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  1. Thanks mate. Off to the beautiful Lake District for few days now to recharge my soul,..... then its time to start decalling!
  2. I`ve already got the initial issue kit,..... got it cheapish,...... I didn`t realise there was a newer updated kit! Ah well!
  3. I`ve just enjoyed reading through this epic build,.... crikey you`ve had to fight it haven`t you? I want to build an RAF one,.... but I think you`ve put me off now! Looking forward to the finished model!, Cheers Tony
  4. A bit more of an update,...... masking off and a bit of touching up,..... plus the glazing is being pinted; It is all coming together,..... slowly! Just brushed on a coat of Humbrol Enamel gloss varnish, so it should be ready for decals when I get back from the Lake District..... then I have to decide which option I`m sticking with! Cheers Tony
  5. Hey no worries mate, I look forwrd to seeing what you do with it!
  6. Also,... a few more interesting Lnc Mk.II pics; Post War jet testbed; A colour still from a film featuring RCAF Lanc Mk.II`s; And,.... a view of RAF Linton on Ouse,.... showing the RCAF Lanc Mk.II`s on the airfield; Lancaster-B-Mk-II-OW-S-DS689-of-No-426-Thunderbird-Sqd-RCAF-based-at-Linton-on-Ouse; 115 Sqn RAF Lanc Mk.II; A few pages from the old Profile book; Cheers Tony
  7. Hiya Folks,.... Got a bit more done today after all,...... so I masked off the upper surfaces; Then I rattle canned it using Tamiya Semi Gloss Black which goes on nice and smoothly; Cheers for now, Tony
  8. I loved those books too,...... back in the days when we relied on libraries for our reference! Now I`m lucky to have most of the series that I need,..... I`ll have another delve into it,.... cheers.
  9. Thanks everybody and fancy meeting the pilot,.... superb. Considering the name of his aircraft, I assume he was a historian specialising in the Elizabethan era? I`m going away to the Lakes for a long weekend now so might not get anymore done until I get back now, I`m not going to rush it. Cheers Tony
  10. Hiya Folks,..... well the upper surfaces are painted,...... using Humbrol acrylics,..... I had to thin them to help with the coverage and for the green camo I did have to thin it quite a bit more. Time for the black undersides now and I`ll probably use Tamiya rattle can black. And,.... here is the Revell kit,..... bringing up the rear,..... I`ve had to stick a wedge into the front of the bomb bay to help the short bomb bay doors to fit and then filler was applied. Unfortunately I had a drama with the resin centre section plug, so had to revert to drilling out hole in th
  11. Thanks mate,.... you are doing a fine job,.... the Matchbox nose turret looks pretty poorly shaped, squashed down with large holes for the very large guns,.... might be worth raiding your spares box,..... or blanking it over using filler and choosing a relevant subject?
  12. Cheers mate,..... easy really,... just slop it on and smooth it out!!
  13. Coming along very nicely,...... can I just say that the canopy on this kit does spoil the look a bit as it almost seems to have `horns',..... I sanded the upper corners of the windcreen area down to be more rounded and they look much better. If you are going for the Mk.XIV noe it also helps to floor the area. I altered the canopy with some of my Matchbox Wimpey`s,.... wish I`d gone a bit further with this one. I was more successful with this one,.... and used an old Airfix turret to replace the kit item; Good luck with yours,.... it is looking superb! Cheers
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