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  1. Thanks Miggers, I will bear that in mind. The spraying takes but a few moments, but it is the cleaning of the airbrush after that takes the time, I once left it few a short while and then spent the next hour stripping and cleaning it. I have been back on the plating and reducing it further. I measured in a couple of places where I had left it before, oh my god this model of the Flower had plates of between 25 and 30 mm thick. I reckon that they were built with plates of about 3/8" to 1/2" or on the model about 6/7 thousands of an inch, because of the inconsistency of the moulding of the plates I have set myself a bit of a task. I have found that scrapeing with Stanley knife blade is the best method but it takes a long time. I am aiming for .010" for the plates on the model as a compromise. Once I have done that I will give it a coat of primer from a rattle can and see what it looks like.
  2. I am back to the drawing board with the bilge keels. Having watched a couple of videos on YouTube of Flowers being launched I noticed that the bilge keels were much bigger than I thought. I have now got a copy of Lamberts book on the Flower and perusing that I see that the bilge keels are shown as 22" wide, that makes more sense than the 6" wide I thought they were. Do I leave things as they are or try and make new keels? I am undecided at the moment. I have been attacking the eyebrows and the thickness of the plates and am quite pleased with the results so far. I have also been making the Hedgehog from GLS kit, oh how I wish I had started with something a little larger. I found the soldering not to bad, but holding the smaller parts has been a nightmare. I will go to the local car paint shop and get a pack of 2 part etch primer next week, give it a coat of paint, instal the mortars and see what it looks like. I am awaiting a few bits and pieces when it will be all systems go, just hope it warms up a bit as my workshop is a bit cold, I did find a brass monkey who wanted to borrow some welding gear to reattach something! John
  3. Regarding the 'patches' I have found a photograph of HMS Bluebell with these on the port side, There is no indication what they are, I have not found any pictures of the Starboard side. This is the only vessel that I have found with these patches and I can only assume that they are a repair. I am still struggling with posting photos I do have one drive but cannot get it to work as Gorby has described, in fact I cannot get it to work. I will keep trying,
  4. Question On the Revell kit there are three, for want of a better description, oblong patches on the hull on either side, approx midships, does anybody know what they are. I can find no reference to them and they are as far as I can see not evident in any photographs. I thought I would ask before I removed them
  5. Thanks Gorby, as I said back to the drawing board. I will investigate some of the other options. I recently moved over to an Apple computer and I am still trying to get my head round that after years of working in Windows. I have just spent the last 45 mins trying to establish the correct length of the bilge keels, the approximation of the plating on the model is not helping, but I think I have got there and am intending to loose about 35/40 mm from each end (look at me going all metric) I have ordered some 2.5mm angle styrene to replace the existing keels which although oversize is nearer to the correct size.As you can see from the photo the main keel has gone, I will remove the eyebrows over the scuttles over the weekend and possibly work on the plating to reduce its thickness.
  6. I hope this works. https://photos.app.goo.gl/T7mzurGquKGD7Ho96 Well it has not embedded in the post but just click on the link and the photo appears. Back to the drawing board, this was done using google photos I will try to figure out why it has not embedded the photo just the link.
  7. Well here goes, I hope this works. Mmmmm that was. a failure.
  8. It is my intention to post a build log on here and hope that it will keep me on track. I purchased the kit quite a few years ago, it was my intention at that time to convert it to Radio Control. To that end I made the basic hull by joining the four parts together and glueing in the porthole lights. The foredeck was glued in, at that point, time and circumstance took over. The hull and box of bits was put to one side. I had by this time discovered G.L.S. photo etch and invested in some of the weapons to enhance the model, these also were put into storage. I had however drilled the hull and put in a stern tube and rudder tube both of which I had made. A few weeks ago I decided that now was the time to complete the model, partly because the boss lady was making threatening noises about getting rid of the kit which had resided on top of one to the wardrobes. I then discovered Toolmakers thread, it has gone downhill or is that uphill ever since . I am now awaiting a couple more kits fro David Parkins. I have over the last couple of days removed the keel from the hull (doesn't scraped plastic make a mess), good job I have a workshop which I now need to clean up. I am not happy with the bilge keels as I think they are wrong in size and length. I believe the ships were fitted with 6" x 4" keels which if my sums are right make the keels about 85 thou ( yes, I still work mostly in imperial) and were much shorter than those on the model.. The port holes will be replaced with P.E. ones I will try to post some photos once I have worked out how to do it. I will need help from you guys as this is my first Plastic model in many a long year. Major work will be done in the workshop but I have permission to do little bits which do not smell or make a noise in the living room where it is warmer . As you will no doubt find I am not very computer savvy. John
  9. Thats sad. I was looking forward to seeing those photos as my build progressed as an aid to my lack of skill. I hope that he can be persuaded to reinstate them. John (no I have a new motor)
  10. It is not only me that has lost the photos. I was thinking it was my poor computer skills that had lost them.
  11. I acquired one of these kits several years ago, I made the basic hull and purchased a couple of the G.L.S. kits. The whole thing was shelved due to other commitments. A couple of weeks ago I had a look at the kit and decided that I would finish the build. I then discovered this build blog and oh dear I have now purchased a couple more G.L.S. kits to help me on my way. I am going to pick your brains over the build as you have many photos that will help, well there were photos until I looked this morning when most of them had disappeared. I am reasonably adept at soldering, I am a great believer in the tinning method. I will have to see if that will work on this, it should, as the brass is quite thin. Wish me luck as this is a new venture for me.
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