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  1. I didn't think they were used in North Africa, I can paint it in some European camouflage instead, no bother thanks Mike
  2. no worries! Look forward to it!
  3. Simple question, was the Opel Maultier ever used by the Germans in North Afrika? I'm struggling to fin an answer either way. thanks Mike
  4. We should be having a small stand at our local show - it is a small stand this year as we're only bringing what we can fit in our cars and mine being a Golf, that's not too much. Anyway, we'll be bringing some discounted aircraft (and some tank) kits along, if anyone is interested. It's this Sunday 4th June - at the venue below - 9:30 to 4:30 - £5 cash only to get in The Parks Sport Centre Howden Road North Shield, NE29 6TL
  5. Excellent thanks - if anyone has anymore examples of Churchills in service without the box on the back of the turret, please share
  6. Ok folks I do WW2 table top gaming in both 15 and 28mm scales (1/100 and 1/56). I've got some Warlord Games/Italeri Churchill tank kits, whichh have many build options - the Mk III, IV, V, VI and AVRE with both cast and welded turrets. However, you can't quite make up one each of the cast and welded turrets, which is slightly annoying. The main issue is there's only one turret bustle (the box at the back of the turret), so the question is (as I'm having difficulty finding examples), does anyone know, or has pics of any of the Churchill marks covered by the kit, that didn't have the bustle fitt
  7. A small restock has arrived today - The new Eduard 1/48 Malta Spitfire set is back in stock but we've only got 1 copy of it, so be quick! If you like 1/72 Fw190's, Eduard have re-issued their F-8 Profipack and A2/R8 Weekend edition and we have them both. Sword's Strikemaster and Spitfire XIV's are also back in stock. We have 2 new boxings of new tool Special Hobby in the form of a Bf109E-1 fighter bomber and French AF Mirage IIIC. Check them out on our website - 15% off UK RRP https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  8. It's back in stock now if you still want one. thanks Mike
  9. When I was talking about raising money, that's me selling personal stuff on my own personal ebay and not in any way connected to the business. Also the kits we have really cheap have been on offer at the suppliers, hence we can sell them cheap and still make a profit per item
  10. It's on order for later in the week, so watch out! thanks Mike
  11. No worries - we do try to get orders out as quickly as possible! thanks Mike
  12. Many thanks! It's already packed and will be posted in less than an hour's time! thanks Mike
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