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  1. Just a thought. What about making a template in metal with rivet pattern holes drilled in it then lay it on top of the plate. Smear filler into the holes wait for it to dry and then pull the template off? You would need to lubricate the holes but that may do it?
  2. He's been told to wind his neck in lately I think some shows have threatened to throw him out So was the other guy
  3. now that was hilarious, comiserations steve
  4. they beat me to it Duncan that you don't need to fill the wings
  5. there is one guy who has what can only be described as a jumble sale promising at least 30% off marked prices, you can spot him a mile off with marked prices that are generally marked up by 30% to start with. Secondly there is another who wanders round before shows start and buys up what he likes from under the tables then puts them on his own stand (its a bit tidier than the other guy but he puts no prices on anything and has sheets of paper with his prices on. and will then tell you how much they are going for on ebay!
  6. There are two sides to this. One that people stop, look under the tables then start talking to you as a result. Two the models become a pain in the backside and get in the way. At the moment we live and let live. If shows stop the selling under tables point blank the shows will die. And many small shows can't do another room for second hand sales
  7. I don't dare mate I'd get hooked again and start racing
  8. true for a bit of fun though you can get an associated RC10 b4 for £140 ready to run
  9. in fact you can still by a CAT http://www.racing-cars.com/pp/Car_Showroom/CAT_XLS_Masami.html I have to say I'd look long and hard at that price for a 30 year old design now
  10. The mid was a bit of a wasted opportunity. It could have been a real competitor but it was just that bit too stable so didn't turn as well as the Cat and not quite as good over bumps as a dogfighter. It was however a great car if you wanted no vices or surprises. The mid would also work out of the box even if not built as well as it could have been. Whereas the other two required a bit of engineering knowledge to get the best out of them. A friend of mine designed a kit to graft the cat drive train onto a dogfighter chassis, I remember driving it and being very impressed but at the time spending £350 on two cars plus the conversion kit and spares totalling £500 was too much in 1992
  11. And I was just going to bed last night when I noticed it and now I have to correct it. The bloody outer wires need to cross Oh well cue more swearing
  12. Grunhertz

    No aircraft

    Great pics of targets this time
  13. Progress has been made and here is where i have run into the first problem with the build. the tail. i started with eyelets in the tail and glued the tail to the booms having tightened the rigging up on the booms beforehand, and............. the eyelets pulled out! B*&&$r then the tail fell off. so i started again. and what i did was fixed the outer rigging to one side., then crossed the lines over and threaded them through the tail, then crossed the lines again and then pulled it all taught. buy pulling through eyelets on the wing. once this had all set i then fixed the tail in place and voila. the whole assembly is now remarkably strong.
  14. looks great duncan, i think its just that biplanes arent something you can rush, ive spent all day trying to get the tail on the DH2 and just succeeded
  15. RC buggies starting with a grasshopper and finishing with a Procat
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