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  1. looking good with the stickers on
  2. gonna have to check it has tropical filters or i can buy some and some North african decals
  3. @Miggers youre in still need two more, I've been thinking about this and i have the following that I can build for this, all 1/32 BF109F4 P40E Hurricane IID BF110C/D I also have a JU88 in the same scale but i shall do that as a nightfighter at a later date so what do you guys think what one??
  4. i build more duff builds than goodns trust me
  5. You really are a glutton for punishment , but I'm pulling up a chair for this one
  6. Airbrush. It really is simple
  7. Grunhertz


    the hurri isnt a bad kit but a tad overpriced. My Fly 1/32 was only a fiver more
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