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  1. I'm pretty sure somebody else is doing this stuff now, but can't remember the name. The tech is generally available, so I expect to see the usual suspects diving in too.
  2. I have a horrid felling my comment was misconstrued. What I was trying to convey was that the Quinta stuff looks really good, even magnified 6x.
  3. Ace stuff Jamie. Thanks. I must admit when I first saw it I thought they looked a bit pixelated, but then the shot with your fingers sealed it. Unless you have giant fingers that is? Rich
  4. I'm really interested to see how the Quinta studio stuff behaves and looks, as I have several that I am interested in. Also a good choice of subject Jamie. The Hind is so cool!!!
  5. If I was in the market for a new airbrush RWG I'd be taking a serious look at the Mr Hobby range available easily from Air_craft.net. They are very similar to Iwata's and beautifully made and the PS-289 is 0.3 with a MAC valve for £118 (Iwata HP-CH equivalent). I picked one up for a mate in Japan and it's probably worth the £20 over the next model down. Then as Paul says I'd plump for one of the AS186 compressors, so well within your budget.
  6. Drichc

    OA-4M Skyhawk.

    Lovely work mate. This is the sort of thing we need to see for inspiration.
  7. Do you mean the emboss tool Alistair, as I can’t see an engrave tool! If so it doesn’t work on compound curves, but there are ways of doing panel lines that are not too painful, although they can be a bit quirky at times. rich
  8. Fusion 360 does have a built in post processor if I remember rightly. It has outputs to various programs. We use it straight into Mach3 at work.
  9. Looks great fella. I just wish we'd got to Japan to pick up a few at a sensible price (about £4.50).
  10. CAD can be quite addictive and with the advent of sensibly priced DLP printers a whole new world has opened up for me. I have lots of kits that just need a minor tweak or major mods to keep me happy. I now find I'm in a position to do it myself and have started building g a small catalogue of stuff I want, but may ultimately be available in small numbers to the wider modelling community. First off: The Bandai 1/144 Millennium Falcon is great, but............ I prefer the original round dish of the OT. There is now a RoS version from Bandai, but it's virtually non-existent here and to get one from Japan now costs an arm and a leg, and probably a kidney too. And since it looks like I won't be getting back there anytime soon, I've done my own. There is one on ShapeWays, but it's expensive and quite frankly the surface finish on their stuff isn't great compared to what the cheap home printers can now do. But then of course the undercarriage skirts, guards are pretty rubbish, so......I've done those too. Another kit I've been messing about with is the 1/32 Revell F-4. Now the nose on that must have been done by somebody on drugs! It's not accurate per se, but is a vast improvement in looks over the kit. If you want accurate then it's easier to remove everything forward of the fuel dump at the fin base and start again. Supposedly accurate plans were used to get the general shape and then tweaked to match the kit. But the one kit I really wanted to improve was the Kittyhawk Su-35. It's never going to match the GWH (But trust me that isn't anywhere near perfect, despite what's been posted). The biggest thing for me is the lack of decent intake trunking, so I set about doing some. I am still working on it and have a got a bit beyond what I'm showing here, but the set will include a new roof and floor before going into the trunking I'm showing here. Then it will be topped off by a stator section and first fan stage. The models here are originals and have been tweaked for printing, but don't look so convincing. I've also got the correct number of stator vanes and fan blades for the AL-41F. I have a few other bits on the go including intake blanks for the Su-35s, as that's an easier fix than messing about with new intake interiors. Anyway that's what I'm up to, so what are other people doing? Rich
  11. Cheers mate, but don't do yourself down. You were finding stuff and feeding it back to me. More of a joint learning experience I'd say and the tank looks excellent. But.........You made me spend money as I now have DLP resin and an FDM printer on the way. Knowing you is expensive!!!!!!!
  12. "One can get disheartened if one sees nothing but beautifully crafted works . I look at some of the ship models shown here recently and just shake my head . I probably will try a ship at some time so despite shaking my head I learn from the build. Sometimes though I just get fed up only seeing the perfect result and feel like posting a question as to whether the modeller ever has an off day or a shelf of doom." This is a very grey area personally regarding only seeing beautifully built models. If I go to a forum and see a lot of 'cock-ups' I tend to drift by, yet if I see a whole bunch of beautifully rendered models I'll stick around. They are an inspiration and I don't get fed up looking at them at all. I guess I'm not bothered if they have a shelf of doom where things have gone wrong, what I want to see is where things have gone right! I suppose I'm of the opinion the best way to improve is to strive for next level. Sure, if a cock-up has taught somebody something new and that gets shared, great as long as It's explained how the problem was rectified. We see a few models being built to go in mags, so there are restrictions on what can be posted, but I've never had any problem contacting somebody to ask how a particular effect was achieved. I guess I see the forums a bit like an art museum. I want to see fabulous paintings, not the canvas that ended up in the bin, or the outline scribblings that the artist uses as a guide! It's also likely that everybody's idea of a well built model is very very different. I'm pretty sure if you asked the modellers that only post perfect models that you'd get a reply to the effect they do indeed have stuff that ends up in the bin, or has been stripped and re-painted three times.
  13. Is this the video you mean Anil? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwdZtF_dpDY Rich
  14. That PTFE washer is knackered mate. I'm pretty sure a new one will sort your problem for now. A pack of 3 is £5 form Modelling tools, or £1.50 each from air-craft.net (Martin is a really helpful and knowledgable guy). I would suggest getting the H&S nozzle reamer as it's designed for their stuff, but isn't cheap at £15. When I used my Infinity the only seals I had issues with were the ones we are talking about here and the needle guide seals. When I bought it there was a single seal needle seal, then a three seal conversion was brought out which turned out to be better, but still prone to wear. These are soft PTFE though and can be squished a bit to improve things, but do eventually fail completely. I actually squeezed 4 in once which helped make them last a bit longer. They are similarly priced to the nozzle seal, which is about twice what they were when I bought mine!!! The part numbers are: Nozzle seal 123180 Needle seal 123450 What has been said is so true about ten people and ten different answers as to which brush to buy. I've tried a lot and am now happy with Iwata, but a friend has a Mr Procon Boy (stupid name) and that is damned nice and they come out the same factory as Iwata's. Get some new seals mate and just go with what you have. I have seen some exceptional work done with H&S brushes, as it's all about learning the tool and how to get the best out of it. I noticed you highlighted my Neo Iwata line. They are I am led to believe made by Sparmax and a friend had one. The only real issue with them I can see is the little rubber seal on the nozzle if you use hot thinners, as it degrades and they weren't available separately. I have seen people cure it by using bees wax as the seal as Badger do on their brushes. I very rarely remove my nozzles and use Mr Tool Cleaner. It's smelly and you can actually glue kits together with it, so I'm pretty sure it is nasty stuff although it doesn't have any H values listed (might be worth asking for the SDS from Albion alloys?). It does however clean my brushes out completely. Hope this helps and hope to see you plough forwards with another Gorby whacky machine.
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