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  1. Hello, I am looking after - DACO product DCD3220. F-16 tiger meet 1/32. - ZOTZ 32008 vivacious viper 2 international service (even not complete it is OK for me) If someone has that in stash and not using them, I am on Have a good one Raphaël
  2. Hello, I am following up on this subject closely and it has been on a stop since some time... any updates? I am about to start the same project and yeap so fare it has been really helpful Cheers Raphaël
  3. Hello, I just received the kit AH-1Z KH80125 from kittyhawk and it is looking good. BUT... When I opened I fund that the clear parts sprue is not the good one( looks like the parts for UH-1) So I am stuck... and looking for solutions, like any one know about ad on, vaccum form canopy or other... Or if someone of you having the sprue that I miss🙃 I am open for discussion and to buy it. Thank's all of you for your replay and help on that Raphaël Matthey-Doret
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