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  1. Drichc

    Matt varnish

    The Ammo stuff by MiG is a favourite of a mate of mine. I'll be trying it very soon, so will find out.
  2. I’m pretty sure it’s mineral spirits, or ‘white spirit’ to us in the UK. This will actually happen to any polystyrene if left exposed long enough (don’t ask how I know!), but Bandai seems particularly sensitive to it. I believe it’s the plasticiser being stripped out, but am more than willing to be proven wrong. On a positive note these kits truly are works of art, as are their Gundam kits. Nice simple in box review Paul. 👍
  3. OMG. How did I miss the ETPS shots. Flew in XV370 a few times including on a blade tracking flight. The lynx we had then was camo though, not the much nicer RR. The scout, somehow I always managed to avoid that when a seat was available 🤭. Lots of great images here. rich
  4. Drichc


    Awesome job as usual mate. The glazing is a little hazy, but it doesn’t detract from the finish. Rich
  5. Or being Tamiya, the potential to, but never deliver! Still love their stuff though.
  6. Hi Duncan. The spine on the kit blends into the upper fuselage by the front of the engine humps and it shouldn't. There is a weird bulge which can be seen in the rear shot of the UB kit. The Transition should be pretty close to 90 degrees until it reaches the airbrake. They look pretty good OOB and unless you spend hours studying images most faults aren't that obvious. Mind you, I guess you'd be the same about a 109! Digital camo??????? You're much braver than me! Rich
  7. So basically, you’ve built it! I would say very un-Tamiya in terms of fit, but they do occasionally do this. p.s. Picked up the Ammo 02, 71 and 65. They look pretty good to me, but I’m no RLM expert.
  8. Dolphin Glaze looks most interesting. I feel a lab order coming on .
  9. Don’t be so humble mate. This makes museum quality look like amateur hour!
  10. That is without a shadow of a doubt the best rendition of this kit I have ever seen. Truly awe inspiring. The bar is now set so high!!!
  11. Looking ace Duncan. Shame about the filler, but unfortunately anything with a solvent will keep shrinking till it's all flashed off and with anything other than a very thin coat of Mr Surfacer/Dissolved putty that can be some time. I find that can take some time tbh. The finish on that Xtreme metal looks very fine. Might have to grab some as all my alclads are prehistoric and starting to go grainy. Keep up the good work fella.
  12. Looking really good there Mac. If Paul is right and it’s ABS, you need Mr Cement, or TET quick setting. CA will do it, but I personally hate the stuff, unless I want to stick myself to the kit that is! The Zero is pretty much a rip off of the Tamiya A6M5.
  13. Glad to hear the paints found a good home. Nice stuff, just not for me any more. LOL at the ticket.
  14. Hi skwonk Not bad fella. Steve the manager is expanding into more and more areas. Ammo of Mig now stocked and I believe Mr Hobby to come. A good turnover of kits and becoming more diverse. I'm very lucky to have them tbh. Prices are sometimes a bit higher, but I'm generally prepared to pay the extra to help keep them going. They matched the price on the Yamato, so another £25 off the already discounted price.
  15. It's a great trick. Been using it for some time with Mr Levelling thinners and Tamiya gloss. I think I saw it in LSP a few years ago, but being old and it being more than five minutes ago I can't remember. 😫
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