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  1. Greetings one and all! Its been a bit of time since my last update in this *ahem* speed build, the reason being is that progress has been markedly slow. This Nova Scotian Summer is blistering along now, its nice and warm and inviting for doing other outdoor stuff and not sitting indoors! Also last week was my wife's 50th birthday week, so for once I wrapped up the kits and dedicated a week to her, its only a week every 50 years so I am quite happy with that sacrifice! Although in amongst all that I did manage to get some progress done, up til now I was missing a couple of fairings, one forward and one aft. For the aft I used plastic square section, I think it was 2X6mm, cut to size, shaped and rounded off. This was painted separately and then glued in position....nice and simples really.. Here you can see it in position under the tail cone, it was all done by eye and looks the job (don't worry about the rest of the photo, I will cover those shenanigans later!) Next on the list was the forward fairing under the nose, this would be a much more complicated shape as it is a teardrop shape that is radius and then has to fit the hull shape of the aircraft. I used the same square stock as the rear fairing, shaped it externally and then hollowed it out and shaped it to fit perfectly so I could paint it and just fit it without any extra rework, as you can see from this pick it fits nice and snug with no issues*** *** This statement is unfortunately an untruth! The underside contour is so much more complex. I got the shape close and then glued it in place. There were gaps that needed filling, a bit of trimming here and there and a bit of tweaking required. Enough work to wreck the paint finish underneath that I had to spray part of the underside again, no biggie, ill just mask it off and respray, which I did......now go back to the previous picture and take note of what is left of the 'Royal Canadian Navy' decal under the cockpit window! 🤬 and yes it did it to both sides! Ooh I was slightly mad is a bit of an understatement. At the moment I don't have any suitable decals to cover them so I have had to carry on regardless. I repainted the metallic red on the tail rotors so it looks normal now and built up the sponsons and rotor head. The canopy is still loose so remove this and fitted the seats and painted the quarterlights above the pilots in clear green (which explains the masking tape on the windows below), unfortunately the paint pooled in these as it dried, not a major show stopper but more work is required. So masking has been removed and here she is And after a little bit more work she is nearing completion... So she isn't finished just yet, I still want to sort those rotor blades as they are just far too rigid and there are a couple of little tweaks id like to add, but I am getting there, albeit very slowly lol. Cheers now Bob
  2. Royal Navy hovercrafts came under the Fleet Air Arm and had aircraft serial numbers (eg XV121) so I would definitely put it in aircraft! Bob
  3. Well another gloriously nice week and next to bugger all modelling done! but I have got round to doing some stickers! The main set of decals are from the cutting edge set but that doesn't come with any stencil decals. The kit ones are next to useless because I have the German version and where I could get away with AngloFranco (?) stensilling for Canada, I wont get away with AngloGermanic! So I went through some spare Airfix ones because I used a separate RN set for my Mk1. I got the yellow on black for under the pilots side window but the other windows need red lettering with no background. I will also go through and hopefully have lots of "No Step' and 'No Push' and further oddities. I had to use a RN jet intake decal so I could get the white background on the Danger so it is a right hodge podge of decals. So here she is on the port side: And for the left, unfortunately whilst I drowned the decals in Micro Sol my thumb smudged the front decal to read Canadia… so I need to find a suitably sized "N" from somewhere. Not a great problem in the grand scheme of things but still a PITA! Well that's all for now, Happy Modelling! Bob
  4. Lol, I suddenly slipped back a decade to when I was indeed a WAFU (to make matters worse a Chief Tiff as well!) at Culdrose, sometimes my native language takes over! At least @skwonk knew wot I wos talking about. Ah memories of popping down that way to E site on stand easy to see the misses for a nice cuppa. But in short, yes she will be a Royal Navy variant 😁
  5. Absolutely, definitely! None of that Crab or Pongo crap. Don't know if it'll be a shark or not but it brings back memories of when they were down past ETS at Culdrose (Cant remember if that was 'c' site or not, been away too long and the memory is fuzzy lol), ah fine old days! Bob
  6. Well here we are on another update, now day 26, so the quick build has really gone to pot lol (but hey in reality I don't think there is such a thing as a quick build). Since the last up date the weather in Nova Scotia has been stupendously nice, which means a minimal of bench time. Also we had an incident involving my teenage son, vodka and univited guests which means he is now occupying my 'old' hobby room (his old bedroom) and I have had to relocate into my 'new' hobby room (his previous bedroom) in the basement, so I do more space but just had the nausea of having to move EVERYTHING! Still all good in the end.....apart from my son who is very sheepish, and grounded for what will seem like a lifetime to him! Hey we all did it when we were younger, didn't we? We just didn't get caught lol! But the Brightside is I have room for, not really a shelf of doom but a shelf of optimism! (lower shelf is the completed section) So where are we at on our Seaking? I went through and masked up for the final bits of EDSG, on the fuselage that meant masking off for the upper fairing for the sponson strut. This is molded onto the fuselage which makes it difficult for masking. Luckily Airfix don't do it this way and leage a nicely shaped recess for this fairing. So by sticking masking tape over the airfix model and carefully cutting, I ended up with a nice mask that just only needed a touch of adjustment. The fuselage was then masked up as well as the sponsons, tail rotor head and main rotor head. The rotor heads should be a different shade, probably a bit darker than EDSG but i'm just going with that as it looks ok. So then it was out with the airbrush and a quick spray without screwing anything up! So with an air of excitement and trepidation it was off with the masking, whilst trying not to snap any tail or main blades! Quite happy with those results, a little tidy up and I reckon we are good and ready for some gloss coat and then some decals! I may even get this done by the end of the month, but not counting my chickens just yet! I did notice my tail rotor is looking strange. I painted the red with Vallejo signal red, over white gloss, but it almost has a metallic sheen to it, almost seems to sparkle! Not really clear in this picture but its quite strange, I may have to go over the red again. But that's all for now, hopefully another update really soon! Cheers now Bob
  7. So my son was working until 5 and I finish at 4, but luckily we have the Atlantic Canada Museum right on my work doorstep so I thought I'd have a quick bimble through the shop which just happens to be the best stocked used model kit shop in the whole of Atlantic Canada! No intention to buy anything just wanted to have a good nose around and then go out and pick my lad up. I was doing really well until the Museum staff looked at me and then the guilt set in, but hey on the bright side I managed to keep it under $100! Quite a nice little haul as well...…..to go with my other nice little haul a few months ago.....and no doubt my next haul after summer! Any hoo this is what I got.. To be honest I went in to get the Gazelle, I saw it a few months ago and wanted to research how good it was. Apparently on a par with the Fujimi Wasp but it'll be a good base and worth $20 to me, so I went in hoping that it would still be there, the others? Well I dunno how they got mixed up in the pile! Bob
  8. So just a little bit of tweaking and diddling since the last update, I went for the black areas and spent most of my spare time masking it off and trying to get it to look right. I was going for the anti glare strip and the exhaust areas so that resulted in major masking! Then after a nice application of MM black, I carefully peeled it all away and am quite happy with these results. And the other side The flash makes the upper markings stand out a lot more than reality, in fact they blend in quite sweetly! The main blades did look a little dark to me when compared to the airframe so I decided to go over it again with a much lighter grey, Model Master Camouflage Grey, and it is a bit more reasonable. Again the flash washes it out more but tonally its better and more matches periodic photos. So that's where I am at so far, not much will get done tonight as my Halifax Wanderers play Ottawa Fury in the Canadian Cup tonight (Its soccer) so will be heading down for that, which will hopefully go down as an epic cup tie! So looking ahead I will be concentrating on those sponsons, the tail rotor and painting the main rotor head, I think I'm getting there! Cheers now Bob
  9. As for progress this weekend, from a modelling point of view the worst thing happened..... the sun came out and shone brightly all weekend! So model time was minimal. I managed some paint on Saturday morning before heading out to watch the mighty Halifax Wanderers FC down town. I primed a lot of the ancillaries and masked off for the dayglo. I then got out some colours and painted up the main rotors, wheel wells and the white stripe on the tail. Below is the main rotor underside, I sprayed it free hand without masking so I have got a bit of overspray on the leading edge at the blade root, I will have to do a little bit of touching up. And the same rotors from above, black undersides and grey upper I just need to mask up and do the actual rotor head then that will be job done. It was then time for a bit of fluorescent. It should be red fluorescent and I used Model Master Red Flouro, but its a bit weak and more of an orange. I pondered if I should have given it a red undercoat first but decided to just go with it as it was. I found best way is to build it up very lightly until I have a solid base. I think my paint is starting to go off as it kept blocking my airbrush, it was a right pain but got there in the end. So it is a bit light but we'll just call it "washed out"! And the other side, I still need to paint the upper sponson strut fairings in EDSG and then its out with the black for the exhaust and anti glare strips...… shes getting there! That's all for now, but don't expect this to progress really fast, the sun is still shining and I've got to make the most of that! Cheers now Bob
  10. Afternoon all! Well progress has understandably slowed a little, especially as the sun is now shining but fear not I said I would complete this by the end of Canada Day...….. just glad I didn't mention which Canada Day 😂 So just a really quick update, I masked off the upper fuselage and readied for the application of EDSG, this included rescribing (quite badly as it happens, just like all my rescribing!) the lost detail when I removed the PLG bulge. I masked off the stabilizer as that would be easier to paint a fluorescent colour over a light base rather than dark, then forgot to mask off the rear dayglo stripe, oh well, ill get the white paint out for that. I then gave her a couple of coats of Vallejo Air EDSG. Normally with my usual Tamiya primer this doesn't like to go on well, but where I've used Mig one shot it covers beautifully, which is nice! I peeled away the masking tape and it worked out fine, although looking at the contrast between the two greys, I think the lighter grey is a bit too light, but not worth getting worried about, its close enough for my personal work! I put the fuselage away and then looked at all the ancillary stuff that needed doing, first the main rotor blades. The kit blades are a bit of a hybrid between old metal blades and modern composite blades. I need to take these back to the old metal design. The tip of the kit blades are correct for a metal blade, the modern composite blade is a much squarer shape, also the blade has raised detail indicating trailing edge pockets which again the metal blades have, but the composite is smooth. What I do need to adjust is to remove the trim tabs on the trailing edge and to cut out a wedge near the root of the blade. You can see the difference below. Once all those have been done and all the other parts have been tidied up then it will be out with the primer and getting those parts sorted, but for now work, kids soccer and sun is getting in the way.....not that I'm complaining😁 Until next time! Bob
  11. Great stuff! Love the cockpit, nicely weathered, engine looks sweet as well! Bob
  12. Ooh I'm in, especially as it'll be a WAFU version! Looking forward to this! Bob
  13. I think this was a build too far to get done over a weekend but we shall push on regardless, I would like to get it in the RFI before the end of next week end, I have a bit of a busy week ahead but I think its doable. But first Happy Canada Day to all Canucks where ever you may be! So I didn't push the limits out too far for todays work, after a long lay in, dog walk and then cooking up bacon and pancakes, the morning was gone! I rubbed down the filler from the night before and then gave the whole airframe a good polish with micro mesh. A good look showed that it "looked" pretty nice, so it was out with the grey. I don't have the exact colour match but this is down to artistic license and used a light grey acrylic from Model Master, A couple of thin coats later and it is looking quite fine! I did have a little bit of splatter but the main body looks good and the rest I can rub down before the EDSG. So quite happy with that, ill leave it over night and give it a bit of EDSG on the upper surface tomorrow, then a bit of fluorescence after that, by then she should be looking Sea Kingish! So this version will be serial 4001, the very first Canadian SeaKing built by Sikorsky, depicted around 1963/4. She was one of 3 built by Sikorsky before production was moved to Canada. As an early production aircraft, there isn't a lot to her. No beartrap underneath, limited avionics and no flot bags on the sponson. After a long and illustriously career she was retired to the Shearwater Aviation Museum, here in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she bears the scheme I will depict her in. I was looking around the museum back in April at the local Model show, but never thought to take any pics of her. Would have been might handy if I did lol! So didn't quite make the cut off but its been fun to just clear the table and dig out a quick build before I get back into my bigger projects. Thanks for looking in! Cheers now Bob
  14. Welcome along! Hmm, probs a Mk5 I would reckon, but could be wrong, hell it wouldn't be the first time lol! Day 3, and cursed weather decides to break slightly and I am guilted into doing some weeding and tarting up the yard. This is not on! Luckily the weather turns to crap again and normal service is resumed (after my morning Tims Coffe and Donut of course. So I pondered on sacrificing my spare airfix ones, below is my Mk1 Airfix kit with the said intakes Cripes! look at that dust! I really need to clean that up! You can see the intakes are a lot deeper, and having had my head down there on the real thing a few times I can attest to the depth! So can I spare them if I fit the sandfilter? Here is my Mk4 without any intakes fitted. It does hide it quite well, this is very close in so you cant really see unless you know what to look for, it does raise the question of where are my Mk4 intakes? Who knows lol! I then had a panic of dropping the front end onto the floor, after many lost battles to the carpet monster I decided to rip it up and go with hardwood flooring. No more carpet monster losses, hoorah! But then found a flaw in the plan, wood flooring wont go right up to the wall, especially by a heater, so guess where the part ended up? Using a makeshift mirror I found the part nestled right under there, what an absolute palaver! Eventually I dug it out and then we were off, just need to be aware of this bear trap in the future! Sooo I cut off the intakes and opened up the recess to take the new intakes, and test fitted those intakes They will need a little jiggery pokery when I finally fit them, but in this case I can leave them off for now and fit them later making it much neater, so it was time to mask up everything ready for a good prime. I used Tamiya tape and now she is ready, time for prime! So while that was priming I turned my attention to the sponsons, I finished off boxing in the recess. Below you can see where I have glued the sides in before trimming and after trimming. This does reduce the size of the recess but it looks a lot better than doing nothing. These then went off to the dope shop and the fuselage came back, unfortunately when I cleaned it down post sanding I reckon I must have removed a lot of the PPP filler as there were a lot of seams and areas that showed up, so it was back out with it and fill again. I will let that harden overnight and then clean it out, its no where near as bad as I thought and the skin is quite smooth following a complete derivetting. So that is where I am at tonight, day 3 and no proper paint on, but I should be good for tomorrow to get some paint on her, so e wont be complete for Canada Day but who on earth thought this was possible 🤣. I reckon I can complete it by next weekend though, still good going! Gives me a bit of time to research the aerial fit for this aircraft. Speaking of which I haven't even covered this particular Seaking I'm building, so I will cover that over the next couple of days. In the meantime its time to chill with a nice Dirty Blonde......who just happens to be a very pleasant local beer! Cheers now Bob
  15. Telling me!😄 So a busy afternoon, mooching around some shops and still having time to get back and get some progress done. She is now together as one looking like a Seaking should. Although I don't think it should have so much filler! That was done before my outing so by the time we got back it was out with the sand paper and give her a damn good rubbing down, removing all signs of rivets seams and dimples. I then gave it a quick wash and I reckon she is ready for a bit of primer.....but that wont be tonight as I have Steak, egg and chips on the go! So here she is just drying and waiting I also did more work on the seats, working with acrylics certainly has its advantages! Its a poor photo but hopefully you get the idea, the harnesses have been robbed from a spare merlin etch fret, so not historically accurate but they will do! I still have to put a bit of paint on those stays which ive just put in. I then test fitted the canopy while I lined up the nose insert and it is a surprisingly good fit. So I will loosely fit it for the painting but have it removable, mainly because no matter how careful I am I will get a load of dust on the inside as soon as I glue it in, so at least then it gives me half a chance of a clean cockpit. I'll also leave the cabin door off for the same reason. I then turned to the main undercarriage. The kit example is quite bare and solid so drilled a couple of holes to replicate the real thing, but the sponson aren't boxed in and it looks bad, so I assembled the sponsons with the undercarriage in but fitted a roof to the top of the assembly, with that in place I filled in the rear and tomorrow I will fill in the sides, you'll get an idea of what I mean below, and you can see it further in the seat photo above It just needs some careful fettling...and of course removal of those darned rivets! Finally tonight I'm looking at the engine intake part, I didn't intend on using the FOD shield so this will be wide open. Unfortunately the Revell part is not really lifelike. In reality you wouldn't see so much of the engine vanes, they should be much further recessed. I need to ponder that before I stick that in. Airfix (which I don't have a picture of) have nailed it so I'm pondering if my spare kit, which will be a 771 NAS version would be able to donate them if I fitted a sandfilter. I think it would but that will be tomorrows thoughts. That's all for now, Steak and Cider to settle in for the night! Cheers now Bob
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