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  1. And if the fillet fin had been released first, people would be saying "if only they had released the early tail variant." Here's some; Here's a very famous one-
  2. Beautiful state of the art 1/72 Phantom, and exquisitely built. Thank you for sharing this beauty.
  3. Paul. In effect I did say it to your face. If you want to step down off your high horse for a minute, and maybe go back and read the thread. This was a thread about Airfix. Firstly, it was a thread set up for people who wanted in effect, to moan and bitch, and I think I actually wrote that at one point. You consistently tried to take the thread "off point" oblivious of the stressful effect it was obviously having on the people involved. You were quite offhand and dismissive towards more than one person including myself. You then started in effect to belittle people while trying to lay
  4. Len. After the disgusting private messages I received today, I feel the same as you. However let's see how it goes for a while. Maybe the mods want to keep people like us, maybe they don't.
  5. Paul. That's it. You have been pretty rude, bolshy and disrespectful to people throughout this post. You have been behaving like the tyrant at the other place. Please be respectful of the opinions of others.
  6. Paul, with your current attitude I'm starting to think "Turkeys voting for Christmas."
  7. Just lifted from the Airfix FB page. "Just ordered this kit, and now not so happy! Thanks for posting this and please ignore those who are being negative about posting it. I for one find these threads very informative and useful. Have to say when paying out £25 for a kit on the basis it is a 'New Tool' I expect it to be perfect with no faults. In 2018 there is no excuse for poor quality control, it is a key and critical part of any business model." I think most of us deep down truly feel this way and if we knew the reason why Airfix cannot compete and get things right, then I for
  8. Damn lies and statistics. Talk about taking a small sample and bigging it up to prove a point- you should be a politician! I doubt very much U.K. wholesaler figures reflect the true picture on the ground in Hong Kong, Illinois, Miami, Stuttgart or- well you get my picture. In fact any decent new mould of a popular subject always go top on Hannant's pop picker's list. Peeps- etc. (image of man smoking cigar banned.) Back on point, I was reading on FB that as yet there is no reply from Airfix as with regard to this latest problem. I will be buying the 1/72 B-25, as this a
  9. Well that £40 will be £30 soon on Ebay, someplace somewhere. What I like most about this kit is that it looks "right." So many 109 models that have real shape issues. The 1/48 Hasegawa has it's own problems, along with Fujimi and Revell. The ICM kit is a real Russian surprise for the wrong reasons, and the Zvezda kit looks great, but also looks to be a long complicated haul build wise. I am put off Eduard's kits by both the initial foul up, and the fact that although I have seen quite a few of the revised kits now (beautifully ) built up on various 'net sites, I am convinced the fusel
  10. Funnily enough it tends to stay where you put it- within reason. Failing that, you can use some Tamiya tape along one side, ie half on the shim and half on the plastic. The shim I use is just like the feeler gauge blades one uses for spark plugs etc, except it's longer- actually must find some more. When I do I will put up a link.
  11. Hi Jockster. Well it's the only way I am going to get the results I want with this one. I have moved away from the Dymo tape, and these days use .003" shim. You can buy it from engineer's supplies and comes in a length something around 8 inches I think. It is easily cut with sharp scissors and thin enough to curve around fuselages etc.
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