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  1. We've added even more 1/72 kits into out 1/72 kit sale! Just added at 20% off UK RRP are a couple of Sword Avengers, including the Midway boxing and an North American Fury. Now at approx 1/3 off UK RRP is the Special Hobby Vampire Mk 3 and The KP (AZ) Models Spitfire I with the Yellow nose and a pair of Mk II's, including the LR boxing. Check out our website homepage for more details! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/
  2. 1/72 kit sale @ MJW Models! We've reduced prices on loads of 1/72 kits to 20% or more off UK RRP! Some will be 33% or more off UK RRP! Newly added kits to the sale include the very recently released Arma Hobby Sea Hurricane and IBG Fw190D-9 prototype! Also there's loads of KPM (AZ Models) kits like Tempest V's, Spitfire I/II and V's plus an Alpha Jet! Check them out now on our website homepage! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/
  3. Fine Molds Bf109K and AZ Bf109G-6/AS gone now.
  4. We've had a restock of big bargain kits today @ MJW Models! the following 1/48 and 1/35 are back in stock. Hobby Boss Osprey £63, Hobby Boss F-14A £27.30, Hobby Boss Super Hornet and Growler £36.60 each, Meng Super Hornet £44.40, Meng Leopard 1 £28.56! Check them out now on our website - these are about 30-40% off UK RRP! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ There's even more bargains on our homepage too! thanks Mike
  5. Here's a couple of 1/72 Bf109E kits I've made. The first is the Tamiya E-3, this remains for me the best 109E kit I've built, although I'll be building an Eduard/Special Hobby one soon, which I expect to be the new best one. I did this one years ago and it's in the markings of one flown by Adolf Galland. The second one is AZ Models Bf109E-4/N, all in Black. I was disappointed by this kit, the fit wasn't the best, although not terrible but the decals were absolutely awful. Most of them either split or partially/totally disintegrated. I'm not sure what happened with AZ but this is a step down fo
  6. Nice kit with poor decals. I made the error of painting the underside with one of the IJA Greys and not Aluminium. Didn't realise it was wrong until the decals were on, so left it as is. For those who don't know, the Ki-100 was a Ki-61 re-engined with a radial, as Kawasaki had airframes but no more licence built Db601 engines. The radial engine actually improved the aircraft's overall performance and reliability. The only remaining Ki-100 is part of the RAF museum's collection and is moved between their sites at Cosford and Hendon.
  7. Having seen the quality of their Avia S-99/S-199, I suspect these will be the best bf109 F/G and K's in 1/72
  8. My latest kit aquisitions. I got the Calcutta from my own shop and when I saw the Airfix club kit Meteor FR.9, I had to join the club. As a bonus i'll be able to get the new Meteor F.8 with tokens. These are to replace my old MPM Meteors.
  9. Although we mainly sell model aircraft kits and accessories, we do also get a few 1/35 tanks in, when they are available cheaply! Right Now we have a Meng Leopard 1 A3/A4 for under £30, a Hobby Boss Panther G for under £25 and the recent Hobby Boss JagdTiger for 15% off UK RRP! Have a look on our website now! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/
  10. Bf109G-8 and Airfix Meteor gone now.
  11. I had 2 and sold one, the one I've kept is built
  12. The Fujimi Val isn't bad and certainly far better than old Airfix standards
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