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  1. ironic as you’d normally say deep stall was more of a Javelin thing
  2. If you find yourself in uncertain parts you may have strayed over the border into Notland
  3. Maybe 10 years ago before Snapchat and then Tik Tok - Instagram is unutterably ancient now
  4. I’ve not had any flagged up so I guess my builds aren’t good enough to count as placement and probably verge on defamation
  5. Thanks, it is frustrating as I felt like I was finding a nice stride but I’ll take a break, let it recover and then do a controlled exposure to the materials to gauge the reaction and what control measures, if any, work
  6. Afraid I seem to have had an allergic response to the resin so am taking a bit of a break to let it calm down. Hopefully temporary blip rather than a permanent sensitisation
  7. From crudebuteffective at Whatifmodeller forum - a very very different build of the SR P.187
  8. Very nice indeed, are you planning on selling them or the design at all?
  9. Top banana, it is the only true scale So to scale we should be charging 2/3 of £115 each then?
  10. *ahem* https://fantastic-plastic.com/soviet-lk-moon-lander--catalog.html
  11. I could ignore the neighbours’ petitions with impunity but not the restraining order
  12. The T-1 booooooxing @Paul Brown shared abooooove. I dooooon’t knoooow if it was a real proooopooosal oooooor just speculatiooon ooooon the part ooooooooof the kit maker (stuck keys are catching)
  13. I’ve tried improper modelling done improperly once but the neighbours complained and a court order means I have to keep the curtains shut
  14. @MikoLee if you’re going to do the Saunders Roe rocket fighter then you might like the bigger version
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