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  1. PIRATE - Passive InfraRed Airborne Track Equipment
  2. Finish the Poseidon, and a Lynx. Make progress on the Special Hobby Sunderland Mk. V, start and finish the Kinetic F-16 and Tamiya's F-35.
  3. Blade aerials...in kits these often miss the mounting flange, and expect you do glue them in place with minimal bonding area. Using mostly 0.25x2 mm Evergreen strip filed to ovals, I now have a larger bonding area for the antennas to be added at the very end.
  4. While the fuselage and wing is drying, I can look at other parts to make progress on. Like the wheels. I know there are mask sets available, but my issue with mask sets is that they often match the diameter exactly, and that means you need to position them perfectly. Some of the wheel hubs on this kit aren't defined very well, so I find it easier to cut a slightly larger circle, say 0.2 greater diameter, and then cut the circle again. That allows you to position the edge of the mask against the hub, going slowly until you're all the way around.. Another task was to rescribe the
  5. Just to show that it's not always plain sailing in spite of repeated test fitting. I had to saw open some seams on the fuselage and lower wing to make surfaces flush. Failure to do so would be a huge filler job - far easier to fill gaps rather than trying to blend surfaces. Now I'll leave the seams for a week or two before putting filler on to avoid ghost seams.
  6. Welll.... The "eyebrow windows" are a leftover from the earlier 737-800 kit, and these are deleted from the P-8 and later 737s. A little MrSurfacer after the canopy is glued on will take care of that. There will be some filling and sanding to fair in the canopy. Another task in between filling and sanding is the engine nacelles. I first added the exhaust plug (the thing sticking out of the hot exhaust). Technically this should be slightly shorter on the PIP engines, but I didn't want to risk damaging the part beyond repair and didn't think the change was worth it. Th
  7. Thank you - here's some of the bits I have been working on in between filling and sanding. Actually finished the cockpit fifteen minutes ago by gluing the glare shield to the canopy rather than the instrument panel as the instructions tell you to. I figured that it would be easier to make sure it went on straight and fitted the glazing better by doing it this way, The cockpit was basically painted Tamiya XF-19 Sky Grey and XF-24 German Grey. The seats were stippled with MrSurfacer 500 to give the illusion of sheep skin and the seatbelts are just black painted masking tape. The overhead p
  8. Considering what you started with, that is rather impressive.
  9. Slow and steady progress have been made, although pics of filling and sanding gaps aren't the most interesting to see. Fit is sometimes good, other times less than good... In between filling and sanding the wings and fuselage, I have been working on the engines. The compressors are beautifully mastered and cast by ResKit. After painting the parts gloss black, the centre cone was masked and the blades painted Alclad Steel. Then they were masked in preparation for the light blue shroud - presumably this is a composite material to limit damage from shattering compressor blades. S
  10. Yes, the weapon's bay is not very big, but it's not very deep either. There are of course the four hardpoints on the wings for additional stores...
  11. The gods of antic Greece could be vain, moody and vindictive, so they were anything but grey, but the P-8 - named after the Greek god of the seas is as grey as grey can be. BAC 707 Gray to be exact. Also matched to FS 16515, so about 0.3 ml of MrColor FS26231 dark gull gray to a new pot of MrColor FS 26495 gives a colour that is a pretty good match. This will be another project that intends to find it's way to Gardermoen to display the various aircraft used by the Luftforsvaret. BPK said they would release a P-8 Poseidon following their 737-800, but nothing seemed to happen, and with the R
  12. The centreline tank doesn't have the vertical fin. The wing tanks (not the coke-bottle tip tanks) do.
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