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  1. Four wings included. Two for the closed “slick” look so you don’t have to glue anything closed and thus the look is better. Two for the fully open pre cat-shot check look, or inflight....
  2. New CADs fresh from Macau. The walkway is changed to show the slight twist on the area above the intake. Some said it was rounded, but it is definitely twisted not rounded. There is also a slight kink in the wing that was first noticed by Pete Hamann. With thanks to him we now built this into the wing section. It is extremely slight but it certainly there. We, of course, added this to the wing for accuracy.
  3. Hope you don’t mind me chiming in on a progress build? Well done and loving the progress so far.
  4. Not long until the box art and decals are released.
  5. Thanks Bryce, Yes Sio has the warewithall to do it and he has some tricks up his sleeves yet. I wouldn’t worry about anything at this stage. Some small corrections to be made to the CADs, the walkway area is twisted slightly (not rounded) and this will be on the next render. Similarly, some panel lines to be moved and deleted on the single piece intake trunking.
  6. Available from September 2016. For those who absolutely have to have metal gear. They are our own gear and bear NO resemblance to the copies.
  7. Will be in Shops towards the end of September. Distributors should be ordering now.
  8. The Die-Cast metal undercarriage will look like this:
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