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  1. That's good to hear Anil. Probably would have been better to state that in the original post.
  2. Possibly a bunch of emojis doesn't convey my horror at what you posted. You are allegedly a pilot and I'm damn sure you'd be pretty upset if a passenger brought on board flammable paints and didn't let you know!!!!! The MSDS shows they are highly flammable as both liquid and vapour, so are a prohibited item in ALL luggage according the the CAA and FAA. I'm sorry, but I don't find it amusing that people flaunt these sorts of rules at all.
  3. The LP range is fantastic to use. It sprays beautifully and is as hard as nails once cured. Hopefully we'll see Tamiya roll out a greater range of colours, but who knows with them!
  4. I have an 'orrible' feeling Steve isn't referring to a Work in Progress.
  5. Really can't add much to what has been said already. The effect you've got is just right for the scale. Rich
  6. That would work for me too. I have loads of WWII stuff, but virtually nothing 'modern' in the stash.
  7. What's the cut-off date to be considered as Modern Darren?
  8. I’m in. Don’t normally do GB’s, but JSDF is too good to miss. Just need to find an F2B in 1/48. rich
  9. They do the same sort of range as Benam Gorbs. The main product from Benam is 'Smooth-on', which is another American company and they are heavily tied in with the film industry. Problem is it costs a lot of shackles and your moths won't like it.
  10. Depends on the resin mate. PU which is what most aftermarket stuff is made of is very brittle. I suggest you look on the Bentley site (Benam.co.uk) and have a trawl around there. You could use casting epoxy which is tougher, but more expensive. If you want any advice, just PM me. Rich
  11. Sushi is ok, but you can keep sushimi🤢 Okonomiyaki. Hiroshima or Osaka style 🤤🤤🤤. You also need to try Shabu-shabu. I believe there is another second hand place further out, but tbh I wasn’t there to model shop😳. The wife was very generous allowing me to whiz around akihabara hunting for an airbrush for a mate on out last couple of days. Very jealous, but trying to arrange a visit next April again without the wife😬.
  12. Is that Tokyo Steve? If it is it will be Leonardo’s which has two shops in Akihabara. I went to one and found a Hasegawa 1/350 Akagi for £80, but I couldn’t see a way of getting it back without buying a huge suitcase.😭. If you’ve not been before, you’ll love it. Get yourself a Japan rail pass and blast around on the Shinkansen. Rich - missing Japan terribly☹️
  13. It's almost certainly to do with the importers, unless of course Hasegawa set export prices high! Wandering around various Tokyo shops it became very clear that prices for indigenous kits was at least half price compared to here. For instance the Tamiya New tool 1/350Yamato was about £125 at the exchange rate in April this year. Of Course that has now changed as the pound has tanked! The exchange rate always needs to be considered and with the path we are taking importing direct from Japan will soon become less favourable, especially when the VAT and RM charges are added which oddly I don't have a problem with, just a bonus if you don't get charged! Interestingly I found Zvezda to be quite expensive compared to here, which surprised me as Russia is only about an hour or so away by air (therefore shipping should be sensible). I have to be honest I didn't see much Airfix as I wasn't looking and it appears the Japanese very much favour home grown products, with anything Chinese (Trumpeter) making here look really cheap. Hasegawa seems to be the highest differential, with Tamiya being probably about what you'd expect. (3:1+, 1.5-2:1 or thereabouts) Another example would be the 1/48th F-14. Available for about £45 (again exchange rate April this year) in most places except Volks where everything is RRP, or very close. Here it's available right now for £65 from Jadlam. I don't think that's a particularly poor for a product shipped half way around the world! However their small 1/72 Zeros were £8 compared to £20 here, so their entry level stuff is quite reasonable and kicks the living cr*p out of the Airfix one which is £7 here! It becomes very clear very quickly how big this hobby is in Japan, notwithstanding all the Gundam stuff. There is a chain of stores called Labi which sell pretty much anything you could want to buy and every one I went into had a toy department which also sold models. Their range was always extensive and the tool selection would put most LHS's to shame, so when you hear that Hasegawa don't care about the rest of the world, believe it. It's also a little unfair to point at Hasegawa as re-popping old kits at extortionate prices, everybody does it. It''s just not as extortionate for old Hasegawa kits in Japan. I guess we just have to accept if you want Japanese kits you will have to pay the price, unless you can get it second hand or manage to avoid the VAT and import costs. It's also very dependent on your expectations as to what's a good price or not. To me Eduard take the *****, but not many people seem to complain! I very nearly bought the Airfix new tool 1/48 Mk1 Spitfire, but for whatever reason didn't and then Tamiya announced theirs. I'm so glad I waited and to me the extra cost was worth it. The reality is this hobby is cheap as already pointed out and you can spend as much or as little as you like. Whereas some hobbies cost a **** load whatever level you want to dabble at! P.S. Anybody going to Japan and hoping to pick up all the Bandai Star Wars stuff, your'e in for a disappointment. Most places have a small selection often discounted (which is nice), but I couldn't find everything I wanted and it always seemed to be tacked away to one side and often almost hidden.
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