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  1. If the new ones are in "that" plastic maybe 200 for an old one wold be a better bet?
  2. Yeah its capitalism, raise the price to what the market will stand, sell it for a fiver less and claim its a bargain, or claim its rare on ebay and raise the price by 200
  3. I do have to work y'know My vote is nah Besides if you are gonna sacrifice a wnw kit to be built when they are currently worth more than a bitcoin. You deserve 100 extra points
  4. Not selling my hasegawa sabre
  5. Don't remind me about that thing, tbh it looks like italeri to me
  6. I wouldn't worry Ian airfix seem particularly deaf to criticism well the money men do its the R and D guys i sympathise with who I really believe are doing a great job
  7. Probably a good job they made it a Canadiar sabre then
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