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  1. Starting off with a blank sheet of virtual paper Added some 3-view drawings as canvases and trying to get dimensions figured out Starting with the fuselage and profiles That (after some despairing hair-pulling) seems to have worked nicely Now to make a start on making it look as much like a plane as it is ever likely to
  2. I’ll keep it in mind as I still stop off on my way to Sweden to see family or Netherlands to catch up with friends (or at least I did in The Before when travelling on a whim was a thing people did) 15 minute bus ride is easy enough
  3. Sadly I’m not working now otherwise you could have filled your boots
  4. Wait... I spend 15 or so years going to Schipol twice a month and only just now hear about this place. Dagnabbit!
  5. Thanks, I don’t have this but I’m hopefully going to get copies of a couple of the drawings from it. I’m currently making liberal use of the drawings and models on the Project Cancelled SIG group and Secret Projects forum
  6. I don’t have a modelling bench to call my own at the moment but I still have access to computers so I’ll probably be doing a fair chunk of my modelling digitally for a while. A tiny part of me was tempted to check the wattage of the PC and make a mischievous pitch that this would be less than a tenner but I figured that we’ve all gotten our mileage out of winding up @Grunhertz already So... those silly sods at Blackburn proposed a small transport & airborne early warning plane for the RN that was... erm... aesthetically challenged. As the saying goes “if it looks right it’ll fly right” so this should have flown like a sparrow with a half brick tied to it. A start has been made
  7. ... very prescient as @RWG686 pops up you yank your chain (not a euphemism)
  8. The police round Cumnock in about 1993/94 used to have a Maestro (I’ve no idea how badly you need to screw up to be landed with that as a police car but someone managed it). My white one must have looked similar in the rear view mirror as I saw a lot of very careful drivers
  9. Was it really the car that was the problem? (& I say this as a former Austin Maestro driver who was disappointed to find on replacing it (faded red Fiat Uno) that the motor was not the limiting factor to my allure)
  10. Looks like about £200 and you could build your own open-source scanner https://fabscan.org/ Complete kits are available if you don’t want the hassle of sourcing the gubbins yourself https://shop.watterott.com/FabScan-Pi-Bausatz-mit-Raspberry-Pi-3
  11. Good lad, I did a couple of lasercut hardened aircraft shelters that should be released commercially shortly under license. If you fancy trying out any of my aircraft designs just give me a shout
  12. Umm... Plagarising from elsewhere (but since I contributed to a great deal of it I’ll make no bones about doing so) http://www.thingiverse.com - free designs http://www.myminifactory.com - as can be expected, designs of minis for games http://www.youmagine.com - many free to download designs http://www.cults3d.com - free and paid designs http://www.pinshape.com - free and paid designs http://www.yeggi.com- a search engine for 3d models http://www.turbosquid.com - paid designs - some free, many not allowed to print http://grabcad.com - free designs http://www.cgtrader.com - paid designs http://clara.io/library - free designs http://www.prusaprinters.org - free designs http://www.tinkercad.com - free designs https://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/models/printable - Nasa repository of 3d files https://3Dexport.com - free and paid designs https://www.3dagogo.com - free and paid designs https://3dprint.nih.gov/ - bio medical models https://www.gambody.com/search - wide range of (mostly) paid designs http://wargaming3d.com/ - aimed at war gaming Other sources: As museums are increasingly digitising their collections you may find good quality scans of original artefacts ideal for modelling e.g. Smithsonian 3D collection includes a downloadable Bell X-1 https://3d.si.edu/object/3d/bell-x-1:6c69a6bb-55e6-4356-8725-120ff7f8d652 an Apollo capsule and many fossils which could be fascinating model subjects Other option is a search facility for 3D designs. here is one: https://www.stlfinder.com
  13. They used to take plastic waste etc. back to be turned back into raw materials but China adopted a ban on import of low quality recyclables (National Sword) so the waste and containers pile up https://e360.yale.edu/features/piling-up-how-chinas-ban-on-importing-waste-has-stalled-global-recycling
  14. Quite the eclectic syncro pairing - like some kind of 1960s exchange program Looking all very good so far
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