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  1. I suspect you might need to cut masks sadly. Can I suggest you contact Nick Millman on the ‘Aviation of Japan’ blog. He’s very knowledgable, helpful and may be able to help you out. I look forward to seeing your Ki-61 come together. Rich
  2. Hasegawa do it in 1/200, early and the current livery in separate boxings. Not easy to find over here though. It was in most places I visited in Tokyo, but I didn’t pick one up as I’d rather do it on 1/144. I’m sure somebody does 1/144 decals, but I can’t remember who it is.
  3. Thanks to the northern plastic pusher, a GWH Su-30SM. Despite Russian kit being a bit of a ‘persona non grata’, it’s an awesome kit. Expensive, yes. Worth it, absolutely.
  4. If D (Spring guide as Paul says) is screwed all the way in you'll get a very heavy trigger requiring a decent amount of effort to pull it back and should have no effect on line width at all, unless the designers of this airbrush have been very crafty. You wouldn't have this with a single action brush, unless again the designers are having a laugh! Paul may well have hit the nail on the head, as if the needle chuck (E) is loose the needle will not move and I'm surprised you get anything! However if the needle seal is reasonably tight then the needle may have moved to the just open position
  5. I see your point on the 'gimmicks' Darren, as the Corsair doesn't switch between modes by the looks of it, but the cowl may be removable as it seems to use a similar system to the Zero. 'Tamiya are part of the holy trinity out there (airfix, Hasegawa Tamiya)'. Tamiya get their share of criticism, but true they are revered to almost holy status and on occasion deserve it, not so much other times (my Spitfire magnets have started to rust and disintegrate despite being in a dry environment and appear to be a unique size ). As regards Airfix, I think I've bought two new ones in the last ten years
  6. And by all accounts virtually seam free.
  7. Hey Darren. No argument required, just a discussion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I would still like to know what you perceive as superior options though. The Zero's don't really have any and the Spit VIII doesn't either. The P-51D/K does, as it has the two props needed to do a D or K and you get three canopies as all three marking options are different ones! I was of the same opinion as you about the mark up, but the Corsair inc tax in Japan has an RRP of £94 at the moment (obviously this varies due to exchange rate, usually the wrong way for us!), so maybe that
  8. Hi Darren. I'm not sure it's an unpopular opinion, but! What bells and whistles does it not have that the Spitfire does? Possibly the actuators for the cowl flap system is a bit simplified, but it can't really be seen tbh and Eduard do a nice resin replacement for a decent price should it annoy you. The surface detail is virtually identical to the Spit! In fact I'd say the rivets are very slightly more refined. I've just looked at all the 1/32 WWII kits in the range and there isn't much in any of them. The Zero's may be a little more heavy handed in the detail, but they are sig
  9. I guess you guys have seen the documentary ‘Manta Magic’? Some awesome footage of all the greats plus Austin MacHale going ba**s out on the circuit of Ireland.
  10. A friend has used Veteranus several times and like Col says it takes all the hassle out and is well worth the 30%. I believe if the perceived value of the sale is over £500 then the pickup is free too. He was very pleased with what he got in the end.
  11. Or contact The Hobby Company and buy the appropriate sprues!!!! I've used them before and they are helpful, plus the sprue prices are pretty reasonable. I bought a 1/32 Zero engine sprue and that was £10, plus a 1/32 F-4 decal sheet for £5. The only downside was postage which is I think fixed at £4-5. Rich
  12. Stunning job of a stunning aircraft mate. 👍 Rich
  13. Now they are looking good. I guess white or bone is fine as looking at them they get pretty sooty in quite distinct patterns. That’s your next challenge….. RC
  14. I reckon a few dabs of blue, purple etc and they’ll look really good. Just checking you are doing the insides white as I believe they are ceramic. Rich
  15. I had thought the same, but you've just saved me trying it, as it's clearly a workable solution. Great stuff. I generally like my a/c clean, but some times it just looks better loaded to the gunnels.
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