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  1. Is it one of the GX clears on top then, as I was under the impression most Gunze stuff is Matt?
  2. Not really devil’s advocate and some good points made. The apocalypse scenario is interesting and a possible outcome. I do wonder if a Telford kit swap approach may be viable even at smaller shows, but the problem being manning it. I suppose there is no easy solution and a bit like the the name of the forum will divide opinion for eternity. But at least we seem to be able to discuss it like adults. 🤭
  3. Tis a very interesting conundrum! I'm afraid I primarily got to shows (when I can) to buy, be it from traders or under the table sales. In reality I've probably bought no more than two/three kits from UTS and a significant proportion from MFS, simply because he's often had what I'm looking for. I have on the other hand done UTS myself and I know for a fact that on the second occasion I did better than a trader that was at the show. Why, as he had new latest releases available? Probably due to his demeanour and approach to customers. From my sources I'm aware that he was upset and you may well be right in saying he had every right to be. But I was getting rid of a lot of OOP stuff that he wouldn't have as he didn't trade in second hand. Clearly at that particular show I was lucky and had what people were looking for. But to finally get to my point! Every single penny of what I made went back into the hobby through traders. I didn't spend it on wine, women, or beer even, but plastic kits and sundries. It's a bit like energy in the universe, it's never lost, just changed in form. In fact Duncan did quite well out of that sales frenzy! I like the chance to browse at what others are disposing off because of taste changes etc and if that is stopped then it may just deter me, and others from attending. Telford is different as there are so many traders and I'm there to buy! I do like Steves idea of an area where under table stuff is actually away from the displays, partly as it'll save me time walking round all the club tables. However I'm not sure how it would be done as part of my enjoyment is sat nattering to the friends of made over the years on said displays and I probably wouldn't bother if I had to sit on a table all lonesome. So my 'dead' stash would stay with me (Don't do eBay) and not get recycled into the hobby freeing up cash for me to blow with traders. So a slightly long winded opinion that may not be very popular, but it's what it is! Rich
  4. I guess that's reasonable!😢 Just bear in mind all the Su-35's in the Blue, Blue/Grey, Grey scheme I've seen are soft edged. A hard edge I've seen on a few models is too stark mate. Rich
  5. Darren. To be honest it’s an awful kit and wildly inaccurate. I’ll do you a favour. Send it to me and I’ll ensure it’s disposed of responsibly.🤡
  6. Very nice Nige. I particularly like the oil staining and leaking. To me you've absolutely nailed the look. Rich
  7. Drichc

    BAe Hawk Trainer

    It’s not my fault you are contributing to the zombie apocalypse.🧟‍♂️ But I guess I can wait😷
  8. Drichc

    BAe Hawk Trainer

    For that I shall order a curry tomorrow night and purchase some Staropramen. Then text you photos every five minutes.🤪
  9. Drichc

    BAe Hawk Trainer

    Very nice mate. However it’s missing one very important colour😬
  10. For gods sake stop missing your meds😋. Seriously though I'm impressed🙂. Mind you at the cost of Evergreen I hope you have more than one kidney to spare.
  11. Thought I’d better update. After a fair bit of research I can’t praise the kit itself enough. It really is superb. Even the ejector seats are pretty good representations of the K-36L, which is very different from the DM which another 1/48 Yak-130 manufacturer seems to have provided! If you like the ‘Mitten’ buy it, just check the canopy, but accept it may not be perfect.
  12. That is lovely and in a not often seen scheme. I couldn't agree more about the weathering, I personally think you've got it just right. That's a really marked difference between the RLM65 colours Duncan. Did they actually change and if so is Mr Paint right for a BoB a/c? In fact what do you think of their RLM matches overall? Rich
  13. Interchangeable Lens Camera. Dust in a sealed camera is a bit of a bugger and unlucky. Makes you wonder what was going on when they assembled it!
  14. Hoovers and cameras don't mix!!!!!! I reckon it's more likely to be on the sensor, or is it a ILC and you've checked that?
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