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  1. Not unless he gets lost and ends up in the wrong theatre 😆😉 Thanks for that information Andy, makes me feel like i'm on the right track! 😁
  2. Good day y'all! I may be a bit haphazard with my regular posting but I have been tootling along with this at a healthy pace. The bonus for this post is I discovered that there are actually 2 sets of instructions and the second is in English! Who knew lol! Still not that much good for detail painting! So as you can see the chassis is almost complete, i want to set up a cable on that which and then I can fit the lower body on. This has been sprayed chromate green for the insides and assembled, the seats are painted in dark sea grey for that sheer vinyl plastic look and I highlighted
  3. Ordered some paints online Mainly for my quad tractor build, but to save myself $10 on postage because I'm a tight bugger, I splashed $30 on this Qualified for free P&P though 😄. Although I am a bit worried about my late armour fascination. Hope to grow out of that soon! Bob
  4. Last up is this wee cracker. I saw it at our last club meet on the bargain bucket table. It was 75% off and as i looked over it a little voice kept saying "buy it, buy it!" (turns out it was the shop manager and not my inner subconscious psyche!), So buy it I did, cost me a little over $7, about 4 of your English (or Scottish) pindes, not sure on the Rands though. Again a great build, lovely detail, near screwed up the aluminium again but managed to recover. Decals were a bit ropey, especially the tailplanes but got there in the end. This is the Fujimi F7U-3P Cutlass.
  5. Greetings all, hope you are all doing well! Thought it was about time to post my last few completions as it was nice to actually move a couple to the shelf of completion! First up is a special addition SAAB Gripen. The back story is that Canada were looking at the Gripen and the F35 as a CF118 replacement. The company I work for are partnered with Saab and if we win the contract then we would build them here in Nova Scotia. Great for our local economy! For the last year or so I have been getting spammed on Twitter by Saab telling me all about it (even though I know alot about it!) bu
  6. Excellent build, she is a beaut! I doff my cap in admiration!
  7. Welcome back all, at last more progress and some pictures! I have now built up most of the chassis and started assembling the interior, I've only fitted the seat supports and 'knobbly' bits in so far as the seats will be a different colour to the rest of the interior. Here we are I've also given matey boy driver an overall coat of dark green. I still have to do his boots and then I am going to have a go with some oils to blend and highlight, you can see he is quite content there, sitting in the traffic waiting to move on. The Chassis is still far to monochromatic and clean so will need
  8. Thanks all for popping in, thanks also for the instructions links as well. A quick glance shows the English instructions to be just as Vague on painting as the Japanese version! 😄. Still, going to continue with the black for the chassis, I have seen the innards in a dark zinc chromate type green which I liked, not sure where to go for the external green yet. I did a landrover in a Vallejo dark green but that was a right pain trying to get a decent coating so may look for a MM Acryl version. I'm looking at doing a bit of light weathering and shading on this so am thinking exact matches aren't r
  9. An unusual looking beastie! looking forward to seeing more on this!
  10. Lovely stuff, glad to see you're not taking the easy straight OOB approach! Looking forward to seeing this come alive!
  11. Excellent progress, really like the look of this kit, if only it had wings, rotors or Royal Navy on the side 😄
  12. Good day everyone! I'm a little late in here but here I am! My effort into this will be the Tamiya 25Pdr plus Quad Gun Tractor, so I have artillery in there somewhere! First up what's in the box? Its a venerably old Tamiya kit and all my instructions are in Japanese so I have very little guidance in the way of colours on this. I will need to try and google some English style ones. Inside the box, a nice load of plastic Its all very nicely molded, typical of Tamiya kits (as I'm sure some of this parish can attest!) So with a load of kits already on the bench nearing completion, I'
  13. Excellent job, thats a beauty!
  14. It really is a lovely kit, I picked it up from our local museum emporium where it was on the Billy Bargain table for $7 which is just under 4.50! The fit is great and only the black areas below took filler more due to me not taking enough time to line everything up, You could get away with very little! and bizarrely it doesn't need any nose weight! There was another on the table when I left, may have to grab that as well if its there at the next model meet!
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