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  1. Well done for getting in and thanks for the great pics
  2. No migs cream and jam lol
  3. Great work mate I've just been looking in the gallery and yes it looks brilliant
  4. Ouch that doesn't bode well but you're making a great job of it
  5. Oh God the old toilet roll question, I would think over the top but I stand to e corrected
  6. Yeah sell those over rated point defence birds and invest in some proper aircraft. That looks good migs
  7. Ain't that the one that ripped up a runway somewhere?
  8. Hey if you throw enough mud it sticks lol
  9. Grunhertz

    Merlin helicopter

    That's looking fine shame about the airbrush
  10. Airfix will probably do one in recycled soap somewhere along the line
  11. Migs you do know I don't own an Audi don't you?🤣
  12. In the case of this one, I wouldnt use a wash because i suspect it will be kept clean, (waiting for the inevitable photo of it sitting on and airfield covered in crap in 5,4, 3.........)
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