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  1. Apologies! What Gorbs said, basically a job well done! Sometimes I forget not everyone is fluent in Brit speak!
  2. Blue Noser


    Another cracker old bean!
  3. Cracking stuff! looking forward to this one!
  4. Thanks for that, I will try and keep an eye out for it! Bob
  5. Another great effort, this scultamold, is it like a spreadable clay type material? I've seen videos where they spread it over foam but have no idea what it is! Is it a hobby thing or a hardware store purchase? Bob
  6. Lovely stuff, looks really nice!
  7. Welcome along to ASM and your 2nd childhood! We are all big kids round here really. Looking forward to seeing some of your work! Bob
  8. Greetings one and all, after a few months off this project, I have dug it out again. To be honest there isn't much of an update but enough to get it moving! I shelved this for a bit as the temperatures in my spray booth were a bit too low and I kept getting problems and as this will have a natural metal finish I didn't want to take any chances. So I have masked up the cockpit, wells and exhaust and ran over some grey primer. I prefer to do this primer before the gloss black as I find the black doesn't sand well. I gave it a coat of grey and worked on a couple of areas as you can see. Th
  9. I should also add that the Dominie is not forgotten, with the warming of the paint shack I should hopefully get it painted up soon. Its not going to be completed for the deadline but I dont want to waste @Miggers efforts in getting me those decals, so will carry on with it drekly!
  10. I ordered an Airfix Merlin a couple of years ago from HLJ (the only one I could find) and it took 3 days to arrive at the depot 40kms from my house on the Canadian Eastern Seaboard ....... then took 2 days to go to another depot 30 kms from my house only to wait another day to be put on a truck for delivery!
  11. So at long last I have finally completed my build. This is the Roden 1:144 Bristol Britannia, the kit itself is not too bad, has a limited run feel to it but also nice detail and the fit was just fine. I didnt go anywhere near the kit decals as: A. I dont trust Roden decals and ... B. they looked quite poor and shabby anyway! So went for some 26 Decals kindly highlighted by you knowledgeable lot! I opted for their 'British Eagle' insignia and chose GA-OVG 'Bounteous'. I really liked the bright insignia and the fact they named all their aircraft so positively. The decals themselv
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