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  1. How many coats did the yellow take?
  2. Just looked Steve and the latest version does
  3. There is an android app called hobby colour converter on Google play that is good for a starting point and converts to most of the available ranges out there
  4. Hi all BXM will be at the Essex Modellers show this Sunday. One of my favorite shows of the year, really friendly and worth a visit any members visiting are more than welcome to put models on the tables The venue is Hanakins farm community centre Billericay Essex See you there!
  5. So I made progress over the weekend and the fuselage is closed up with the fabric belts in place and no rear bulkhead or radios in place. Why? Because they interfered with the fit so much I got fed up with arguing with it particularly as it would only be seen through a little Hatch in the floor. The radio trays were so far too big that they bent when I tried to close the fuselage up. And with me wanting to make progress I moved on swiftly. The fit is pretty good on the rest of the parts however. I then moved onto the box section under the fuselage and this will hold the undercarriage in place as well as the wing folds (still not made my mind up on this as it's huge ) it looks seriously detailed and is not boxed in which is correct. The fit here is brilliant and goes together flawlessly if you read the instructions properly. There are aftermarket fuel tanks that can go in here if you want to buy them but I think I will leave it as they can't be seen anyway. I then put a coat of glossy sea blue over it all as per Grumman's instructions. Oh and my masks for the insignia have arrived so I now have every thing in place to carry on with the build.
  6. Oops still I have two more Hellcats to do after the big one for Sean I think I may be hellcatted out soon.
  7. That looks brilliant Andy, is that a particularly old kit as zvezda kits are a lot better than that usually?
  8. That's me too Duncan. You think you have it nailed Then when you look again after priming there seams everywhere
  9. Wait a minute two drivers? one at the back one at the front? what a weird machine! looks good though
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