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  1. Looking spot on there Duncan with the exhausts and fans.
  2. I think you’ll find 8.5J means the wheel is 8 ½ inches wide with a passenger car bead. The overall width of a 255 is about 10”. Sorry pedant coming out there. Lucky it didn’t shatter if there was vibration at 60.
  3. Hi Darren. The Marham boys can't claim credit for that one! A similar Monika was used when my father was involved in the program long long before it became Tornado, and it was ' must and again' then, not 'mostly and 'aircraft'. Rich
  4. Good isn't he. I found him because of that Yamato. Rich
  5. Looking really good there Duncan. Two sets of fans are sat on my desk, and I’ll run another set off tomorrow to cover the single seater when you get it. Keep up the good work. But best of all it’s not a bloody Spitfire. rich
  6. As I said on messenger they look awesome Darren. rich
  7. Hasegawa 1/48 Desert Harrier 09538. Have two Revell Hasegawa GR.9 repops that I'd trade for it. Rich
  8. Colours look good to me mate. Mr Paint certainly does smell, and does take time to build up, but that gives amazing control of colour density. I’ve also not found anything that sprays as well. Well apart from maybe Tamiya Lacquers. Good luck with all the metal shading. Rich
  9. Nah, he's an amateur!!! . But with time and patience we'll get him there..... Can't wait for mine to turn up. Will spend several days drooling no doubt.
  10. I’m pretty sure that’s as big as some canoes.
  11. She'd only be 3.7m long! Your wish is my command Mr Mad and Arctica. The Bismarck one is tiny! I'd say a bit expensive for what you get, but the machining of these wouldn't have been cheap. I've started looking at modding a few bits, particularly the rifling which I think was done by the resident mouse! Love it though, but then I love anything to do with the Yamato....
  12. Hmmmmm. It has the right amount of engines, well hair dryers in this case, but seems to be short of a fin and overcrewed by 2 or 3! Whatever next Darren? Rich
  13. Thanks Steve. Appreciated. Mind you the swear box is overflowing now.
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