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  1. Laboe Germany, just North of Kiel.
  2. Superb tracks mate, truly superb. Rich
  3. £300 for the Bandai 1/72 Millennium Falcon. But the kit that's cost me the most....so far is the Tamiya Yamato. I got the kit for £200, but aftermarket so far stands at around £400 and I haven't quite finished yet!!!!
  4. That looks stunning Paul. Now with the figures you can almost feel the arctic chill!
  5. Those little buggy things that run in channelled track (Mini 4WD) is a HUUUUGE market in Japan. Everywhere we went inc department stores that had very small toy sections had at least one aisle dedicated to them with a massive range of Hop-up options, some being pretty expensive. Tamiya also has it's own race series for various different classes of RC car. Admittedly I wasn't looking for RC, as it no longer interests me, but anywhere I saw it, it was dominated by Tamiya. I did see the odd Kyosho, but that was it. I'd wager there is way more money to be made by regurgitating stuff that continues to sell to the average punter, rather than highly specialised kits that you won't get much change from out of £1000. That is if you want to be even remotely competitive these days. I used to sell RC stuff and the Tamiya 'Carp' sold 20:1 against competitive setups. Kids love the funky stuff. Hey a Lunchbox is way more fun in the back garden than A CATXXXLLLSSS, or whatever their latest incarnation is (Can't be bothered to look these days). Tamiya know their market and stick to it. Quite wisely IMHO. I guess you could say they produce the Honda Civic's of the RC car world, whereas Schumacher and the others mentioned produce top end Ferrari's, Lambo's etc. Which sells more, with the greatest profit margin? Kyosho is a bit odd in that they used to transcend the barrier and compete in both sectors, but I don't believe there is a reliable large importer for them these days, but you will see their stuff on the world stage. Just not really in the UK any more. Shame I raced their stuff and liked it. Just had a quick look on the Tamiya site. There are 11 pages of Hop up options for the Mini 4WD system!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Obviously there is no proof it’s the importers. But look at retail in Japan, often heavily discounted and presumably retailers there are still making a profit! The odd thing is it seems to pretty much apply to our hobby. All the electronics I looked at were similar in price to the UK, and the camera stuff I was interested in was actually dearer even after being discounted than it is here. Of course we have no idea what the trade cost is to overseas suppliers compared to the ones in their home market. I also have no idea what a 40ft container costs these days? I guess unless we can find that out we just vote with our wallets, or go to Japan and get what we want. Tends to work out a tad expensive though, just to save a few quid. I also believe most Japanese online suppliers are not meant to claim lower than actual values.
  7. Japan had a 2% rise in its tax rate in October, so I guess that would be passed on. 6-15% is taking the proverbial! I guess we need to accept things are just getting more expensive and it’s going to happen B word or not. Good excuse to binge buy I suppose. Just in case!
  8. I’m guessing the expression is for fact you’re inverted in a Soviet built jet and thinking ‘oh my god I hope the wings stay on’!
  9. Ouch on the Phantom Duncan. What is the Gloss coat? Gunze? The 109 is looking sweet fella.
  10. Thanks Mike. Senior moment and corrected.
  11. Just a place holder for now. I'll be at Telford both days and wondered if anybody wants the following kits (to be updated later). I'll be leaving by 09:00 Friday the 8th, so any requests before that will be packed and brought with me...... All kits are complete and sealed unless otherwise stated. Prices open to negotiation, especially for multiples. Airfix Nimrod. £35. Two available Airfix Sea Vixen (initial release). £35 Revell 1/48 B-1B - A lot of parts have fallen off the runners and are bagged, but it is complete. Same as the current kit but without etch! £55 Revell 1/48 F-15E - some bags open. Complete. £20 Revell 1/48 Rafale B. £20 Revell 1/48 Typhoon II single seat. £25 Revell 1/48 Typhoon II twin seat £25 Revell 1/48 Harrier GR7/9 - Hasegawa kit. £30 MPC ESB Rebel Base. Prices on Ebay are all over the place - I'm after £30, which is the cheapest I've found inc postage.
  12. Drichc

    Telford 2019

    Will do. Loads of people I want to catch up with and new people to meet, so I'll do my best to find you whilst emptying the piggy bank. And WnW are on my list to visit rather fortuitously.
  13. Drichc

    Telford 2019

    Ah, sorry Mr Phoenix. I mean the illustrious @Paul Brown. Who luckily has had a quiet two years me free .
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