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  1. Good to see a stash & shelf of doom preserved for posterity - Museum of Modern Art, Edinburgh
  2. 1/72 - I’ve done the same since in dribs and drabs so I don’t have to store things Also ebay, I had someone report a sale as not matching the description and ask for a refund on a Sunday when the model had been dispatched 2nd class the day prior. It was a Swiss 1/72 bf109 and they sent me pictures of a desert Luftwaffe 1/48 model as evidence that I’d sent the wrong thing. Ebay, for once, accepted that the buyer report was a load of balls and quashed it.
  3. When we moved house I sold all my built backlog from the loft rather than try to move them. Tended to get £8-10 for a WW2 fighter sized thing, £15 for a jet fighter and £25 for a bomber, much more for dioramas. Often folk came for one and left to get more money then returned to take more. Paid for the assorted legal costs of moving so a double win Facebook market place and Gumtree were both no fee but be prepared for every stupid question under the sun
  4. I’ve just bought a sit on top kayak so I’ll try and get a smidge closer so you can see me (& probably the rescue helicopter sent out to retrieve me)
  5. You should have texted and I’d have waved
  6. Check your spam email folder, there is bound to be a product offering in there that’ll help you with that
  7. Like the Burgess Shale but significantly closer to Coventry Article https://www.theguardian.com/science/2023/may/01/couple-unearths-one-of-worlds-greatest-fossil-finds-in-mid-wales First academic paper https://www.nature.com/articles/s41559-023-02038-4.epdf?sharing_token=ydpbzlgXaDdtExxXgox90NRgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0PUFSwF_oB6j2SHmtUFr31zYSScSsTJeRvbMCT-3IJLlHDX3WQeXu-oRRaZG0TFfPMzWkySwZYmv2rOYHbTHen6Pp0fdV_Dyp_W1Bf28ZSso91InLodMSNi0gvNj44as3lbiwGD-7mFcYpmZeL5ar1ffsmXMpF9-ybJCQmG0Yx8yyvFpW1lAIfIYBaY8C0OT64%3D&tracking_referrer=www.theguardian.com
  8. Depends, normally water then a little Vallejo airbrush cleaner but if there is something particularly hard to shift I use a little Muc Off bike cleaning solution. Works a dream on lifting even cured acrylics & is often cheap in Aldi
  9. On the topic of very ancient eyesight… there is a brilliant section in Richard Fortey’s book Trilobite which discusses the lenses of these ancient beasties. Rather than organic lenses the compund eyes use minerals all aligned along their crystal axis to form an image. If I remember correctly in some cases these have been preserved so well that the lens arrays still work. A really lovely example of biomineralisation as advanced as any today p.s. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1467803921000062 has some discussion on adaption of eyes for different environments arou
  10. That’s just my reflection, perhaps I should have secured my dressing gown more securely this AM
  11. In the meantime here is a gallery thread with better lighting
  12. As finished as she is going to get for now. I had planned to do very thin black line decals for the flying surfaces and fuselage break between the cockpit and engine sections but they disintegrated so here is the 1/72 Avro Z.101 as she stands while I contemplate scribing. Derived from the Blue Steel nuclear missile the rocket powered Z.101 was intended to be air dropped by the Vulcan bomber reach mach 3.5 and very high altitude as a test plane. Due to the very high approach speed (200mph) and nose up landing anticipated a parasail recovery and landing was considered. A slightly
  13. I’d planned to do the fuselage break point and flying surfaces with very thin black decal but that came a cropper when it broke. Not sure now whether to scribe or leave as is
  14. Landing on two skids with a 200mph glide and very nose-up attitude meaning next to no visibility would certainly meet the criteria of being a bit of a handful
  15. The stretched version (3ft extra of HTP and kerosene) was intended for mach 5. You can imagine Donald Campbell putting his name forward (and asking for a special dispensation to fly overland supersonically due to the altitude dissipating the boom to acceptable levels) to set a Lands End to John O’ Groats time below 11 minutes
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