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  1. Grunhertz

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    You are now
  2. Grunhertz


    Good stuff Steve nice one
  3. Grunhertz

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Love the a4's always good to see a skyhawk
  4. Grunhertz

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    With oil paint. Squeeze a little onto a piece of cardboard or kitchen towel and leave it for AT LEAST an hour for the oil to seep out. When you've done this it will dry much quicker. It's the linseed oil in the paint that takes time to dry
  5. Grunhertz

    Seafire III

    So they must be 30" but Col it's still a great build
  6. Grunhertz

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Answered your own question there
  7. Jamie had best run up a new batch of yellows
  8. Grunhertz

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Patience grasshopper patience
  9. Grunhertz

    Just some nice aeroplanes

    Nice pics mate
  10. But but but it's a SPITfire!!!! Pah eewww
  11. Grunhertz

    Hobbyboss 1/48 BAe Hawk Mk.200/208/209 (81737)

    That's lovely Chris nice one
  12. Grunhertz


    Looking good Andy
  13. Grunhertz

    Future of modelling?

    Mish is right. I feel thee is another issue at play and that is the plethora of museum standard models all over the place. Anybody new will have a look at that and think there is no way I can produce that! Not that we should stop publishing our work. But to some this is going to feel daunting. On the other place I was involved in a couple of GB's (thanks for organising mish) with that in mind one was the less than a tenner gb and the other was out of the box gb. On the less than a tenner someone decided not to build the same kit that I had started because I had done a good job of the Cockpit. So his sense of competitiveness and need for instant gratification put him off. I run the weekend in a weekend for fun and just that. It causes gnashing of teeth swearing and in my case a bruised toe. But if people can see that you can produce something acceptable in a weekend there is hope yet. Is the hobby dying? No has the target audience changed? But look at some of the wooden ships on here. Who would have saidin the fifties that these would dissappear? Me for one. But that hobby appears to be in rude health
  14. Grunhertz

    Ww1 group build anyone?

    Watch oot for pegasus decals they are a bit temperamental
  15. Grunhertz

    HMS Eskimo, Trumpeter 1:700 + Flyhawk P.E.

    Good god that's excellent work Andy good luck with the move