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  1. Worth assuming everything including the Spitbants (trademark pending) posted is firmly tongue in cheek
  2. My question got answered inside of two posts so the thread can do doughnuts in the Tesco car park and then tear off in any direction it likes Where are you getting your nacelles and engines from?
  3. Thank you gentlemen (although I’m not 100% sure if that is the right word for someone who would abuse a Dakota so) Props very much appreciated and I’ll gratefully accept before you find another use for ‘em. Would you mind settling the props aside for me as until I’ve got my stash out of storage there’s a very real chance of them getting lost or broken at present?
  4. Excellent points and help chaps, thank you! I’ll keep an eye out for the base kit coming available and snaffle props as and when I can. @miggers if you’ve a spare pair those would be very much appreciated - even if I can’t find another two then they might give me enough that I can copy them and print off a set along with 4 cowlings and a reshaped nose based on the advice above. This’ll be a long term project (as many of mine seem to be)
  5. A few, something like polylactic acid is biobased and biodegradable(ish depending on surface area) but they generally don’t play well with recycling streams so a bioplastic may be greener as a single use item that goes to landfill but a synthetic plastic that can be rinsed and recycled like PET may be more sustainable long term. I’m intrigued, do you mean there is a bio based binder like an alkyd or DSM’s Decovery rather than a conventional acrylic or urethane polymer binder in the paint?
  6. I’ve heard rumours of 1:1 scale ones buried in crates. I’ll just need a crowdfunded fortune and will be sure of success before the end of the GB
  7. See... I have one of these near mythical beasts (although I think I need to source a canopy from somewhere for it) I know I won’t get a top 3 model but I think I could make it, fill with combustibles and have a very realistic pyre to be in with a shout for the BlackMike’s special category
  8. Tent no more! We got the keys to the new cosmodrome yesterday lunchtime and I’ve managed to sort out a suitable workspace nearby to set up a makerspace and rehome my tool and toy collection
  9. Finally someone has come up with a fresh idea. I’m in
  10. p.p.s. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_pattern
  11. When I worked in paints there were regularly new starters told to go to stores and fetch a tin of Newcastle/Sunderland striped paint. When they refused as it was clearly nonsense their manager would fetch a tin, stick a brush in and paint neat a black/white or red/white stripe on a test board and then tell them to do as they were told, they shouldn’t think they know everything,... There was a stash of doctored tins with a neat partition glued down the middle and filled with different paint either side. As long as you didn’t slop it around you could put a brush in splitting the bristles either side of the partition and get stripes out of the first couple of brush strokes Then suitably chastised they’d be send for a left landed screwdriver and a long stand p.s. we could actually do leopard and other animal print effects straight from the can but that depends on playing around with phase separation, curing and drying times to get things to mix in the liquid and separate out as molecular weight increases with cure. Quite effective as it uses the same maths (developed by Turing) as how real pigmentation in nature creates spots, stripes etc.
  12. They are. I’ve done and let go a couple before but you’ve got me pining for a replacement You’ve reminded me that I need to go incognito and see how the 3D printed FAW1 is going over in the other place
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