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  1. What grabs you on a build

    Interesting topic. In no particular order; Talent Humour Choice of subject (does it appeal to me.) Modeller is building a kit that is new on the market, so you kick back and enjoy the experience as it is something you want to know more about Historical angle- is there a story involved with this choice of subject- again, one that appeals to me. Techniques, if a modeller suddenly starts dropping in new and interesting techniques that get my attention Modeller's track record- some people's work I just know I want to follow- possibly because they automatically include most, if not all of the above. And for the record, I currently enjoy Jen's builds at Airfix mag more than any other- see statement immediately above.
  2. Tamiya 1/32nd De Havilland Mosquito

  3. Hasegawa 1/350 Hikawa Maru with Extras.

    One cool model you have there.
  4. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    Was this the child's parent? If so he could have AS. Sort of thing that would rile their sense of being. I think modelling attracts a lot of AS people. Otherwise the bloke was just a **** and needed a good punching.
  5. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    If anyone does find one, Paypal waiting, plus finder's fee
  6. Scale Model World 2017 at Telford International Centre......

    Enjoy guys! If anyone comes across this sheet, I would be forever in your debt if you could pick it up for me, as I am desperately looking for one of these for my son's Tamiya F-14.
  7. On the beach.......

    Very nice!
  8. A380 over the M4 in Berkshire

    You should be proud- it's a great piece of work
  9. 1/48 North American P-51D Mustang

    Ditto. I really, I mean REALLY appreciate your reviews, on the 'net they are second to none. There was a time when I was a complete P-51 nut, and so I obviously have about 10-15 in the stash already. I have to ask myself, is there any reason to get this kit- from my own point of view of course. Hmmmmmmm. Hhhhmmmmmm and hhhmmmmm. I think if I was back into 'stangs there are some really nice extras and options, as you say the paper tanks so look incredibly nice, and so do the cowling vent options, along with the prop blades and a few other things, including the .50 front moulded inserts. The forward canopy parts look really cool, and may I ask what is the difference between the two options? Do you have the Meng P-51 in 1/48, and if you do, how do these new kits compare? Without ordering a Meng kit online, I am unlikely to see one on the flesh around where I live. RIch
  10. It's difficult to critique new models without being seen as a killjoy. Personally, after having seen Airfix mag build of the new Airfix F-4, I cannot (yet again and again) say I am impressed by their continuing approach towards panel lines. The Walrus seems better, and scaling up makes a difference here. I was very concerned about the Eduard late '109 series after reading the furore, and now I am disinterested in the retools as a result. As I already have a Zvezda which just looks "right," there would be no reason to buy one anyway. However, once people start to rip the new Tamiya kit to pieces in whatever way possible, and if the result is that they actually cannot, then one is on the cards for me without a doubt. The one I am really waiting for is a ZM USN F-4B, or N. When that happens I will finally succumb. Also I need to get a GWH/Pit Road F-15J, but cannot find a reasonably priced one anywhere.
  11. Pacific Island Corsair

  12. 1/48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.1

    Thank you James. What a fantastic review. Your photography is exceptional and I really cannot thank you enough for taking your time to review this model, in this way. Although I am now in the category of "enough models for the afterlife too/ absolutely no modelling time at present," A couple of points; Do I see raised rivets in certain places? This is something I would love to see more of. (obviously where correct.) The ejector pin marks are worse/more than I expected, any chance of doing a short tutorial on you technique for removing them? Obviously, ninety per cent will I am sure not be visible by any stretch of the imagination.. but I would love to see your fibreglass pen approach in action. The only area I can see that would need some attention is the tail tubes and fins of the bombs. It looks to be an incredible kit, although I must raise this point; Why do we all love the Walrus, and indeed, what is so special about it for Airfix? To answer for myself, I remember as a small boy my father building Airfix models for me at a prodigious rate, and of course back then we all referred to the B.o.B. (my father was quite involved at a youthful level) and do we imagine fleets of Walrii zooming down to rescue waterlogged Spitfire pilots by the dozen while under attack from Nazi devil flyers, and is this why the kit is so anticipated and so popular. I don't remember Walrii sinking the Tirpitz or carrying out daring raids over occupied Europe, so it does seem a strange choice to bring to the world market. Is that choice purely sentimental...? Whatever, after reading this fantastic review, and seeing Jen's great build, I'm afraid my wallet is going to have to assume the position.
  13. The A320 really is a lovely lovely kit. Treat it like say the Eduard Mig 21 and you will be ok. I.e, if something doesn't fit you probably did something wrong earlier- how do I know... Not quite sure why I have an Airliner kick right now, but compared to the Revell A319 this kit is in a different league. Out with the missus today, and only after she decided to buy a 20 quid bottle of perfume, I thought sod this, I'm in. That is into a model/ fantasy hobbies shop in Harlow (sigh) and saw the RS Airacobra. I had a quick peep inside and one glimpse of the panel lines etc convinced me this was the correct retaliatory gesture to the perfume purchase. I have started some very limited building and as and when I get a means to do some spray painting will let you all know how I get on. Box art has a Sawbridgeworth aircraft, and this will sit well with my part built Airfix Tomahawk to be finished as an aircraft from the same local base. Now that one I had to spend a little time rebuilding the nose to get it right as the 1/72 kit is poor compared to their 1/48 kit in this respect. Btw, the Zvezda Airbus will be finished as this little beauty;
  14. Polish Hind Paint?

    First time here for ages, so just idly seeing what you guys are getting up to! I am quite "colour keen," and I have to agree that many many times my FS fan chart has let me down. Just saying, as they say..
  15. Vickers Warwick ASR I Stage B

    Very nice indeed!