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  1. Thanks Gorbs. It was rather challenging for me as I mainly do armour. But it was fun nonetheless.
  2. Great work. Minor question though, what's up with the DShK?
  3. 1/72 Sopwith Camel by Roden. Thanks for the kind comments and support guys
  4. Pleeeease do the Indian one. If it turns out nice then I might foray into the dreaded (for me) field of more modern aircraft.
  5. In the finishing stretch now. The plane looks a bit funny but that's more due to the camera angle
  6. Ok, update time. The support struts provided with the kit were far too delicate and finally losing patience, I replaced them with wire. (Not too realistic I admit, but it does serve the purpose) The upper wing attached. It needs some cleaning before paint, so that will be done.
  7. Me no rivet counter me human. (Ok, low brain power used up) I make models to basic historical accuracy, and then add some touches of my own (like painting towing eyes red, something the Indian Army does a lot). Also, since aftermarket stuff is hard to come by, if the kit looks close enough, I am satisfied
  8. Ok, rotary. (Every day I learn something) I rarely build planes and even more rarely these ancient machines so I mostly don't know the correct terms.
  9. Some more progress. Cowling fitted on nicely. Pilot's seat. Much wrestling and verbal abuse was used to get the plastic in. (The control stick was reattached after the picture) The tail unit went together very well (the ailerons had a lot of flash) The front section and armament attached. Now the Germans can be fought with something. All buttoned up and somewhat looking like a flying machine (these aren't planes, they are contraptions of wood and canvas)
  10. You lot and your slow cars. I've travelled in buses (like above) and the driver rarely dipped below 80km/h. Mostly he went at 100.
  11. I'll be doing an Ausf. H (early) later on, so i will follow along if that's ok.
  12. Some work has been done: Landing gear (why does everything look worse than it is when zoomed in on) Seating for pilot (sorry for potato quality, I don't have a DSLR, only mobile) Radial engine (bugger to get off the sprue, as each cylinder? had an attachment point)
  13. Thanks for the advice. I made an Albatros from Roden some time back (not very well though) and found the decals acceptable. To get decals to conform, I dab Tamiya extra thin over them.
  14. Hi all. Some time back (before the GB) I had proposed a 1/48 Airfix Mustang as my entry as I got it for free (gift) this did elicit some degree of groaning from various quarters, but being the top class guys (and girls) that you are I was allowed. However I wanted to stick to the spirit of the GB as well, so I decided that a kit under a tenner was the way forward. This kit was sent by a relative of mine who is in Ukraine and knows somebody at Roden. It cost 750 rupees so it's my entry here. The box art The sprues.
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