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  1. Excellent work. Lots of realism. I am running out of superlatives
  2. Excellent work Gorbs. Also good to see you back on form with your funny and informative posts. Keep em coming
  3. A version of this is present in War Thunder. Aiming both barrels is not fun
  4. Lovely work. Looks very convincing, especially the small details
  5. I usually wear a lungi so that catches any falling parts. Floors are white tile so other parts are easier to find. But I recommend good lighting and a magnifying glass to look for smaller parts.. I don't really have a model room as such, my modelling table is at the other end of my bedroom.
  6. Caracal decals (in my experience) are very good, with good definition and the carrier film isn't too obvious
  7. Don't let Tamiya top brass hear you, your sponsorship deal might go.... Looks very natty Madman. Excellent work
  8. Very interesting subject Milan. Looking forward to seeing it built
  9. Looks like an excellent kit. Nice work @BradG
  10. Looks very interesting Andy. I look forward to seeing this built. Our army still uses the L/70, a descendant of this
  11. Looking great madman. Nice work
  12. Worry not about leaving it incomplete. I will hound you to the finish....
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