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  1. I’m not sure, it has gone off into the loft for a week or so to clear some working space but will check when I unpack it and let you know
  2. Precious little modelling or printing happening at the moment as I’m pretty knackered and the energy I scrape together is having to be spent on the house Only dabbling has been editing some Schlieren images to mock them up with the Miles M.52 and SaRo P.187
  3. Official and social media in China are being heavily managed on this topic so no surprise that any products might get swept up in the same process https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/may/10/china-pro-russia-propaganda-exposed-by-online-activists-ukraine The time allowed to elapse between a war and a corresponding commemorative model release used to be a few years but is now zero so by extrapolation we can expect releases later this year and next which accurately predict the protagonists and schemes for the next round of horrors.
  4. Fine chap, met him at Eton. Old family name, been around since Willy the Conk gave them half of Rutland as punishment for doing bunny ears behind another noble when they were posing for the Bayeux Tapestry
  5. 1 squadron Alba Air Force motto ”potest esse frixum in pulso”
  6. Not that I know of but if anyone is printing a Scottish set can I propose a suitable roundel
  7. or, option C - If you were to saw off a section of the intake lip I happen to know a bloke who could run off a replacement slice that is uncannily similar
  8. You’ve probably overtaken me - I got it all filled, sanded and ready for some paint when i knocked it off the desk and percussively deconstructed some bits of it
  9. Didn’t their test kill a few of the scientists working on it? I’d bet that existing ICBM and boost glide tech with decoys will allow attacks to overwhelm defence for decades to come without resorting to Dr Strangelovesque things like these
  10. Life and things got in the way of the X build GB but I’ve not let it drop entirely First off the British mini equivalent to the US Project Pluto - the Z.59 version of Blue Steel with two solid fuel boosters to get it up to speed and then a nuclear fuelled ramjet engine for the journey to everyone’s oblivion Cobbled together and ready to try out as a 1/72 scale print
  11. Site SOPs being followed to the letter, good show. Carry on!
  12. Stready on, your stash is already almost a full post-it note I’m disappointed you’re not doing a 1/16th scale flak tower in cast concrete as a garden feature/nuclear bunker
  13. Just found this thread - do you want the full paint chemist and formulator spiel?
  14. I did, maybe about 22 at the time. Can’t say it did anything odd - my mates and I just got leathered on it and played Scalectrix for an evening. Hangovers weren’t drastic and no-one saw anything strange come out of the walls Way back in the dim and distant past I had to make a chemical as an intermediate for a reaction I was doing that was very reactive and would spontaneously go “off” in a dramatic explody way. First synthesis didn’t work but the second go after a trip to the pub and a fortifying Guinness was fine
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