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  1. Stunning job of a stunning aircraft mate. 👍 Rich
  2. Now they are looking good. I guess white or bone is fine as looking at them they get pretty sooty in quite distinct patterns. That’s your next challenge….. RC
  3. I reckon a few dabs of blue, purple etc and they’ll look really good. Just checking you are doing the insides white as I believe they are ceramic. Rich
  4. I had thought the same, but you've just saved me trying it, as it's clearly a workable solution. Great stuff. I generally like my a/c clean, but some times it just looks better loaded to the gunnels.
  5. If you are thinking about ordnance on magnets it works. I've got an R-27 that hangs quite well on it's rail. Larger stuff though will need bigger magnets. First 4 Magnets is where I got mine. Just be sure to put them in the rail and the weapon, but of course make sure you get the polarity right before pushing them in to the tiny drilled holes, as if you don't you get your first live launch. Don't ask me how I know!!!!!!!
  6. Looking ace there Duncan. Nice to see you cracking on again after getting distracted by that silly Spitfire thingy. Rich
  7. Looks just fine. Is it even possible to over weather a Y-wing? Rich
  8. Cheers Darren, but excitement over. I assumed (wrongly) hat you would still get the N2 cowling etc.... Sadly you don't, so won't be picking one of these up. Rich
  9. Well I know where I’m heading tomorrow. Cheers for the heads up Darren. Not really my scale, but for £7.50!!!
  10. Hmmmm. Good idea Skwonk. I guess they’d be pretty good for pastels or even dry brushing.
  11. Only if the instructions given verbally and written instructions are wrong. If that’s the case then we’re all stuffed, or I have a good gag reflex. The swab is only so long and short of sticking my whole hand in I don’t see what else I can do. Must admit the nasal one makes my nose itch for a while afterwards. Must ask my ex who’s a nurse and daughter-in-law who’s a GP if they do their own. If not god knows what the answer is! Actually what’s the general opinion @phoenix54of the lateral flow tests from your daughters? Any use at all?
  12. Having not really seen it finished, that's a beautiful job mate.
  13. Those Akan paints look pretty close to the MRP ones Duncan. I wonder if they will once dry? The comparison I saw had them worlds apart, with the Akan ones being significantly darker, so maybe they have changed them. Rich
  14. Have two these a week because of where I work and whoever is telling you horror stories is winding you up! Very easy to do unless you have a terrible gag reflex (Not sure I like the way that sounds).
  15. Looking spot on there Duncan with the exhausts and fans.
  16. I think you’ll find 8.5J means the wheel is 8 ½ inches wide with a passenger car bead. The overall width of a 255 is about 10”. Sorry pedant coming out there. Lucky it didn’t shatter if there was vibration at 60.
  17. Hi Darren. The Marham boys can't claim credit for that one! A similar Monika was used when my father was involved in the program long long before it became Tornado, and it was ' must and again' then, not 'mostly and 'aircraft'. Rich
  18. Good isn't he. I found him because of that Yamato. Rich
  19. Looking really good there Duncan. Two sets of fans are sat on my desk, and I’ll run another set off tomorrow to cover the single seater when you get it. Keep up the good work. But best of all it’s not a bloody Spitfire. rich
  20. As I said on messenger they look awesome Darren. rich
  21. Hasegawa 1/48 Desert Harrier 09538. Have two Revell Hasegawa GR.9 repops that I'd trade for it. Rich
  22. Colours look good to me mate. Mr Paint certainly does smell, and does take time to build up, but that gives amazing control of colour density. I’ve also not found anything that sprays as well. Well apart from maybe Tamiya Lacquers. Good luck with all the metal shading. Rich
  23. Nah, he's an amateur!!! . But with time and patience we'll get him there..... Can't wait for mine to turn up. Will spend several days drooling no doubt.
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