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  1. I did watch a 'History Hit' on You Tube and I think it was Dan Snow that went out and did a tour of one. Not sure how old it was but there was a restoration going on on one of them. The logistics in getting materials out was quite a big problem as was petty vandalism, even thought he acess ladder was locked up they still got past it and trashed alot of the work that was done. You could see that trying t preserve one of them would have been a monumental task. Edit: found it, really interesting watch (3) How Did These Weird Steel Structures Defend London? - YouTube
  2. After another month of needless procrastination I finally got round to masking. it wasn't all that bad in the end! There is quite some variation in the size, shape and colour of the orange/red colour panels. I opted for the wing panels to wrap the leading edge and carefully positioned the notch in the rear panel for the serial number. After that I thought the painting would take a couple of days but in the end I got it done in a day. First white primer then Model Master acryl International Orange then a light dusting of MM Acryl fluorescent orange. Unfortunately this is getting a bit long in t
  3. I have found them to be quite reasonable considering I am overseas, but then I only order lighter weight, flatter stuff. I did order some bits last Thursday morning, I got the confirmation but not the dispatch yet. Maybe they are just busy!
  4. My biggest biggest desire, and is something that Airfix could reasonably do considering their trends lately, is a Wasp and Whirlwind (of the chopper variety). Not really bothered on the scale but there are physical examples out there so fits with their 'if we can touch it, we can do it' mantra. And would also love a Scimitar but unlike the good Laird I would go for any scale. Thats it really, quite realistic wants and nothing outrageous! so just get on it Airfix! Bet we now get a Scout and a Crab Whirlwind
  5. Club night again last night and I didnt intend to buy anything ...... but Dave, the keeper of the generously stocked Museum gift shop, suddenly announce a 25% discount on all kits older from 2022 or older, obviously wants to get some older stock shifted, so naturally I felt obliged to assist the cause. I am reading a book called 'The armed Rovers' about Beauforts and Beaufighters in the Med and N. Africa, very interesting book and really captures the immagination in both aircraft. I have a 1:48 Beaufighter, so fancied a Beaufort and apparently what better than the new Airfix 1:72 Beaufort!
  6. Nice work! My Dad was on the Kent and built that many years ago, its still in the back of my mind to get this and have another darned good go. Just a bit of pedantry (not sure if that is the right word!) though. I think what you are referring to the Aircraft lift is actually the weapon lift. The helo was housed in the superstructure ahead of it (where the two small doors are. The entrance to the hangar was down the port side as indicated on the butchered photo below. The Wessex was remarkably thin with blades folded so could easily fit down there. Anyhoo hope this helps and do keep cracking o
  7. Since we emigrated, my wife has kept her desire to watch Coronation Street which is on nightly over here, this means 30 minutes of dirge. I take advantage of that and make the effort for at least 30 mins, but I normally free up an hour or so before hand so try to sneak in 90 minutes a night!
  8. Good day all! I think this is my first ever post in the Sci-Fi section, not a regular subject area I delve into. This is my impression of the BSG Colonial One from Moebius, as I said I dont delve into this subject often but this kit was a give away at a recent club meet and I thought I'd give it a crack. I've not really watched much of the new iteration of BSG so dont know much about the authenticity of the model but it was a nice kit to build, a couple of small issues along the way but nothing too serious. The blue areas did come as decals but having looked at reviews they didnt quite al
  9. Thanks as ever for the encouragement, it seems to be working! I've got another quick one off the mark. This time its the new(ish) release of the Airfix JP in 1:72. I wanted to try something different and have an aircraft on a pole at a non standard angle. So it was wheels up and a nice easy build. Its an Airfix new release so there was no problem with construction, my only gripe is the Airfix aircrew that adopt the pose of hands on lap waiting for someone to bring them coffee and stickies (which in fairness is the standard pilot pose ) and if you are doing the bird in flight you need something
  10. Thanks for posting, another regular dog walk and miss just walking through those woods, especially in the spring when the blue bells come out, almost brings a tear to my eye. Bob
  11. So here is my latest quickie, this is the Italeri Kfir C-7. This is a kit along with their Lion kit that I have looked at for ages, loved the box art but never bothered buying until just recently. Unfortunately its a kit that I should have just left on the shelf and not bothered with! It was the reality check that not all nostalgic kits from times gone by will be enjoyable. It just ended up as a bit of a meh, but i persevered and got it over the line. Its a two tone grey finish but it just looks like a generic grey blob! I used Model Master Acryl and Vallejo paints, the only positive from the
  12. Very nice, and I do like the fact there there is no canopy masking to contend with, its the future!
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