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  1. Progress, trying everything out in situ For the sand I’m using beach sand but mixing it with PVA and acrylic paint to get a shapable aggregate Once I’d done that and added a disruptive sand/ochre splodges to the buildings Felixstowe on the northerly ramp Type 184 on the southerly ramp Station as it currently stands Water effects, sealing coat for the sand and then some darkening/distressing to do next
  2. Thanks! Good spot, I’ll run a revised pair off rather than waste time on these unbuildably flawed ones
  3. It has. This was taken last week on my way to the workshop I don’t know why I bother to leave the house some days
  4. Station base is glued together and I’ve put some filler on the buildings and started sanding to get rid of print lines Since I learned that I needed a Short Type 184 or two as well as the Felixstowes Printed Painted
  5. No Kangaroo but a Shorts Type 184 is incoming Not overly detailed but at a span of 50mm it should just about pass muster
  6. Some more touches of paint and an attempt made at the fuselage roundels I think I’m already way beyond the limits of my handiwork or eyesight so I’ll leave off the serial numbers and stencils
  7. Not mine, just my interpretation after seeing this https://pin.it/1iyX0kB
  8. Thank you, I’m swithering on whether to attempt the fuselage roundels as well when I have better light/eyes
  9. I had a lot of scraps of MDF in the workshop so spent a little time this afternoon making odds and sods to make my modelling life a smidge easier Some clamps (need a bike inner tube to cut up for gripping elastic) from a free design by Makerdesignlab Assorted depth brackets, models hanging up, for the purpose of. Anti tail sitting props for when I put insufficient lead in the nose (i.e. always) 3-12mm in 3mm increments Holding an EE Lightning at a more civilised attitude
  10. In the absence of Kangaroos, Shorts 184s and the like I have been doing a spot of painting
  11. I’m impressed, @Gorby has split the fabric of probability and managed to unlock the smallest quantum unit of feasibility. I propose we the new SI unit for measuring and reporting ludicrousness henceforth in Gorbs. 1 Gorb = 1 land dreadnaught, Luft ‘46 designs vary between 0.1 and 2 Gorbs, an in-service RAF TSR.2 0.05 Gorbs or 50 mGorbs
  12. Matt Willis has helpfully provided a couple more reference pictures of the station from his site at https://navalairhistory.com/2016/05/31/naval-aviation-in-the-battle-of-jutland/ Dagnabbit! Now I need to find or figure out a Short Type 184 as well
  13. Or what happens when you dramatically overstock on crackers for in flight snacks
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