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  1. Nice one Nils, there seems to be a lot of hate for this aircraft, but I am a big fan. I loved seeing it at RIAT.... an underside shot for you taken on the Saturday.
  2. Lovely photos! This is giving me an itch to get my Porsche back out, the Tamiya 1/12th RSR. I love Porsche's, and they suit 1/12th very well. Looking forward to seeing this come together..
  3. Thanks Norman! I have bought a whole load more Russian stuff, I just didn't list it. All 1/72nd, Tu-134, IL-20RT plus many more. Just need to build the damn things...
  4. I am mad doing this, my experience with models isn't great only having a few under my belt, but I love a challenge and I love the Martin Mars and seeing as this is the only game in town in 1/72nd I had no choice. It's been fun getting it to this stage (see last pic) and a massive learning curve. I'm currently re-doing the leading edge on the tail as it's too thick, and also the hull which is my biggest problem. I will carry on updating this thread with new photos soon but for now, some of the current progress. it will be finished as a water bomber too for my IPMS SIG, Scale Water Bombers. Size comparison against the Mach2 Argosy.
  5. Hmmm Russian, sign me up. What ever it is..
  6. This would be nice with the long nose. The L-159..
  7. That's well cool, I love Thai Aviation be it Military or Civil.
  8. Thanks for the comment, yes that is me, I shall be posting some soon. Busy period for me at work, so I've not had the time yet. Cheers, Radleigh
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