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  1. One of the nicest guys ever in our hobby. Always helpful and a pleasure to have know him for nearly 40 years. He was a big help whenever I was working on a book or magazine article.
  2. Having passed everything over to Alan at Telford I'm hoping we can make the 1/72nd scale Shetland our main release at Telford 2018. Yep it's an odd one I know, but we had a very generous offer from a couple of fellow modellers and thought hell lets give this one a go. The Lerwick has sold very well and this fills another gap, and a big one in terms of the size of the model.
  3. you sir.......................are a bloody genius, that is great modelling on that tiny aircrat
  4. How did you find the undercarriage on the Wildcat? I just found it hard going at times, maybe not helped by the Playdoh plastic that is so soft. Otherwise it's a lovely little build, nearly as good as the Hurricane rag wing
  5. The Airfix Wildcat/Martlett. The basic kit is gorgeous, falls together, but that bloody undercarriage construction!!! the more you look at it you think what have I got in the wrong place. Took as long to build the undercart as it did the rest of the kit.
  6. Just back from another great show at Brampton. As usual great to see so many friends, customers and fellow modellers. Well done to Alec Smith and the team for putting on another great event. See you in 2017
  7. Our new items for release at Telford this year are: Conversions 1/72nd scale Early Hawker Hunter F1/2/4/5 Tiger Engined AWWhitley II 1/32nd scale Early Hawker Hunter F1/2/4/5 Decals 1/32nd scale RAF Hunters Pt:1 1/72nd scale RAF Hunters Pt:1 RAF Hunters Pt:2 Our 1/72nd scale Neptune MR.1 conversion is almost ready but won't make Telford sadly
  8. We are now offering 10% discount to members of Brexitmodeller on our website. The code to enter when prompted at the checkout is BREXT1 Many Thanks Glenn Ashley
  9. Hi Thanks for looking by our vendor page. We are, or rather I, am a sole trader business based in Sheffield. Blackbird Models dove tails with my busy freelance photography business but at times things can get a little hectic so if I'm ever slow replying please forgive me. It'll be down to the photographic side of things. We deal mainly with model aircraft. Producing kits, conversions decals as well as importing ranges from around the world. I try to look for some of the more unknown ranges rather than the mainstream. So if you have any questions please send me a PM but I'll be adding updates of new releases as well as looking for feedback and sensible ideas for other items we can add to the range. Thanks Glenn Ashley
  10. I would sit down when you look at the UK prices considering what they are asking for on re-issued kits
  11. now that's just what I'd expect from Radders, sheer madness, but I like it. Good work
  12. Having attended this show for the best part of 35 years as both modeller and trader I have only praise for it. Not the biggest but certainly one of the friendliest shows around.
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