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  1. Next stage completed, finished off the main landing gear and weathered them down Peter
  2. Started this last weekend, with a couple of extras Montex Masks Eduard Cockpit Etch Eduard Belts Assembled the cockpit, and weathered it down Peter
  3. A second 1/32nd Trumpeter P-47D-20 Razorback + Masks and Etch which should be appearing here tomorrow as a Wip (actually already started last sunday).
  4. Eduard's boxing of the Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon, with Resin 4 blade prop, and elevators. Painted with Tamiya acrylics throughout, weathered lightly with some oils and pastels. Lost one rocket, so it's being re-armed 🙂 Peter
  5. Today's work - Decals on Then painting up the rockets - managed to lose one, so it's not going to be fully re-armed. Peter
  6. A Full on Masking morning - first the yellow leading edge stripes Then the id band followed by the invasion stripes Then unmasked - had a wierd one, where on the fuselage side had some of the paint lift, but not the topcoat, it was the primer lifting. Must have missed a spot when I wiped it with IPA before priming. Anyway repaired now. Peter
  7. Today's painting. First on with some marbling to break up the solid expanse of paint Then on with the Medium Sea Grey, Ocean Grey and Dark Green, followed by a clear coat. Clear coat now is because there's a lot of masking to go on next for the ID band and the D-Day Stripes Peter
  8. Today's tinkering First the gear doors, adding the PE plates Then the PE canopy slide and the gunsight mount The resin 4 bladed prop Masked off the canopy and wheel wells Then a coat of black primer over everything Peter
  9. More done today - first up added the inserts into the fuselage, added the PE, then closed up the fuselage, and rescribed a couple of the panel lines Then added the wing and the resin tailplanes. Needed a little filling on the underside, and a couple of thin plastic shims, but doing it this way around is easier to work around than fitting the insets after joining the fuselage. Peter
  10. Thoroughly pissed off the with SE5a so started something different as a break. Started over the long weekend - the Eduard rebox or the Hasegawa Typhoon 1B with lots of etch Work commences with replacing most of the plastic cockpit with Etch 🙂 Peter
  11. Today's work - first masked off all the linen, in prep for the PC10 Then unmasked and drilled and fitted all the required buckles Peter
  12. Today, a full on Mr Miyagi day - Mask on Mask off. Masked off the ribs Then sprayed white and removed the masking Then gradually misted over a coat of Sail Colour heavily thinned Peter
  13. More done today - finished off the fuselage, adding the vickers, sights, screen. Added the pulleys, and covers to the wings Painted the prop Peter
  14. Bit more done today - got the Wolsey Viper in place, and closed up the cockpit Peter
  15. I've only attempted 1 ship which was a disaster, and there are a lot of very ropey kits in the past. At some point the weather will be awful and i'll get back to it, but last few weekends it's either been Indoor flying or the weather has been good, and i've been busy breaking quadcopters (with occasional outbreaks of flying).
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