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  1. Ferocious Frankie up for sale

    And where are you going to put Mrs M?
  2. Bucker Bu181 Bestmann

    I doubt it'll go to a show Kev theres too many mistakes and issues for me to show it
  3. Ferocious Frankie up for sale

    well truth be told........... Its not me either
  4. Bucker Bu181 Bestmann

    Aaaaannnnnnd the saga continues the first thing to say is the canopy is too small. and the fit is questionable of it but its not as bad as some. There is more by way of PE fitted as well 9which is a good job because the hatch engraving in front of the canopy was obliterated with sanding the seems then it was time for paint tamiya paint was used XF 23 light blue for RLM 65, XF61 for RLM 71, XF27 for RLM 70 there isnt really enough colour separation between the greens but its there or there abouts RLM 66 used for priming modulation of the first colour and finally decals on. the decals are very very thin and don't require any solution. they havesilvered somewhat but I will sort that out. the swatikas are in the kit but because they are so thin the folded over themselves so a hannants set to the rescue
  5. Bxm get together at Telford

    Hi all those going to Telford let's see how many we can get together for a group pic? What do you all think?
  6. 1/32 J2M3 “Rai Den”

    Wow that's some kit!!! And a great review to boot nice one!!!!
  7. 1:32 Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat

    Looking great mish
  8. Bon Retour 1/25 scale Artesania Latina

    Great work Andy
  9. AMT 1/72 Jiunkers Ju88C-4

    Looking good mate will we see it Sunday?
  10. Airfix Beaufighter TF.10

    Looking just great al
  11. Airfix Skytrain

    Looking great al
  12. Coastal Kits Display Bases

    Going to get one for my seafire
  13. Coastal Kits Display Bases

    Looks great I may have to get a couple too
  14. Sdkfz 184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer "Elephant"

    Looking the nuts peter
  15. 1:32 Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat

    Looks great mish looking forward to seeing it in the flesh