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  1. If it is the Dragon one, it's a black label kit which have generally had 'issues'. I have no idea if that one has though, but I'd do a good deal of googling to make sure you aren't wasting your hard earned. Rich
  2. The Scorpion is not too bad. I also have their Centurion and that is riddled with sink marks. I guess you could say they are not shake and bake, have lots of detail generally, but will require a fair bit of fettling. I’ve not seen the Saladin so can’t honestly comment. Would they let you look inside, even though AFVC stuff is usually sealed? Can’t find any reference to a Saladin. You don’t mean Scimitar do you?
  3. How old is your oldest "stash queen"?

    Just found a 1/48 Airfix Mosquito I bought when they first came out. Would have been somewhere between 1977 and 1979 judging by the box and from my goldfish memory I know I had it long before I joined up in 83, so the timeframe seems about right. That means the Hornet is a positive youngster! Looks like the oldest kit in terms of release is another Mosquito, a Monogram one which apparently is from 1966. I bought it much later though, probably early 2000's just to add to the Mossie collection, which is now a mini stash in it's own right.
  4. 100 years of the RAF group build

    Since this is looking like a goer Darren, when are we getting an area to start posting in?
  5. 100 years of the RAF group build

    Would the Zero or Raiden have been ATAIU - SEA?
  6. I'm not sure how this happened? Modelcollect T-72BA

    Cool. Wondered what had happened to this. The colour is starting to look really good now. Good luck with the full time BlackMike mate. I'd say you can kiss goodbye to retirement trying to run a business!!!!
  7. 100 years of the RAF group build

    Yous da man Duncan. Just fondle your own!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 100 years of the RAF group build

    LOL. Thankfully never had much to do with armourers or 'Rocks'.
  9. 100 years of the RAF group build

    Wondering if I should cancel the Su-35 now. God knows what you'll have done to it.
  10. 100 years of the RAF group build

    I'm hoping 5 1/2 months is enough. The odds actually aren't very good!
  11. 100 years of the RAF group build

    Decision made. No winged thing for me. I'm in with this, plus Eduard etch and AFVC's own 'workable' tracks (if they're like the Centurion ones that means they fall apart a lot!). I give you the mighty Scorpion..............., as used by the RAF Regiment
  12. Just picked this up. And ordered this stuff. And now have this stuff.
  13. What's next for the Group Builds?

    What 👆he says.🙂
  14. What's next for the Group Builds?

    I’ll try, but only if you make the end date 21st September 2118.😬 Seriously though, maybe I need this to actually make me finish something, which I haven’t done since the JASDF GB on 'the other place' 😧.