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  1. Tell ya,what Steve build a tamiya kit!!
  2. Very nice chris and the right aircraft this time too
  3. Yep I've seen it but to be honest I can wait for a special hobby one to show up
  4. I love the new ones si that looks about right to me
  5. Not wrong. nearly £40 for an airfix 72nd Anson. When did speculators move into this hobby?
  6. I'm just wondering if @Kevin will finish his big floater first
  7. Hmm I see the great 2022 zero and wildcat glut coming on
  8. To be honest it's a bit of Pot vs kettle here so I'm not going to shout at you two for going back on the deal
  9. Looks like I got the last squirrel, sorry y-wing
  10. Not a word... Slackers 🤣
  11. So here is where said whisk goes back in box for me
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