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  1. Drichc

    B-29 44-62276

    Interesting story and well done to you and your team, doing the right thing and honouring the guys that never got home.. If however you don't want people to repost the images can I suggest you stick a faint watermark across them. Asking nicely doesn't seem to work these days and it would be terrible if you see these later being flung around the internet wiilly nilly.
  2. See. It was fate me removing the Bandai kits from temptation, It's made you build this, and what an amazing piece of work. This really is a true master class in strange SciFi builds. Keep it up Paul, I'm learning a **** load. Rich
  3. Ok. No taking the p**s this time. Looks bloody good mate. As usual a beautifully clean build, furry modules aside. So what’s next? I know, how about some Gundam! 😬
  4. Looking really good there Steve, however my OCD kicked in. The seat back trick is neat, but it won’t be CF if it’s yellow. It’ll be an aramid, or Kevlar to give it a more familiar name.
  5. I like the Mk1. Sleek and unmolested. After that, meh. So you guys aren’t alone. Diss the Zero on the other hand.........
  6. I think you are very brave coming out and saying you don’t like the Spitfire. On other forums you’d probably get hung for that.
  7. Looking really good mate. Will you be doing the command module in the not widely accepted insulated finish? You know, the fluffy one. 😜
  8. I didn't leave finger prints after 24 hours (didn't try earlier). That was using their normal thinners, not self levelling which has a retarder so may take longer. It's a real shame not everything is available over here, but finding some of the stuff in shops in Japan proved challenging.
  9. Well what can I say, It works. It actually does what it says on the tin bottle. Just had a student doing some UV degradation research on epoxy and polyester laminates. He wanted to spend the best part of £100 getting 5ltrs of automotive UV lacquer. Oddly he builds custom motor bikes. 🤔. No way was that happening, so I bought some Gunze UV cut lacquer. The results were that after 500hours of intense UV the untreated laminates dropped in mechanical properties by 3-5%. The Gunze coated laminates..............nothing, nada, not a smidgen change from the reference laminates. Just thought you all might be interested to know that something actually does what It says. Rich
  10. I also had two. An original SR, then an exclusive hatch. Always wanted the exclusive coupe with 2 tons of PU spoiler on the boot, but never managed it. I was stationed in Norfolk for a while and got to know Chris and John Courtenay and often saw their turbocharged exclusive with an irmscher narrow 400 kit on. Miss those days. 😞
  11. I trust you’ve seen the video Manta magic. Some great moments including that one. The best is a 400 overtaking a Quattro uphill on gravel. Looking forward to this being a fan. rich
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