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  1. Actually it is better to avoid use of satin or gloss finishes on miniatures, and instead rely purely on shading with a flat finish to achieve texture where possible. This is so that the final effect is present no matter how the miniature is lit.
  2. Thanks Mulder1966. The red for the hat was shaded largely by using white/black pre-shading. Highlights on red can be achieved by lightening the red with Vallejo Flat flesh instead of white - it avoids it turning pink. The bust was primed using Tamiya acrylic (black/white) and finished entirely using Vallejo Model Color Acrylics. There's a full step by step build (paint) log here - http://www.makingmodels.co.uk/builds-in-progress/19-v-bust-lt-col-john-frost-cmdr-2nd-parachute-battalion-arnhem-1944/
  3. Richard Moore

    Shar FRS.1

    She looks beautiful Mike I built the Tamiya 1/48 Shar FRS1 which has scarred me psychologically (trust issues with Tamiya and night terrors). If I ever build another FRS1 I'll definitely be taking a look at this one.
  4. Here he is - everyone's favourite safe cracker - Karl-Otto Alberty... This is the third "Kelly's Heroes" bust I've done from Mitches Military Models, and just as I think I've finished he goes and releases the Telly Savalas "Big Joe" bust. Well it'd be rude not to buy that one pretty darn quick and get him painted up so that I can re-create that classic "high noon" stand off scene from the film where Big Joe, Kelly and Oddball have their Powwow with Karl-Otto. I had a few challenges with this one, such as when I painted the blonde hair I realised I had painted the face too dark. Note to self - get the hair colour blocked in before going too far on the facial tones next time. And I also has fun getting the shading on the tunic to a point where I was happy with it. One of the things I try to do with figure painting is not get too bogged down trying to do a perfect job. I like to do each figure a little better than the previous one and when I feel I'm trying to push my skills too far I back off a bit and call it done. More pictures here if you're interested - http://www.makingmodels.co.uk/completed-builds/19-v-bust-ss-tiger-tank-commander-karl-otto-alberty-kellys-heroes/
  5. Ok, I've re-worked the hair and the facial tones - definitely much happier with the overall look now. I'm pretty much ready to call the head done, will see how he looks with fresh eyes tomorrow (my eyes not his) - then just the final bits of the tunic to finish off...
  6. Thanks Grunhertz. Karl Otto Alberty definitely has a face that's hard to forget I did Clint and Donald a while ago... They have just released the bust of Telly (Big Joe) too. So will no doubt have to add that to the collection sometime.
  7. I don't know whether these guys can help - http://www.wessextransfers.com/Decal_Printing/Alps_Decals/alps_decals.html They do Alps printing of decals (allows them to print white and metallics).
  8. A bit more work on Karl... The shading on the tunic has been smoothed out a bit, it's not looking too bad on this side. Definitely heading in the right direction. The white piping on the tunic has just been blocked in in pure white at the moment to help me see how it will look against the black, it will be shaded and refined later. I've decided I'm not happy with the hair and face colour though. The hair is too yellow (sorry Pat) and the light hair makes the face look too dark. So next job will be to lighten the hair a bit and de-saturate it, and I'll see if I can lighten the face with some paler glazes.
  9. Nice I remember doing the Airfix Henry VIII back in the day.
  10. I take photos for the builds on my blog using my Smartphone camera. It shoots in RAW so after I'm finished building I'll sit down and tweak the exposure and clarity a bit in Photoshop , resize the images and upload to the blog. I'm quite quick at editing the images nowadays (all I'm doing to each is basically a brightness/contrast adjustment and a resize). For the final reveal pics I use a more elaborate setup with a DSLR. But the way I see it is if you spend 80 hours building a model, it doesn't hurt to spend a couple of hours on the final pics. Definitely keep it simple with the build pics though.
  11. Funny you should say that, I had these chest pains the other day...... Turned out to be wind
  12. Hi Erik, Yes, the bust is very much work in progress at the mo. At this stage I've just sketched some grey on the highlights to get a feel for where they need to go. It will all get blended and smoother later with some glazes.
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