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  1. You're right. Hate em
  2. modern jets and stencils love em
  3. OK so well we appear to have hit 15 already! but the following people who have commented are you in? @azureglo @phoenix54 @Miggers @DC3 @Toolmaker
  4. me too but ghe fly kit needs to be built by a modeller having a good day
  5. Been on my wish list for years watchibg with interest
  6. it appears Firefox is throwing all sorts of problems out at the moment since the last update
  7. its a shame. But knowing eduard they listen to criticism and I guess they will improve them
  8. as above I have this for sale if anyone is interested £20 + postage
  9. that was my thought too needs some fixed guards on that
  10. Looking great Andy. I dont think I would have bothered putting all that in.
  11. so here we are. A week of dry fitting, sanding filling and scraping I took one look at the kit gunfight lens and eew so scratch built that Next job primer coat and see how much more filling and sanding is required, then the inevitable rescribe and re rivet
  12. Yep i have a clay set up in the garden and a 12 bore!
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