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  1. We've had even more bargains delivered today (please also read my last post too!) We've got more Hobby Boss bargains like the 1/48 F-14A and Me262A-1/U1, really cheap and a huge amount of very cheap Vallejo paint sets in stock! Please check them out on our website before we sell out! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  2. Just a quick update with what's happening @ MJW Models! We've got a load of ICM kits on offer right now - 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 aircraft and a couple of 1/35 tanks. They're all 25% or more off UK RRP and we've only got one of each in stock and our supplier has stopped offering the kits cheaply, so once we sell out of an item, we can't restock at the offer price, so it's a case of you snooze, you lose! Also don't forget that ICM have closed down now due to current circumstances and it's not clear if they will be able to re-open, so get your ICM kits while you can. Also, we've got loads
  3. My Flyhawk 1/700 HMS Hood arrived this morning and what an awesome looking kit it is too, probably the best kit of Hood in any scale by miles! thanks Mike
  4. Thanks Paul - so whoever said they were far too big is telling porky pies then thanks Mike
  5. Hope so as I've heard people say the ones in the Eduard kit are way too big but 1mm difference isn't a big issue, unless Hasegawa got them very wrong too! thanks Mike
  6. 2nd modelling question of the day. Do the new tool Airfix Wellington Mk I and Mk II kits share the same glazing? I hoping so, as it means the Eduard mask for the Mk I will fit the Mk II thanks Mike
  7. I heard people say the Star N Bar decals in the Eduard B-25 kit are too big. How big should the circle part of the markings be in 1/72 for a B-25? I've measured them at 21mm on the Eduard kit and 20mm on a Hasegawa B-25 I've got. (Btw I know the Eduard kit is Hasegawa plastic) thanks Mike
  8. Lancaster gone now, the others are still available
  9. I don't think they really care, as long as they get free stuff and can have a little bit of power over others
  10. That doesn't surprise me from that lot, the people in charge of that forum ruined a once good forum, hence this forum.
  11. It's Black Friday here @ MJW Models! To be honest every day is Black Friday as our website homepage is always full of offers! At the moment, there's loads of kits in different scales and acrylic paint sets with 20 to almost 50% off UK RRP! Check them out now - https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  12. Ships and AZ Fw190 gone now. Everything else is still up for grabs! Is the Airfix Lanc II not a great price at £26? thanks Mike
  13. Please read carefully! All the kits are complete and unstarted. Payment by Paypal only. UK post is £3.75 for kits under £20 and £4.75 (tracked) for kits over £20. Tracked airmail is a lot more. Offers can be considered and ask questions before buying if anything isn't clear! Everything aircraft is 1/72 !!!! 1) Airfix Lancaster B.Mk II (the sprues have been out of the bag but otherwise like new) £26 2) Trumpeter Wellington B.Mk III (mark on box but otherwise like new) £24 3) Revell BAe Harrier GR.Mk 7/9 (ex-Hasegawa kit, the sprues have been out of the bag but otherwise like n
  14. It's about time I did an update! First of all, our website's homepage is crammed full of kits and paint sets at bargain prices! These range from 20% to almost 50% off UK RRP! Some of the bargains are ones were we are down to the last example, so when they sell, the offer is over. Also there's also new offers we add too, so what's on offer will change, depending on what we can get in. There's plenty of Eduard kits in particular with 20% (usually more!) or more off UK RRP - 1/48 and 1/72. Don't forget, our regular discount on kits and paint sets is still 15% off UK RRP! New Stuff. We'
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