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  1. Hi all, for those who don't know me I'm Mrs. Grunhertz and have been building for a few years, mainly figures but have done the odd car, Plane and Sci-fi this is my entry into the build the cheap Revell 1/112 scale x-wing will be starting soon
  2. and apologies for not showing the finished article but......... It took runners up at the Essex Modellers Show at Billericay on the 30th July 2017 thanks Tam
  3. Hi all I've been working on this for a couple of weeks, its an oldish Tamiya kit and the fit is not great in places but apart from that it's a nice kit and what I've uploaded is about 3 weeks on and off with more to come, the paint is Revell Acryilic brush painted more to come soon
  4. finished these and they are quite nice, I'm now moving onto something slightly bigger thanks for looking Tam x
  5. Swb


    Yep everywhere we go , we come home with yet another nail file/ buffer and more tweezers, ahhh lol xX
  6. Swb


    Okay top 10 modelling tools ? Mine would include magnifier, scalpel, side cutters, files, thin brushes, cotton buds, kitchen towel, thinners, cocktail sticks, cutting mat X
  7. Viper it's got to be X X
  8. Yep one of the reasons I do figures friend lol, no counting rivets etc, wont do it X X
  9. Ouch that is alot for us mere mortals but maybe......
  10. Hi everyone so here we have been picking out shadows and seams with a wash before looking at more detail painting Next a flat coat before looking ant hands and faces
  11. Looking great, well done you two xX
  12. Update time, Started the webbing and Puttees as well as boots, this is all of course subjective until weathered washed dry-brushed etc, so all of the light khaki has been done and next will be faces and picking out details. all packs etc as well
  13. Blimey well done you, I wouldn't even have tried to use that, great recycling X tam
  14. Hi as said in my intro, I started these on Sunday and they are from the Masterbox range, so i started the two British infantrymen first. so I assembled them on Sunday Filled the gaps Yesterday. They then had a basecoat of Revell Aqua Khaki brown and when dry I'll start picking out the details Just noticed I need to take one head off and re seat it till later Tam
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