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  1. We currently have the excellent brand new Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Vb/Vc double kit for less than £49 at the moment! This is very much a short term offer, first come first served. We expect it to last no more than a week and we'll restock as much as we can while it's available cheap! In addition to that we've got a couple of Eduard Ltd Ed 1/48 kits in stock that are OOP, namely last year's Battle of Britain Bf109E double kit and Bf110C/D kit, again this is only for a limited time. We've also got reductions on other Eduard kits, such as the MiG-21MF Profipack. There's also Time Limited offe
  2. I thought it was time for a new update from us at MJW Models! We're still selling kits and paint sets for 15% off UK RRP and still have many ever better offers on our homepage. Here's the highlights of the recent new 1/48 releases which we have in stock - Airfix Chipmunk, Eduard 'Eagle's Call' Spitfire V double kit, Messerschmitt Bf109 Bf109G-10/G-14AS 'Wilde Sau' double kit, Plus the re-issued MiG-21MF Profipack and Fw190D-9 Weekend. We're awaiting restocks of the Tempest II Profipack and Spitfire F.Mk.IXc Weekend. And in 1/72 we have the following new kits - Eduard Bf10
  3. If anyone is interested we've got just 1 of Airfix's new tool 1/72 Vulcans in stock - our price is £51 here's the link to it https://mjwmodels.co.uk/air12011-172-avro-vulcan-b2-7272-p.asp thanks Mike
  4. My mother has been seriously and terminally ill for the past couple of years and the weekend before last she died. In the last month or so she was much worse and we've been finding it hard to concentrate fully on the business. My Dad and I are Ok, we're managing to keep going, as there's not really much option. The funeral is next Wednesday (21st) and on that one day, we won't be posting anything, although our website will remain open for orders, they'll just get processed and posted the next day, other than that, we're posting orders as normal. As regards the business, we've been
  5. Many thanks Jim - hope you'll be back for more soon! thanks Mike
  6. Please read this! Ebay still seem to have something against us. Not content with losing us over £1000 in sales (over the Ebay payments bungle) they now seem determined to remove out top rated Ebay seller status. This means we'll lose our seller discount and we'll have to increase prices, which will lose us even more money over time. This combined with the fact their bulk editor isn't working properly makes Ebay more frustrating than normal. Royal Mail have changed the non UK post. Now everything will be counted as a small parcel, they say to be in line with postal services in ot
  7. Just a quick update from us @ MJW Models! Firstly the Easter Hols are here and our next posting day is Tuesday 6th April, so anything bought from now until then, will be posted on the 6th at the earliest! We've also had some deliveries in time for Easter. We have the brand New Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk I 'early' profipack in stock (think 2 blade props!). Also the latest boxing of the Bf109G-6 Weekend is here (G-6/G-6/Trop), plus a Pfalz and P-39Q Weekend. Also finally back in stock is the Mustang weekend edition and Bf109G-6/AS. Other new kits include the latest Airfix 1/48 Tig
  8. If only it was! Thanks for that, it's a great looking kit. Even despite Ebay releasing the funds, we've still lost a weeks worth of trading on Ebay, plus it'll probably take a few days to get up to speed. All the extra sales on our website have been a huge help to us and we hope more people will use our website instead of our ebay shop in future thanks Mike
  9. Important - latest news from us @ MJW Models. It's good news, Ebay have released the funds they were withholding from us! This will let us do things like pay our Royal Mail bill and order more stock for next week! We've switched our Ebay listings back on and we've had a trickle of sales come through, so it looks ok so far but we'll need to see if this new Ebay payments is any good. Even so, we are still down a whole week's worth of sales on Ebay, so we'll still be struggling for a bit, while we try to recover. We want to thank everyone for the support, we've had an amazing day on our website,
  10. One thing people can do for us that doesn't involve spending money, is to leave us a positive review on Google and Facebook, if you have been our customer before and were happy with our service. Just Google MJW Models and look at the info on the right hand side, and you should see something that says 'write review,. On Facebook, there's a review tab on the top of the page under the big pic. thanks Mike
  11. Here's how it is for us now that we've had to close our Ebay shop for now. We've sold about £50 worth of stuff yesterday and absolutely nothing today. If this keeps up, I'll be homeless very soon. Please Don't line Ebay's pockets unless you have to. thanks Mike
  12. No worries! I don't know how all sellers don't charge less than they do on Ebay with the Ebay fees as they are.
  13. This link to the Ebay community page which highlights the issue we're having and the fact that Ebay seem to have difficulty with a UK Partnership type business - Solved: problem registering for managed payments - The eBay Community. Please share this link on social media and suggest that people go direct to a business' own website rather than buy on Ebay, it's much better for sellers if you use their own websites. It's hard enough with a small business as it is to get buy. thanks Mike
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