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  1. I don't ever remember her being flown solo in the year I spent with ETPS. Doesn't mean she never was though.
  2. "The only place bucking the trend maybe Japan, the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2023 was well subscribed by a younger clientele, which is good news for Tamiya Hasegawa Fujimi etc (all of which and others are at home in Shizuoka Prefecture)" I'd love to know what you base this on? Shizuoka is a trade show open to the public for a couple of days - you can't buy stuff and it's purely a showcase for new products. If based on the videos out there, I'd say that's a pretty poor set of data to base any judgement on! How do we now the kids present weren't there with parents under duress? Plus they are prob
  3. Just got back after spending a pleasant day catching up with Paul on the Rivenhall stand. Great little show and I managed a bit of a stash cull. Possibly the least I've spent at a show though. £40. Rich
  4. Nice. Do you have one of those dentist vac form machines, or just use an oven?
  5. Some lovely stuff there mate. Trust me you aren't alone with yellow highlighted timelines! The hours I've spent trying to fix one and have the model explode on me has made me like you go down the route of if it prints and looks ok, it is ok, so stuff the yellow warnings. I see you've vac formed some noses over printed plugs. I assume the printed resin is ok under the temps needed? Rich
  6. It's definitely the small Bandai one as Paul on here has pointed me to a review of it on Revellations. Revell have basically cocked up and they produce the 1/72 one too! As you say Bandai have never quoted a scale as it's part of their small box scale stuff. Oh well! It was a brief moment of happiness (I'm going back to being grumpy now) as I was quite looking forward to a 1/144 one.
  7. Thanks for looking Andy.
  8. Hi Andy As a matter of interest, which 1/48 F1M2 kit is it? I'm after the 2nd fleet 1st squadron decals for an aircraft off of Yamato? Or better still if that's the kit you have would you be willing to swap for a different boxing (Plus some extra!), or sell? Rich
  9. Looks very nice Paul. I have a Hasegawa one, so this is a hard sell for me despite being a Zero nut! You now have to build two......... Rich
  10. I will bring any of these items to the Farnborough show on the 20th of August. Anything needing posting (UK only) will be at cost depending on the method chosen by the purchaser. I'll do deals on multiple purchases too! reskit Su-33 exhaust For Kinetic 10 Su-35 exhaust for KH - parked 10 Metallic details 1/48 P&W R-2800 7 CMK 4037 - BAC Lightning T.4/5 conversion. 15 4012 - BAC Lightning Undercarriage set 5 Black Box 1/48 MiG 21MF cockpit set. 5 Master
  11. God stuff. Glad to see it's all working smoothly now.
  12. @Recurve Hopefully this shows what went into this design. As you can see I just drew half of it as it's symmetrical, then just mirrored about the central plane. The black lines in this case are drawn in 3D space as the points they need to connect to aren't on a 2D plane. Trust me you don't want to see the drawings for the F-4 exhausts!!!!
  13. I was lucky I'd used Soildworks for work, so had a decent grasp of how to model in 3D. Fusion 360 is pretty easy to get on with and there are dozens of online tutorials. Probably the, most difficult aspect is getting you head around modelling something in 3D using 2D planes. You can model in 3D, but that becomes even more tricky as just placing a point in 3D space can result in some interesting results if you don't tell the program where to put your curve, but it is essential when what your are drawing can't be done with 2D planes! CAD can be very frustrating too when you say try a fille
  14. Ah, that's good to know. I nearly got a set of those too, but held off as I don't like etch saws usually. Are these etch? I do like the look of the Mr Hobby one but it's ludicrously expensive here. May wait till I head to Japan next year.....if I can resist that long!
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