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  1. The A320 really is a lovely lovely kit. Treat it like say the Eduard Mig 21 and you will be ok. I.e, if something doesn't fit you probably did something wrong earlier- how do I know... Not quite sure why I have an Airliner kick right now, but compared to the Revell A319 this kit is in a different league. Out with the missus today, and only after she decided to buy a 20 quid bottle of perfume, I thought sod this, I'm in. That is into a model/ fantasy hobbies shop in Harlow (sigh) and saw the RS Airacobra. I had a quick peep inside and one glimpse of the panel lines etc convinced me this was the correct retaliatory gesture to the perfume purchase. I have started some very limited building and as and when I get a means to do some spray painting will let you all know how I get on. Box art has a Sawbridgeworth aircraft, and this will sit well with my part built Airfix Tomahawk to be finished as an aircraft from the same local base. Now that one I had to spend a little time rebuilding the nose to get it right as the 1/72 kit is poor compared to their 1/48 kit in this respect. Btw, the Zvezda Airbus will be finished as this little beauty;
  2. Polish Hind Paint?

    First time here for ages, so just idly seeing what you guys are getting up to! I am quite "colour keen," and I have to agree that many many times my FS fan chart has let me down. Just saying, as they say..
  3. Vickers Warwick ASR I Stage B

    Very nice indeed!
  4. polish F-16CJ "Block 52" - 2015 Tiger Meet

    What is it- great finished models on Bxm week or something...? Beautiful
  5. Italeri 1/12 Mefistofeles

    Well, it certainly fooled me.... -stunning.
  6. Revell 1:72 McDonnel Douglas F-4J Phamtom II

    If only this kit had had engraved panel lines, without a doubt it would (for me at least) be the definitive F-4 in 1/72. If Chi com copied this one, used this one as a basis for making a better kit, with fine engraved lines and so on. For me it just captures the F-4 so well.
  7. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    How about the "inattentive ADHD " type. Recently found out I am a sufferer. Once you get to the final stages ,and all the interesting stuff is done, you just. . . fold.........
  8. 1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw 189A-1 in Slovakian markings

    Is it me, or is the skin detail absolutely exquisite? very interesting project, that would really push my boundaries hard.
  9. Tamiya price hike

    I'm sure we all have enough kits to keep us going!
  10. Let's be Civil please. Air Canada Embraear

    Yeah I tried that once- make sure you fully deburr all the sharp edges first
  11. Blinder

    Very impressive!
  12. Peterborough Scale Model Club Show

    Thanks- that would be awesome
  13. Peterborough Scale Model Club Show

    Hey Guys. I have been searching EVERYWHERE on line for some Italeri aircraft stands- 1/72. If anyone spots some for sale, could they pick them up for me, and Paypal or much better trade waiting! Cheers Rich
  14. Let's be Civil please. Air Canada Embraear

    The completed model is really nice!
  15. Eduard Bell X-1 Mach Buster 1:48

    Darren. Your reviews are basically the best I have seen. I love the format. Your photos tell me everything I want to know about a kit, and the size of photos is just right, along with your excellent photographic skills, I sort of wish you would do a review for every kit there is!