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  1. Ok. Mini update The main rotor, aka big fan was made. It is big and will need heat treatment to make it droop. The other side doors we're masked and fitted. The fit isn't the best, and while nothing as bad as the Shitehawk that @Grunhertz will recall, is requiring a lot of work. Last but not least, the radar thingy on top. After this, primer and paint.
  2. Ahh yes, the Blyatfire. But this is the perfect thing for Gorby, and a little bird tells me that he plans on replacing the Hispanos with Pak 40s...
  3. Guys, let @BlackMike Models get on with it and finish it ASAP, we wouldn't want him in a mental hospital screaming "the spits are attacking" or him getting radiation poisoning (I have a pet theory that spitfire models are cultivated in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone) Great work and keep the British stiff upper lip
  4. I've had a stiff neck lay me out for some time, therefore not too much modelling. But anyhow, some work that I did in the past 1 hour. The Hellfire missiles, boy were these a pain to put on, Italeri has given rather vague locating surfaces, so a lot of it was by eye. The Hydra rocket pods. These were simpler than the Hellfires. The nose systems were also made. The canopy was attached (it's still open from the other side) as well as the ordnance. Other minor things also went on The M230 30mm Chain Gun was made. Too much flashing and not
  5. Nice looking kit. Our extremely friendly Western neighbour used these against us in 1965 and 1971. We were using Folland Gnats, which soon earned the nickname of Sabre Slayer. I know it's tempting, but you might not want to a Pakistani one and then light it up.... Just saying. Looking forward to seeing it built
  6. Thanks for the kind words guys. More work has been done The sponsons? were made (I don't know the correct technical term for this) Sponsons attached. This was a major pain and as Tamiya cement doesn't set fast enough, I used instant CA. The winglets went on, and the pylons for mounting ordnance were attached. The tail got some attention too, with the aileron? being attached. The tail rotor unit (complex item) and tail wheel went on too.
  7. Further work. The cockpit decals went in. Part of the target acquisition system in the nose was built. One of the engines. These have some alignment issues and need sanding. Both engines mounted on. The legs for the landing gear. The plate is very misaligned and needed serious work. The saving grace is that it's in a not too visible part of the heli.
  8. I've ordered a Tamiya Flakpanzer IV Möbelwagen. All those displeased with their Spits may kindly hand them over after I make the flakpanzer. The result will be a colander
  9. Why do I get the feeling that this is going to morph into a steam powered behemoth using 88mm cannons.... Interesting start Gorbs. Looking forward to seeing it built
  10. Some work has been done. The gunner's IP. This will have decals added as well. Mounted on in the cockpit. The seats and other sticks went in.. And were painted. The rotor unit. Much of it will be hidden. Fuselage goes on. Now for decals for the cockpit
  11. It can do that among other things.... We got them to replace the Mi-35s,, as those are getting old
  12. Hello all, this is my first build to be posted in the In Progress of aircraft. My main forte is armour, and I just finished a T-72 which can be found here. I got this Italeri Apache recently, along with a Caracal Decals set including an IAF version (we got Apaches just last year) I will however be doing it as an army one, which are painted black.. So that's the twist. The box art. Box itself is of the type approved by the International Modellers' Soviet (top opener). Opening the box disgorges parts, decals and instructions. Rivets are raised and plastic feels like
  13. Thank you Gorbs. By my calculation, I have 11 completed tanks, 8 military vehicles, 3 planes and 2 cars.
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