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  1. Absolutely, the cheaper, older and more basic the kit the less of a burden of expectation of what the result will look like. Give me a Novo kit riddled with a cockpit you can barely see through, moulding errors and flash any day. I can just crack on and enjoy building and painting it without beating myself up Case in point - two Novo kits with knackered decals. A rainy lockdown weekend and the spare decal bag gives two simple fun builds
  2. After a day of paintbrush wielding today...
  3. Resurrecting a part-built kit to clear some bench space. A stretch to call it a WIP really but here is a catch up of where I'd got to before the start of play today Frog Kit: not bad, few stubborn ejector marks here and there but looks the part. Decals are showing their age so replaced with Revell ones Some cobbling together of parts The amazingly accurate box notes And where I’d got up to when I last sat it aside
  4. Did it always have clipped tips or was that from unsuccessful gun-free attempts to tip a Lancaster in they way they did with V-1s?
  5. Sorry about that - there was meant to be a picture of said grist. Now added
  6. Given all of the insane Luft ‘46 doodlings in design offices there was probably at least one proposal to launch a Natter variant with pop-out control surfaces from a submarine ballistic missile tube.
  7. In the process of clearing the decks I was giving a local fellow modeller my stock of 3D printed oddities ... and he very kindly gave me more grist for the digital design mill in return. Loads of fascinating material for new projects.
  8. I only ever use Tamiya X-20A Thinners to clean the airbrush – I assumed that would be the best thing. Just as an alternative. Muk Off bike cleaner (cheap deal in Aldi at the moment) doesn’t smell bad, non-harmful, biodegradable and cleans airbrushes and strips acrylics like an absolute champ
  9. Just got it. I think you mean ol' wossname... huvut76g7gbbui7 or something like that
  10. A reference too obscure for me (which is saying something) - you'll have to interpret for the hard of thinking
  11. That’s it! I’m almost totally denuded of models. I’ve got one Airfix 1/72 Chipmunk which I’m keeping (there’s a 1/72 me having my first ever flight in the back seat) but everything else has either gone or is awaiting pick up. At least I’m ready with a well stocked stash & lots of model storage room for lockdown 2. Just need to top up the paint supplies
  12. Lost Cosmonauts

    Numero uno

    That's a nuisance (well at least for you, I barely know what a quarter of those functions were so probably won't miss them) My favourite weasel word was synergies - usually meant we've bought another company and are about to rapidly get rid of as many people as possible (in the process losing a lot or the organisational memory and knowledge that made them worth buying in the first place)
  13. Did Weatherspoons exist back then? You learn something new every day
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