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  1. Drichc

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    That’s looking ace now Si. rich
  2. You wouldn't be disappointed mate. I can always email you sprue shots if you like 👹 Rich
  3. I really really don't know what to say. I'm totally blown away by this. Everything I've read, which is quite a lot, is spot on. MAX AWESOMENESS!!!! Rich
  4. Mr Harryman it was Paul. Didn't the furry dice get in the way of the drivers view of the road with the Escorts? Not to mention sun tanning only one arm! Rich
  5. "oh dear god" I think was Mike Broads? comment. I have it on VHS somewhere, always a good watch. Austin Machale on the circuit of Ireland is pretty spectacular. But then the Manta on tarmac always was!🤗 Rich
  6. Me too. Watched Manta magic on you tube during lunch. Awesome stuff. Rich
  7. Awesome choice. Would love another one to do a rally rep (1:1), but prices are now stupid. I really must pick one of these up. Rich
  8. Drichc

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Cheers Si Don't think I have anywhere near enough. Best order some then. rich
  9. Drichc

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Hi Si How much fibre optic do you reckon you've used so far? Rich
  10. Drichc

    1:32 Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei Type 2 "Toryu"

    OMG, that is truly awesome.
  11. Drichc

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Cheers Si I read about the bridge on TheRPF site. Jeez those guys go nuts! I wasn't aware there was a side wall height problem! Like you I shall pretend I don't know and just build as is. It's the 3 bazillion holes I'm dreading, as I want to light it and since I've found a roll of 0.25mm fibre optic at work it would be rude not to 😁. Rich
  12. Drichc

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Having just picked one of these up this is great inspiration. Are you going to tilt the bridge down? Apparently it should run parallel with the upper deck(?), not parallel with the longitudinal axis? Looking forward to more progress. Rich
  13. Drichc

    Su-25 Frogfoot

    Hi Muttley The Trumpeter Su-25 in 1/32 has some quite well documented shape issues, but it does look like one! In 1/72 there is the Zvezda one (also under Revell banner?) which is by all accounts erm.....er....interesting. 1/48 there is the Monogram one, which is quite nice, but apparently more representative of one of the prototypes, then you have the various incarnations of the KP/OEZ moulds. This has just been re-released and is not exactly cheap for such an old kit, but you do get resin stabs (corrected) and various parts to make less well known variants such as the Navy UTG. If you throw some aftermarket at the KP ones you end up with a really nice kit, but it will have cost a fair wedge of cash. rich
  14. It is and very shortly I shall have a nice MiG-25PD for them to go in, but you'd know all about that wouldn't you. Wallet murderer.
  15. All the way from St Petersburg and Aleksandr at XMM. Very nice stuff and will be using him again.