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  1. AZ models Redline Boxing of AZ1G Cobra
  2. sorry about the lack of in progress shots but I didn't enjoy it much, painted with Darrens Gunze laquers and Tamiya paints its done the AZ kit is a nice kit its just not for me.
  3. HI all this is my entry,, the AZ redline Huey Cobra in 1/72, and this is also my first attempt at a limited run kit as well as a helicopter as well as photo etch so be gentle url=https://postimg.cc/cgnZs9QN][/url] the cockpit is together with a bit of work but its mainly Black with a hint of Black, just the seat pads are gunship grey, but it went together reasonably well and will need a litte touching up here and there.
  4. Well this is just exquisite work, absolutely stunning, your very very talented. ( goes off to model table head bent low) , i hope i get somewhere good as you someday. SWB
  5. Wow,this is really great,love the shading on it . SWB
  6. Swb

    Wish lists

    So whats on everyones christmas wish list ? SWB
  7. Swb

    Build table/bench

    Great you all need to get busy building tho lol . SWB
  8. So tell me whats on your build bench or table at the moment ? SWB
  9. LOL thanks for all your replies , us that dont do wingy things get mighty confused i can tell you x Mrs. Ghz
  10. So im currently building the Night King from the Game of Thrones but im not allowed to call him that lol , what have you built that went by a different name ? SWB
  11. Hi there,looking great, currently have a figure on the bench but have a hankering to try a plane again . Keep going, this is gonna look great. SWB
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