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  1. Work has been crazy but got some more done now over the last couple of weeks - Tracks are now fitted as are the wheels and fenders, but still need to chip and weather the wheels Peter
  2. if you want them just pay post will be fine though checking the disintegrating box i'm not convinced they are all there, but should still be usable.
  3. ive got a set of bronco T-49 workable plastic tracks, but they are hell to put together
  4. Got some more paint on today Peter
  5. Constructed the link and length tracks Then half a bottle of Lifecolor Dunkengelb later Peter
  6. Added the suspension arms and drive train And all of the wheels Peter
  7. More done this weekend - Turret completed Then a coat of Styrenex Red Primer Peter
  8. Started this weekend, got as far as finishing off the hull with the zimmerit. Zimmerit done with Vallejo Putty and Tamiya Etched Zimmerit tools. Peter
  9. Nice to see you back at it. Something different is always good as its new challenges. Peter
  10. Joined by a 1/48th version
  11. Having got the Longer Orange 10, i've started using the SLA 3D Printer Sample - 1/96th scale Aces II Ejector Seat (it's 1/96th because I got the scaling wrong so they are 50% smaller than I wanted, but it's a decent test). These are 5.1mm across SLA Printers are messy, and the resin is pretty nasty, but the results are starting to get impressive. Now where can i find good 3D models of cockpits/bombs/tank tracks........ Peter
  12. More done today - canopy on and masked off Then on with a coat of primer Peter
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