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  1. Awesome job Kevin that really looks a strong structure once the plates are on
  2. Yes folks I'll be there along with swb selling masks, paints tools, airbrushes or just come say hello. Oh and I will have a few kits in stock for sale one with masks and paint ill let you guess what one
  3. Yes its trumpeters FW190D-9 in 1/24 but before people get ideas about some sort of uber kit it really isn't and what's more there's no AM available apart from the odd mask set so there will be a touch of scratch building but things will be closed, up for the most part. A set of HGW late luftwaffe belts is going in and I'll run up some custom masks for the insignia and markings
  4. It's not 1/72 if that's what you're thinking. And it's erm 1/24th my forum name will be a clue
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