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  1. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Oh yes, if anyone want's to know my method of doing the engine on the 'old' 190's when closed up and minimal parts http://amateurmodeller.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/how-to-build-eduard-fw190-engine-closed.html
  2. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Don't think it's the mainspar, it looks like this fuselage is a bit thinner at the rear. I've done 'one or two', oh all right, about 5 of the older 190A's, so i'm used to fettling the spar and sanding it a bit to get the wings to fit, this just seems to be a problem with the fuselage being a bit thin. Still it's sorted now - this is just one of those 'unlucky' kits
  3. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Thanks to Eduard's spares, back on the go with this. However the spare sprue isn't without it's problems - it's obviously from a different run of the kits, so has some issues A couple of really nasty gaps - so Shimming, filling and sanding required A bit more cleanup tomorrow. Peter
  4. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Finished last weekend, but took the final photo's today. Painted with Ammo Acrylics, weathered with Oils and Pigments Peter
  5. Oh no not again

    Then the debate would be on the white balance of the camera - i'll solve it, they were Pink mustangs That will ensure unity, as everyone will agree i'm wrong :-)
  6. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Today a couple of hours working with oils, and i'm calling it done. I'll take some proper photos next weekend. Peter
  7. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Today's work - painted the tracks, added a Track wash and some pigments, then glued the tracks in place, and applied a pin wash and the decals. Peter
  8. Airfix Sea Fury quality problems?

    Mine arrived today, with the same problem in the same area. It's annoying but i'll just fix it - the missing gunsight is just sloppy though, makes one of the 2 schemes pointless without an AM fix. Might have to fire up Fusion 360 and print one.
  9. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Today's work - started by weathering the hull sides Then slot the wheels in place temporarily, and proceeded with the fun and games that is Dragon Magic Tracks. Once they've completely cured i'll take the wheels off to paint the tracks Peter
  10. Oh no not again

    He's someone who engages in primary research (i.e. actually looks at source materials), specifically around colours normally and then seems to generate a significant amount of 'discord/noise' on the internet. Not his fault. He's written a couple of books on the subject. Personally with my historian hat on, I like his work - it's generally well reasoned and researched.
  11. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Today - Filters. Using these and a lot of thinners First an overall brown filter, then lots of dot filtering - needs to dry now, Peter
  12. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Today's work - paint - first a coat of black primer, then the Ammo 4BO modulation set to build up some modulation. As it's all 'green' it needs breaking up a bit Peter
  13. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Well here they are consistently terrible - they will never attempt a re-delivery, always dropping stuff off at the post office miles away. I've had instances where i've not even been carded, just had the parcel dropped off at the post office. The worst bit is once they drop it off at a post office, that's it - they refuse to do anything. I've complained to the local depot, area manager and CEO with no result. So now i avoid anyone who sends via Parcel Farce - even to the point of cancelling an order with a retailer when they 'upgraded' an order from Royal Mail (who are great - our postie will quite happily drop stuff off in the greenhouse), to Parcel Farce. If they refuse to improve, I refuse to enable them.
  14. Airbrushes

    As someone with more airbrushes than is reasonable, I can say they all come down to feel. If you really want 'fine' lines personally i'd go for a Badger Sotar 20/20 or Mr Procon Boy PS-770 - probably leaning towards the Mr Procon Boy Just for reference i've got: Iwata Custom Micron CM-C2-Plus H&S Infinity Badger Sotar 20/20 Badger Renegade Krome Iwata HP-CH Mr Procon Boy PS-770 + some others All have different characteristics, and all get used - personally I use the Infinity the least, not because it's a bad brush, just that for small amounts of paint the Sotar is easier, and for bigger sessions the Procon Boy is better.
  15. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Spare sprue arrived yesterday from Eduard direct (along with possibly one or two other bits - not unreasonably they charge shipping on spares, but it's free if you order something as well, so a new FW190 may have fallen into the shopping basket along with some etch). The only downside was that GLS who they use partner with Parcel Farce in the UK - queue another trip to the post office where the parcel farce driver left the package, after apparently attempting to deliver when someone was in AGAIN. THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME WITH PARCEL FARCE. Another complaint raised with Parcel Farce, I raised it with Eduard as well - just so they can inform GLS, but they haven't done anything wrong, just been let down by their partner. Anyway this will be back and rolling after the Su-85 is done.