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  1. More done today - canopy on and masked off Then on with a coat of primer Peter
  2. Just ignore the instructions - fit the splitter plate first to the fuselage, then fit the intakes
  3. Bit more done today - got the intakes fitted Peter
  4. Longer Orange 10 Resin 3D Printer Now on the hunt for modelling STL files, so if anyone knows any let me know
  5. Today's work - lots of masking and some white paint. First masked off the engines with combination of Parafilm and Tape And sprayed white for the radar transparent sections, and masked off on the fins Peter
  6. This weekend's work - glued the fuselage halves together and then sprayed the alclads for the engines Peter
  7. Got a bit more done before the cricket got too distracting Peter
  8. Well after spraying it black based on the instructions, then going hold on that can't be right, then spraying it Turquoise I decided to look at some photos where it looked grey, so i eyeballed it as 'Aircraft Grey' Gunze H057 as it was on my desk. Very scientific as you will appreciate šŸ™‚
  9. Something different for me, but nice simple kit Amazingly it starts with the cockpit Seems to have painted up quite nicely. Peter
  10. Schwere Panzerspawagon Sd.Kfz. 233 Rad 8 with 7.5cm Gun, 10th Pzr Div, Tunisia AFV Club kit OOB, painted with AK Real Colour, Tamiya Acrylics and Weathered with Oils and Pigments Peter
  11. Today, added the Jerry Cans and painted the tools, sights and gun barrel. Then started with a grey filter and some pin washes Peter
  12. Today - chipping, first light chips then dark chips Peter
  13. Got the top on today and the fit has been to coin a phrase 'horrible'. Obvious that this is a variant off an original kit Peter
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