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  1. More done this weekend - first the worlds worst link and length tracks. Very loose fit, with flash, and didn't want to hold without CA. Coat of Styrenex primer over everything Then some preshading Then on with the Light Stone and Black cammo Peter
  2. Started last weekend, it's a bit iffy this kit, the plastic is very soft, and the fit is somewhat approximate between the major panels (where it's tricky to fill without destroying the Rivets) Peter
  3. Capt. Claude J. Crenshaw, 369th FS, 359th FG, 8th AF, East Wretham, United Kingdom, September 1944 Eduard Kit, OOB. Painted with Ammo Acrylic Silver and Gunze Super Metallic SM01,weathered with pigments and oils. It's a really nice kit, with a couple of niggly bits, and just watch the parts off the sprue. I had a few parts that had fallen off the G sprue, and all the canopies had fallen off, and had to contact Eduard who sent the missing part quickly (i completed the model by borrowing from another kit, but the replacements have arrived so Kudos to Eduard). Built thread available here Peter
  4. Day off today after the Superbowl, so had chance to get some more done. Nearly finished, just need to fix a couple of spots where the Ammo Acrylic Silver has worn away (again). Anyway got the gear on, added the canopy, and some more oil weathering. Peter
  5. More done this weekend. Started with a light oil wash, which lead to a wierd problem where some of the acrylic silver reacted with the oil (but only in a couple of places), despite being under a coat of varnish. Just resprayed. Anyway moved on and got the Propeller done, and unmasked, and started the weathering process. Peter
  6. Decals on - not a fun process, they are very thin, not very opaque and seem to want to curl up if you look at them. Also have pretty uneven carrier film which is a pain on the stencils. Peter
  7. Today's work - another Mr Miyagi day, Mask on, Mask off. Got the nose and D-Day / ID Stripes sprayed Peter
  8. Today's work - sprayed the silver paint, and bare metal and the OD panel. Still have the nose, invasion and ID stripes to add. Peter
  9. Today's work - first completed the instrument panel Then masked off Then a coat of Styrenex primer Peter
  10. More done today - got the wing fitted. The wings were a bit of a struggle, the fit of the wheel well is pretty tight. Does remind me a bit of the original Eduard 190's with the tolerances. Anyway I needed to sand the top of the wheel wells, and fill a small gap at the leading edge. Peter
  11. Bit more done today - closed up the fuselage Then onto the wing and wheel well - the formation lights painted from the inside with clear paints Then fitted the wheel well - not weathered down yet Peter
  12. Bit more done today - got both sidewalls done Peter
  13. Started this today After 4 hours work Peter
  14. W. Nr. 2187, flown by Ofw. Fritz Hartmann, 9./JG 2, Poix, France, Fall 1942 Eduard Weekend Edition OOB, Painted with Mr Color Laquer paints, Weathered with oils and pigments. Overall pretty happy with it, but a bit miffed that the W&N Galleria matt varnish has 'spotted' a bit, and a few of the stencil decals have silvered a little. Varnish is probably my fault. Peter
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