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  1. This might be a dumb question, but, have you "annealed" them? If you heat them red hot and let them cool gradually, they should be "softer" and more flexible, HTH, Joel.
  2. A fine start to your family project. And props for fixing things that most of us would not notice were "wrong", Joel.
  3. But, first let me say that the photography in the work in progress sections is magnificent!!! However, this is my question, how much time does the posting of the photos add to the build? For example, the builds that Caterhamnut posts in the vehicles section look as if he adds two or three parts to a assembly, the takes two or three photos, them repeats as "necessary". I am grateful for the posts and photos, but, in my case, I have such a hard time finishing anything as it is, it just astounds me that modelers can do such magnificent work, and, document the same. My utmost respect to those that can do both, Joel Smith.
  4. Don't worry, just tell people it is a replacement engine ;), Joel.
  5. Very nicely done, however, isn't it sad that a flying organization is abbreviated "PRANG"?
  6. Oh, the Idaho spud is long and green, you coat it with butter and sour cream. It comes from the earth and the mud. ain't never been a tater like the Idaho spud. (Sung to the tune of "The Tennesee Stud")
  7. I would say that the centerline fuel tank could stand some more weathering. A former Skyraider pilot stated that if the engine wasn't leaking oil, he wasn't flying the aircraft, because, the aircraft was obviously out of oil if there were no leaks. Other than that comment, a well done job to be proud of, Joel Smith.
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