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  1. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Today's work - Oil wash over the entire airframe, and then mask and Alclad on the bare metal sections Peter
  2. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Decals on Peter
  3. Peter Marshall

    Gecko 1/35 Cruiser Tank A10 (35GM0002)

    That looks expensive, though the tracks look like a nightmare. Personally think i'd go with Bronco just because they are available cheaper.
  4. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Paint on Peter
  5. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Today - Primer on after masking A couple of places that will need a little more work, but not too bad. Peter
  6. Peter Marshall

    P51 C mustang iii

    Nope buy Kittyhawk - that's the time I spent fitting the wings....... Coming along nicely, which scheme are you planning ?
  7. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Day off today, so another few hours work and the main construction is done Peter
  8. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Right - back at work after a couple of weeks, where i had to rewire the shed... So added the intakes, and then spent 3 hours filling and sanding to get them blended in Then made up the wing which amazingly needed some filling to get it to fit - are you seeing a pattern yet ? Peter
  9. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Onwards with the Tiger - and the really nasty sections. First up the nose - lots of separate panels and filling Then masked up the canopy, and filled the gaps around the canopy Then finished off the fuselage - a not great butt joint between the front and back, again a bit of filling Hopefully that's the nasty bit's out of the way now. The fit isn't bad, it's just a lack of datum - good example is the nose which is built up of a lot of different pieces, but no solid base to build around. if they'd done the wheel well as a solid piece it would have been easier to build around. Peter
  10. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Today's tiger taming - closed up the nose. Again the instructions could be better, but the fit is pretty good Peter
  11. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    I'm normally a bit reticent with them as well, but this is a 1/32nd F-5E 'Sundowner' so it has to be done. The instructions are pretty terrible though - the provide decals for the instrument panels but don't mention them. Again the PE seatbelts are provided but not mentioned, but they do mention the resin pilot who would 'nearly' fit. The actual plastic is nice so far, but it also suffers from Kittyhawk's panelitis - lots of panels to close
  12. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Bit more done today - finished off the cockpit
  13. Peter Marshall

    F-5E 'Aggressor' - VFC-111

    Building this OOB as a change of pace Work naturally starts with the cockpit - they give you 2 resin figures for the pilot (1 standing and 1 seated), but the seated sculpt doesn't look right so i'm leaving him out Peter
  14. Tamiya's lovely P-47D 'Razorback' OOB. Painted with Gunze / Tamiya acrylics, weathered with Oils and Pigments. One of my Go-To kits, as it's so well engineered and is a pleasure to build, and you end up with a Jug - what's not to like. Not a huge fan of the Ammo Matt varnish though, it had a tendency to rub off when weathering, so probably only really works as a final coat WIP available here
  15. Peter Marshall

    Hobby Boss 1/48 F4F-4 Wildcat with a twist

    Did you 'detack' the masks on the back of your hand first ? That can help a lot stopping them pulling other paint - also roll the mask off gently rather than pull up