again before too long! So all in all a happy successful weekend. Bob
  2. Eduard 1:48 Albatross DIII. A most enjoyable build, no extras, paints were a mix of Vallejo Air and Model Master. Wood effect my own effort using a mix of acrylic paints to simulate the grain. Any hoo here she is!
  3. So at last I have finished so here is a little tease, the rest will appear in the gallery PDS! Thanks for looking in!
  4. So I had a frustratingly productive afternoon on Friday. I had all struts in place, the lower attachments held the rigging string in place for now. The idea was to rig and then secure the upper wing. The first struggle was to get the rigging in place without it pulling it all out of shape. This called for more jigging! Then the other side.... Unfortunately the fuselage struts weren't holding either! So I thought the best thing to do was to get the upper wing on. This required a second pair of hands, patience and dexterity, unfortunately I possessed non of these traits! After alot of jiggery pokery and an almighty loud F@@@@@#########**********! I got it together... The loose string ends are rigging that still needs attaching. I then followed my previous advise of "Leave it alone and walk away" After removing the tape and finishing off the rig I was quite happy with it The underside of the upper wing is a tad messy but nothing that a touch up wont fix. Next on with a couple of ancilliaries and then another rest. Just wheels, exhaust and tail skid and I think that's job done, I'll have her in the gallery by next week hopefully, just in time before my kids soccer season starts! Laters Bob
  5. So post dog walking and work I get home and snap a pick of the jig in action with upper wings on top. And head on it all lines up. Then before bed I started a bit of rigging prep. I'm using some old elastic line, I like this because it's fine and I can pull a slight tension to prevent sagging lines. I am using the struts to secure most of the rigging ends, just keep it simple. This makes the setting up of the outer struts a little more complicated, I need 3 lines coming out of the bottom, then set up a jig to hold the strut. This is what I came up with. I then set about the other side, but just before I did anything I had a brain wave! LEAVE THE BLEDDY THING ALONE UNTIL TOMORROW! So I did and am now enjoying a wine. Until tomorrow! Bob
  6. Nice build! Love the fact they had to cut holes in the wings so the pilot could see if he had any wheels or not! Great stuff!
  7. I was hoping not to leave it another two weeks until my next update, and I haven't...…...I slipped to 3 weeks! But I have been chipping away on this, just got sidetracked on a pair of hoovers, an old boot and a bag of string but hopefully they will be ready to view soon (can you tell what they are though?). Any how it was on with the build, tail plane and lowers wings have now been added with mucho thanks to the lego I stole off my son, its alright hes not into lego any more, just dabbles in Minecraft, a computerized version of...……..lego! But back to the lego and knocking up a few jigs And then it was onto the wing struts. Eduard have little dimples for the location holes so I opened these up a bit larger to give me a bit more "meat" for the struts to hold onto, I set up for the fuselage ones first, again using a lego jig, but this one had a bit more thought into it and slightly more "engineering" This was Mk 1 Mk 2 was a bit more complex ( I forgot a photo) but used the thinner plates to get the right height for the supports to hold the struts at exactly the right angle...…...give or take a few thou! and view from the front It holds it well enough that I've even had the top wing balance on top of it whilst still drying! Although I don't have photographic evidence! I was so impressed with my engineering I sought the approval of the lady of the house Yeah not impressed, especially as it was walkies time! Although her Alice Cooper eyes make her look a lot more unimpressed than she really was lol. So after the disapproval I did something I haven't been able to do before and walked away from a critical moment without going back for a final adjustment and screwing the whole thing up! So tomorrow I will attempt the wing struts using a similar method, then I am going to attempt to rig the aircraft before putting the upper wing on. Sounds a bit crazy but I have a cunning plan Off Dog walking, Cheers now Bob
  8. Beautiful! Love the finish Bob
  9. Very nice, I thought your Airliners link above was your actual model! excellent likeness! Cheers now Bob
  10. 1. I remember in the dark mists of time buying an F-18 hi-tech. It was 1:48 and I do believe it was a monogram kit but not too sure but came with 'special detail parts' (a ladder I think). This was before the internet and before I discovered super glue, so tried to fix it on with normal poly, and although partly successful I experimented with other methods, one of which was to heat the metal and try to melt it to the airframe! Thankfully I found out the secret not too long after that. 2. Not approached this yet but have 2 in the stash so ask me in a year or two! 3. I once bought a resin 'improvement' set for an Airfix Buccaneer from one of those shady hand drawn ads in pre internet SAMi, the only thing it improved was my opinion of the Airfix kit! 4. The first one I completed was a Czech Masters Westland Wyvern, its still on my display shelf but the canopy is yellow and the undercarriage is a bit droopy. 5. I think this was for a Grumman Avenger, the Accurate Miniatures version to turn it into a FAA aircraft long before Italeri bought them out. 6. This is a little tougher, I would like to say Magna Models Scimitar but I still haven't quite finished it. Cheers now Bob
  11. Looking good! Looking forward to them tracks as well! Bob
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