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  1. Blue Noser

    Telford. Who's going?

    Used to love going every year before I was exiled to the colonies. I'll sit waiting patiently for all the updates trickling through. One year I will save up and make the journey over, just hope the baggage allowance is generous! Bob
  2. Blue Noser

    Piasecki H-21B RCAF

    Typical! lol! I did an exhaustive search but could only see them fitted to the civvy versions, If I had seen this earlier could have mad my build a bit simpler. Lovelly pic though! Bob
  3. Blue Noser


    Looking good! Bob
  4. Blue Noser

    Mitsubishi A6M 2b "Zero", Tamiya 1:72

    Ditto what everyone else has said, shes a stunner! Bob
  5. Blue Noser

    Rollie goes chasing Doodlebugs

    Sweet!, great job! Bob
  6. Blue Noser

    Piasecki H-21B RCAF

    Good day all, Its been quite some time since I posted anything meaningful because it has been quite some time since I finished anything meaningful! But at last I have one under my belt. This is my version of the flying banana deck out in Canadian livery. The original kit is the Revell release which is the German version. I had built the Italeri version when it first came out unfortunately it had failed to survive many moves since then, but it was broken up in my spares bin which proved quite handy! The first problem is the undercarriage, the Revell kit has fairings on their landing gear but Canadian versions were bare. luckily I still had some resemblance of undercarriage from the Italeri spare. I could use bits of the old legs but still had to replace most of the struts with brass tube for strength and lots of super glue. The old nose gear was snapped but I was able to salvage the top part and replace the bottom with the kit forks. Another mod is the front port window is blanked off with a large blanking plate which is nice and easy to conjure up. I added a couple of embellishments to the cockpit but nothing major. I found the fit of the fuselage troublesome on the forward section. Every time I tried to sand or put the slightest pressure on the kit it would split the seam, a right royal pain. I persevered but I can still see the splits! The cockpit canopy didn't want to fit well either and I ended up fitting a couple of shims, again I don't like the way it came out. Next up is the paint scheme, I had to make do with what I had as I wasn't planning on visiting my LHS anytime soon. I needed a red and blue that would look right and luckily I had random Vallejo Model colour pots around. I had never sprayed this before so had a go with it thinned down with a mix of IPA (not the beer!) and Vallejo flow improver, after a couple hours of drying on my test specimen I was still able to simply wipe away! so back to the drawing board (or the YouTube videos to be honest) and used their suggestion of just paint and flow improver. I worked a lot better and was a bit tougher but with a heavy hand I could still remove some of it, so I coated the model red with a couple of coats, left it for a week and then gave it a couple of coats of MM gloss to protect it before masking. This worked a treat and the tape didn't remove any paint! So I masked up, painted on the blue, removed the masking and then glossed the whole model. I didn't have the courage to soak the kit with any liquid or apply too much pressure as I think the paint would still come off but for now it was good! I used Belcher bit decals for this kit which are pretty good but I found the lightning flash to be quite fragile, I persevered carefully and they went down fine with a very careful use of microsol so as not to disturb the original paint finish. Overall there are some inaccuracies and some glaring foul ups but I have a nice bright colourful helo added to my collection which cant be bad! https://flic.kr/p/2bMpJW3 https://flic.kr/p/2atfK5X https://flic.kr/p/N6EHer https://flic.kr/p/2aKYKFW Horrible shot coming up! https://flic.kr/p/2bMpK7d https://flic.kr/p/N6EHNn And in her place on the completed shelf, although I may have to recheck that rear rotor! https://flic.kr/p/PHNBZu Cheers now! Bob PS - Not sure why the pics aren't showing, maybe used the wrong code? The links work though
  7. Just bumping this up, anyone? anyone? Bueller?
  8. Blue Noser

    1:72 Walrus / SeaFox Detail Parts

    Yep Aeroclub does (did) white metal guns, certainly in 1:48 but also think they had a 1:72 range. They also do (did) white metal engines that may be applicable but apart from that I think its a case of a sheet of plastic and a sharp knife, like the good old fashioned days! Bob
  9. Blue Noser

    'I'm not going first...

    Ha ha great idea! Nicely done as well! Bob
  10. Blue Noser

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Some top notch plumbing going on! Great stuff! Bob
  11. Blue Noser

    Trumpeter 1/200 USS Arizona

    Wow she is a beauty! Great work! Bob
  12. A very good day to you all! Just wondering if any of you out there have the Xtradecal Blenheim sheet X72203 and don't fancy the Fleet Air Arm version for T8J? I would love to take them off your hands for shipping and a nominal fee . Also would you be happy to ship to Canada, I would be very muchly grateful as spending a tenner on 10 decals is a wee bit much! Will be forever in thy debt! Bob
  13. Blue Noser

    ZA947, BBMFs DC3 'Kwicherbichen'

    Very nice build indeed! I do like the scene you have going on! Bob
  14. Blue Noser

    Mikr-Mir 1/72 Miles M.57 Aerovan

    Never seen one of those before, and it does look like those comedy egg planes! On a more serious note she does look very nice and it looks like the silk purse has indeed been made out of the proverbial sows ear! Great job! Bob
  15. Blue Noser

    Airfix 1:72 Lancaster Dambuster

    A good day to you all! Here we have my latest rendition, this has been gathering dust in my stash for a few years now and I thought it time to blow off the dust and put it together. This is way out of my 'genrezone' and I came across this kit as SWMBO ask what I wanted for my birthday. I decided to stump her and said 'oh just get me a model kit', now she doesn't really pay any attention to my modeling activities (except when they appear on my credit card!) so I waited with anticipation on what I would end up with. A few days later this turned up, overall impressions were its a nice kit and I was quite happy with it. The idea for this build was to do it in a tandem build with a Revell version. The other kit was to be a Canadian MkX (I think that's right?). That kit dropped a bit behind but the Airfix version carried on with aplomb. The build itself was quite pleasant once I had figured out that I should fit items the right way round first time! It seemed to fall together quite effortlessly. The painting was Model Master black acrylic sprayed on the main body (I do love Model Master Acrylics!) and Vallejo Air for the green and brown. Now Vallejo acrylics I like and get a good use out of them and they look nice, but the Air stuff is a different matter. I don't know if it because I am using a Tamiya primer but the first couple of coats are horrid! Luckily I persevered and it wasn't too bad in the end. I now go with a couple of light coats and build up slow. I don't get this problem with their metallic paints just the coloured ones. But like I said I persevered and it wasn't too bad in the end. I used kit decals and gave it a Flory wash to bring out the panel lines, then a Model Master flat coat. I even ventured into airbrush exhaust staining, which I think I overstated slightly but hey ho. I couldn't tell however whether it should have any wire aerials, I checked quite a few references but couldn't tell so left them off, should it have some? So stepping out from the Royal Naval or Canadian comfort zone I present to you an Airfix Lancaster BIII (special) as flown by Flt Lt Joseph McCarthy DFC RCAF for Operation Chastise. Cheers now Bob