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  1. Looks very neat. What's the difference between the American and British field guns?
  2. Nice start Gorby, the model looks rather fiddly but you are making short work of it.
  3. Yes that's right, phir milenge means See you or till we meet again in Hindi. In Hindi there is no word for goodbye, only till we meet again. My name in Hindi is आइवर
  4. Thank you very much for the kind words. It is high praise coming from the master of scratchingbuilding himself. Thank you for the praise Hutch. Lovely Chieftain you have there, and also its nice to see someone else who does the red towing eyes.
  5. Looks like a neat little kit. I like how they have given a variety of parts.Nice review Andy
  6. Thank you for the photos @Milan Mynar. They did help me with some aspects of the weathering, however the model you have taken photos of is the M36, on the M10 GMC hull, while the M36B1 was on the M4A3 Sherman hull. Also, sorry for the late updates, I got rather busy, but now the vehicle is completed. I decided to go for light weathering as I didn't want a very heavily used look. I also broke off some of the duckbills on the tracks as this was something that happened a lot in real life as well. The top view. Final notes on the kit -
  7. The old chain was also on its last legs. So I got a full chain sprocket kit which includes the chain, front sprocket and rear sprocket. Yamaha 2 strokes are great fun. Over here we even have Jawas (not very common) and our homegrown successor to the Jawas called Yezdi. It wasn't so much of a danger as much as it was causing the sprocket to run off kilter and therefore compromising power delivery. Had this been a more powerful bike with more torque, then certainly it would have been a danger.
  8. My bike was making a couple of strange noises and acting a bit jerky while riding. The issue was traced back to the chain sprocket being worn out. After opening the chain cover, the issue was more significant than anticipated. The chain was on its last legs, and two of the holes for the bolts that hold the sprocket on the hub had broken which resulted in it running at an angle and not straight like it should. I went and got the chain sprocket (middle box), a pair of brake shoes (the rear ones were getting rather worn), a allen head screw set since I was finding the heads
  9. The turret assembly was a weakness of this kit, but there is also a strength which is that the kit has a mini kit within it. The mini kit being a 1/35 rendition of the venerable Ma Deuce or M2 heavy machine gun, which has been in service since the 1920s and unless I'm mistaken is the longest serving machine gun in the world. The sprue contains various parts that can be used to build different variants of the M2. The receiver assembly is provided as one unit, with a finely made barrel shroud. The machine gun built up. The assembly is a bit fiddly but goes together quite ni
  10. Further updates from the paint front: The hull was painted with Humbrol 155 Olive Drab. The brush guard for the bow gunner's hatch flew into oblivion while painting. Luckily, the kit contains 3, so I have since replaced that. The upper half of the turret and gun also received the OD treatment. The lower half of the turret and turret basket. I will paint the seats etc and then join the 2 halves of the turret. The running gear was also given its treatment. The roadwheels will have their rubber parts painted dark grey. The stowage at the rear
  11. You could then say it was part of your diabolical plan all along (muahahahaha)
  12. This is a theme I like (always liked Soviet tanks and planes)
  13. With the build stage coming to a close, I now had to think about how I wanted the TD to look. Since my last project was the T-55 which was given a heavily weathered and used look, I decided to go for a neater look for this one. As a result I decided not to go for too much stowage, just enough for the shelf on the rear of the hull. The tow cable was also made with string provided in the kit, braided wire would look better though. The hull was primed in black after being joined to its lower half. Due to the light, the primer seems to have acquired a glossy look.
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