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  1. When was the last time he said this about a new Tamiya kit? If you're going to put words into his mouth, at least substantiate it. Examples please.
  2. Dude, I don't even know who I am, which is why I have to wear this bracelet that has my name - Do Not Resuscitate - written on it.
  3. What do Americans know about potatoes? Mods, can we have this guy removed?
  4. Please bear with me, this is only the 1,347th model I've made and I've only been at it for forty years. I wanted to make a Spitfire but the new Edward kit looked too fiddly and they missed off a load of surface detail - but then I found this one, which is awesome and has great surface detail! It came in a polythene bag too which was easier for me to open. I used the Edward etch set for the cockpit, it was a bit tricky but I found that by cutting the bits off the frame they fit better. Some of the kit parts were a bit reluctant to fit so I used more glue which solved the problem. Someone said my model has gaps but they are one the actual aircraft, I can assure you. Being a stickler for accuracy, I mixed the colours from enamels and acyrlics, but they went a bit gooey. I painted the model with an Iwata Aztek airbrush - frankly it's such a rubbish airbrush, it's made my model look like it was brush painted with a hairy brush by hand. Some of the stickers were reluctant to stay put and I ended up fixing them in place with using superglue. I found that when some of them got wet, they floated off the paper - nightmare! The potato is for scale - and to show that I own a potato. Overall I'm really pleased with this one, it looks like a Spitfire (and not a potato - look at the potato), and considering the last model I made resulted in a minor war in French Polynesia, I think this to be a job well done. I am thinking of entering this model at the IMPS Nationals at Stoneleigh. Let me know what you think. About the model, not the potato.
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