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  1. How did a country that produced the lovely Yak-3 produce those helicopters?
  2. That SU35 had everyone I know at the show saying when are you going to build it? No pressure then 😀
  3. What a great two days! Thanks to mish, Alan, Wendy and and Tam for their time and thanks to my bank manager for not having a fit till tomorrow
  4. Yep now to find a proper klimov engine instead of that Allison that ruins the top line
  5. Yep still ugly, great pics tho don't start me on spitfires
  6. This weekend I have mainly been buying......... Jets
  7. Where do you find these Russian horror shows?
  8. Hmm I'll play. Photo etch. Tamiya Peugeot 205 T16 Individual track links. Not individual but the academy king tiger had some thing similar I've been struggling since Resin parts. Aeries Cockpit for the airfix lightning. Surprisingly it fitted Never built a full resin kit. I have two kidneys Aftermarket decals. Eagle Cals JV44 set for a 190 d9 Short run kit. Pegasus p40q
  9. Well the cars packed and we'll be their bright and early
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