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  1. Nice one Steve, though I note with critical disapproval that you have gone from being agnostic (1/48) to being a heathen (1/72). Why do I suspect the Gorbmeister has a hand in this...... Anyhow, looking forward to further interesting builds here.
  2. Great work. The figures are quite convincing (and certainly better than mine)
  3. Full approval from this country. Others kindly get your kits together. Diwali is not something to be taken lightly
  4. Great work on such a small subject. Looking good
  5. The ship model scales come unde the title of devil worship and we don't talk about those..... And yes Col. 1/144 is witchcraft
  6. Oi Gorby, kindly support Diwali by buying yourself a kit. Jokes aside if not 1/35 atleast get a 1/48, 1/72 is so yesterday (and is for heathens, while 1/48 is simply for agnostics) This kit looks very promising madman. I will follow along.
  7. When it comes to the weapons it would also depend on setting, as if say they were about to do a raid or were in a heavily patrolled area, they would have kept the weapons free for immediate use.
  8. Vaastav

    Sea 'dog'

    Looking very nice. Great work
  9. The review of the Strela is up and can be found here
  10. I agree. This kit has a lot more potential and is better executed when you compare value for money. Thanks for the kind words Thanks Herr Grun
  11. Hello all. I recently acquired this 1/35 rendition of a Strela 10 by Skif of Ukraine. It is based on the chassis of the MT-LB APC (also offered by Skif) The motivation for buying this was simply that we use these and this was very affordable (the kit was $17.99). The kit itself is I think the only other 1/35 injection kit of this subject, the other one being by Trumpeter which is detailed to the point of over-engineering, and while this does suit those who want such a detailed model, its not very appealing to me. This kit on the other hand is quite simple and easy to make with lots o
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