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  1. Not for a little while yet
  2. like i said before id listen to these guys as they know what they are talking about
  3. I have no words I'll do a flanker when I grow up but it still wont be like that
  4. I'll defer to a brush painter on this one @RWG686 ? the problem for me is that capillary action will take the paint right up to the edge and then the paint will build up there. it does it with spraying too so what i do is spray pointing away from the mask so that the paint doesn't build up there and then if i need too i have some 12000 grit micro mesh to remove the step
  5. My take on aftermarket is this; if the aftermarket cost more than the kit its a no from me.
  6. surely thats always a problem with natural materials that it won't always behave the way you want?
  7. thats nice mate, I can't speak for the Airfix kit, (as Im allergic), but the Tamiya kit is nowhere near that on detail but then it is decades old now but still holds up well
  8. Like you I build for fun, never won anything as I just not good enough, but I like building, mainly out of the box but sometimes aftermarket Decals, I sort of fell into running the forum, I was bought on as a moderator when me and a few others Jumped ship from the Other place, Now me Mish and Paul run the place but generally I'm on here most, at the end of the day If I'm happy with my builds then im happy I build for me
  9. i have an evolution sitting here gathering dust, not gonna pick it up ever again, got fed up with the teflon seals crushing the nozzles splitting, the o rings rotting , just had enough i could have bought another two with the money i spent keeping that running since then ran a grex and I now run two of Seans Topnotch brushes and I havent had to so much as strip the top notch brushes to clean and the grex is still going strong 5 years since i bought it.
  10. Right first stop. check the nozzle under a strong magnifier, chances are that the brass nozzle is OK because if the nozzle is split you would get an offset spray pattern (word of advice here if you have an H&S always have a spare nozzle as they appear to be made of butter.) my guess is that the Nozzle cap O ring is split. check what you have been cleaning the airbrush with because some of the stronger cleaners rot the nozzle O rings on H&S airbrushes
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