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  1. Bit more done today - got the Wolsey Viper in place, and closed up the cockpit Peter
  2. I've only attempted 1 ship which was a disaster, and there are a lot of very ropey kits in the past. At some point the weather will be awful and i'll get back to it, but last few weekends it's either been Indoor flying or the weather has been good, and i've been busy breaking quadcopters (with occasional outbreaks of flying).
  3. Gunze Sail Colour - think it's 85 from memory,
  4. Today, finished off the cockpit and got the fuselage closed up which is a pretty tight fit Peter
  5. Started a couple of weeks ago, but after 3 goes at the woodgrain finally got moving. As always works starts on the cockpit And masked off and sprayed the fuselage sides as well with the sailcloth Peter
  6. Well it's done now - Fitted the wheels and gear doors, weathered the wheels, and filtered the greens with some sepia oil. Better photo's to follow when it's not raining Peter
  7. Bit more done today - first added the exhaust covers and staining Then unmasked and polished the canopies, and built and fitted the resin props (which aren't great being honest ) Peter
  8. A bit more done - first an oil wash Then streaks and satin coat Peter
  9. Today - decals Then on with the partial winter cammo Peter
  10. Dependent on timeframe, yep i'm sure I can dig something out.....
  11. I love the stuff - needs at least a 0.5mm needle, and higher pressure, but then is easy to build up in thin layers. Then a quick wash out with UMP Airbrush cleaner and it's sorted - just don't let it dry off.
  12. Today - Paint ! First preshade Then out with the Hataka Lacquer Paint set then on with the Paint, followed by a clear coat I'm not entirely convinced by the colours - they seem a little light, but we'll see Peter
  13. For those interested, Mike Jolly has this kit on offer at the moment https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2415177368496727&set=gm.1106528462859772&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  14. First day back at work, and i'm already on number 3 🙂
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