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  1. You take a Ki-84, make an egg-plane out of it and you get a Polikarpov I-16 Cool little build!
  2. Thank you, buddy! Decals themselves look like they're of quite good quality in both kits - the blue of the roundels slightly differs but I expect after some weathering, the difference won't be too noticable. Since there's a bunch of raised rivets and other details on the Dauntless and a heap of engraved rivets and other details on the Wildcat (by myself), I really wanted for the decals to settle down nicely, so I've used DACO's Strong solution (producer of the decals but makes nice decal setting solutions as well).
  3. Well written review. It is a bit weird that all the fuel tanks are crossed out - -29s usually are carrying the centerline fuel tank, but yeah, the underwing ones, you'll see rarely mounted - maybe on trainers but not on singleseaters. Even the short range to combat area in the first days of conflict I doubt they'd be flying without the centermounted one. As for the decals and unit - it's a fictional aircraft so I guess modeller is at his own for choosing the bort number. And even so, it appears their MiGs carried unique digi patern on each aircraft so the supplied decals would be at
  4. Nice work, mate! A couple of questions - did you use Traffic Grey from MRP? Because it looks way lighter than on my build. And I've seen a similar thing not long ago on another model. And is there an option in this kit of different exhaust nozzles? Cause the ones on the model were present just on the prototypes and didn't get into the production examples.
  5. It's been a while so it's about bloody time for an update, ain't it? Since it's a double build and since both carry the same camo colours, this step was finished rather quickly. Wildcat Dauntless
  6. Thank you, Leo! It's been a busy week for me, no modelling but lots of work and also some photography opportunities... I'll post the shots as soon as I can.
  7. A couple of weeks ago, we were part of a larger NATO exercise and we got 5 C-17s arriving to our air base. Here's a few shots
  8. Today marks 40th anniversary since the Exocet hit HMS Sheffield at Falklands, with damage severe enough that lead to eventual sinking of the ship. This is my little tribute to those tragic events and the lost sailors, drama I was following as kid on evening TV news. Full story, info gathered on how to build a Falklands war correct Shiny Sheff and full gallery on my blog: https://vvsmodelling.com/2022/05/04/hms-sheffield/
  9. I've made some good progress on the Wildcat and here she is in its current state. I've also invested a couple of hours into riveting the whole model which I think will immensely improve the overall looks later in the build.
  10. Looking good! I know the struggle of attaching the handrails (I build in 1:700), but I cannot imagine building any ship anymore without PE parts - they just improve the looks a hundredfold.
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