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  1. Drichc

    Hobbyboss Su-27 critique

    Hi Bonovox. So they produce one for academy which is etch and one for hobbyboss which is resin, but the resin ones are also 23.8mm in diameter. This is even slightly too small for the Acadamy kit. I’ve just measured mine and they need to be 24.2mm! I’m going to amend my post and sorry you ended up with them. The Aires ones look nice, but I’m often wary of their stuff, as I have some exhausts for other kits that are too small. I guess our other options are either Amigo models, or A.M.U.R Reaver which get good reviews. I have now made a set for myself by combining the front petals from the kit with resin copies I’ve made of my Kinetic Su-33. Not perfect, but vastly superior to the OOB kit ones. Of course they don’t have all that lovely corrugated trunking and flame holder. I have considered using GWH for that, but we’ll see.
  2. Drichc

    Hobbyboss Su-27 critique

    Oh that’s not good and false advertising. Any chance they sent the wrong set in the box? Rich
  3. Drichc

    Takom SdKfz171 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf A

    It is mate. Doogs has done a review where he swaps heads around. The 770 is a bargain.
  4. Drichc

    Takom SdKfz171 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf A

    Good news Daz. Your best bet is to save up and get a cheap compressor and use the Badger as they are great starter brushes. Think of them as Russian tractors, crude but bullet proof! The Neo🤮is not an Iwata and from having had the misfortune to play with one they are not great tbh. Get a good one and it’ll be fine till the little ‘o’ring on the nozzle splits or degrades and it will since you use enamels. Get a bad one and it’ll put you off airbrushing forever. Start with the Badger and once you are confident get a Mr Procon boy which apparently come out the same factory as Iwata’s, but mucho cheaperer. You could of course get an H&S, but I have an Infinity which makes a wonderful doorstop! Rich
  5. Drichc

    Takom SdKfz171 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf A

    So what happened to the Badger 150 I sent you quite a while ago Daz? Rich
  6. Drichc

    Academy 1/48 CH-46A/D 'Vietnam'

    Has anybody got one of these they don't want? Willing to trade or pay cash. Rich
  7. Drichc

    Airfix BIG Stuka

    Nice work as usual mate. You even managed to avoid melting this one.😬 Rich
  8. Drichc

    Icm 2019

    I'm certainly looking forward to the Gladiator in 1/32.
  9. Drichc

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Best pull your finger out Si. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.
  10. Drichc

    Zvezda 1/48 Yak-130 canopy heads up

    Received a new set of clear parts today. Usable, but still a bit ripply and nowhere near what other manufacturers are putting out. No idea yet Darren if it's their 'cheese' plastic, or harder polishable stuff. Will post up once I find out. Rich
  11. Drichc

    Zvezda 1/48 Yak-130 canopy heads up

    Doesn’t look like it Darren, although I’m not trying until I know where I stand with regards to a replacement. Reports seem to be that this is not the soft rubbery stuff you mention. I’ve suffered with that on their T-14 Armata. Rich
  12. Drichc

    Zvezda 1/48 Yak-130 canopy heads up

    If it comes to that I will. I have access to vacformers and vac pumps if I want to do it myself.
  13. Drichc

    Zvezda 1/48 Yak-130 canopy heads up

    Sadly there are hundreds of tiny bubbles on the surface, so polishing would just create pits. And there are lots of knit lines where flow fronts have converged, so pretty much a write off. I'm hoping it's just a one off, as I've now found a few pics in reviews etc where the clear parts are very good. Looks like my LHS may be getting another in tomorrow and have said they'll exchange the parts if they are ok.🤞
  14. I recommend if you are planning on buying the new tool 1/48 ZVEZDA Yak-130 you have a look inside the box first. Mine has come with a frosted canopy, well actually all the clear parts. This is a bugger as it constitutes a large portion of the upper surface. It actually looks worse in the flesh! I've contacted the 'Hobby Company' and as always they've been most helpful and Zvezda are sending a replacement, but it won't be till the end of Feb (my LHS is out of stock now). I have no idea if this is a wider issue as there isn't much out there yet, but Phil Flory did a review and reckoned the clear parts were pretty good, so hopefully it's just a blip. Other than that it is a gorgeous little kit. I was going to get the Kittyhawk one, but based on images (with all the caveats accepted) the Zvezda one looks to be the better of the two. However, fit will be the decider I guess and I haven't seen much of either yet. Rich the gutted
  15. Drichc

    Stynylrez primer

    Glad it’s not only me that’s suspicious of its so called bullet proof nature Duncan. Back to good old Mr Surfcaer for me, except on the MF. I just don’t want it cracking. Would that be MM stuff that you’ve had issues with? Rich