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  1. Nipped over to Halifax Modellers World today and picked up the new Black Mike boxing of the Airfix 1/72 McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1.
  2. Cheers guys. Would be nice if they did build it.
  3. Cheers guys. It is a kitbash using a YF-23, an SU.34, plenty of filler and some plastic card. I have even found the photos from the original build on my laptop.
  4. Way back in 2006/7 I built my interpretation of the BAE Tempest II in 1/72 scale based on an old AVPRO FOAS artwork. This was the finished result. The model survived very well over the years with no breakages but over time the varnish started to go a bit funky and last year stated to go brown. I decided that a repaint was in order as the model itself was still in very good condition and could easily last another 13 years or so. The scheme has now been changed to fit in with current trends, Enjoy.
  5. Paintjob has started on the 25th Anniversary Phantom FG.1 today. By this evening it was almost ready for the gloss varnish before decalling.
  6. Calling this one done. Very nearly ended up in the bin several times. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FGR.2 kit, Xtradecal sheet X72297 Alcock and Brown markings and Xtracrylix and Hataka paints. Damaged the left fueltank decal as I was fitting the tank and ended up touching up with paint.
  7. Picked up 3 of the new Airfix 1/72 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2C's at the Newark show last Sunday.
  8. Back from the Driffield show today with a new addition. Special Hobby 1/72 AJ-37/SK-37 Viggen duo pack with book.
  9. Started work on my next batch of Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1/FGR.2's. FGR.2 will be Alcock and Brown and the FG.1's will be Black Mike and the 25th Anniversary Phantom in the raspberry ripple scheme with the modified nose. Painting is partially complete on the seats, cockpit tubs and instrument panels are painted and decalled and the first set of resin intake replacement parts are in place.
  10. As a bonus, here is a pic of all 5 of the Airfix Phantoms that I have built so far.
  11. Latest Airfix 1/72 Phantom FGR.2 finally finished. Painted with Hataka Red Line acrylics and a mix of kit decals and Modeldecal for the 64Sqn/228OCU markings. Enjoy.
  12. Back from MK with more loft insulation. Micro-Mir 1/72 English Electric Canberra T.17 Xtrakit 1/72 Hawker Hunter T.7 Also got a couple of aftermarket bits and bobs plus a new addition to the tools, Dspiae MT-C 2.0 Circular Cutter (1mm-50mm).
  13. Managed to complete my Airfix 1/24 red box WWII kit collection this evening with finally getting my paws on the FW190. Well until next month when the Hellcat gets released.
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