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  1. In the 1940s the Admiralty had an idea that rather than land using wheels jets might be able to land on a rubberised sprung deck. Airfix DeHavilland Vampire FB.5 1/72 converted into a Sea Vampire F.21 for landing trials e.g. Again I decided against the tiniest serials and I didn’t have the large VG701 I needed for underwings so that is as far as it is going to get for now
  2. I’ve had the odd issue where the printer stopped seeing some files on the stick. I know they don’t like folders or non alphanumeric characters in the file name. I just got round it by bloody mindedness updating and reinstalling chitubox and a few goes at reslicing and saving to a different usb stick but never quite got to the bottom of why it took umbrage I wouldn’t go near your firmware yet, I’d suggest trying a different chitubox version or another slicer before messing with the printer’s brain. I’m not in my workspace for a little while but could also try sending you a presliced
  3. From some angles, from square on or low at the side they look quite oversize and are very close to scraping the ground. My first attempt at the rails was much too low so a revision was required. Sea Vampire F.21 for the flexible landing deck tests is in progress and then a Fire Flash testing Meteor NF.11
  4. At last! An honest online dating profile
  5. A venerable kit picked up as makeweight in a swap a couple of years back and has been lurking in the stash since. Always near the top but never quite making it. Am taking it easy for a bit so this got promoted as a fun, no hassle build. Built as XG607 on HMS Victorious, 1959 on Blue Jay testing duties. Small serial numbers are missing as dealing with minuscule individual letters and numbers didn’t fit the definition of either “fun” or “no hassle” Decals mainly from generic sheets and scraps
  6. I was just looking at a mid century style thing like that for my model making. Discrete but with a bit of workspace and storage. stash stays in the loft and can come down as and when
  7. In other liveries https://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/hunter/survivor.php?id=309&image_id=3249
  8. Straightforward out of the boxish build. Only quirk is that XE601 was used for chemical weapons trials from Porton Down. Underwing tanks are modified 230 gallon drop tanks for the simulated spraying of chemical weapons. XE601 would fly at low level and high speed over troops on exercise to test droplet size, dispersal and their reactions to attack and effectiveness and response times for donning protection In hindsight I should have put some white behind the fuselage roundel decals as the stripe shines through but as a fun, easy build it did the job
  9. All real, first two almost over the line so will post shortly with some info on the real planes I’m also making a lot of reference to Malcolm V Lowe, British Military Test and Evaluation Aircraft
  10. I could just imagine me flinging open the doors in a fit of enthusiasm followed by 4 hours of retrieving things off the floor and trying to figure out which cubby they were meant to be in
  11. Everything on or near the bench at the mo is more unusual for how they are armed. A chemical weapons testing Hunter, a Blue Jay armed Sea Venom and a Fire Flash armed Gloster Meteor
  12. If you have a particular hankering it could find its way to the post office, I’m not especially wedded to it
  13. There is one lurking in the loft threatening to join the build queue in the company of an AZ Attacker prototype.
  14. Afraid there is a big gap of no pictures and then a gallery at You haven’t missed much, just a bit of filling and flinging paint and decals
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