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  1. We had a storm last night and didnt sleep much so things were confused today
  2. I received a wee package from out East yesterday with many thanks to @Jessie_C 😁 Now to dust off the revell kit and crack on!
  3. Looking good! Just coming towards the end of my Academy Mig 21. That kit is ok but no where near as good as this one apparently, looking forward to see what I'm missing out on! Just realised this is 1:72, better looking than the 48th Academy version already!
  4. Saw over on tother place, some ones been Lidar Scanning the Solent Air Museum Scimitar! Can we hope for a 48th version of this magnificent fuel to noise coverter? 😁 https://www.facebook.com/solentskymuseum/posts/10157882457477131
  5. Very nice indeed, is it 1:48?
  6. Normally PPP means Prior Planning Prevents .... but no I use Perfect Plastic Putty. Its smoother than Humbrol, sands nicely, water clean upable and I like it! Although if you do wash your model after filling and sanding you have to be careful not to wash all the filler out! 😁 Perfect Plastic Putty – deluxematerials.com
  7. I dont think the biplane version would be much of a 'maritime' subject , but i could be proved wrong! But no we are talking the dirty gert jet version.
  8. Good job we dont have Aldi or the like, I'd be in there every week doing our weekly shop and Mrs C would be doing her nut at the lack of food but I would be contented . They are lovely kits and just fall together, wish there were RN JP's . Cracking progress so far, looking forward to seeing a splash of paint!
  9. Hmmm, dug out my maritime wing thingies to see what i've got. An eclectic mix, whaddya reckon I should go for? There was also a Nimrod buried deep in the stash, but was too scared I wouldn't make it out if I delved in that deep! everything else in the stash aircraft wise wouldnt fall into the scope for a GB. I do have a lot of ships as well but not really feeling it for a boaty thingy yet, maybe that'll change by next year! Soooooo ......
  10. Very nice indeed .... now just need the rest of the ship 😄
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