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  1. If you're still looking for the Gladiator propeller I can let you have some Gauntlet ones (they were the same).


    1. Miggers


      I've just modified a Hercules Rotol from a Hallybag by cropping it down to 10' and reprofiling it to suit a Mercury🥴.

      Otherwisel I would've taken you up on that.

      Thanks very much anyway Chris.

  2. Hi All Can anyone help. I'm looking for the 'Alaska Flight' decals for the Martin YB-10 off the old Microscale 72-127 sheet. Does any kind soul have these going spare? All the best Christopher
  3. There is always a danger of failing to look at the weapons system and it's use as a whole. This is a trap that the FAA frequently fell into. So the Scimitar had a lot of wasted power which which limited it's capability in the roles it was utilized. The Phantom for example was 150 knots faster at sea level - the Scimitar did indeed trundle. It also happens that an aircraft will meet circumstances that the designers hadn't anticipated. Either it can be adapted or it can't. The F4 was capable of having a gun added and indeed this is what happened. It is likely that the Scimitar would have struggl
  4. 'amount of available "urge" under the bonnet at low level' Well it may have had power but what use was that power except to trundle. Until they got the Phantom the FAA had no idea what a high performance aircraft was like. I shudder to think what a Scimitar would have been like in a combat situation.
  5. I for one will be very happy if the Scimitar fans get their wish but personally I don't have any interest. It follows on in a long tradition of anemic and under-performing FAA aircraft. Remember the Blackburn Roc anyone?
  6. FineMolds used to do some very high quality white metal guns (which I can let you have if you're interested) but they have replaced those with their Nano technology range of injection molded 1/72 Lewis guns. These are quite simply superb and very well detailed and easily the equivalent of Mini World.
  7. Such are the perils of onanism. The model is coming along very nicely though.
  8. This is a very nice kit but the only issue was you have to source the rear gun separately. That seems to be a FineMolds trait - leaving the weapons out.
  9. We used to have landrovers like that in the RAF. They were very cold to travel in.
  10. bourdon

    Keystone B-4A

    Hi All I'm researching the markings of the Keystone B-4As of the 31st Bomb Squadron in the the 1930s. In particular I'm looking for pre-yellow front examples (I have 32-135 but need more information on it or others). Any information on this admittedly obscure topic would be most welcome. Christopher
  11. I always enjoy KP kits. It's worth checking references though as they can need major surgery.
  12. The Turkish PZL P.24 is a very welcome kit given the effort IBG put into their PZL series. IBG aircraft are generally very pleasant builds.
  13. Everyone has heard of Lindbergh and his crossing of the Atlantic in a Ryan Monoplane but not so many have heard of the record flights in Bellanca aircraft. Dora Wings - a relatively new company has addressed this with a model of the aircraft involved. Incidentally the story goes that Lindbergh wanted to fly a Bellanca but couldn't afford the price Giuseppe Bellanca was asking. Anyway I bought the Lituanica boxing as I was particularly interested in doing 'Cape Cod' which flew from New York to Turkey. I had originally intended to include sprue shots and the like but I discovered I can't u
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