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  1. The question is did Gleed's a/c have it? I can't tell from pics and you see it modelled with and without them. thanks Mike
  2. That looks good. There's a couple of easy to fix issues with the Zvezda A-4, to keep it as an A-4 but making it an A-5 onwards is difficult and a lot more fiddly then making Eduard Fw190's. I've built a couple of Eduard Fw190's and yes the first one (A-8) was a bit fiddly (Profipack) and the second was an A-5 weekend which was a bit easier after building the first one. I've got a Royal class too and a few other Eduard Fw190's, which I'll get round to building one day! I've still got a few Hasegawa ones, if you want a quick and easy build of a late 190A, they are your best bet - they are so much better then any Fw190A kit apart from the Eduard and very easy to build. Going back to the Spitfires. The Tamiya Vb has some strengthening strakes above the wheel wells - aren't those a post war thing? thanks Mike
  3. That's not really my thing, I'm not very good at it and likely to make a hash of it. thanks Mike
  4. Kinetic 1/48 Harriers in stock now@MJW Models! Our price is £42.54 each + post! See the website link below for ordering! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/kinetic-148--kits-710-c.asp thanks Mike
  5. You made a decent job of that Revell Spitfire. Reading your notes on Academy kits - the Academy Fw190A is a truly awful kit, it really doesn't look right at all. The cowling opening looks too big to me and the landing gear legs are far too long. You're best bet for a Fw190A, is Eduard by a long shot, if not Hasegawa is the next best and they are way better then any other 190A except Eduard. I've build many a Fw190 model thanks Mike
  6. I've had a chance to do a bit more digging. The Tamiya kit is too fat in the rear fuselage and wing shape is off. I've not sure about the strengthening strakes over the top of the wheel wells either. The Italeri one has a poor nose and prop, I'm sure the prop can be easily sorted with a spare though. I believe Revell did a brand new tool Vb recently but I've not seen if that's any good though. thanks Mike
  7. I'm planning to build Gleed's Spitfire Vb Trop with the Aboukir filter and clipped wings. I have both the Tamiya and Italeri kits, that have all the relevant parts in the box (and decals) to build this aircraft, without any conversion work or scrounging parts from other kits, so it's going to be one of these two kits. So with that said, does anyone know the size/shape issues with each kit and overall which is best in this aspect and only this aspect? I've built both before and know which is the better kit to build, so it's purely which is the more convincing looking when built. thanks Mike
  8. Happy New Year from us @ MJW Models! Last update of the year now! We've had our final stock deliveries of 2020 now and we have the latest Eduard kits in stock, which are available to order from our website! These are the following 1/48 kits - Bf110G-4 Nightfigher Profipack (re-issue), Bf109G-6/AS Weekend Ed, P-51D-5 Mustang Weekend Ed and the 1/72 Fokker D.VII Ltd Ed Dual kit. I have to say, the new style Weekend boxes look very smart and they now come with 4 or 5 options on the decal sheet! We've restocked on some recent releases too like Special Hobby's awesome new 1/72 Bf109E-4 kit (Eduard helped on this one), Arma Hobby's awesome 1/72 Hurricane Mk IIB/C Hurribomber, plus IBG's nice little 1/700 HMS Ilex, plus many others. We've also restocked on Lifecolor paint sets and bargain kits (see our home page for the extra cheap kits!). Next posting day is Monday 4th Jan but the website will remain open for orders! Website link for more info, prices and ordering! - https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  9. Happy Christmas from us @ MJW Models! Don't forget, our website is open for orders over the holiday period and we still have many bargains and cool recent kits available! We have loads of Eduard 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 kits in stock now with around 1/3 off off UK RRP, plus many recent releases, like Eduard's 1/48 Tally Ho Spitfire Mk II set, Airfix's new 1/72 Spitfire Vc and Special Hobby's stunning new 1/72 Bf109E-4. Our next posting days are the 29th and 30th December and then things will be back to normal from the 4th January. Don't forget extra delays due to Covid, especially for customers in the EU, hopefully airmail post will be back to normal soon! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  10. Just a quick update to say that we are now stocking the Eduard 1/48 'Tally Ho!' Spitfire Mk II double kit for under £50!! We've also got the other recent Eduard 1/48 Battle of Britain kits in stock too at good prices! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  11. Last update for today! Black Friday deals @ MJW Models! These offers are only for what's in stock now and will be over on Sunday 29th Nov. All our remaining stock of 1/48 + 1/72 ICM kits are now 25% off UK RRP! We've reduced the price of the Meng 1/32 Fokker DR.1 and Eduard Bf108 Weekend and they are now 20% off UK RRP! We have a homepage full of other kits and paint sets with anything from 20% to over 33% off UK RRP - many have been reduced a bit further! Paint sets and Kits not on special offer are still around 15% off UK RRP! Follow the link below and scroll down the homepage for prices and info! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  12. Sword's new 1/72 triple Spitfire Mk XIV Kit is in stock now @ MJW Models! Only £22.56! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  13. For those who are Facebook inclined, we have a Facebook page which is set to public, as far as I'm aware, that means anyone can see it, whether they are one Facebook or not. There's plenty on there, lots of photo albums of models, museum and air show pics and even HMS Northumberland. I also post news on forthcoming kits and and new kits we get in and any offers we have on. MJW Models - Home | Facebook We also have a more focussed group where our new stuff and bargains are advertised - MJW Models New Stuff and Bargains group | Facebook If any of you are on facebook, please like, follow, join and share! If you're not, please feel free to have a look at our content! thanks Mike
  14. No problem! Watch out for inbound new Spitfire kits this week and next! thanks Mike
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