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  1. a few there from when Hendon was good
  2. How very 70's in style! all it needs is some wood panelling or a stone fireplace! seriously dean good work
  3. Whole underside black? Is that to cover up the numerous welds of the floor for the MOT the smother it in underseal?
  4. Ahh yes Brookes and Broad. Usually chasing Jimmy McRae
  5. Saw that 😁 I meant in the thread I said I was in the land of oats and whiskey when we hit 15😁. I love it up there and as a works team we had the best night out for about 8 years in Glasgow last week
  6. Not by me mate I've been thinking there's a problem for some time now
  7. To be honest it didn't look overly busy Duncan from the photos they've just shared online?
  8. I've just had an online discussion with Duncan on this very subject and I think the problem is three or even fourfold 1, there are some people who are club members but have traders accounts and use under the table sales as an income source. This MUST stop. Its not fair on traders. 2, too many shows there is generally 1 show a week from about March to October, and I get that clubs want to hold a show but this saturated calender isn't good for anyone, traders this year have had to choose which shows to attend which will in the end force some to disappear. 3, as a result of what is above people only have so much A, time and B, money and with the average cost of a newly released tool between 40 and 50 quid only so much is going to to be sold, this isn't the traders fault as they have to pay market prices but people aren't spending as much The answer? I think clubs should get together and hold bigger but fewer shows, then traders would get a bigger footfall kit swaps could be organised and people would spend more. Just my thoughts
  9. No. I didn't look back at the Sci-fi group build thread
  10. there was a herc at glasgow airport friday
  11. nah its a found on road dead😁
  12. paul thats what i did theyb told me to pm and email not a thing. i decided they dont like forums but then i saw a facebook page had a table?
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