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  1. Drichc

    Su-25 Frogfoot

    Hi Muttley The Trumpeter Su-25 in 1/32 has some quite well documented shape issues, but it does look like one! In 1/72 there is the Zvezda one (also under Revell banner?) which is by all accounts erm.....er....interesting. 1/48 there is the Monogram one, which is quite nice, but apparently more representative of one of the prototypes, then you have the various incarnations of the KP/OEZ moulds. This has just been re-released and is not exactly cheap for such an old kit, but you do get resin stabs (corrected) and various parts to make less well known variants such as the Navy UTG. If you throw some aftermarket at the KP ones you end up with a really nice kit, but it will have cost a fair wedge of cash. rich
  2. It is and very shortly I shall have a nice MiG-25PD for them to go in, but you'd know all about that wouldn't you. Wallet murderer.
  3. All the way from St Petersburg and Aleksandr at XMM. Very nice stuff and will be using him again.
  4. Drichc

    SU-17 M4

    As I said the other day. Awesome work mate, as usual. Good to see you didn't use the CWS belly insert, as you wouldn't be able to see it anyway. You've also convinced me to get the UM version when available, even though I swore I'd never touch another KH kit!
  5. Drichc

    IL-38 colour?

    Having looked at a few pics in different lighting conditions it looks very much like 'Eggplant' as used on Su-24/34/35's. I found a few where the aubergine colour was quite evident, but of course all caveats apply to pics on the web! When researching Su-34/35's I found a lot of images where in one shot the a/c would look dark grey, then another from a different angle where the purple hue was evident. I know MRP do it and from a few examples I've seen it looked pretty good. Rich
  6. Drichc

    Classic Spitfire Mk1

    Yeah, I just didn't make it clear that I meant I never saw the armourers at Colt with one either.
  7. Drichc

    Classic Spitfire Mk1

    I won't, or Hinomaru...................... As soon as I found pics of 17/21st Lancer ones I knew it was doomed for this GB. I have far more interest in them than the 'Rocks". I don't remember them having one a Coltishall, but they may have got them after I left. Hopefully I'll get a bit done this weekend, but have a busy one ahead sadly. Life just seems to be getting in the way at the mo.
  8. As if any of us would.......... What did you say the BxM discount rate was again?
  9. Drichc

    The GWH Su-35S Flanker E has arrived

    Ah. Never read the Discworld series. Tried to, but couldn't get into it at all. I now understand 'build', I think.............
  10. Drichc

    Seat harnesses

    I was trawling though a pile of 'old' aftermarket the other day and came across a couple of sets of stainless steel ejector seat harnesses made by the now defunct Model Technologies. It got me to thinking about the K-36D5 in the new GWH Su-35. The plastic belts look pretty good, but a really nice set of more realistic ones would finish off what is a fantastic seat out the box (better than some resin ones). Why has nobody done anything like this since? The idea is sound........yes I know Eduard do the Etch belt sets including for the K-36, but I'm not a huge fan to be honest. They are often simplified and the colours they use are sometimes, well, questionable. I also think they are limited as being painted only one side limits how they can be arranged. HGW's range is lovely, but I emailed them and asked if they were ever going to do any jet belts and was told 'No' part from the F-4 as this is the owners favourite! I do see HGW are doing double sided printed belts now, so that addresses one on my beefs, but again only for WW2 or earlier a/c. We have a vast range of materials to use for the belts themselves such as; wine foil, high rag content paper, or even masking tape. However the buckles can't be done easily to look realistic imho. So, is there a market, or am I (as usual) way off base here?
  11. Drichc

    The GWH Su-35S Flanker E has arrived

    Then the shame is on me. Either you've completely lost it, or my goldfish memory is striking again. And whilst we're at it, what's this 'build' lark you refer to?
  12. Drichc

    The GWH Su-35S Flanker E has arrived

    I wouldn’t worry col. I reckon you could get three Academy ones for what this will likely cost!
  13. Drichc

    The GWH Su-35S Flanker E has arrived

    I might just be starting to hate you! Keep me informed as that's the beastie. Rich
  14. Drichc

    The GWH Su-35S Flanker E has arrived

    Nice try, but too modern. I like the earlier ones like I saw at Farnborough when they first came over. You’d honestly think they’d been built on the Clyde, with rivets the size of dinner plates......well nearly. Find me a 9-12 early and you’d be talking. Was stupid enough to think I’ll get one later........
  15. Drichc

    The GWH Su-35S Flanker E has arrived

    It blows the MiG away by a huge margin. Thanks to Mr bank balance reducer Duncan I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt it is truly awesome and worth every penny. It’s expensive yes, but you won’t be disappointed. Roll on the MiG-25PD......... oh yes, that’s Duncan’s fault too.