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  1. Spadegrip

    New Spits.

    I think a case of need must, I can see the point with the Spitfire as it was it morphed into a what was later termed a FGR. The escort/air superior fighter role was taken by the Mustang in the RAF and rightly so. In the FG role I would say that the Tempest reigned supreme in Europe.
  2. Spadegrip

    New Spits.

    I seem to be going the way of restored Spits or post war ones. Some will prefer the wartime in service look but the present day machines are all part of the Spit story. I am still thinking of doing a BoB film Spit or MH434 in Dutch service, oh and a PR.XI in US markings and a FR.18 ..........
  3. Spadegrip

    New Spits.

    So Sywell 2022? Spit XIV G-SPIT and XII G-FXII. Both Airfix 1/48, both gave no problems, the XIV is a lovely kit. I thought I would put my Bf109K-4 in a few photos.
  4. Spadegrip

    Sea dog

    Was this Vixen flown by Cdr J. Bond RN?.......I'll get my coat now.
  5. Spadegrip


    Such an impressive aeroplane, great job that.
  6. Ok so it's my fault, I have masked and painted the Wingco's pennant on the model so I've just clipped down a cocktail stick to the right diameter, plunge into red and stamp it on the prop blade, hey presto!!!! Just need to rummage for some yellow writing in my decal stash now and I'll be a happy bunny­čśâ
  7. Ok folk Airfix 1/48 Spit XIV, nice kit but is it me or is there a FUBAR on the kit decal sheet? Now the Spit XIV has a 5 bladed prop and the kit decal sheet I have has only 4 prop decals??? Have I chopped one off the sheet and lost it or has Airfix fecked up??
  8. As always Mac brilliant. I never understood why the wing roundels were moved so inboard on early Recce Spits?
  9. Nice model of the sports car Spit.
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