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  1. Grunhertz

    EDUARD 1/48 SE5a

    Very pretty with some of the best mountain bike trails in the UK
  2. Grunhertz

    Tornado F3.

    Nice I have one of these bad boys to build
  3. That's looking nice, I have a wife for figure painting she's much better at it than me
  4. Ooh now there's a us navy aircraft I haven't built yet
  5. Grunhertz

    KK138,No 1 PTS

    Hang on I had to check then, wait wait yep migs has built something, what's more it looks bloody nice well done sir
  6. I don't know how you guys work in this scale but that's looking pretty damn impressive
  7. I have to ask Duncan does Steve take you to. Model submarine shows?
  8. That's looking great Richard
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