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  1. Ahh the pleasures of being a single man, dont have to justify expenditure to anyone! Selwyn
  2. Miggers, try Kingkit, they have a selection of the 1/76 airfix kits in all packaging types, If you are buying for building just scroll down to the cheapest packaging type. They were showing a crusader (unbuilt) for £16 Selwyn
  3. There is also the old bobcat kit if you can find one. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/heller-humbrol-3002-harrier--122336 Selwyn
  4. 524 Sqn Wellington Mk.XIII .This squadron carried out night operations off the French coast in preparation for D-Day, mainly attacking E-boats and submarines but also other shipping. It also provided escort to Coastal Command Beaufighters carrying out night strikes. After the Normandy invasion the squadron moved to the east of England to RAF Docking in a similar role along the Dutch coast. 524 had a semi permanent detachment at RAF Langham at that time which probably explains the presence of this aircraft! Selwyn
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