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  1. That’s some seriously nice work there
  2. Thanks! The joints show up badly in the photo but thankfully not half as visible to the naked eye
  3. p.s. just sneaking into shot you can see another ongoing project which is almost ready for paint (& a lot of masking) Italeri Mustang 1 in this scheme https://ecardmodels.com/product/1-33-p-51a-mustang-disruptive-dazzle-camouflage-dazzle-paper-model
  4. Avro is ongoing - wheels are in, cockpit fitted and some filling and sanding has happened Then paint - camo grey A portion of sausages then green I need to make a decision about the bomb bays open/closed and then mask off for the underside
  5. Not advanced enough for a WIP thread but I have had a first scratch at a mental itch Scenerybuilder.com seems to be a mostly defunct site but it still has a Victorian brick terrace paper model at 1:76 with instructions. I have a Lindburg Dornier I picked up the other weekend which will likely do as a wreck (I’ll need to source some decals as I’m not particularly flush with German WW2 markings and the kit ones are shot) … ignoring the paper instructions I tacked some sections together and can kind of imagine how it might work by printing the house at 105% What do y’all th
  6. Are you sure it was a scale Tiger and not just a second hand VW with a bit of drainpipe strapped to a roof rack?
  7. Avro 698 got hauled out of the to-do pile and I did a smidge of sanding and installed the bomb and wheel bays
  8. Progress on other fronts as well AW169 may be ready for breaking into printable bits
  9. Probably right, structurally it’d make sense but having skinned it you have to view it from such a low angle to see the difference that I’m not sure it is worth doing I’ve also skinned the Germany HAS and thrown some grey primer at it
  10. Groove slightly derailed today but I’ve made a start
  11. Looks doable and there is an old scale plan at https://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?t=22364 which’d easily convert to laser cutting. Only issue is if you wanted to be able look inside the sheer number of internal frames might be prohibitive to replicate For your airship. https://www.yuriysklyar.com/d-lz129-hindenburg-cricut-paper-model Cardstock is also an option - if you can draw cross sections you could either do it on the laser or even a machine like @Grunhertz’s cricut
  12. Since my head was ticking over on hangars yesterday I put together another design to try out - a generic 1930s style to try and capture the feel rather than perfectly match one Again the idea is to do a framework that’ll be strong to which I’ll add a cartridge paper cladding
  13. New toy (laser cutter) means some prospective new products Return of the RAF Germany Hardened Aircraft Shelter. Supplied as a laser cut skeleton in 3mm mdf (1/72) or 1.5mm mdf (1/144). Skin it in thin card or cartridge paper and Bob is the relative of your choice Prototype cutting and building today Would £30 delivered strike anyone as unreasonable for that?
  14. Probably more like morbid curiosity. It was like being at a dissection, interesting but not enjoyable
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