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  1. No worries, we all have them! I was a bit vague but I started with Vallejo Dull Aluminium which is anything but dull! then added darker shades with a touch of exhaust , it was just done by eye. I did however have to apply a clear coat between the different shades because if you mask up the metal colour bare, the tape will dull that area which ruins the paint work. A lesson I learnt from bitter experience! Bob
  2. I did read that their Farmer nose was the wrong shape and when you really look hard then yes it is a bit flat. But I don't look at a real farmer every day so couldn't really tell the difference
  3. Lovely rendition of a very of a very beautiful bird! Can't believe everyone is calling her ugly, love the Firefly! Bob
  4. Good day my fellow model makers, hope we are all doing well, staying safe and washing our hands! Just thought I would show off my latest incarnation. This is the Trumpeter 1:48 Mig 19 Farmer. I bought this kit last year from a trader at the Shearwater Hobby Show here in Nova Scotia (I keep mentioning this show as it is unfortunately the only show I am able to attend over here! Its small but quite decent). The kit came with a resin cockpit (can’t remember from whom) a set of air scoops from Quick boost and a set of turned brass tubes for the missile launchers and a brass pitot tube, the rest is from the kit. The only addition I made was to add some vent flaps mid-way down the aft fuselage. These aren’t represented at all on the kit but are regularly left open. It was painted in various shades of Vallejo air Aluminium, I went for some tonal variations on certain panels but may have gone a bit too dark, I would have liked it to be more subtle but hey ho! I used kit decals but they were really quite poor, they stayed as one piece but took about 10 minutes of soaking and still didn’t come away from the backing very easily. There are a couple of items however that have been transported to a parallel dimension through a worm hole (I have laminate flooring down so can’t blame it on the carpet monster!), one half of the lower nose wheel leg, the actuating ram for the underside airbrake and an internal filler piece for the airbrake area. All in all, an enjoyable build, my first attempt at a Ruskie jet (albeit in East German markings) and my first proper metal finish. My next Russian jet will be a SU-27 UB in 1:48 from Eduard, thatll be more of a challenge I think! Until then enjoy and stay safe! Bob
  5. I had a wee bit of progress on this, first up was to install the doors which went on really nicely and fitted well, then it was the monotony of taping off all the windows, this wasn't too bad as it was easy enough to lay the tape on the window and cut it out with a new blade. I also looked at the airframe as I was doing this as there are lots of greeblies stuck all over the place and lots of small modifications. First was an access door on the tail cone, this needed a kind of vent filled Also there are a lot of handles and hand holds that I wanted to fit. The internals will be quite bare and the doors closed so I want to do a lot of detail on the outside. Whilst doing this I gave the fuselage more of a polish and then decided to have a coat of primer to see how the joints fair All is going well so far but there are a lot more bits and bobs to manufacture, thankfully there are loads of pictures over the web for me to study, I just need to be able to replicate them! Until the next time keep washing hands! Bob
  6. At least with this shut down going on you have more confidence of leaving your car there without some git nicking your wheels!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement! and you are right, I just wasn't happy with that cockpit canopy either. I did my update to the WIP at work and it was niggling on my mind so when I got home I had another look. I think it is my Scimitar canopy. In the same box I have a Magna Models Scimitar in a dead state and didn't even think about which aircraft it belonged to! I did however remember that many many moons ago I had bought a pack of various vac forms for 1:72 FAA aircraft, it was kind of like one of those purchases that seemed like a good idea at the time but were just in case because you never know and I've never used since! and I knew they were somewhere in my den. Luckily I had a good tidy up a few days before hand and easily found them and dug them out for a good look. Now what are the chances of there being an Attacker canopy in amongst this lot? Well there are several I can dismiss straight away, which leaves me with this: Now I also dug out the kit canopy to give me an idea of the shape and pattern, can you see where I am heading in this, That one in the middle has more of a rounded oval centre, where as the kit item is trying (and failing) to replicate that. I checked out my references and I'm quite content that that center one is an Attacker. My only issue with this now is that obviously the kit version is designed to fit the kit (in the loosest sense!) and the vac form is much more refined, so I am hoping that I don't have to do any more addition to the cockpit to make this fit. Any how I'm glad I found that canopy because looking at the kit one it is rather hideous! So until next time, stay clean and safe! Bob
  8. Well worked recovery, looking very nice. Cant remember what the seat belt formation in the back is, maybe a 3 point harness? Bob
  9. Good stuff so far, I had the Stallion version of this kit and from what I remember it was definitely more filler than plastic! Bob
  10. Greetings to you all again! I have had a bit more of a go at this over the weekend and seem to be making good progress. So from where I left up, I sanded down the other tail plane and again the concentration was on getting the two tail planes to look as close as possible, just so it would look right. Here is an overhead shot to remove as much of the parallax as possible, whaddya think? Pretty decent I recon. Next up was a major milestone! Time to add primer and get rid of all those filings and stuff. I gave it another quick go over with 1800 micro mesh and then gave it a darned good prime. Lets face it there is any refined surface detail that I need to preserve so I can be very generous. The underside wasn't too bad, but as you can see by the time I remembered to take pictures I was already in the process of filling in areas I didn't like! So you can immediately spot the areas of concern. After letting these areas dry, I then hit it with some wet and dry and obliterated the primer! But not to worry, it was out with the airbrush again and another good coating, but this time I had marked out the rudder and elevators, and also resized the rudder as its a bit too large. The next bit of curiosity was the canopy, if I am going to top coat this soon I will need that to be good, so I dug them out I've got two of these and they are both a bit tarnished, I don't recall the Attacker having a smoked canopy! But it will have to do as I don't have anything else, I didn't dig out the kit version as a. I didn't think of that and b. from what I remember its just a blob of shapeless clear plastic! There are no marks on the canopy apart from a cut line, so I went for that and then we'd see where that took us. Hmmm, its not looking very good at the moment! I will admit that it is only roughly shaped and I have a lot more to do, but its looking ugly! I can only assume its an attacker canopy as it was in the box, but then again I had a scimitar resin kit in that box as well! ……. This calls for more investigation after work lol! It kind of looks ok but it deffo needs a lot more work indeed! Well until next time, keep safe and KEEP WASHING THOSE HANDS! Laters! Bob
  11. Good evening all, I've dug this beastie up from the not so deepest depths as this weekend we have had some quite spiffing weather and it seems to be warming up nicely, so it was out with the final coat. I opted for a Model Master Acryl Semi Gloss, which coated really nicely, below you can see her drying off. the paint work is a bit stark as she is bleached with the flash, so in real life its not as bright. Next up though was a moment I had been waiting for absolutes ages to do …. just how good were those canopy masks? Were they worth the extra I spent? It was time to whip them off! Not bad at all! I need to clean them up a bit as they are quite dust but the masks are superb, there is no way I could have replicated that, So the final finishing touches are to adjust and install the seats, decal yellow dashes around the canopy and then install mirrors, load her up and then job done! The end is in sight! Until later! Bob
  12. Greetings again fellow builders! Following the build up I then set about the fuselage with some wet n dry, the joins weren't actually that bad but after hitting it with some rough stuff first and then smoothing it out the nature of the blue plastic made it look a lot worse than it actually was. And with the upper fairings just dropped in My next task is to add primer but before this I will add the cabin doors, but before that I needed to paint them so gave them a coat of Vallejo Med Sea Grey I didn't bother removing any of the ejection marks as through the kit glass it will be difficult to see them, another important part of this kit is not to forget to do the forward small doors to the cabin entrance, so tomorrow I will fit the windows and then doors, mask everything and it will be time to give it a good coat of primer and then we will see where we are with that. So until then, stay safe, wash your hands and keep building! Bob
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